Debt? What Debt? Not Mine!

Debt? What Debt? Not Mine!

✪ Hey Kids!  Since this last week was another one chocked full of so much squirrel turd, nutty clusterfuckery goodness brought to us by the DC bandit gang of the usual suspects and marxist idiot citizens of Mordor on the Potomac, there are just too many different topics for me to rail, rant and bitch about, so I’ve chosen the mother of all the government squirrel turds. This is BIG one. The one that’s going to affect each and every one of us more directly than any of the other concocted and manufactured disasters they are pushing onto us. I’m talking about the national debt and all of this bullshit default hysteria hype the controlling opposition is spewing. Stick with me, because I’m probably going to need your help on this one. Like most of you out there, I am handicapped by the horrible limitations of being able to reason and think logically for myself. I feel ashamed because I understand how horribly racist & transphobic that is. However, that’s the price we all pay for refusing to be brainless, compliant, cooperative Sheep in Joe World. I also suffer from being forced to live in the real world where I would wind up in a tent in the park if I continued living beyond my means by spending more money than I make. You know, like our worthless government continues to do. Like you, I am also prohibited by law from printing my own money. It seems that exclusive privilege is reserved only for the biggest gang of banker thieves in history. The clan which calls itself the Federal Reserve. Stay with me while I try my best to make some sort of sense out of this fucking burning clown car we’re all riding in formerly known as the US economy.

First of all, the country has no real budget. That’s the hard cold truth. We haven’t really had a formal, working budget in the truest sense of the word since the Reagan era. Did you know the Constitution mandates by law that the Congress must create, submit and approve a national budget EVERY YEAR and that any failure to do so is a breech of Constitutional law? You remember the Constitution, don’t you? It’s that blueprint for freedom created by a bunch of old racist, patriarchal, white, slave owning guys which our current Political Elite Klass now uses to wipe their asses. Once Bammy the milk chocolate pharoah ascended to the throne in 2009, the Congress decided to completely do away with all attempts at formality to provide the nation a budget. Ain’t nobody got time for dat shit now! That means the US Congress has been operating in direct and repeated violation of Constitutional Law for almost a decade and a half! That means the Congress has BETRAYED their fiduciary duty to the people of the United States by FAILING to manage the nation’s wealth in a responsible manner. Ain’t nobody got time for dat shit now!    

Butt, butt, butt General, there was a couple of years during the reign of Bubba the Great and his Hag concubine when the country had a balanced budget! Horseshit! More Billy Bob Three Card Monty sleight of hand! Jethro shuffled a bunch of money around between different government programs and agencies to rebalance expenditures. That’s all. Presto, a balanced budget! The only real credit Klintoon deserves in terms of the economy is for being smart enough to realize he inherited a great economy from Reagan and all he had to do was nothing to prevent himself from fucking it up. And the only reason he did that was so he could take credit for it and ride that credit into a second term. Which the liar from Hope did. You see, it’s never really about what’s best for the country and you or I. No, it’s always about these calculating worms and how they can appropriate (steal) ever more wealth and power for themselves. 

So we can add repeated violations of the Constitution to the long and ever growing list of crimes our Government pardons and exempts itself from whenever it’s not occupied by ignoring the borders, pushing the faggot agenda, waging bogus proxy wars in east euro-pee-on shit holes to launder money and cover for bigger crimes, human and drug trafficking or any other one of the countless other ways they seem to go out of their way everyday to screw up everything and make life harder for normal people like you and I. Ever since the Congress pretty much decided back in 2009 they were never going to be inconvenienced again to follow the law by budgeting the nation’s wealth, it’s pretty much been a feeding frenzy and nonstop orgy of fiscal irresponsibility at the taxpayer trough.They now play the “continuing resolution” game; which is really a smartass way of saying they just vote themselves any amount of money they’re little greedy hearts desire whenever they want. Since they can now just order their pals in the FED to print up as much money as they want, WHO needs to bother with responsibility or living within their means? Ain’t nobody got time for dat shit now! Think about it! If you were never restrained by having to keep within a budget and could make unlimited amounts of money appear at the snap of a finger to pay all of your bills, wouldn’t you go apeshit and hog wild to spend as much money as you possibly could?  Wouldn’t such an arrangement encourage you to abandon any sense of duty to manage you money responsibly? Wouldn’t you just naturally become more greedy and reckless as a result? Bob’s your uncle you would!

