Weak Men Make Bad Times

✪ I am always in amazement of two things. First, just when you think this fucking circus couldn’t get any worse, it does every week. Second, I am wondering why We The People haven’t dragged the leftists and communist government scum out in the streets yet. I know that sounds extreme, but weak men make bad times and are we ever living the truth of that idea! How else is society to deal with professional thieves and liars?  Reason & persuasion can go only so far. Their destruction cannot continue indefinitely. Meanwhile, no one in government is ever held accountable for anything they do. Nobody.

They talk out of both sides of their mouthes at the same time; blathering away and naming things as the exact opposite of what they really are. “Inflation Reduction Act, American Infrastructure Act.” Increasing the national debt limit is a precondition to reducing spending. Since when? WTF? Come on, Man! Lots of melodramatic outrage and media theater which usually dead ends in sternly worded letters or another “investigation” which go in circles chasing its tail for years only to putter out with NO action. We’ve all already seen this sort of thing 1000 times before. Yawn!

And yet the Hive on the Potomac continues to buzz on with the business of enriching itself; whether it be through open borders, drugs, human trafficking, cartel partnerships, a scamdemic or a proxy war in Eastern Europe. These bastards always get theirs before we always get ours. It never fails. Who knows exactly what goes on in the underbelly of the Beast? What is its ultimate horror of horrors they’re still hiding from us? Perhaps the nexus of a huge, coordinated, international human trafficking ring among the World’s elites. Whatever it is, it’s obviously something go big they are willing to go to the mat before allowing it to be revealed. It’s so bad they are willing to burn the world down to the ground before being held accountable for their crimes. That tells me whatever it is, it’s really bad. How bad does a crime need to before someone can be helps accountable? Hey, the CIA all but admitted a couple of months ago that they killed JFK & nobody said or did a damned thing. Nobody. Down the big giant alphabet media rabbit hole along with the Afghanistan withdrawal, Hunter’s laptop, the Nordstream 2 pipeline, East Palestine, Ohio and at least a dozen or so other episodes of the Grampy Clown Hour. It all has to be intentional & by design because these maggots always find the way to get everything wrong. Have you noticed that? You can always know when something is actually good for the country because they’ll always be against it; and if something is really bad, they’ll tell us it’s the next best thing to sliced bread. Yet, the wheels of The Machine continue to turn and grind away; surviving for its own sake to further advance its own power & influence. Weak men make bad times!

We see it every day! Where are they getting all of this money Joe is throwing away all around the world? These fucking pirates are spending money we don’t even have yet. The wasteful shit they piss it away on is obscene. Doesn’t government money first have to be appropriated by a bill which originates in the House? Don’t the Republicans now have the House majority? If so, then how did we get the $1.7 TRILLION Omnibus bill passed with a lame duck Congress? The ONLY omnibus spending bill in the history of the country ever passed during a lame duck Congress. WTF is going on here? It’s because the GOP is controlled opposition being propped up to maintain the illusion that we are somehow still participating in a Constitutional republic with a bicameral system of government which works for the best interests of the people it represents. HAH! Sounds good in theory, doesn’t it? Sounds good on paper too, doesn’t it?  And it worked out pretty good until the 20th Century and marxism came along. Then the termites got involved and started their slow long attack on America. There’s only one political party now and that’s the Uni Party. The Democrat & Republican parties are merely both different arms of the same master. Since the stolen election in 2020, America has basically become a techno-oligarchy subjugated under one party domination. Both the Rats and the RINOS are playing one big game of good government, bad government and we’re the chumps. Weak men make bad times. 

Money talks and bullshit walks. Pet interest groups with lobbyist dollars to slosh around always get moved to the front of the line before anything which may be beneficial for the country. That means the rest of us are always being served sloppy seconds. Yassir, the best government money can buy. It’s a special club and we aren’t in it, but they still let us pay our taxes and vote! For how much longer, who knows? Soon enough, voting is going to be a meaningless exercise if it hasn’t already been rendered completely useless. The Machine will pick our choices and allow us to select from between Marxist One and Socialist Two. Now you know the secret behind Kim Jong Un’s success and why the absolute worst people in the Wolrd for the job seem to be selected and reselected over and over again. Isn’t democracy fun?

I recently saw a video of that hideous union pinup girl Randy Weingarten mumbling off in front of some senate committee “investigation.”  Denying to the world that she ever had anything to do with locking down America’s school system for two years during covid. Apparently, Randi was all for the lockdowns until she decided she wasn’t. She was in favor of them because teachers got to sit on their big fat union asses all day long and continued to be paid to do nothing. She had no idea where that 200 plus billion dollars they got from Uncle Sugar for Covid relief went. I guess it was just “lost.” Says she can’t remember! But Randi can get way with crap like this because everybody in this illegally selected and installed Biden Regime is really pulling for her. They’re on her side. She’s one of them and not held accountable for anything she ever does. Uncle Joe constantly reminds us of how he is the biggest, progressive, pro union president evah! And where are we now? For all practical purposes the marxists have destroyed American public education. The system now is obsessed with cranking out lobotomized, sex confused eunuchs who can’t read, write or think for themselves. The real Idiocracy! 

However, if someone dares to question their “gender” THEN the union teachers are right the fuck there making sure our little xers/xim gender butterflies can all safely emerge from their cocoons and finally be free to be their precious little selves in the big bad world. Even if that means chopping off their balls or boobs and messing up what’s left of their mutilated bodies with chemical hormones. I guess “The Message” started long ago with the Hag and her sophistic “It Takes A Village” bullshit.

