✪ Hello fellow Patriots!  I hope you all enjoyed a very satisfying Thanksgiving and were able to share the day with the special people in your lives by stuffing your faces with the bounty of plenty we are still fortunate to have in America. I also hope you were able to cast aside all of your worries and cares, at least for the day and engage in a ribaldry of fun and hijinks; or, you simply enjoyed some quiet time hanging out in your favorite chair with a really good book. I am please to inform you that I did not eat any plastic, artificial, tofu products shaped like real meat, insects or fast the entire day to show solidarity with the millions of innocent women and children in Gaza being murdered everyday by the blood thirsty Joooz. Alas, I am a pathetic, selfish POS human being who obviously isn’t doing his fair share to save the Erf by stopping climate change, systemic racism, colonial oppression, capitalism or gender injustice. I confess my sins! Guilty as charged! So to all of you lurking, leftarded Donkee fellators out there, do you feel better after reading me saying that? Good! Now fuck off!

While we all still have so much to be thankful for here in America, the list of our national blessings has been trimmed substantially over the last few years and decades. I mean, I can’t buy full auto guns at the hardware store anymore. WTF? Remember when cars used to be sexy and powerful, now their styling and performance have all been neutered by the Government clods who always believe they fucking know better about everything, all in the name of “safety” and “efficiency.” Yeah, explain to me how Government can position themselves as the masters of “efficiency.” Tell me about all the things in our lives which are now “safer” thanks to their meddling control fetishes. I’ll wait. Oh yeah, gas cans. Food. Medicine. DOH! 

So as I extend my wishes of thankfulness and good will out to each & every one of you personally, I still cannot deny there is still far too much happening which deserves no thanks at all. The good news is that’s only a temporary inconvenience, at least as far as I’m concerned.  No, not temporary like buying 2% milk because they were out of nonfat when you went shopping ; more like Roe VS Wade finally being struck down temporary. That’s the thing about the dramatic History of events and circumstances which change the entire world: they don’t move on our time and they usually can’t be hurried along. Shit seems to take forever, but that’s only because we are such small players in the grand scheme of the big picture. A million years is just the blink of God’s eye, barely a second in the total life of the Universe, yet we come unwound because it seems like forever when our flight is delayed for an hour. Ok, enough of this philosophical shit.

The point I’m trying to make is that the cycles and phases of nations are usually much longer than than our lifetimes. That makes it easy to mistakenly conclude that nothing is really happening when in fact it is. Just on a different timeline of its own. That’s why timing is key. Take a look at the old Soviet Union which lasted about 75 years. Heaven forbid if you were unlucky enough to be born in Russia a couple of years before the Bolshevik Revolution and then ended up being trapped living through the entire stalinist, soviet shit show all your life until it fell in 1989. I’m sure that happened to lots of people. Their timing sucked. What if you were born in North Korea in the early 1950’s? That means that all you’ve ever known of during your entire life is the fucking cult of Juche. Sheeeeitttt. 

However, it works the both ways too. If you have been blessed and fortunate enough to be born in the United States any time in the last 200 years, you have hit on the sweet spot of a much bigger cycle of events. Congratulations. I won’t bitch too much now because as much ground as we’ve already lost during the last three years, living today in America is still miles above and beyond being born in some shithole where your parents trade you for a cow when you’re four years old and you spend the next 50 years chained to a wall sleeping in the dirt and shitting in a bucket while you bust big rocks down into little rocks looking for tiny flakes of gold for your masters. Talk about shitty timing and location! In addition to Thanksgiving being a day to highlight everything we have for which to be thankful, it also allows us to take inventory of those things we still lack; or more importantly, what we once had but no longer have. And the thought of what we once had, but no longer have is what really sticks in our asses.

My point in all of this is that Communism in all of it’s many forms and flavors has been with us now for almost 175 years. That means although it’s something that everyone of us has lived with for our entire lives, that in no way means it will be a forever thing. It may seem that way now, but that’s only because our perspective of time is limited and shortsighted. Communism is just another longer cycle of history which is in the process of playing itself out. And one day it WILL be finished, for good. Thank God! I know Communism will ultimately fail because it ALWAYS fails regardless of how many stupid shits come along and claim they know how to do it better or right this time. Communism is like artificial meat grown from cancer cells. They can knock themselves out to make it look, smell and taste so much like real meat you may not be able to tell the difference, but at the end of the day, you’re still just eating a clump of cancer cells.