So there you have it and here we are! I realize there are other factors involved and something as big as the economy isn’t really this cut and dry simple, but Holy Hell if this dynamic doesn’t seem to bring out the worst in our selected officials, to the point where we’re already $33 TRILLION down in the hole and all they want to do is keep digging. If you’re wondering (which you probably really aren’t) why a pound of hamburger is almost ten bucks, a gallon of gas more than $4 or a simple meal of a burger, Coke and fries is now pushing $15, here’s your answer. The flip side of consequences to spending like a drunken sailor in a whore house with no accountability is an erosion of the purchasing power of our money. Until of course the money is left with NO remaining purchasing power which is pretty much where these assholes are taking us. At which point we become just another Weimar or Venezuela. Shit, I didn’t graduate from some snot snob east coast Ivy League, marxist indoctrination mill with a Dr Jill degree in economics to know where all of this is going. My question is if a regular white, christian, middle class bumpkin like me living out in Podunk, flyover country can see the bridge is out up ahead, then WHY do the legions of our esteemed “experts” in control of this runaway roller coaster continue to pursue a path of policies driving us to economic oblivion? And don’t pitch me that phony feel good crap about reducing the Pentagon’s expenditures on toilet paper by $100 billion over the next ten years. That’s just another shell game. $100 billion of cuts anywhere over a decade doesn’t add up to jack when the country keeps spending $2 TRILLION more each year than it takes in.

Where is all this money we don’t have coming from? The simple answer is the future, specifically our future. In truth, the United States is no longer a wealthy country. In fact, we’re now the largest debtor nation in the world. We’re busted. Thanks a lot for nothing, government fuckheads! What we’re doing now is continuing to borrow from the future in oder to be able to pretend we’re still wealthy now. We’re fooling ourselves. At some point in time music is going to stop and the bar will close. In all of our greed and stupidity, we’re pissing away our Divine birthright and blessings of prosperity and abundance by taking them completely for granted. It’s not an endless and infinite supply no matter what we may choose to believe. One day it will run out and dry up. We’re fools & suckers if we still think it never will and do not prepare accordingly. In the meantime, party on Garth like it’s 1999! Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead! Technically, we’re already bankrupt now and our so called “leadership” doesn’t seem to feel the least daunted by the fact we are dooming future generations of Americans still yet unborn to a future of poverty and economic debt slavery. Ain’t nobody got time for dat shit now! 

You wanna know what the biggest kick in the head is in all of this? Nobody in government has ever bothered to ask the rest of us if we should be doing any of this. I don’t know about you, but I was never asked if I’d like to take out a $33 TRILLION dollar loan. I don’t remember ever cosigning for any of this debt. Technically, It ain’t mine, or yours. It’s theirs! Hell, they don’t even bother to ask, they just do whatever the fuck they damned well please. Even though it’s our money, how is it we never get a say in how it will be used? Because beyond their ability to extort every last bloody cent out of our hides, the Political Elite doesn’t give a rip about you and I. In fact, they hate our guts and for the most part consider us to be obstacles blocking the way to their glorious, bright & shiny new world of zero carbon neutral climate justice rainbow diversity, equality and inclusion they are so desperately attempting to build. Fuck that! For the record, I don’t accept any ownership or responsibility for the debt they’ve racked up. That’s their doing: they built it so they can keep it. However, at some point, they WILL be called to own this mess they have made and to atone for all their crimes of thievery. I guarantee it!

Personally, I don’t believe there is any coming back from crawling out of an economic hole this deep save for a crash and collapse of the entire economy. I know you really didn’t want to read that. Stand by, one central bank digital currency coming right up! New and improved! Hey, they wouldn’t LIE to us, now would they? All the things we grew to love to hate about the old fiat economy only this time without the fiat and with COMPLETE government control! This is what happens when you have a government which places its own interests above those of it’s citizens and the country it represents. A government which routinely whores itself out to special interest lobbyists, donors or anyone else with an agenda and pockets deep enough to “pay to play.” This is what happens when your government is possessed by completely immoral sociopaths. We the People? Getdafuckouttahere! Get to the back of the bus, chumps! Ain’t nobody got time for dat shit now!

Last year, the US government took in total tax revenues of about $4.7 trillion dollars.  In my book, that should be the national annual budget right there. How many of us can take our income and then deliberately overspend that amount with no intentions of ever paying it back and expect to stay out of jail? Well Sunshine, that’s exactly what our Congress does year after year and has been doing for decades! The closest they ever come to a balanced budget or acting responsible with our money is by talking about it. Talk, talk, talk. Never any action. I beg your pardon: I stand corrected. There’s plenty of action on their part; to keep on spending and making the situation even worse! What do they care? After all, why should they care? It’s not their money!

