✪ Hey, Everyone! I hope you all are having a great Veterans Day Weekend by honoring all the tremendous sacrifices and contributions made over the last 250 years by all the members of our wonderful Armed Forces. Here’s to hoping for a future where we restore the country to a condition worthy of all of their sacrifices. That means an end to the criminal communist filth currently driving America into the ground. Right up front I need to make a confession: I didn’t waste any time watching that joke they called the RINO debates last week because they were moderated by a bunch of preselected, leftist media apparatchiks. And since it involved a bunch of losers who are all at least 50 points behind Trump in the polls, what’s the fucking use?

Once again, the hands down clear winner for the third time in a row was the only guy who didn’t show up; and that’s because he was busy holding his own rally in Florida at the very same time. FJB! Instead of listening to a bunch of B String politicians who have ZERO chance of ever winning, I opted instead for watching Trump’s rally and doing some odd chores around the homestead to prep the place for the coming Winter. The only worthwhile 90 seconds of the entire debates was something I was able to easily catch online and that was Vivek calling out the State News Media apparatus for their manipulative bullshit. I got to admit, that was a pretty scathing and righteous ass kicking he gave them, but not enough to make me want to sit thru the entire debate and certainly not enough to make me ever think about ever voting for Vivek for President. I’m not saying there may not be a useful place for him somewhere in a Trump Administration, but I won’t ever completely trust a foreigner with the White House.

Besides, the entire 2020 STEAL bullshit has left me with a very bad taste in my mouth for elections in general. I now feel like the entire election cycle is more or less modern day bread and circuses designed to make the Sheep believe they still have some sort of say in their own future. BAAAAHHHHHHHHH! If you are any one who has half a brain and has ever taken the Red Pill, you know a shadow establishment, machine government has probably been selecting and installing all of this country’s presidents since Reagan. Trump’s one term has been the only exception to this pattern of criminal corruption and that’s because he was an outsider and couldn’t be bought off because he already has enough of his own money. How do I know this? Just take a look at what they’ve done to him and how they are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at him to keep him from running again. FJB! However, it’s Sooper Bowl season again in American politics. Time to get all worked up and sucked into the dog and pony, Kabuki theater DC death cage match. Time to root for your favorite team and player.Time to buy the t-shirt. Go team! YAWN! Time to live or die by breathlessly hanging on every poll and news report. YAWN! After 2020 we all know it’s all pretty much just more synthetic reality bullshit manufactured by the Media for general Sheep consumption. IOW, Alphabet Sheep feed! So I didn’t watch the debate because I knew it would probably be like a food fight between three year olds and I was correct! Nobody on that stage had any  real solutions to the problems which directly affect ME. I knew they would all mostly just be looking for more GOTCHA opportunities on television to cut down their opponents. 

Why do you suppose that is?  Well, because to a certain degree, playing the game of national politics requires you must be very careful and not think or step outside of the box by offering any real solutions. That’s because what we as Americans consider to be serious problems is really the way The Machine likes things. They don’t want real solutions to problems because what you and I consider problems are not problems to them at all. It’s the way they want things to operate so that they can continue bleeding the country dry. However, I think you all already know that, don’t you? Their trick is to talk in such a way as to give you hope, but then later continue on with the status quo and business as usual once they are back in office. It’s like having a loser relative you really never hear from, but who always calls you up to make friendly only when they want to borrow money. If you’re smart, after a while you wake up to realize they really don’t give a shit about you and they’re only taking advantage of you to get what they want. And that’s pretty much where I am now with all politicians and the bullshit electoral process in this country. Jaded, cynical, skeptical and apathetic. During my entire lifetime, there’s really only been two presidents who ever bothered to half way follow through on any thing they promised: Reagan and Trump. So pardon me if I don’t get myself all worked up this time around. Pardon me if I don’t send Ronna McDaniels and the RNC all my hard earned money to help put Nikki Haley in the White House. Please, Bitch! Pardon me if I sit this one out from the sidelines and pass on drinking the Kool Aid. Yeah, I will certainly show up to vote for Trump; that is, if they don’t throw him in jail, JFK him or otherwise prevent him from running again. God knows, they are trying! And even if he does run as the nominee, you know the Ratz are going to use every trick in their commie playbook to CHEAT and stop him from winning again. Even if he wins, do you think they will allow him to take office? Sorry, we’re not going to be voting ourselves out of this shitpile any time soon.