In less than thirty years they’ve taken us from that all the way to where we are today: “The State owns you and your children. If you don’t agree, we can take them away from you.” Fuck around & find out. Seems as if almost overnight, practically 80% of America’s teachers have come out as some kind of grooming, junk obsessed psychopath. WTF? Is every teacher in America now a foot soldier for the Gay Gestapo? This state ownership of children thing is right up Unkle Klaus’s alley and works out well as a part of his Final Solution to build a future master race of cyborg slaves . Once an unelected, unaccountable one world, centralized marxist authoritarian government body decides children are state property then they’ll start genetic modification and growing people in bottles. Weak men make bad times.   

Not to be outdone, stupid corporations flying high on the woke DIE Kool Aid also can’t seem to wait to shoot themselves in the dick at every opportunity. I must admit, I’ve never seen so many blue chip, established corporations self nuke themselves and for over what? The insane insistence that a guy can really be a girl? Fuck me in the morning! Diversity is now defined as being some sort of sexual deviant and the more creative you can be in your sexual deviancy the more “diverse.” Yeah, we had to remove a 100 year old black woman from a bottle of syrup so we could put a spastic, phony twenty something. cartoon, trans queer on a bottle of beer and about ten another well known and established products? Hey corporate America, I don’t want to see a bunch of fucking drag queens on my cereal box every morning. Would it be possible for me to enjoy my breakfast without you using it as yet another opportunity to shove your queer shit down my throat? I don’t think any of this shit you seem to be so wonderful for society is anything which is wonderful for society.FFS, shut up and sell things! Besides where else are we going to go once all of you are on our boycott lists?

Lots of important things suffer and get lost in this race to implement a new world nobody really wants; except of course, the people who are implementing it. Merit is another big casualty in the “Culture War.” Probably at this stage it would be more appropriate to refer to it as the “Culture Massacre.” I swear, these people just can’t be happy unless they are shitting on everything useful or beautiful. It now no longer matters if you are the most experienced or best person for the job. Now it’s, what’s your skin color and which hole in your body do you most pleasure? Which government quota do you satisfy at the moment? Which gender flavor are you?

We see the corruption & destruction of meritocracy starting to bubble up everywhere; in government, in education, in the military, movies, music, etc. We now have some of the most incapable, corrupt and STUPID people ever entrenched in our political system dragging us over the cliffs everyday. Worthless jackoffs like  John “me and my extra meat boil on my neck” Fetterman. Commie front hole extrordenair Nikita-Barbie Peron AOC; “I committed incest & adultery to break US immigration law” Omar. Jerry “I shit myself again” Gonadler, Mazi the great Hawaiian braintrust and it just goes on and on. Glorious news comrade, if you have a high credit score and you go to buy a house, you will now be paying more on your mortgage than the irresponsible sop who has already been thru foreclosure and bankruptcy, because you know, FAIR! FAIR, FAIR, FAIR! Stupid and well connected is the new meritocracy across the board and it sucks! Yes, weak men make bad times!  

Now that we as a society have all but gone with the idea that excellence and experience are leftovers from the previous, patriarchal, white superiority paradigm which must be completely crushed by any means, then almost all other bet’s are off as well. Look how ridiculously complex these know better bastards have made something as simple as a light bulb. You now have to wash the same load of clothes on double cycles because the washing machine manufacturers have been mandated to make machines which use as little water as possible to save the Erf. More reasons why cars no longer have bumpers nor swimming pools, diving boards. If these clowns totally have their way, soon enough you won’t be able to use gas to heat or cook; unless of course, you’re an offishully approved member of the DC darling kids special social klub because their comfort & lives are so more important than yours & mine. Nope! Prohibited! Not allowed! Like I said, these people shit on everything nice. Weak men make bad times.

We continue moving closer to crunch time because insanity such as this cannot endure forever. The window of opportunity to enact vote and election reforms is quickly closing. There has been some positive changes take place mostly at the state level with election reform but not enough at the Federal level to make things a real difference this time around. If we are ever going to reclaim our nation, it’s imperative we reform the voting system to preclude all future cheating. So far, I don’t really see that happening. It seem’s our side is instead going to opt for learning how to cheat bigger and better that the Rats at the same cheating game they already have thirty years of experience with. That sounds like a great plan, idiots. Yeah, that’ll restore the public’s trust and confidence in our Dominion voting system. So pardon me if I chose this time not to get all swept up in all the Election 2024 hype and whoopla. You know is coming. It’s like being a fan of pro wrestling; all the excitement is designed to distract you from the fact it’s really not real. It makes a difference when you know your vote really probably doesn’t count anyway; powers much greater have already chosen the winners. Republican’s are whistling past the graveyard if they think they can beats the Rats at their own cheating game  while at the same time whining about “democracy” and “Fairness.” NOBODY cheats like the Rats. Every devious, low down, dirty, underhanded, cheating fraudulent scheme they got away with last time will be doubled. Votes aren’t important but ballots are. There will be massive counting of fake prepared ballots. This time there will be 10,000 mules & nobody will do jack shit. Voting machines will be tethered to the internet to direct total tally modifications from offshore. Once again, we’ll play poker with an opponent who can see all our cards. No wonder we never win. Nobody does jack shit. Weak men make bad times.

That’s why any and everyday we wake up is still a good day. Kinda strange how the country continues to endure one insult and another from these desperate fools. The final line will be our guns and you can see them really staring to chip way at the Second Amendment like the communist, statist termites they truly are. They may be flying high on the adenochorome rush of their authoritarian over reach, but mess with our self defense that’s when they’ll finally see whom and what they’re up against. The Second Amendment is absolutely non-negotiable. Prove me wrong!

That’s when and where their clown show will run out of gas and their house of mirrors comes crashing down. Keep stacking storing and prepping for that moment. Weak men make bad times. Strong men make good times! ✪

God and Country Patriots!

General Mossberg