Patterns And Protests

Patterns And Protests

✪ Hello, Everybody! It’s freezing ass cold outside here, with another few days of colder weather still headed our way. Shit! In another six months we’ll all be bitching about the heat! Anyway, here’s some of my thoughts on a few random things that really bugged the crap out of me this last week…… It occurred to me that we human beings are naturally wired to recognize patterns. It’s part of our instinctive survival mechanism. Whether we may realize it or not, we’re always looking for recognizable patterns in everything because patterns usually are an indication of the familiar, the routine and the secure. We like that. We’re always looking to pick out the patterns in Nature, the situations and things we create; and in our own human interactions. There’s one pattern in particular which stands out after three and a half long years; and, that’s the pattern of globalist, democrat, communist stupidity and insanity. It’s the pattern currently being carried out by a select group of thieving, lying, culture of death worshiping, satanic, sodomite ghouls against everything and everyone in the World who support right, Truth, beauty and God. And this unholy cabal has been working to accelerate their pattern of chaos, confusion and destruction more during the last ten months than they ever have during the last ten years.

Thanks to the assholes on the Left, all sorts of outrageous things and cultural developments we never could have possibly imagined only a decade before have now been made so mainstream and commonplace they hardly gather a glance. They fling all their shit so fast and frequently, it’s difficult to keep up. And that’s the entire idea! Crap like fag marriage, the sexualization of children, the attack on cheap and plentiful energy, the demonization of white people, pet victim demographics and the wholesale social acceptance of all sorts of crimes which are explained away using the false justification of racism. I could go on. Another part of the pattern is the complete inversion and reversal of all traditional values. Good is now bad and bad good, up is down and the inside has been turned on its head towards the outside, if for no other reason just to confuse people and purposely weaken the foundations of Western Civilization. The fucking marxist termites have been busy during the last three and a half years chewing away at the foundations.

More pattern recognition; the massive, deliberate and choreographed influx of replacement voters from almost every third and fourth shit hole country in the world. And it’s no longer merely a matter of whoever can crawl to reach our southern border. Now our own enemy government is complicit in inviting them here while arranging pick up and delivery service by misappropriating our own tax money in the service of prioritizing the comforts of illegal invaders over the basic needs of American citizens. Yeah, ALL of their “patterns” piss me off to a degree, but this one, stealing our tax money to fund our replacements while real Americans needlessly suffer REALLY chaps my ass. ALL of them invited and brought here by our government in a last ditch bid to create a permanent, one party, totalitarian, lock of power by completely destroying our society. Oh yeah, by the way, this is what communist democrats consider and call “democracy.” Remember how they’ve been telling us since the 1980’s that it’s only 11 million illegal aliens? Remember how 250,000 of these criminal, invading wetbacks a year seemed like a really ominous number? Shit, now it’s 250,000 a week and the Joe Junta just shrugs their shoulders and says, “What me worry? Ess not my problem!”

We all know why. The fucked up truth is since the STEAL in 2020, our own government has grown tired of forcing us to take a knee to them and their bullshit. And why shouldn’t they? In their pinheaded tiny worm minds, they think they are always going to enjoy complete power and control over us, so why not dispense with all the phony formalities of bipartisan cooperation? Much easier just to paint us as the criminals who they really are and accuse us of doing everything bad to the country in which they are actually the ones engaged. Much easier to jail and replace our asses using the corrupt, weaponized institutions of the Federal Government they have infiltrated, saturated and commandeered. Kids in high school in New York are now being kicked out of their classes to make room so 2000 fucking illegals have a gym to sleep in while their $500 a night, government, five star accommodations are being prepared for them. American students and their education? Fuck off! You’re all too young to vote anyway! It’s not the conspiracy theory it once was anymore, is it? Illegals who have not been vetted or screened for criminal history. Illegals who may be carrying only God knows what kinds of diseases; tuberculosis, hepatitis, polio and even leprosy (NO, I’m not exaggerating) are being waved on through into the country and dumped wherever. Fuck you, Joe Biden!

Have you recently traveled through an airport since all of this irresponsible insanity began? If you’re an American citizen you get checked and checked again every step of the way, blasted with X-ray radiation. They scour your identification, grope your junk and look three feet up your ass with a periscope. WHY? Because some administrative government sodomite worm someplace has ordained it for the “public safety.” However, if you are one of their precious little chilishitters, just move to the front of the line! No identification, criminal background checks or medical screening required. Welcome to America amigos; and remember, always vote Donkee! Oh yeah, here’s a handful of FREE cash! I think they actually enjoy abusing us in the airports. They get off on all the power and putting you and I in our “places” by constantly reminding us who is really in charge. Oh, and you DARE not open your mouth to complain or in anyway defy this authoritative pattern because if you do, the Federal airport cops can make your life a living Hell before they finally exile you to their “no fly list” for life.