Why even bother having these idiotic debates? To sell advertising time? Especially when domestic enemy number one is sponsoring them? How is it only Democrats are always only allowed to moderate Republican debates? HOW does that shit work? WTF is up with THAT? How stupid do they think we are? It’s the Uniparty Social Klub! I’m sick of being lied to! How about you? I’m sick of being ripped off! How about you? We’re completely fed up and sick to death of these snobby, dishonest, perverted, corrupt, criminal elitist ruling class thieves meddling in every part of our lives and robbing us blind! Those aren’t debates! Those are donor sucker money laundering auctions! Everybody up on that stage has a price and can be bought! Sorry, I don’t think for one second they actually understand, much less give a ripped shit about me, you or the truth of the hardships and struggling their kind have unnecessarily brought upon our lives for the sake of enriching themselves, so pardon me if I refuse to give a dead rat’s ass about them or their fucking “debates.” I’m smart enough to know we only represent an inconvenient means to their ends (which is ever more power and wealth) and the minute they no longer need us for that, it’ll be free train rides to the showers for everyone. Prove me wrong! You will own nothing and be happy. You will also DIE when you are no longer considered useful to the Elite. 

If 2020 and Covid wasn’t enough to convince you of how the Elite Klass really act and think, nothing will. Those two events really pulled off their masks (pun intended) and everything has pretty much all been downhill since. So much for all of that multi-generational trust and confidence we had invested in the medical and healthcare industries for over almost two centuries. POOF! Fuck, they colluded with the government to make a killing by killing as many of us as they possibly could! And they’re still pushing that bullshit “safe and effective” LIE! FFS, over a million people died! No, not actually from Covid! From their poison vaccine! The cure killed more people than Covid ever could. Then we watched as the communists attacked and destroyed our national history, heritage and traditions; burned our cities and openly murdered people who resisted their agenda. We watched how the whores in the state owned Fapdog Media ran cover gaslighting and outright lying to manipulate public opinion. Mostly “peaceful protests” my ass! Fuck them! Then we watched how the FBI, government agencies & many local law enforcement departments took the knee for Bowel Movements Matter, followed by the Military and almost every professional sports league in the country. My head hurts!

So where are we now, three years later and only one year remaining before another national election? The Marxist Donkee Fucktards have punished the country by destroying our energy industry and independence. They have bankrupted us with their New Green Deal alternative energy fantasies. They have opened up our borders to a torrent of worthless, illiterate armies of illegal invaders they are using our tax money to fly in from every shit hole in the world; unvetted and unscreened, many carrying third world diseases and engaged in organized criminal activities such as drug running and human trafficking. They have destroyed the national work ethic by promoting massive social entitlement programs and replacing merit and reward with equity and diversity. And they want us to believe that half of the fucking country willingly fell into line and still believes all of this is still moving us in the right direction? WHY is Trump the only person running for president who seems to be talking specifically about any of this?

Since I didn’t bother to watch the debate, I really don’t know what carefully crafted, pre-scripted questions were asked of the players: but I’m willing to bet with a fairly high degree of certainty that none of the questions entered the danger area of focusing attention on anything remotely important to helping make the lives of average Americans better. Probably lots of crap like “If the 2024 Election was a March Madness bracket, do you think you would make the Final Four?” Or loaded questions like, “Since America is responsible for the fentanyl epidemic, as president how much money would you consider giving the cartels in Mexico to persuade them to stop production?” Or, “as president would you force Donald Trump to serve out a complete prison sentence for all the crimes against Humanity he has committed?” WHAT fucking planet have I woken up on? Then there would be tons of hypothetical “what if” scenario crappola which we all know would never happen, a few manipulative gotcha attempts by the moderators; insisting that mutant trannies be called by their preferred pronoun, how many shits a day as president would you take and would you wipe your own ass, would you support $10 Trillion in reparations to the black community as a possible partial solution to systemic racism in America; would you hold the murderous, occupational nation of Israel responsible for the wholesale murder of innocent peace loving, Islamic children in hospitals for no reason? Would you strangle a kitten on live television if you knew it would help you get elected?

Speaking of the Jooos, have you noticed it’s not just Israelis but all Jews the entire World now seems to love to hate? Was I sick at home on the day universal Jooo hate was covered at school because I really don’t get it at all. What the blazes have the poor Jews ever done to deserve so much hate? Please don’t pitch me that Zionist bullshit. Simply because someone may be jewish does not necessarily mean they are a Zionist. Almost every ethno-nationality contains a minority radical element. I mean, let’s look at the Muslim Brotherhood! Oops, my bad! The Jews have been getting the shit end of the stick for thousands of years! First by the Egyptians, then the Romans, then the Europeans and the Nazis. Is it because they don’t believe in Jesus? I don’t think so because everyone who hates them also doesn’t believe in Jesus. How about Buddhists? Are they hated as much as the Jews? Last I checked, NO. Everybody pretty much leaves them alone. How about the Hindus? NO. Shinto adherents? Hmmmmm. No Jesus there either! Is there a worldwide campaign to persecute and destroy them? NO, I don’t think so. How about Muslims? Oh, those crazy motherfuckers are the ones mostly responsible for all forms of religious hate and violence in the world today. They hate and want to kill anyone and everyone who also isn’t Muslim. Islam actually means “submission.” Hey, there’s your clue! And Muslims absolutely hate Jesus. 

