Denial Of Reality

Denial Of Reality

✪ A BIG & wonderful Sunday night “Howdy” to every one of you glorious patriots who call TNA their online home. It’s our small conservative oasis and escape in the midst of the ever howling moonbatshit crazy storms of progressive marxism. This is a place where we can escape and discover relief from the never ending onslaught of lies and manipulative bullshit the Political Elite spew every fucking day! Fuck them all! Yes, I know we all detest them and everything they are doing to the country and World in order to enrich themselves at our expense. I’m SICK and TIRED of all the gaslighting, squirrels, diversions, distractions, manufactured disasters, fake outrages, pet victim klasses, sexual dissonance and proxy wars. I’m far beyond only feeling sick and tired of all them and all of their crap; I am now officially SICK & TIRED of being SICK & TIRED. All of you moral and intellectual superior, Beltway whores need to just get the fuck out of our lives and leave us to the pursuit of our own happiness. We don’t need your “help, ideas” or “LIES” to “improve” our lives. We’re MORE than able and willing to do that for ourselves if you would only STOP screwing with us.

I understand many of you are good folks who usually normally may not use the kind of language  as I do here every week. However, there are just particular words in the English language which can only adequately communicate the intensity of certain emotions or ideas. Perhaps if we weren’t so hounded to endure life and living under the weight of so much ignorance and insanity, our choice of language to describe it wouldn’t need to be so no holds barred. Well, I’m here to do it for you & save you the trouble! And I actually enjoy it! Does that make me a bad person? Only if you happen to be a shit sucking, kiddie diddling, gay butt plowing, Marx adoring, climate change moron who’s had all yer shots who asks “how much?” every time the Government shouts “Shit!” However, if you’re one of those loyal lifer Donkee fools. I couldn’t give a dead Rat’s ass (pun intended) about anything you think. For the rest of you, I only try to say out in the open what most of us are already thinking inside. I enjoy making you think, laugh & perhaps even look at something from a different point of view you may not have considered before while still pointing out the obvious. Sometimes, all it takes is a good laugh to break the somber spell of Klown World and lift your spirits. That’s what I try to do here every week. I’m glad so many of you enjoy Double Barrel. Thank you for reading and listening to what I have to say!

Some things just righteously chap my ass. There are people and situations out there which have absolutely NO redeeming value to anyone whatsoever. Take for example, this traitorous fraud, Mike Pence. The PHONY Christian who wraps himself in the flag and the Bible to cover the fact he abandoned his constitutional duty and certified fraudulent Electoral College votes.

Lotsa BAD shit went down during the 2020 STEAL, but if you want to pick out the single most destructive criminal act which bent the country over by installing President Sniffer & his Crime Family, it would probably be Judas Pence handing the ball over to the opposing team on the one yard line. He was the last and most formidable check against the death of America as a constitutional republic and he SOLD US OUT. FAIL! The Machine made him an offer he just couldn’t refuse. All he had to do is trade away his soul, his country and the rest of all of us along with our future, which he did. They told him one day they’d install him as President; all he had to do is throw the fight. Well, look at this traitorous cocksucker now. He’s out there now shitting on Trump at every opportunity, acting like the second coming of Christ and soaking up as many millions of those donor sucker Dollars as he possibly can. Who the fuck is he trying to fool? Everybody I know hates this treasonous, smarmy, condescending sack of shit in his $5000 suits with his plastic clip on hair. We all know what he has done. His sake Christian schtick is designed to fool only the politically uninformed and naive. Just like a democrat, he seems just fine with whoring out the Bible whenever it benefits him politically. His big thing is pretending his “faith” makes him as white (pun intended) and honest as the driven snow. Won’t allow himself to be in the same room with another woman without his dear wife being present. So chaste! Why how can you NOT support such a morally upright & righteous man of God, right? Carries his Bible around with him wherever he goes. You never know when you’re going to need a good prop for that next impromptu video op on CNN, Mike! Such a devoted man of God and faith our Mike is! SPIT! Backstabbing, selfish motherfucker! Butt hey, I could use the same words to describe 98% of our Congress so he finds himself in good company.

Another thing that really sticks in my ass about Judas Pence is how he can’t seem to go a day without reminding you of how holy, pure and wonderful his completely bought and paid for ass really is. It’s insulting how distant & out of touch these criminals really are with the average American. How they continue to prop up their phony, DC created, think tank focus group marketing personas because they obviously don’t think we are smart enough to see straight thru their bullshit. I have a real problem with overly slick, political, snake oil salesmen who continue to insist that I never saw with my own fucking eyes what it is I know that I saw with my own fucking eyes. Even Ron DeSantis is doing this now. I call this particular mindfuck “denial of reality.” It’s the very same “denial of reality” our Political Klass uses when they claim the Ukrainian War is really about saving “democracy.” Geez, WHO wouldn’t want to save “democracy,” right? See how that works? It’s the same “denial of reality” they use to claim men are really women and that a queer fruit bleeding out his ass is really the same as menstruation. If you don’t believe that then you are obviously a fag hater. OMG, how can I ever live with myself knowing that? It’s the very same fucking “denial of reality” they pushed  with the Chink Bat Flu and the “safe & effective” vaccines. I’m SICK and TIRED of these LIARS when they tell me that I am not seeing with my own eyes exactly what it is I know I am seeing with my own eyes. Come on, Man! Who am I going to trust? My own perceptions or the LIES of a criminal Elite Political Klass who hate my guts and want to see me dead, but only after they have helped themselves to and stolen every last red cent I possess?

