✪ Greetings fellow Patriots from my somewhat already frigid rural Midwestern hamlet!  There’s a lot for us to go over this week but before I get started, let me first set a couple of things straight. If I was in charge, it would only be because the country was already on its death bed and all other attempts to rescue it had failed. If I was in charge, it would be because everything else in society had already shit the bed and as bad as things may appear now, I in no way believe that is where we are, yet. Thankfully, the clueless bastards who are trying to destroy everything are just as lousy at that as they are with everything else. IOW, things would first have to be so bad, I’d be like Harvey Keitel’s “the Cleaner” character in Pulp Fiction. However, I must warn you that even reading my proposed solutions, you may come to think at some point perhaps even I am being too extreme and drastic, or not. That’s because when all is said and done, you and I are basically still kind and decent people! Too bad I can’t say the same about our “friends” on the Left. If I was in charge there would be no more kicking the can down the road allowed. It would mean the situation necessitates us to undertake the heavy lifting of bold and new actions; and I think we can all agree, it’s been all the can kicking and a lack of willingness to take bold, decisive actions which have lead us into the mire of the current sewage quicksand. What we’ve been doing during the last three years obviously hasn’t been working for the country, so the answer is definitely NOT to continue on with more of the same. I know, I know. This is the most basic of common sense, but it’s completely lost on the Klowns now behind the wheel of the bus. They think they are doing such a great job and their shit doesn’t stink. I apologize in advance should any of what follows shock anyone’s emotional sensibilities. Let’s roll!

If I was in charge, the “spirit of bipartisan cooperation” would come to an end. DEAD! If I was in charge, it would finally be time to kick ass and take names. The current Political Klass of parasites getting filthy rich for themselves, their families and their comrades by presiding over the calculated dismantling and destruction of our country and our way of life are a cancer upon our body politic. FACT.  The Left and their sick and twisted failed ideology are nothing short of virulent cancer which needs to be totally eliminated from society. There is NOTHING worthy or redeeming in their celebration of the Culture of Death. There is NO shared future possible with these people, no middle ground where we can meet in cooperation to move forward together. They don’t want that. It’s worth noting here to go on the record that’s NEVER been our original intention. It is THEY who have drawn this line in the sand and crossed over it by declaring us as the “enemy” and weaponizing the force of our entire government, legal and educational institutions against us. It is THEY who have decided that any kind of future compromise, cooperation or cohabitation are impossible moving forward, NOT us. I can’t emphasize this enough. And when you find yourself dealing with someone who has positioned themselves as the enemy and they are telling you they want you dead, what other alternatives are available? What other choices do they leave us, or the country? I wish I could say it was not so, but I would only be lying. Am I expected just to lay down and die without offering up any resistance whatsoever to preserve myself, my family, my friends, my God, my traditions , my country? FUCK NO. If History serves as any precedent, that’s NOT a winning strategy. It’s pretty fucking stupid to think after allowing all this shit to go on for decades that we aren’t even going to be allowed to have an opinion about our own demise. Well, that would all end immediately if I was in charge. There would be a new sheriff in town. If I was in charge, the big shit covered baseball bat would come out. No more Mr Nice Guy because you can’t reason with scorpions by playing “nice.” They just interpret that as another point of weakness and vulnerability to be attacked & exploited. If I was in charge, accountability and consequences would be back in style again! No more passing the buck! No more plausible deniability! No more, “I didndu nuffin’!” No more influence peddling your ass for a 10% treason tax handling charge and getting a free pass in the Media. No, throw your traitor ass in jail and then spend the next six months looking up your asshole at everything with an electron microscope periscope. Emails, bank records, expense records, appointment logs, interoffice documents and memos, EVERYTHING! Hey, if you haven’t done anything wrong, you don’t have anything to worry about, right? Then a speedy trial and swift delivery of whatever justice is most fitting and proper for criminal traitors. Let the punishment fit the crime. Wash, rinse and repeat as many times as necessary until all of the filth has been removed from the country.

I spent this past week looking a little deeper into where our money goes because as I said last week, if I was in charge, the first order of business would be to whittle the bloated Federal Government down to a mere shadow of its former self. I was looking specifically at which government departments and agencies cost us the most and how their money is really being spent. Holy shit, not only is it as bad as you may already suspect, it’s actually worse when you start to stumble upon actual earmarks for the most stupid shit that wastes our national wealth. Crap like $50 million to study the effects of long term abuse of cocaine by transgender Bolivian sex workers; or, $10 million for a feasibility “study” about recovering undigested protein from raw sewage. Yeah, stupid garbage which normal, responsible people like us would never dream up in a thousand years, yet there are thousands of these “pet projects” tucked away in every “continuing resolution” looter bill. If I was in charge, every provision of every spending bill would have to be read aloud and debated on the floor of Congress. If these lazy crooks were actually forced to have to do this, we’d immediately go from 25,000 page larceny bills stuffed full of every kind of pork and grift imaginable down to 10-20 page bills which only covered the fundamental needs of keeping the country going. AS IT SHOULD BE!  