The failure rate of Communism everywhere it’s been deployed is still 100%. That’s the reason history makes modern marxists crap their drawers; the reason why they hate history enough to do everything in their power to revise or destroy it. Because their past track record of all the shit they have ever tried in the name of their fucked up ideology only points back to them being complete and utter failures. History for Commies is uncomfortably incriminating. It makes it that much harder for them to push that big greased weenie about all the joys of worker owned means of production into the ears of the general public when most normal people have access to resources of information which prove it’s all bullshit. Having to enslave populations outright because you have first not been able to brainwash them is a a much more challenging and daunting task. The truth is Commies are fucking lazy and don’t want to work that hard. Come to think about it, isn’t that basically THE definition of a Commie? A really lazy, stupid person who doesn’t want to work? Someone who wants to force OTHER people to do their work for them instead?   

Unfortunately, there are people out there who will always gladly bend over and pick up the soap for Communism. I guess that is to be expected, but they also will not endure because they are parasites. They produce or contribute NOTHING to society or themselves. Instead, they prefer to guilt trip the rest of us into carrying their weight for them by convincing the rest of us our successes and self sufficiency are precisely what have made them the victims of the very same system they are working to destroy. Rewind and reread that last sentence again and let it sink in. Do you see more clearly now why Communism hasn’t got a ghost of a chance to survive, much less succeed? Because thankfully, most people are not so self loathing enough to accept such a low standard of living when they know there are better choices. That’s why commies eventually start killing people, specifically everyone who won’t conform to being equally as miserable as them.   

While it may appear as though they are winning, I suggest to you that is more due to the limitation of individual perspective than the actual truth. Communism has been injecting it’s poison into our society for well over 100 years. They’ve done it slowly in the hope that we just wouldn’t notice, but we have. That doesn’t mean they’re still not trying. Look at the Klown car shitshow they have turned daily life into. Every stinking imaginary “problem” the Left pulls out of their ass points directly back to Communism. All their sacred cows; racism, climate change, abortion, homosexuality, inequality, you name it! And they NEVER offer solutions because imaginary problems do not have solutions! For them, the problem is THE solution; the means to an end which is only MORE outrage and misery. Hence the problem can never be resolved and must always persist. Do you honestly think that if we ever just gave them everything they demanded they would be happy and just shut the FUCK up? NO! That’s because they’re not interested in answers. For them the endless misery and unhappiness are both the journey and the destination. Think about it: there are actually idiots out there who are always unhappy because they have completely hitched their wagon to the claim Columbus was a racist. How can they hope to ever be happy in the future when they are so completely committed to being unhappy about some perceived injustice in the past which can never be changed because it…wait for it…has already happened? And worse, they want to attack everyone who doesn’t join then in this strange loser mental health pathology. Just the very thought that some poor black people were lynched in the South 100 years before they were born fills them with rage. The injustice is just something they will never be able to live with! Well Sunshine, I guess you’re screwed because there’s nothing you can do which will ever give you any peace or satisfaction. There’s no way of going back and “unlynch” those black people. Looks like you are stuck in a holding pattern forever. Don’t accuse me of being a “racist” or a “bigot” when I ignore your demands I come and join you in your perpetually, unsolvable unhappiness.  

I was thinking the other day about how we tend to experience things as they were depicted to us through our early education and experience, especially during the impressionable years of our childhood. We collect and build up a whole bunch of very specific images and ideas about Santa Claus, ghosts, leprechauns, the boogie man, the Easter Bunny, etc. On a more serious note, this also holds true for how we develop our thoughts about national identity, right and wrong, good and evil and even God. Those things are formed early and stay pretty much with us for the duration. When I look at kids today, I don’t see that kind of mental development nearly as much. It seems like they have much less inside of themselves to hold on to and I can’t quite place my finger on why that may be. Maybe they are just casualties of the digital information age who have been assaulted by so much outside information and stimulus that part of them has just shut down and stopped trying to process it all. It almost seems like there’s a magic part of life we have, but they don’t.

I guess that’s to be expected when the forces of evil work day and night to destroy the family as well as cultural traditions because family and cultural traditions are both things which the commies hate with a passion. Do most kids today grow up in stable families in normal households? Rhetorical question. What has taken the place to fill the void once occupied by the family and cultural traditions? Technology and post modern moral relativism? The vacuous emptiness and existential unhappiness of marxism? Shit, at least when I was growing up there was still a common culture of music and entertainment we all shared. Today’s kids don’t even have that. What a loss for them.

