Culture: Satanism Is Now Becoming More Mainstream In American Entertainment Culture

America is already a red-hot mess in more ways than one, but a particularly disturbing is the new trend of how open actual Satanism is becoming more mainstream….



Past instances & examples include Lil Nas X’s Nikes with Satanic imagery and a drop of human blood, Christian Bale jokingly thanking Satan for inspiring his 2019 Golden Globe-winning acting performance and a flood f multiple TV shows and movies with Satan as the hero or protagonist. However, the most very recent examples of this trend are the goat-woman golden idol erected on the New York City courthouse, the Satanic Temple opening a “religious abortion clinic” in New Mexico for “abortion rituals” and Sam Smith and Kim Petras’s demonic Grammy performance of “Unholy.”

Many Christians are now saying we shouldn’t be that surprised, considering how leftists have been embracing the demonic in all seriousness for years now. To a certain extent that’s very true: however, I am reminded of an article by the late great G.K. Chesterton in which he noted that only those who are shocked by evil will ever try to fix it. In other words, we should still consider mainstream Satanism as a shocking and offensive development because if we ever allow ourselves to become accustomed to it, it will only continue to grow much, much worse (just like the LGBTQ ideology).

It is tremendously important for America, particularly for the younger generations, that we completely remove & eradicate Satanism from our culture. Our current education system teaches that God does not exist while simultaneously being propagandized by demon lovers. That kind of contradiction is a certain recipe for national self destruction.

Recent examples of this alarming cultural trend include the New York City courthouse statue that looks creepily like a demonic pagan idol. Statues of important historical lawmakers and thinkers like Moses, Confucius, and Emperor Justinian now have a new companion—a horned and tentacled, gilded feminine figure. The woman–or whatever –has braids that turn into coiled horns, thin appendages which resemble tentacles more than arms and a naked body (except for a Ruth Bader Ginsburg lace collar) rising up out of a lotus. Because the courthouse statue is the only gilded statue among all of the others, it particularly stands out. It is in no way flattering to women.

Breitbart reports:

“The Pakistani born artist Shahzia Sikander created the statue ‘NOW,’ which sits on top of the courthouse alongside other statues representing lawmakers throughout history. Such a strange looking figure coming out of a lotus is often associated with the pagan Egyptian god Nefertem as well as the Hindu gods Vishnu and Brahma.“

Sikander herself confirms the coiled braids are horns:

“The female body has a face with its hair braided into spiraling ‘horns.’ The horns mimic the movement of the arms and are there as a symbol of the figure’s sovereignty, and its autonomy. Women in my work are always complex, proactive, confident, intelligent and in their playful stances connected to the past in imaginative ways without being tied to a heteronormative lineage or conventional representations of diaspora and nation.”

She end her word salad interpretation of her work by emoting that “femininity to me is the tension between women and power.“ Too bad Sikander also doesn’t possess the power of thought—or taste. The only thing she confirms by her meaningless blather is that the statue’s pagan symbolism is deliberate.

However, this isn’t the only example of a demonic statue which has recently been publicly erected outside at federal or state government buildings. Americans may be more familiar with the infamous statue of Baphomet unveiled in Detroit as far back in 2015. The prominently satanic figure flanked by two children also features a pentagram. The same statue has also made an appearance at the Arkansas Capitol building. The demonic infiltration of American culture has not happen overnight.

Avowed Satanists are also now making headlines with their ritualizing of abortion. Rush Limbaugh warneed us years ago that abortion was the sacrament of the Left. Again, from Breitbart:

“The Satanic Temple [TST] is proudly unveiling what it has described as the ‘world’s first religious abortion clinic’ where it will offer ‘abortion rituals.’ It is mockingly naming the facility after Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s mother, as the justice penned the opinion overturning Roe v. Wade — a move saving countless unborn lives.”

The “Samuel Alito’s Mom’s Satanic Abortion Clinic” is scheduled to open on St Valentine’s Day February 14; a deliberate mockery of the holiday celebrating love. TST Health’s claims that their abortion rituals will include spoken words “exclusively.”

Among those words will be the Third Tenet of the Satanic Temple, “One’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone” and the filthy “Beliefs should conform to one’s best scientific understanding of the world. One should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit one’s beliefs.” Yet TST seems unconcerned with the fact science has proven babies have heartbeats at 21 days and feel pain in the first trimester—nor with the fact that abortion involves another body (the baby’s) and not only the mother’s.

How is this anything other than the Satanic Abortion Clinic deliberately literally planning rituals which celebrate child sacrifice centered around a demonic idol?

The Satanic Temple further claims the rituals are a “protective rite” to “cast off any unwanted feelings” which may arise concerning killing unborn babies. Perhaps because the guilt associated with murdering an unborn child is always a problem, right? The Satanic Abortion Clinic will also prescribe abortion pills for $90. These pills will be “discreetly mailed to ritual participants by TST Health’s pharmacy partner.” TST Health does however admit those who want an abortion must either live in or travel to in New Mexico.For the time being, New Mexico state law requires the abortion pills may only be delivered to a New Mexico address; however, TST is planning to develop future similar projects outside New Mexico so more young women can be drawn into the grisly web of their Satanic abortion rituals.

Finally, we have the February 5 Grammy Sam Smith debacle. Although most of us who know better really no longer care about Hollywood or their Culture Of Death values, there are unfortunately still too many young & impressionable Americans who still mindlessly consume Hollywood popular culture. Two extremely disturbed “musicians” showcased an openly blatant Satanic performance before receiving their awards at the 65th Grammys. These two individuals who were both born white males, supposedly made history for diversity because Sam Smith identifies as a non-binary ”they/them” and Kim Petras as a transgender ”woman.” Of course, they won the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance Grammy for their ”Unholy” routine. The Post Millennial reports:

”Petras and Smith wore red, as did their dancers, while they performed the song. Petras danced in a cage, [and] Smith wore devil horns [on his top hat] while dancers in long red robes with long straight hair fawned around him in a ritual circle… Smith and Petras sang ‘Unholy,’ about parents who leave their children home so that they can separately go commit adultery.”

Whip-wielding dancers surrounded Petras’s cage as a wall of fire erupted behind. Perhaps to emphasize how the song and production routine were actually just flaming pieces of garbage. Ironically, the Grammys were sponsored by Pfizer.

There’s no longer any question nor doubt, American entertainment culture has embraced Satanism and is taking it mainstream to become the “next new thing;” and it will cause irreparable damage to American youth & American culture. ✪


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