Have you noticed? Suddenly a new crisis has magically appeared! I call it Debt Default Theater. Yeah, it probably won’t be the best thing in the world if our guberment runs out of money on June 1st and has to tell its creditors to sod off, but I don’t think any of that really matters to the them. Like everything else, they are getting their nuts off on gaslighting the Sheeple public with more fear mongering because as we all know, you never let a crisis go to waste and when you don’t happen to have a crisis handy, you then resort to doing the next best thing; you make one up. The crooks in DC are using a possible default only as a political football to get more of what they want. They already know damned well it won’t happen! This is all simply more fear porn to spook the Sheep & prime the FED pump to blow another load of their funny money. These criminal bastards are always above the law and are never held accountable for their numerous crimes. You & I are, but never them! Don’t believe me? Then try taking a shot at insider stock trading sometime. I can tell you exactly what the final act of Debt Default Theater will be. The Rats will position themselves as the saviors of the country by screaming about how the country will completely fall apart when there is no more money left for free meals at public school restaurants or free invader invader baby diapers. The RINOs will position themselves as the stalwart guardians of the economy by refusing to increase the debt limit. Finally at the last minute, an historic deal will be reached where the debt limit is increased while the spending is reduced. WTF? All of this will be pure drama for mass consumption. In the end, the RINOs will fold like a cheap chink lawn chair and give in to everything the Rats demand. Hurrah for Captain Spaulding! The Republic will once again be saved by another “bipartisan” continuing resolution. Chuck the Cuck Schoomer will once again go on TV to pat himself on the back for being such a champ and “fighting” for the American people. Once again, you, I and our great grandchildren will get the shaft. Add another TRILLION to the national debt. A trillion here and a trillion there; pretty soon, you’re talking about real money!

So what will we get for our money after this next “default” crisis is resolved at the very last minute? More free school lunches, more five star resort accommodations for the illegal invading army, more government investments in climate change and alternative green energy boondoggles, more marxist social engineering and more whores and coke for Ukraine. Oh yeah, we’ll also be getting more funding for the continued weaponization of government resources against the American people. Isn’t that a cheery thought? Our superiors are giving us the opportunity to pay for our own tyrannical enslavement.

There’s only two possible ways for all of this bullshit to end. The first is with a complete economic collapse followed by a depression. Inside their dark little snake hearts, I believe this is what the Elites are secretly pining for and working towards.    However, I don’t think they have correctly estimated the level of abject wrath and hatred which will be directed at them when millions of starving people go looking for someone to blame. The second way we can end this is by gutting the Federal Government before it consumes everything. That would mean elimination of 95% of the useless agencies and a righteous purging of an equal percentage of the blood sucking, public service maggots to restore government to its original size and function as originally intended by the Founders. IOW, put the government back in its box by once again making it a servant of We The People instead of our masters. In the first way, the bulk of the pain will fall on us. In the second, on them. What I do not believe is possible is some magic middle way of simply reforming the system as it currently exists. We’d only be fooling ourselves and once again, kicking that can further down the road.

I could continue, but I think you get my drift. A quick recap. Tax revenue amounts need by law to define spending limits. No more throwing away more than we take in. That has to STOP now because it is unsustainable. There also needs to be consequences for fiscal irresponsibility; harsh consequences until certain people are made to understand the country isn’t going to submit to being debt slaves to an elite class of self appointed tyrannical sycophants. As American citizens, we deserve our country back! Since this tremendous amount of debt we are saddled with is totally monetized in fiat Dollars which basically have NO hard asset backing, then in reality, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal to dismiss it. Yeah, I know. That would mean they would have to forfeit the control over us that amount of debt perpetuates. That would also mean they would be the biggest losers. Of course, things would be rocky and uncertain for a while, but look at what happened in Iceland after they told the bankers to fuck off. They defaulted but are doing great now. 

There, I feel better and aside from the blatantly obvious remedy to the economic problems we are forced to endure by a small number of morally corrupt people who have collected far too much political power, it is indeed a good thing we are talking about how to fix something as important as the economy. I only wish our government would take this problem one one hundredth as seriously as we do but I know that that will never happen because you see, they insist on being the problem instead of the solution. What else should we expect? ✪

For God and Country!

General Mossberg