✪ Hello you boisterous band of benevolent, beautiful bastard Patriots! Yes! We have managed yet once again to make it thru another week without letting those corrupt, grifting, cocksucker Donkee & RINO shitflies get us down! I tell you, staying indifferent & ungovernable is always the best revenge! You know they HATE that shit, haha! Ok, some may say we are on fourth down with 20 to go, but the only play these communist piss willies know to keep the Donkee Sheep hypnotized is manufactured chaos, fear, anxiety and stoopid squirrel stories like little dime bags of coke found in the White House. Shit, we all know that White House blow was left by Trump, right?! Hang on now, because we’re still very much in the game! The rest of us who weren’t born into the enchanted DC Beltway diamond kingdom aristocracy with a gold spoon stuck up our asses are the real Americans! The winning team! Not the illegal invaders. Not the child traffickers. Not the pedophiles. Not the Muslims. Not the queers, trannies, faggots. Not the genderly confused. Thank your lucky stars! We aren’t communists. We aren’t dishonest liars. We aren’t grifting sociopaths. we aren’t satanists! We aren’t members or supporters of any lame, losing, whining, crying, hand wringing, pant pissing special interest pet victim group who thinks everyone else owes them a free ride because of some past “injustice, inequity” or “insanity!” FUCK NO, THEY ARE! Which is exactly WHY I couldn’t give a flying fuck about their wretched lives, mental illness, personal grievances, never ending complaints or infantile demands.

Just say NO to being one of the Donkee Sheep. You all know what a Donkee Sheep is don’t you? It’s the satanic love child born when someone who’s too stupid to think for themselves is assraped by the ghost of Karl Marx. It’s a political mutant: the front half which contains what resembles a brain is unmistakably a SHEEP. The rear is undeniably an ASS which sports an abnormally LARGE asshole to support all sorts of sex activities which are UNIQUE & exclusive to the Donkee SHEEP. Donkee SHEEP are always easy to spot as they openly hate God, America and themselves, bathe twice a year, do not eat meat, have six color hair, hate oil, wear Che t-shirts, collect SSI Disability, smoke an ounce of weed every week and live in constant fear the weather is trying to kill them. IOW, your average, usual, run of the mill, dumb as a fucking rock, Rat voter. 

Like the Pod People they are, they’ve always lived among us; however,  Covid and four years of Trump really blew their cover. Remember how COMPLIANT they all were to immediately fall into line and follow Reichmarshall Fauci’s marching orders to first mask up and social distance, then later report to the nearest government population control center to receive the vaccine sacrament? This way to the free showers, Donkee Sheep! I’m not talking about the good folks who were pressured and strong armed by all the mandatory bullshit in order to keep their jobs to support themselves or preserve the peace in their families. NO, I’m talking about the stupid assholes who ran, not walked to their nearest government experimental bioweapon testing injection facility and literally begged to claim their free graphite oxide! I’m talking about the assholes who inked their arms, chests & junk with candid covid smiley faces and their vaccine dates to document their Donkee Sheep stupidity. Hee Bahhhhhh, Hee Bahhhhh! I’m  talking about all the self righteous, know better morons who uploaded Tik Tok videos flaunting their holier than thou attitudes of vax hubris; two weeks before they mysteriously “died suddenly.”

Oppps! I hate it when that shit happens, don’t you? I’m talking about the assholes who arrogantly looked down from their little covid ivory towers and scolded the rest of us for being horrible, BAD people for not being as intelligent or socially responsible as them when we refused the vax. How dare we place them and others at risk for remaining unvaccinated! Hey idiots, if the vax worked so gangbusters, then WHY would you be so fucking terrified we might infect you? Now lots of those poor sucker Donkee Sheep are looking up at us from six feet under. I don’t think that’s by coincidence! DOH! 

Looking back in retrospect on the entire embarrassing, orchestrated fiasco, it all seems like a really fucking bad dream now. I think the Global Elite were really planning for their lab engineered little flu bastard child to be much more lethal than it actually turned out to be. I think they were really counting on it to remove many more of us useless eaters, so there would be lots more of everything else left over for them. And then when it didn’t work out as expected, they had to fall back on pure fear mongering and gaslighting to stampede the Donkee Sheep into the holding pins. They tried their darnedest to destroy entire economies, capitalism, institutional trust and personal freedoms by activating all of their cocksucking fascist, WEF planted stooges in world governments. Unfortunately, we still aren’t completely out of the woods yet on all of this bullshit, but a veritable shitload of people have already woken up to their evil and sick fuck game. The hand we hold against them grows stronger with each passing day. It was honestly righteously nauseating to see how many Karens turned snitch to the fucking authorities on Pure Bloods for not wearing a mask while taking a shower in their own homes. Karens are official Donkee Sheep Army officer material.

Before the Big Steal of 2020, I always kinda wondered how tyrannical dicktaters like Mao, Stalin and Fidel could come to power and get away with all the shit they pulled in order to completely conquer a country. How in the holy Hell did Pol Pot manage to force his fellow countrymen to murder each other in exchange for a Stone Age existence of complete misery? Well now we know! Shit, all you had to do is only wear glasses, know how to read or not have enough calluses on your hands. Then it was off to the killing fields for you, enemy of the People’s Revolution! Gee, where have we seen & heard this before?