Lots of nefarious forces and characters colluded & conspired to STEAL Trump’s second term away from him when they stole the 2020 election. They also STOLE the ability of the American people to chose their own destiny. They stole our Future. If you had to put a single face on the 2020 STEAL it would have to be Judas Pence. That’s when this so-called “Christian man of faith” turned his back on saving America for a few pieces of silver and threw in his lot with the Philistines. He singlehandedly paved the way to bring the STEAL into the home stretch. His betrayal of his oath and duty of office put Dr Shitpants and his merry band of progressive socialist bandits across the finish line and into the drivers’ seats. And here we are today! Ain’t “democracy” the shit? 

Congratulations Pence, your historical legacy will be that everyone remembers you as the mother of all Deep State whores. The man who sold his country out to the Devil. I will forever curse you and your family name for what I consider to be one of the greatest betrayals of all time. Second only to Judas’ betrayal of Christ. I will make damned certain nobody ever forgets your part in the fraud regardless of how much you and your fellow worms attempt to revise and rewrite History. We will never forget how all you had to do was your job & run the ball across the goal line; but the corrupt, worthless prick that you are chose instead to kick and completely missed the posts, ON PURPOSE! Don’t play STOOPID with us; it only insults our sincerity and intelligence further and makes us despise you even more! You know exactly what you did and WHY! 

And now this phony, lying, seditious, empty Establishment suit needs your help! Yes, Pastor Mike is asking you now to join him in standing together for righteous leadership which evidently only he can provide to heal the fractured divides of this tortured & savaged land. HA! More “denial of reality!” The typical ploy of all professional political worms, “Elect me to create the problems you’ll need to re-elect me to solve.” Only they never solve them. In this respect politics and healthcare are very similar. Both prescribe solutions to ongoing problems, but the “solution” only creates a new and different problem which calls for yet another “solution,” ad infinitum. Both institutions continue this wash, rinse, dry and repeat cycles until you’re ultimately penniless. Them they kill you because you have become an inconvenience to their agenda and system of operations. What’s even more laughable is how Pastor Mike continues to promote the hollow and empty premise that an individual’s vote actually still means something when we already pretty much know it doesn’t. Ironic that he would still keep pushing that line of BS considering it was his action (or lack of action) which was directly responsible for taking the power of the ballot box away from the American people. It’s because of him I now consider voting to be mostly an exercise in futility. It no longer matters because the Deep Sate Establishment Machine in only going to continue to install THEIR players regardless of whomever we may chose. Prove me wrong! I’m sorry, but if you still believe voting and elections carry much weight to make any difference in the leadership of this country, then you’re probably also up to date on all of your covid boosters.

In case you haven’t noticed, I really don’t like this slick, phony, greasy, Beltway, career company man. The ONLY thing he had to do was to REJECT the fraudulent Electoral College votes and send them back to the state delegations for review. In doing so, he would have joined the sacred ranks of authentic patriots who also saved this Republic but noooooooo! Instead, he closed his eyes and turned his back on God and America and did exactly what his masters ordered. Why? Who fucking cares WHY? There is NO reason whatsoever which could ever justify such treason and betrayal. Any man who commits treason at this level for any reason deserves nothing but scorn and derision, if not death as a fitting penalty. Plenty of folks have been executed for far less. Butt, butt, butt Mike wants to be president now! It’s his payback for stopping a second Trump term and fucking over America for the Kabal. Don’t be fooled, Judas Pence doesn’t care at all about you, your family or life. He’s just another small fish in the Potomac, swimming up the DC fish ladder for the promise of grabbing that big gold ring to supposed untold amounts of absolute power and wealth; to jack off his soulless ego.

Thirty pieces of silver Judas Pence is not going to win, place or even show. He will never be the President of the United States. However, one day he will stand in judgement before the same God he has spent his entire career mocking and abusing to enrich himself while portraying himself as some one and some thing which he is really not. Thou shalt not LIE! And then once again tell us and try to convince us how something we know we are seeing with our own two eyes is something we really are NOT seeing with our own two eyes; or visa versa. Fuck Mike Pence and the brand of “denial of reality” he is peddling; because by now, we all know exactly how this “campaigning for President” grift works. It’s like the phat book “deals,” golden son drug addicted pedophiles who sit on the boards of eastern Euro-peeing energy companies, the war in Ukraine and the Government paying one hundred billion, zillion gazillion dollars to Big Pharma for a vaxxine cure because they lubs and carez about us sooo much. Campaigning in America has turned into just another money laundering scam for the Political Klass. Thank goodness there are strict Federal Campaign Financing laws in place! But only for we small people; not the Fuckerbergs or Soroses of the world. That’s what this is really about; Pastor Mike is passing around the offering plate and giving you a chance to feel good about yourself by making him richer. Don’t worry, if they can’t steal it from you this way, they’ll take it with taxes, inflation, etc. 

