It’s NOT The Climate That’s ‘BOILING!’

It’s NOT The Climate That’s ‘BOILING!’

✪ Before we get started this week, I had to take our puppy Sophie for her journey across the Rainbow Bridge last Monday. I won’t go into details; but suffice to say, we did absolutely everything we could for her, but it all just got to be too much. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in recent memory; and while it was still the “right thing” to do, that responsibility did not in any way lessen the crushing sadness I felt and which still lingers.  It was a tough decision to make and a life experience I certainly don’t wish on anyone. Because I originally chose her for us out of a litter of six; I felt it should be my hand she felt on her as she breathed her last breath. I really do miss her.

Ok, now that I’ve gotten that bit of sadness off of my chest, it’s time to talk again about this last passing week’s government clusterfuck of buffoonery. What in Kentucky fried fuck is wrong with these morons? The corruption. The stupidity. The dishonesty. The abuse & manipulation of genuine sorrow and human misery as yet another excuse to pimp their authoritarian agendas. Yeah, never let a crisis go to waste, motherfuckers! I just can’t keep up with their constant spew of unmitigated shit! Whenever I tell myself they surely can’t be any more criminal, corrupt or dishonest than they already are, they then surprise me and lower the bar even further! Every time! They’ve taken stupid and criminal and turned them both into art forms. If government was really the STOOPID Olympics they would all award themselves the gold in every stoopid event & Joe would be a multi gold winner! It doesn’t matter the occasion, because their solutions and responses will always be the most stoopid and corrupt imaginable. It’s NEVER anything good which makes life easier for we, the lowly peasants. It’s NEVER anything which serves the best interests of the country. It’s always just the next insult designed to shock and chip away at anything and everything which makes life the least enjoyable and fulfilling. Sometimes, I think their ultimate target is the total elimination of all human joy and contentment. Can’t allow for the least amount of joy or happiness in life outside of murdering unborn children sodomite sex or inflicting unnecessary hardships upon those who may disagree with you. NO! In most glorious new future, such happiness is selfish and will not be allowed, except for the minority of masters who perpetuate it because as you see, they are speshull. Their lives are much more important than yours or mine so they deserve all the hypocritical favoritism they serve up for themselves. That’s how John Kerry gets away with owning a private jet while you & I can no longer buy a gas stove. Equal misery for ALL! I swear, it’s like some sort of fucking psycho grudge! They won’t be happy until all the rest of us are as pathetic and miserable as they are. How do these reprehensible worms manage to even stay alive? Oh that’s right, I almost forgot; they feed like the parasites they are off of the labors, happiness and prosperity of the rest of us who aren’t a kind of walking, talking, breathing, lying, stealing, murdering anti-social personality disorders.  

Case in point: turning off the electricity on an entire island and sending all of the school kids home, then having a seance with your dead ancestors while waiting five hours to release water to fill up cisterns which could have saved an entire town from burning to the ground. Yeah, I know those lofty moral progressive conversations about water “equity” take serious time. Always gotta figure out a new way to fuck the white people. If only the rest of us shared your supreme. esoteric knowledge about such things. If only the rest of us were as socially conscious and enlightened as your obama buttcrack buttering holiness. Yeah, I now know we all need to revere and consider the ancient spirit of water but the ugly truth is that water can’t do jack shit when it comes to putting out fires until you open the fucking valve to release it. I got news for you, Kimo Wonderboy, the ancients think you are a supremely stupid shit and right now, chances are really good you are the most hated individual in the entire country; perhaps the greatest mass murderer in all American history.  

Butt, butt, butt HOLD ON now! Don’t you know the fire which flattened Lahaina and the ones now burning AGAIN in Kanada are all the direct result of Humanity not acknowledging and accepting the troof of man made cly-mutt change? Saint Greta was right! Are you feeling guilty and ashamed, yet? NOT me! Have you noticed how EVERYTHING which now happens in the course of normal weather on the entire face of the Earth is now tagged and attributed to cly-mutt change? Ja, wir needen der Great Reset to stoppen dieses “Erf boiling!” King Klausch will save us! Now these bed wetting, government whores of false environmental scientism have decided to “remove carbon dioxide” from the atmosphere to keep the Erf from “boiling.” Excuse my ignorant red neck flyover country, bitter clinging and thumping ass for asking the obvious question; since water doesn’t boil at sea level until it reaches 212F, then exactly where in the FUCK on this planet is it ever that hot? Oh that’s right! NOWHERE! I’m such a “denier!” Just more hyperbolic, fear mongering, gaslighting liquid shit squirting out of their “expert” asses. MORE abuse of the common language for effect and more LIES to spook the stupid sheep. BAAAAHHHHHHH bleat the donkee sheep! Note to the communist criminals pushing this scam and getting rich from it; NOWHERE on Earth is anywhere NEAR the 212F required to be called “boiling.” So STFU! 212 degrees! That’s the fucking boiling point! Get over yourselves already! Actually if there is a “boil” to be found anywhere in all of this stupidity it would be these climate cultists who are a BOIL on the ass of all Humanity; a direct threat to the safety and well being of the rest of us. Don’t believe me? Then you need to get busy booking your next vacation getaway to Maui.   