Remember the fucking worthless marxist teachers’ unions during the phony Bat Chink Flu Scamdemic and how they all wanted to just sit at home on their lazy fat asses for almost three years and do NOTHING while still continuing to collect their full pay and benefits? Remember how they whined, bitched and threatened to STRIKE if they were forced to go back to work? I remember. Well, supposedly there’s now a new virus in all of our futures which is even more deadly and mysteriously called “Disease X.” Well, it’s not really actually out there yet which means it’s still in development in some secret UN/WEF/EU virus bioweapon development facility in either China or Ukraine. What’s happening is a coordinated media gaslighting propaganda campaign to properly seed the ground for “Disease X” into the minds of all the Sheep so that when it’s finally released, it will create an automatic response of maximum fear and terror in all those who have already allowed themselves to be assimilated into the hive mind. The Sheep will all be trampling over one another fighting to be the first into the new inoculation pens. However, I predict this time around, there will be many fewer suckers buying this bullshit. It will also be much more obvious despite all the propaganda and media mindfucking, who the real evil behind the next scandemic will be. Those players being mainly being Big Pharma, the Federal Government and most of the healthcare industry. The lesson everybody should have already learned from the first scamdemic is “never trust the government because they hate your fucking guts and are actually paying institutions to kill you.” If you fail to recognize that pattern, it could cost you your life.

The patterns are just everywhere now. Take a good look around and tell me I’m wrong. The replacement of our entire domestic population has already begun, butt oh yeah, you better keep paying all those taxes under duress of having the Federal Government completely destroy your life if you don’t. Jose needs a new iPhone 27 so he can run the latest version of the Joe Freeshit app to know where he needs to go and what he needs to do in order to keep voting democrat forever. It’s fucking insane. The bleeding heart Donkees all claim there’s a “right to shelter” law! Really? Like “constitutional rights” those are legally only reserved for authentic American citizens, not these imported, illiterate shithole rejects from the slums of the World who are taking your kids’ places and stealing their futures fresh off a government sponsored, chartered jet. Need an extra few million very grateful state voters to tip a city, county or state permanently BLUE? Coming right up, suckers! It doesn’t matter if it means violating a dozen different laws because who the fuck is going to stop these bastards now anyway? If you try, you’ll only be called a racist nazi who hates “democracy.” If that ploy doesn’t shut your rightwingnut ass up, then the next step will be to have you harassed, arrested and eventually jailed without the proper due process of the law until you “understand.” We are no longer fucking governed by a body of elected officials who work to serve our interests! We are now instead ruled over by a bunch of selected and installed oligarch despots who couldn’t give a dead rat’s ass about “the Law” and seem content to do whatever the fuck they please! Prove me wrong!

Real Americans don’t want the foreign invading masses coming here! Butt our crooked political overlords do, either for cheap labor, cheap votes or both. Fuck! Patterns are elsewhere too. Remember the brain dead idiot trustafarians and their moronic, ridiculous “occupy” shit!? Those UN, citizens of the World stooges who set up their stupid indigenous peoples CHAZ gardens? What happened to them? Most went back home to the safety and security of living comfortably at their rich mommy & daddys’ houses where they could continue their personal campaigns of crushing capitalism and “taking it to the man” while organized behind their keyboards. Yes, that mob of mediocre worthless wastes of human potential. But wait, there’s more! Some of those most diehard of wretched fucks true believers actually went into government work or leftist commie activist worm tanks like open societies foundations and marxist activist lawfare groups. Many have now graduated and are paid handsomely as professional protestor organizers. That’s their job! They now have their own commie graphic design teams and printing shops on speed dial. They bring rented Uhauls full of red colored ‘workers of the world unite’ standardized banners, silk screened t-shits and picket signs to any location of preferred agitation within 24 hours notice. They are whizzes at shit posting dates, time and places on social media to summon the great unwashed masses for the next orgy of disruption, vandalization or looting. They know how to flush all the cockroaches out of the woodwork; the bored as fuck rich kids who lack any real meaning or purpose in their empty, indulgent lives; the female, blue haired, college screeching harpies who are fixated on killing the unborn; the disenfranchised homeless who embrace the mental illness of victimhood because it’s their ticket to a life completely free of any personal responsibility and thrill seeking common criminals who claim social discord justifies their many crimes of convenience. Then there are the predictable and usual gaggle of vegans, climate change worriers, white guilters, kiddie luvers and collectivist morons who get their sexual kicks by fantasizing about unlimited powers of a centralized, statist Government. All of them believe themselves to be “revolutionaries” full of their own disgusting misguided sense of self righteous moral superiority. However, when you really look at a protest crowd, all you see is a rag tag bunch of filthy, mentally fucked up losers who won’t even allow themselves to account for the miserable condition of their own retched lives. However, I digress.