I know back in 2020 the Elites were crapping themselves over the prospect of how another four years of Trump would completely out them as the evil generational kiddie traffickers, fuckers and butchers many of them actually are. How it would completely unravel their covert, illegal, multibillion dollar, international slave, drug and arms trade. Too late, motherfuckers! The facade is finally cracking! That genie isn’t going back into his bottle and your days are numbered! Haha, that “new normal” paradigm you were so busy preaching to the rest of us turned around and bit you BIG Time in the ass, didn’t it! Funny how that shit swings both ways, ain’t it?! Go figure! Ain’t that a bitch? 

If there is a silver lining to be found anywhere in that fucking pathetic Covid scamdemic, it is how it exposed the thousands of smarmy, slimy, squeaky, selfish, criminal, power lusting, ugly, evil fucks who are no longer able to hide and avoid experiencing the effects of their own actions. However, isn’t it odd how none of the people “in charge” who were publicly “vaccinated” ever died, or for that matter, never even experienced any negative side effects from taking the vax? NOT. A. SINGLE. ONE. I wonder WHY that was? Yes Virginia, there really is an Easter Bunny. Oh, lots of them caught da coh-vud multiple times after taking the vax; but they always managed somehow to miraculously survive to live another day to post the next “I’ve caught the virus for the sixth time and I’m self quarantining so remember to git yer shots!” bullshit social media PSA soundbite. I guess being a government political worm imparts speshull sooper hero powers and protections against nefarious virus villains.

Now we know how “bad” batches were purposely sent to Red States because these motherfuckers were hell bent on the particular demographic genocide of the people they feared most. REAL Americans. Ahhhh, Der Final Solution, Komrades! All hail the Fourth Industrial Revolution! Fortunately, that ploy backfired on them bigly because it was mostly their own Donkee Sheep chattel who flocked to their vaccine showers. More woke stooges got jabbed while more of us smarter people didn’t. I hope those of you who were forced in order to stay employed or travel have suffered NO ill effects and will continue to remain healthy LONG into the future. However, for the stoopid Donkee Sheep, I have NO sympathy or extra shits to spare. None whatsoever!

A long time ago, it already occurred to me how we are actually living through the most incredible of times. If you have already completely sworn off all television and make it a point to avoid all the official Ministry Of Truth, social media mindfuck propaganda, reprogramming Ultra MK websites, you’ll see an America still very much exists which is actually the complete opposite of the one they are portraying. Butt, butt, butt General, that means they must be LYING to us and I know they’d never do that, right? Yes Virginia, there really is a tooth fairy and his first name is Dylan. 

Got to keep this Insane Clown Posse Shit Show going for as long as they possibly can even though I don’t really see what their total end game could be. Have nothing and be happy? Well, I don’t really see that shit happening unless they first remove a few billion of us from the equation but what the fuck do I really know? I’m just a dumb bitter clinging, thumping Jethro in flyover country who refuses to buy the car. I certainly understand I may be seriously underestimating their intelligence, abilities or capacity for evil and destruction, but I do know the only thing currently stopping Humanity from entering a new Golden Age is for only one thousand of the worst of these maggots to be wiped from the buttcrack of Civilization. Not as daunting a feat as they are trying to convince us. 

Meanwhile, our wonderful federal government continues to push the poison vax. Continues to finance and prop up marxist dictators and commie governments all over the world because they are actually communists themselves. However at this moment in the proceedings, I’m not so sure that’s because they want to promote communism more than it maybe about keeping up appearances to distract the Donkee Sheep from the fact their entire shithouse is close to falling in on itself. I kinda believe it’s more the latter than the former. They know the buttcrack of Civilization is coming closer each day to being wiped clean of them and all of their SHIT! Deus Vult, may be God’s Will!

I say let’s get this party started already! Time’s a wasting! It may  take a while, but we all know good things take time. After the collapse of the economy, the Rule Of Law and all of civil authority, a window of opportunity will open for us to finally take out the trash, rescue and restore our country to the original vision of the Founding Fathers and the blessings of God; or DIE trying in the attempt because I promise you if we fail, DEATH will be better than living in the New World THEY want to impose. So steel yourselves and be prepared for the possibility there may be some heavy lifting coming our way soon. We’re already long past the point where voting or talking is going to fix any of this shit; but you already knew that, didn’t you?

Right now, it’s hard to comprehend or know exactly who will follow government orders to fire on REAL Americans who refuse to accept the ongoing destruction of the country and Western Civilization. REAL Americans who are sick and tired of ALL the dishonesty, lies, manipulation, graft, theft, perversion, degeneracy and evil for their own sake because a minority class mistakenly believe they can get away with it. Fuck them! To ALL of you triple masked, quintupled vaxxed, queer loving, minor attracted, Joe voting Donkee Sheeple idiots out there lurking away in your blue toilets, go ahead. Make our day! We won’t start anything but we sure as hell will finish whatever you’re stupid enough to start. Just for the record, that is in NO way intended as a threat of ANY kind. I am in NO way suggesting or condoning violence of any kind whatsoever because as everyone knows, peace is really the only true way, Kumbayah! To all my lurking leftist, Donkee Sheep friends here, Namaste! I acknowledge the common love in me I share with you.

Let not your hearts be troubled Patriots, because we will prevail! As a long time customer of the Men’s Wearhouse, I guarantee it! Hang tough and hang in there! God willing and the water don’t rise I shall return again next week with another dose of your weekly Vitamin USA to inspire you, lift your spirits and PUMP YOU UP! I will be back to Ramble and Rant as usual! Keep stacking, storing and prepping as we wait upon the day of our redemption and our Lord’s Righteous Wrath! Good Times! Ohh Rah! ✪

For God and Country always!!!

General Mossberg