Question: if it’s primarily Muslims who are responsible for most of the religious hate and violence happening in the World today; how is that they are the ones most western governments are so busy importing? How is it Muslims are the one worst ones yet seem to get the most protection? Come to think of it, I’ve never heard of any Jew ever threaten to kill anyone if they refused to convert to Judaeism. For that matter, I’ve never heard of any Jews flying airliners into skyscrapers, kidnapping, raping or murdering in the name of their religion; cutting off heads, tossing people off rooftops or setting them on fire in cages. I wonder why that is? Yet, they are constantly attacked by the very group of extremists who do exactly all of those horrible things. How is it as a supposedly “righteous” nation we can have anyone in our government who supports attacks on the jewish people because when they support violence against Jews and Israel that means they are really supporting the monsters who do it. Yet, we have members of our Congress who are openly calling exactly for that! We also have streets full of angry communist useful idiots who are calling for the extermination of Jews and the complete destruction of Israel. Oh, they’re Muslims, too. Got it!

So let’s crunch the actual numbers, shall we? Because real numbers never lie. Since 1979, Muslims have committed more than 48,000 acts of terrorism which have killed approximately 210,000 people. Impressive! We could go farther back than 1979 and that includes some really whack shit like blowing up hijacked airliners parked out in the desert, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s draw the line at 1979. Those 210,00 victims of muslim terrorism don’t include the casualties from all the wars Islam provoked against Israel during that time. Try as I may, I couldn’t find any unprovoked Jewish terror attacks against Muslims at all. Lots of the news about Jewish terror attacks against muslims is mostly exaggerated, jihadi, propaganda theater. You know, the same kind we are experiencing now. Lots of Hamas targeting their own hospitals and then manipulating the predominantly antisemite international media into fanning the flames of Jew hate. Oh yeah, everybody is crying how what the Israelis are doing now in Gaza is GENOCIDE: however, that argument conveniently leaves out the details of everything that happened on October 7th. It doesn’t take a genius to notice the blatant disparities between who the government, Media and Academia are all calling for the extermination of; and those who are really responsible for all the violence and murder in the world. Yet our government, Media and Academia continue to protect these assassins and labels anyone who disagrees as “islamophobic.” In places such as France and the UK, where the whack muzzie saturation point has reached more than 10% of the total general population, public criticism of Islam is now actually considered a “hate crime” which will earn you jail time. Go figure! 

So I will ask again: what the fuck have the Joos ever done which is any worse than what Muslims have already been doing for centuries and are already still doing under the covert approval of world leaders? Wouldn’t it be great if somebody without an agenda could explain that in such a way it actually makes sense? Wouldn’t that make an interesting “debate” question? Where would you feel safer given the choice? In a Jewish neighborhood synagogue or a muslim mosque? I really wouldn’t belong in either one because I am neither Jewish or Muslim. I get that. However, at least I know the Jews don’t have some fanatical plan in the back of their heads to eventually kill me should I ever refuse to convert. Given that, I hope Israel stays the course. They would be doing the World a tremendous favor by ridding it of the the one religion which has been at war with everyone since the Seventh Century. Imagine NO Muslims, it’s easy if you try.

If any of you watched the debates, I salute you. Thanks for taking one for the team. I watched the Trump rally in Florida instead. As I have already been saying for years now, don’t put it off preparing for a coming SHTF scenario. It could get really get stupid ugly fast soon and you don’t want to be caught short with your pants down. I salute the multitude of excellent people here in this community who post much more honest and accurate collection of news content here everyday. We are an inconvenient pain in the ass to all the plans of the Ruling Klass. No wonder they hate our fucking guts. We simply refuse to be ruled, hypnotized, tagged, discouraged inoculated, bought and sold or STOPPED. Fuck those klowns. It ain’t over yet; not by a long shot. We are Americans and I have no doubts we will rise to the occasion when History finally calls. I know it! ✪

Carry on for God and Country!!

General Mossberg