If you study them a little further, you will spot yet another pattern inherent in the midst of the chaos they create. These useful idiots don’t realize it, but they are actually the personal chattel of the political elite klass. Up front, totally owned, old worn out megaphone slogan bitches; along with the perfunctory raised marixist power fists. YAWN! That shit is actually an old, worn out, sixties pattern but most of them are not old enough to remember and have never properly been taught history. That’s why they are called “useful idiots.” Behind every, big mouthed megaphone bitch are two to four lieutenants who steer the crowd and watch out for any police action. Well, al least that’s what they used to do before entire police forces were bought off to take their orders from Soros’ people. Today, the cops are there to mostly protect the communist rabble. Behind the lead megaphone bitch and the lieutenants are the swarming body of “lead protestors” who are also part of the paid group. They encourage maximum noise and chaos and keep the artificial anger and outrage pitched up as high as they can. Then there are the dumb fucks, the real Sheep, who are there because they actually believe in all of this stupid shit. However, you’ll see some other paid actors interspersed throughout the crowd, a low-key group of three or four stringers on bicycles wearing earpieces and microphones hidden in their hoodies. These are the real leaders, the enforcers, the shot callers and they position themselves in order to make clean and quick getaway breaks should shit for the rest of the group suddenly go south. Their primary task is to keep the protest focused, organized and on track. When the group starts to run out of steam or naturally starts thinning out, these wired bike jockey organizers will call up some special agitators to break windows, set fires and otherwise juice up the excitement again hoping for a confrontation of some kind. When it happens, in the case where the police actually do their fucking jobs and bum rush them, these useful idiots get roughed up and arrested. There are Soros lawyers with Soros bail money already waiting at the jail when they come in along with Soros paid DA’s that set them free as soon as a small fine is paid. There is NO aspect or characteristic of these worms and their personalities which in any way contribute anything constructive socially. Seems they only live to degrade and destroy. This kind of national pattern during the BLM summer riots became very clear; and the playbook in every major city was identical in management & execution. Communism is actually very predictable. Once the word went out to BLM that looting, burning and murder really wouldn’t be prosecuted, then that’s exactly what we got. The Fapdog Media has even given this specific brand of social anarchy its own name “peaceful protesting.” Once The standard of acceptable, looting, arson and murder was established as being tolerated or ignored, those lazy assed, commie fag, self important warriors against fascism were free to do pretty much the same, except they preferred arson, destruction and beatings to simple looting. Antifa! “Resist Fascism!” Yeah, by being fascists! COWARD fascist pussy bitches who need to hide behind mask and umbrellas; who act all tough and shit whenever they swarm in groups but flee and scatter like roaches whenever they are outnumbered. Because in truth they’re soi coward sissy fags who like to dress up in black to cos play. The only protest edge they ever really enjoyed was full police protection mandated by crazed progressive mayors in places like Portland and Seattle. That shit all ended and finally came down on them like a ton of bricks once they figured they could start directly attacking the cops. That’s how stupid they are! As it was with all their other protests, when the shit got real, they ran back to the sewer! Poof!

Another important election year is now already upon us so keep an eye out on the Left and look out for their same old tired, predictable patterns of disruption because theses stupid fuckers are completely incapable of any new ideas. However, the same bunch of dirty clueless losers are now rested up. And a new crop of brainwashed & indoctrinated college zombies are rarin’ to go. This time they’re throwing in their support with Islamic terrorism. Brilliant! They are demanding Muslims have the right to beat, rape and behead them! See how fucking dumb they are? You can’t make this shit up! They are singing the praises of a death cult so evil that it should be completely eliminated from the planet without even a second thought. Encouraging jihad terror attacks on our country! Inviting the jihadists to kill Americans without realizing the Muslims will butcher them the first chance they get if they ever manage to take over! The same protests, actors and methods. The same predictable patterns. Freedom from any consequences is the siren song of the revolutionary youths! It pisses me off no end too, because our government, law enforcement, judicial system are currently complicit in helping these assholes ruin America! Until they no longer can.

Now that radical Islam and the left are involved with full government support, it’s soon going to go way too far. Watch! They just can’t help themselves. The Left in this country has gotten into bed with a fucking terminal disease and they will live to regret it more than they know. These people want to kill everyone on the entire planet who is not muslim. Think about it. Talk about a deal with the Devil! It’s still a really long way until November and we still have to get through one more Summer. The leftarded protests will stop the first time one of them involves a mass shooting; or blocking highways as a from of protest no longer stops regular people. Once they discover they can actually lose their lives for their “cause,” they won’t risk it. And when the sleeper cells of illegals and Muslims finally get the go ahead signals, those cowardly, marxist trustafarians will ironically, come running to us, the armed citizenry for their protection. Good luck with that, because you see, I remember. I hope against hope we won’t be pushed over the edge. I hope against hope we still have another chance to right this listing ship of state. I will continue to hope, pray and hold fast to Faith. Before I’m pushed into doing things I really don’t want to do. Before I am pushed into becoming something I know I am not…✪

For God and Country Patriots!

General Mossberg