Turns out there are fifteen Federal Government “Departments” directly under the Supreme Court, Congress and the Executive Branch which consume about 90% of all government expenses. One is the Department of Defense which requires almost $700 billion anually to run. Since the Department Of Defense oversees the management of all the branches of our military, I’ll spare the useless, woke fucks running that drag queen show for a future rant. There’s PLENTY in the Military which requires and deserves adequate funding, but there’s also lots of redundancy, theft and waste. Subcontractors have grown far too comfortable being allowed to write their own checks by selling Uncle Sam $700 hammers and $3000 toilet seats. That’s YOUR money and MY money being pissed away there without any accountability. Then there’s all the money for FREE taxpayer funded “gender affirming” transition surgeries, along with all the resulting years of follow up hormone therapies and psychological counseling. Enlist and get your junk chopped for free! Butt, butt, butt priority care and adequate housing for veterans? Well, that shit’s expensive and we don’t have the money. Just like Trump’s border wall and the wherewithal to maintain successful weapon systems & programs. They tell us we just can’t afford them! Fuck that! They have enough money to piss away on everything they want for their pet victim constituencies, but not enough to provide for the actual security of the country. If I was in charge, all that bullshit would get corrected & rectified quickly.  

Then, there are the other FOURTEEN taxpayer funded “departments;” all of which oversee various “agencies” who oversee various “subagencies” all of which are overflowing with mostly useless, mediocre, paper pushing federal government employees who couldn’t care less because they know they can never lose their jobs because they are all protected by an government employees unions.Blah, blah, blah!

The rabbit hole is deep! When you look at all the yearly budgets of these “departments” (including Defense) you discover we are being fleeced for a little more than $3.2 trillion dollars every year to pay all their salaries and perks. Since the amount of revenue they collect from our taxes amounts to about $4.5 billion each year, it doesn’t take a fucking Einstein to see that 3/4s of all our money goes to pay the public sector unions. I need to emphasize; those are all the unelected and unaccountable, teflon coated, government squishes who are the ones mostly responsible for running everything into the dirt. Bullet proof against being fired or ever held responsible for anything they do. If I was in charge, that fucking party would come to an end. There would be blood and heads would roll. We wouldn’t need to import unskilled labor from third world shitholes. There would be plenty of former government employees available to dig ditches, clean toilets and pick cotton.

Then there is The Federal Reserve. Don’t get me started on these banker cocksuckers who hijacked our currency and economy more than 100 years ago.  Also unelected and unaccountable. Selected to the FED by “secret” appointment. WFT? WHERE are “secret appointments” found in the Constitution? OK, so if our own Dollars really aren’t ours and we must borrow them and pay interest to a PRIVATE central bank in order to use them, then HOW does any of this fucking $34 TRILLION in debt belong to me, you or any other private citizen in the United States? Short answer; it doesn’t. I distinctly don’t remember anyone from the FED or Treasury calling me up to ask me to cosign on a loan, do you? To quote every Didndu ever caught by the police with a bag of weed in their car, “it ain’t mine!” It’s fucking theirs! We already paid our share when we paid our taxes and we pay our share every time we buy something which has already been taxed five times! Perhaps I could be less of an angry SOB about all of this if I felt there was actually something more worthwhile to show for being $34 TRILLION in debt, but I can’t because I really don’t see it! Most of that $34 TRILLION has been either stolen or wasted. And the corrupt system these thieves put into place to do just that only leaves US holding their bag. IF I was in charge, the CROOKS who originally created all the debt would be responsible for all the debt! If I was in charge, every worthless, greedy and selfish slug who has ever grifted in Congress or worked for some company which directly profited from congressional grift would be forced to turn over every dime and asset they stole. ALL congressional stock trading would be be banned because it is a BLATANT and OBVIOUS conflict of interest.  These are the very same bastards who insist on zero tolerance for the rest of us and won’t think twice about throwing you or me into jail and destroying our lives if we’re off 34 cents on our tax returns. If I was in charge, I’d make examples of all of them. If I was in charge a majority of these departments would end up being restructured, if not completely eliminated. Even the small handful determined to be necessary for the continuing function of the country would continue on with only a handful of their new employees who are actually rewarded on the merit of good job performance. You know, people who actually do their jobs; not apathetic, union coddled sloth slobs. Once long ago, this was the way it was organized. If I was in charge, this would be the way it is again. 