Here’s some real SCIENCE for all of you sadistic, intellectually superior, self absorbed, self righteous marxist asswipes to choke on. The Earth’s atmosphere contains only approximately .003% CO2. That’s LESS than one half of one percent TOTAL and that tiny amount is a finely tuned balance necessary to sustain all plant life on Earth. If you attended grade school anytime before 2000, then you probably already know from 5th Grade science class that plants and almost every other form of life on the planet which “breathe” enjoy what is called a “symbiotic” relationship. That means they each rely on the functions of the others in order to survive. Humans and mammals breath IN oxygen and respire CARBON DIOXIDE. Plants ABSORB CARBON DIOXIDE for photosynthesis and give off OXYGEN. See how that works? See how going and fucking with the atmospheric carbon dioxide levels could prompt a massive planetary DIE OFF EVENT of plants which could eventually lead to a massive DIE OFF event of humans? Of course! That’s just another plank in their bat shit insane “depopulation” agenda. Whether it’s killing off all plant life, bioengineering the next scamdemic, antagonizing the largest nuclear superpower in some slavic glory hole country or in general waging a nonstop psyop to confuse people enough about their junk they no longer remember how to breed, you gotta hand it to these Charlie Mason School social engineers. They’re giving it all they got to rid their planet of several billion of us useless eaters who are taking up too much space. I have a much better idea. How about we rid the planet of all these evil, meddlesome, bung hole rimmer, envirofreaks instead? Sounds like a plan to me. Fuck them and their “settled science.”

So let’s all PANIC about how the weather is now “boiling” and hop on that “we hate carbon dioxide train” to the work camps. I hear they have free showers and BBQ waiting there for all of us in most glorious transgender unicorn future! Let’s start pissing away even MORE money we really don’t have on MORE stupid shit like 50 square mile shade umbrellas floating in outer space or huge vacuum cleaners to SUCK all of the evil carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. By all means, let’s throw another hundred million people in the undeveloped world into perpetual slavery in all the new strip mines we’ll need to dig for enough lithium so that little Gen Z Muffy Socialist warrior badasses can while away their afternoons in Starbucks, wearing their $300 CCG boots, amplifying all the LIES of the Left and blogging MORE “kill capitalism” America hate for the “revolution” on social media from their $3000 lithium powered MacBook Pros as they suckle down their $7 venti, socially responsible, soy chi lattes. Yeah, let’s bulldoze and clear off tens of thousands of MORE acres worldwide to BLIGHT the surface with more fucking stupid fiberglass windmills which can’t ever be recycled. And get ready for new cli-mutt lockdowns! After all, it’s for our own good and we’re all in this together, right? WRONG! I don’t recall anyone ever asking me for my opinion or to be involved in any of these disaster decisions being made which directly negatively impact my quality of life. NO, these fucking thieves just expect me to sit silent & patiently, smiling as they force feed me one heaping spoonful after another of their climate cultist shit. To do nothing as I watch them continue STEALING my tax money to piss away on constructing the prison in which they expect to jail the rest of us who refuse to submit and conform to their insanity. Wanna know what’s really boiling? My fucking temper.

Let’s not kid ourselves. We all know these lies are driven by money and the lust for ultimate power and control. It just makes it all the harder to debunk and defeat them when they’re all dressed up in the bogus righteous moral superiority of “saving the planet.” It’s ONLY BAD people who don’t want to help save the planet, right? See how that mental Kama Sutra position works?   Both solar and wind technologies are at best piss poor and inefficient: minimally supplemental alternative energy sources; not to mention our pals the Chinese have an almost virtual lock on all the rare earth minerals required to make batteries for electric vehicles. We could mine our own lithium here in the US, except our asshole government won’t allow for it. The very same way they won’t allow for energy independence. What these corrupt FOOLS would rather do is clear off and KILL the land by removing all plant and animal life to replace them with a bunch of ugly wind turbines and chink solar panels. Yeah, chopping down forests to put up windmills. Ripping open HUGE holes in the Earth to dig out MORE lithium. WTF could possibly go wrong? Both windmills and solar panels have relatively short lives of usefulness. Maybe 15-20 years tops before they wear out and become total, worthless GARBAGE which can’t be recycled and is non-biodegradable. Please explain to me how THIS improves anything! Please explain to me how this is MORE environmentally responsible than OIL? They can’t because it’s not. 