That’s what I never can fully understand. Politicians all have money out the yahoo, but it never is enough for them. WHY the fuck do normal people like us who scratch at the dirt everyday just to get by, need to GIVE these crooks any money to run their election campaigns? Oh yeah, I still remember po’ ole brutha Barak coming to me hat in hand during his 2012 re-election campaign, “Can you help out a po’ nigga? This fundamental transformation stuff is really expensive and I certainly don’t want to spend my OWN money.” And why should they, when there are so many phat sucker sheep out ripe and ready for the shearing? The HAG made the same play in 2016. WHY the fuck would anyone ever be stupid enough to GIVE the Klintoons any money? They already have more fucking money than I’ll ever see in a million lifetimes.     

It’s all a poor man’s performance (pun intended) of kabuki theater being held in a carnival house of mirrors livestock barn with shit covered floors & starring a cast of professionally thieving klowns. Have you noticed that regardless of whenever it is, it’s somehow always campaigning season? It never fucking stops. Ever! Not when there is so much lonely dirty money laying around waiting to be cleaned. However I digress. There are now dozens of “presidential candidates” already positioning themselves in the field even though the first state primary of the 2024 election season is still months away. I’m talking about real powerhouse statesmen like Chris Christie and Asa Hutchinson. Look for Mazie Hirono to jump in later too. You know the way things are going, her face is going to be up on Mt. Rushmore one day soon. And don’t even START me on Ron DeSantis. Well fuck me in the morning, there I go again! Talking as if I still believe elections and voting mean something. I guess old habits can be really hard to break.

If you find that most of this really makes very little sense and doesn’t even fit comfortably inside your mind it must be because you are still someone who trusts the convictions of their own observations. Shame on you! If you ever find yourself growing weary from the constant and daily assault on your senses by the “denial of reality” we are all being force fed, relax in knowing that instant relief can be found as simply as raising up your hands in a moment of exasperation and proclaiming to the Gawd of the Deep State that you surrender; that you are now ready to be corralled, neutered, inoculated and protected as official state property until that big day finally arrives when you are called to make the ultimate contribution for the “greater good.” Kumbayah! 

There are really No Democrats or Republicans anymore. Only citizens and the Elite, Communists and free Men. Only the Uniparty switching off different masks and playing a twisted game of “good politician, bad politician” on all the rest of us. And as long as we continue to play along believing it’s all real somehow, they’ll continue marching us all into oblivion. More “denial of reality.” Ahhhh! But it’s these wretched, evil motherfuckers who we should be marching into oblivion, instead. They are a special kind of scum who deserve no less and I am seeing more and more desperation in their weakening resolve to keep their Insane Klown Possee Shitshow going. So many of their loyal followers meeting mysterious bad ends. Too many to consider it any form of coincidence. Gotta keep all of loose ends tied off and tidy. When you’re a player who’s been feeding inside the bowels of The Machine and you suddenly know too much, you become just as expendable as any of the rest of us. Actually more so. It’s like joining a cartel. You make a lifelong pledge of loyalty and the only way out becomes in a box at room temperature.

So the assault on the traditional, beautiful, good, moral, Truth and even reality continues. This shit is tiresome and annoying. It’s also incredibly stupid as well as useless. The next president has already been chosen and a billion ballots with pre printed with his name are being stockpiled around the country as we speak like brick pallets at an antifa riot. As I have already mentioned here earlier on several occasions, my focus is now primarily directed at achieving and maintaining a level of optimum survival and contentment for me, my family and friends regardless of whatever new bullshit these maggots stir up & launch. I’ve pretty much extracted and detached my self from any need to keep up with all the crap they keep slinging at us and the walls. The more they sling, the less sticks. It’s a process of self defeat in ever diminishing results. Really sux to be them now but they have nobody to blame but themselves. THEY built this, not us! Right now, it’s more about guarding the boundaries of my mind to preserve my mental health while I bide my time waiting for this entire stupid ruse to finally flame itself out, which I believe it will do one day very suddenly. More extremism on their part only transmits a growing desperation that everything is slipping through their hands, which I believe it is. Of course, these twisted SOBs would never tell us as such, instead preferring to continue to perpetuate their lies and “denial of reality” until the bitter end. That’s when we come in to pick up the pieces, put out any remaining fires, take out the trash and mop up the sewage. That’s the day we take back our country from this marxist vermin filth and settle all accounts. Preserve your energy and resources until our day of deliverance finally arrives. And THAT is certainly NOT another “denial of reality.” Go Team America! ✪

For God & Country!

General Mossberg