Here’s a list of the top 14 wasteful “departments” under Defense so you can fondly remember these weeping boils in the future:

The Department of Health and Human Services

The Department of Labor

The Department of Agriculture

The Department of Veterans Affairs

The Department of the Interior

The Department of Transportation

The Department of Justice

The Department of Education

The Department of Energy

The Department of Housing and Urban Development

The Department of Homeland Security

The Department of the Treasury

The Department of State

The Department of Commerce

I suggest most of these departments should receive the same kind of treatment as the Left gives our state and national monuments. That would be vandalized, torn down, gutted, erased and melted to be recast into a work ready environment full of eager employees who know they are making history by being tasked to streamline their respective offices, agencies and departments plus be fairly paid for it. If I was in charge, government would have to operate on a system of merit by rewarding efficiency, accomplishment and innovation. What a revolutionary concept, right? Thankfully, there would already be shit ton of unemployed veterans who would be extremely thankful to fill these well paying, qualified and skilled positions. The entire IRS would be slashed down to a team of workers in charge of collating post card tax returns and checking them for accuracy. 95% of the serial sadists currently employed by the IRS would be offered new employment by transferring them to armed positions guarding the border where they could redirect their inherent hatred of humanity towards the actual enemies of America instead of Americans themselves. If I was in charge, their pals in the BLM and EPA could join them in doing something productive instead of harassing, threatening and intimidating regular Americans.

If I was in charge, Myorkas and his team of traitors would be exiled to either Venezuela or North Korea where they would be able to experience first hand & each day, the beauty which is the communist system of governance which they seem so deeply to admire. Either that or remain here and face a life time of imprisonment with hard labor. Work them to death until their pathetic asses drop dead from exhaustion. HHS tried kill us. State is trying to start WW3. Interior is really BLM and EPA. If I was in charge, it would be to the coal mines for all of these fuckers.You get it. 

If I was in charge, every state would be required to maintain an active militia as well as National Guard unit. All of the gun control idiots who tried to ban guns would be forced into janitorial jobs at all the gun ranges nationwide. If I was in charge, States rights would  prevail over Federal. Every young person would be encouraged to learn a trade in addition to earning an academic degree. Public education would be returned to the charge of the states and local municipalities. Schools would once again actually teach people useful life skills and how to think for themselves. Hard work, resourcefulness and personal achievement would all be rewarded. 

Politicians tend to make the simplest things as complicated as possible; that’s why they stay in office too long while failing at everything they do. If I was in charge, that dynamic would be reversed. Term limits would limit the damage of any possible corruption and ensure a steady flow of new blood was always renewing our political system. If I was in charge, the age of Government dinosaurs would come to an end. There would be annual drug and cognitive tests required from anyone serving in government from the office of mayor all the way up to the presidency.  

If I was in charge, I understand it would take some time for these many changes to take root and get some real traction. It’s like the high school football team where the current lineup really sucks but the upcoming freshman class will gain the experience necessary to become the State champs. the same holds true for Congress. Right now Congress is full of a bunch of selfish, dishonest, elitist pricks who work mostly for themselves. Sooner or later, we need to graduate all of their asses and turn them out to fend for themselves in the REAL world. You know, like the rest of us have to do EVERY DAY! If I was in charge, any leftist opposition to MY version of “fundamental transformation” would be met by water trucks filled with skunk piss and horse urine mixed along with an indelible RED dye that publicly tags and marks these assholes for the communist Sheep they actually are. If I was in charge, all of our military bases in every country around the world would be shut down unless the host country paid us an exorbitant price to keep them open. If anybody wanted our protection, it would cost THEM, not us. If I was in charge, I would bring our military powers and assets to focus completely on the problems and security of our own country. The days of America being bled dry as the World’s policeman would be over. The days of American sons dying in far away lands for globalist defense portfolios would be over. Where the Hell has that all gotten us anyway?

To summarize, if I was in charge, everything I proposed doing would be weighed against the benefits it created for the country at the expense of the Left; because as we all already know, anything which helps America comes at the expense of the Left. If the Left isn’t happy about that, then perhaps it’s time for them to seriously re-examine their hatred of the country. I can only hope and pray I never have to be in charge. You should too, because I would be one heartless, vengeful motherfucker. But who knows, maybe we’ve all arrived at that moment in History where that’s exactly what it’s going to take. I guess the only way to know for certain would be to put me in charge! ✪

For God and Country,

General Mossberg