It wasn’t that long ago when bald eagles were considered an endangered species. Hawks and other raptors were also protected. Now? Hundreds of thousands of these exquisite creatures are chopped to pieces from these devices and all we hear are crickets. The Left says, “so what and who cares?”  Where’s Greenpeace? Where are all the rabid, treefucking, activist eco freaks? Silence. Follow the money! Ban toilets, light bulbs and gas stoves, instead! Make people eat bugs and live with NO heat or AC! These ass plugging liberal skidmarks all need a trip through a bark shredder. Feet first so they’re certain to savor every moment! Look, I’d rather be too warm than too cold on any day of the week. We’ve lost our power here for extended periods of time in storms during both hot and cold seasons. Yeah, 37 hours in 105F heat with no wind isn’t fun but I would still rather sweat my nuggets off than go three days without any heat in 18F weather. While the former is uncomfortable, the latter can downright kill your ass if you’re not careful. Haha! Years ago when they started this scam, they called it “glowbull cooling.” Once that was pretty much debunked, it somehow mysteriously morphed into “glowbull warming.” Now it’s finally become “cly-mutt change” so that one term can be used to describe anything they want to justify to advocate and push their agenda. The standard definition of the “weather” is pretty much “changes in the climate” so nobody can ever really deny or argue with them that the climate really isn’t always “changing.” See how that works?

FFS, now we have “boiling” weather! Oh lawdy, that sounds Hugh and series! I better surrender all of my wealth and freedoms to a world communist government immediately. Obviously, that’s our only hope! I realize the only way out of this is to trust the “experts!” Yeah, that’s it! Safe & effective! That “boiling” term really pisses me off. Why, it must be true because every time I turn on my teevee to check the most current “climate change” the weather map is completely ablaze in fire red and burning orange colors! Suddenly, every day is the hottest EVER on record. Do you catch all the subtle trickery they pull at every opportunity to fuck your mind over with this manipulative bullshit? Some of what they’re NOT telling us is how their “model” somehow manages to completely ignore volcanic eruptions because the ugly fact is volcanoes tend to dump about 10,000 years equivalent of human generated carbon into the environment every time one of them burps and there are an average of 100-150 volcanos erupting normally on Earth on any given day. Oops! Here’s some science; the reason it’s HOT in August in the Northern Hemisphere is because it’s fucking summer! Please pardon me if I don’t crawl into a fetal position under my bed and wet myself because it’s the ninth day in a row Phoenix has reached 110F. That’s NOT boiling! That’s NORMAL! It CAN and routinely DOES get much hotter in Phoenix so STFU already with all the bullshit fear mongering and LIES. I don’t see the environazis coming up with any plans to stop volcanoes butt give them time. I’m certain some Einstein like Gates or Kerry will put forth some stupid future scheme where humanity shits away 80% of all its resources to launch a globull campaign to build huge glass and concrete buttplugs for every volcano on Earth. Think about it! Instead of reaching out for the stars, we’ll be buttplugging volcanos! Itz fir da chilluns, kumbayah!

Remember “save the whales?” I do. WTF happened? Today, whales are being killed off much more frequently because the noise generated by “alternative sourced” off shore wind farms fucks with their ability to talk with other whales and navigate. However, as we’ve all come to know, experience and expect, most of the evil and destructive shit the Left does is named the exact opposite of what it actually is/does in order to deceive and distract away from the real agenda. Which is pretty much to “depopulate” Humanity from eight billion plus down to 500 million who will serve as bug eating SLAVES to the new feudal minority who think the planet is their own version of Disneyland. By their actions we shall know them. The climate cultists fucks are really closet stalinist nazis. They really couldn’t give a dead rat’s ass about responsible environmental management because it’s completely obvious they won’t think twice about killing and destroying everything in order to get their way. Shit, that’s their only plan for everything! It’s like being trapped in an amusement park run by psychos!

They’re all liars. They’re all thieves. They’re all sociopathic narcissists. They’re all shit sucking scum hell bent on destroying this planet in order to “save it.” Butt ONLY for themselves. The rest of us are merely collateral baggage. Best stay out of their way while they’re on this most noble of all missions or else! Shit, they might burn your town to the ground, next! See, it’s really the cli-mutt change and it’s getting worse! WE told you! Yeah, shit out there is definitely heating up; but not what they think or in the way they think. This bullshit cannot be allowed to continue indefinitely. I really can’t say right now what it’s going to take to stop them, but I have a fairly good idea and so do you. Let’s just say for the sake of comparison that volcanic eruptions will be the very least of their concerns. Get real, the greatest danger to the Earth and ALL of humanity isn’t the weather. It’s their pigheaded ignorance and slavish ideological devotion to the Leftist cult religion of “climatism.” The very same dynamic as their slavish devotion to other the ideological cult religions of “transgenderism, homosexuality” and “communism.” Yes, climate change is just the first cousin to gender dysphoria, casual sodomite butt fucking and a political system responsible for the death of MORE than a quarter of a BILLION people during the last century.  Anyway, they all suck donkee balls and play with their own shit. They should be the ones designated as an “endangered species.” They are not so certain now that we won’t push back in such a way which eventually leads to their inevitable extinction. Gosh, that would be a real shame, wouldn’t it?! Shit, those are their stakes, not ours. We didn’t start any of this bullshit but we certainly will finish it. Stand strong and keep the pressure on! Now is definitely not the time to go soft or relax. It’s really US and NOT them who are the responsible stewards of this planet. And it’s NOT the climate that’s boiling, it’s the temper of real Americans who are growing tired of being inconvenienced by all of this nonsensical stupidity being pushed as TRUTH. HOT enough for you yet, Leftards? ✪

For God and Country TNA!

General Mossberg