The Commies have also been hard at work getting rid of God. Exiling him from education, entertainment as well as the legal and justice system. God really scares the blind shit out of Communists because they secretly know he can never be defeated. So instead, they opt to endeavor to sideline and manage him as best they can. And what do they offer in his place? The STATE! The State is the ultimate parent and authority figure for every mentally and emotionally stunted leftist worm who has refused to grow up into adulthood. The STATE loves you. The STATE protects you. The STATE will provide for you. The STATE is the giver of all life, the Alpha and Omega of all authority. The only thing the STATE requires is for you to SUBMIT! Hmmmm, where have we heard this before? The STATE validates your worthiness once you agree to join the collective hive. Oh what a relief to never once again be expected to face the challenges of real life because the STATE gives me money each month for doing nothing. The STATE feeds and burps me, then cleans my ass after I shit. The STATE is the only one who understands how SPECIAL I am because I am always a VICTIM. Those who do not like the STATE are my enemies! The STATE has told me this so it must be true! Domestic terrorists! That’s why we always see these stupid loud mouthed fuckers protesting everything they don’t like. The STATE breaks everything and them champions their SHEEP to demand the STATE fix everything! The STATE rules!  

The SHEEP are so busy suckling the STATE teat they never understand how much they have compromised their lives for the safety and security of complete servitude! Yeah, thinking for yourself is sometimes really risky shit! Omg, you could make a poor decision and fall flat on your face. Instead of standing on your Faith and trusting in God to ultimately bring you through the trial stronger and smarter, better yet never to take such chances and spend your entire life warm and secure up inside the State’s ass. People want to belong to something bigger than themselves; that’s just inherent in our genetics. The Communists want you to belong too, but that means committed to their agenda uber alles! For the rest of use who refuse to be team players and go along with the program to get along, their answer is to just build a world where anyone who thinks for themselves will be punished with perpetual challenge and hardship. What they are too stupid to understand is that what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. While weak men create hard times, strong men create good times. Keep on hanging in there because the cycles of history always move slower and more deliberate than we would like.

Most of us have been taught since we were kids that evil is real. That’s so we would know what it looks like should we ever actually encounter it. As adults, we’ve seen it with our own eyes, especially during the last three years. There’s no denying this. Today we find ourselves directly face to face with evil, staring it down to see who will blink first. The evil isn’t only one man, but rather a power of influence which has possessed many men. I believe it has always been here living among us from the very beginning when God drove Adam and Eve from the Garden because they disobeyed. To a degree, the EVIL may be found in each and every one of us because we are their children who have been forced to live in a broken and fallen world. However, the difference between us and the Left is that we have not completely abandoned God in our lives. We have not purposely created some dark empty spot in our souls where the EVIL may take root and flourish like a cancer until we are completely consumed by it. And that’s all the madness and ignorance in the world today really is; an expression of the EVIL which has taken over people lives because they cast God out of their lives. What else could it possibly be? Is there any reason or purpose to be found in any of the craziness? You don’t necessarily need to be impassioned religiously to protect yourself from the EVIL roaming the world today, although that definitely helps. Simply knowing you don’t NOT believe in God or something larger or better than yourself seems to be enough to provide spiritual immunization; which is still a Hell of a lot more than what Leftists have by embracing their atheistic secularism. (pun intended)

And that’s another reason why Communism is ultimately doomed to fail. Because without God, the last stop on that line is in Hell. I know you know you already know this. It’s just another phase of History playing itself out on it’s own time. You and me, we’re like ants who are just along for the ride. So hang on and ride’ em, cowboys and cowgirls because there’s a golden cup and fat purse after the buzzer goes off if you can stay on. Don’t let them fool you, this shit is nowhere near over yet. In fact, the events in the world during this last week continue to confirm we may have turned some sort of corner in the larger scheme of things. May the speed and momentum of that reversal of fate and inertia continue to build and intensify in our direction to our advantage. May Communism soon take its last rattling death breaths. May we live to see its complete destruction in our lifetimes. Amen.

I’ll return next week to discuss this coming week’s developments which favor our victory! in the meantime, let us be grateful and give thanks for all we have; particularly for being born as Americans and living in America. ✪  

Always for God, Country, Family!

Carry on Americans,

General Mossberg