Aloha Snackbar Yo Momma!

Aloha Snackbar Yo Momma!

✪ WHEW! Holy Jihadi guacamole, Batman! Greetings, fellow TNA Patriots! What an ass burner of a week it’s been, right? How are y’all holding up?  Of course, the BIG questions on everyone’s mind now are, “what now?”  What’s gonna happen next?  Who’s gonna do what to who?  Even most of the people balls deep into this quicksand probably don’t have a clue because a Pandora’s Box of sorts has been opened up on the World. Too many players. Too many possible scenarios and outcomes. Some of them good and some of them bad. Too many variables in play, so I don’t know if anyone knows with absolute certainty where this bus is going. From where I’m sitting, it looks like the Israelis have the wheel and are driving the bus; however, that too could change. Have you noticed the shit is really moving fast, now?

Our usual guilty suspects in the Fapdog Media are of course busy at work cooking up and spewing forth with their latest spray of globalist, neocon, commie, muslime regurgitated feces puke psyop propaganda to feed their flocks of hungry Sheeple. Honestly, WHO the FUCK listens to any of those Ministry Of Disinformation talking head apparatchik Media operatives any more? Vannity, Madcow, Tupperware, Juan, Brutha Shartpton, the cows at The View? HOW in the fuck do they continue to survive and stay in business with their imploding ratings and viewership? I don’t know. Go ahead and DIE already, you UN, EU, WEF and DOS dry-humping drunk chihuahuas! If you marxist bowel worms wanna know why the REAL Americans are so full of piss now, it’s because we’ve been holding our water a really long time waiting to piss all over your graves. Just imagine how good that relief is gonna feel when it finally comes! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

The fucking “experts” we were instructed to “trust” and forced to endure on a daily basis also haven’t got a fucking clue, about anything. You know, the same dishonest, corrupted, worthless “experts” like Jake Sullivan, John Kirby and Blinking Tony, the rock star who wasn’t. None of these vapid, stupid, dishonest, corrupt, official card carrying, Joe cock holster parrots have a fucking clue. Their only job is to go out there and lay down smoke screens for The Machine; to confuse the facts in service to the agenda. To shit in the water to cloud any truth from ever coming to light which would further incriminate this illegal criminal regime from looking like they are playing in their own shit or holding them accountable for their part in putting us behind this mother of all eight ball clusterfucks!

So riddle me this? HAS that $6 BILLION FROZEN in the South Korean bank since the fall of the Shah in 1979 already been released to the Iranians or not? Can somebody please go on the fucking record? First it wasn’t released, then it was, then it wasn’t again. WHERE is it now? Which shell is the pea hiding under? Now the Iranians are claiming it has and our Resident Sniffer is lying because he really has NO say about the matter. You know, it’s a really sad state of affairs when I have to admit that I probably trust the mullahs more than our own Executive Potato. Fuck me running, it’s really such a simple question; one that can easily be answered with a simple “yes or no!”

Instead, we get yet again another huge LOAD of duplicitous, wishy washy, back and forth, hemming and hawing, slimey, lame dicked word slicing while spinning up a bunch of crap that’s supposed to sound like an answer when it really doesn’t say anything at all. That can only mean Iran has finally gotten their hands on that $6 Billion. How do I know? Because the final word out of the Sniffer’s mouth on this subject was that the money was taken back and I have learned to assume whatever a Biden says, the exact OPPOSITE is actually the TRUTH! See what a well trained dog I have become? If there’s one thing Joe is a PRO at, it’s LYING. I’m certain this time is also NO exception. Aloha Snackbar, piss be upon the Profit! Joe is the long awaited 12th Imam! Who knew? 

Another thang Grampy Stinkfinger and his merry band of bolshevik pirates would like to distract us from while they are busy as happy little transgender beavers scrubbing from the interwebs ether is that other colossal exercise in unfortunate, industrial strength stupidity of donating another $200 MILLION of your’s and mine tax dollars to the Murder Mullahs Of Tehran (great name for a punk band) only FOUR days before the Israel attack for NO apparent reason whatsoever other than some sort of fucking stupid Hail Mary attempt to make them like us more, I mean hate us less. Perhaps a token love offering to entice them to join the international campaign for transgender rights! Trans women are real women! Protect trans kids! STOP transgender genocide, now! Kumbayah! 

Or perhaps that $200 MILLION is the first of many down payments to reward Iran’s commitment to ending climate change by investing in their cutting edge nuclear energy technology research. I’ll bet the ole ketchup pimp himself, you know, John “Jang-Gus CON” Kerry is all over this Iranny dough. You remember Swift Boat Johnnie, don’t you? That pompous, smarmy, traitorous, sanctimonious elitist jackoff asshole who parks his yacht in a neighboring state to dodge the taxes on it. That stolen valor pile of shit who threw his service medals over the White House fence. That America hating, pig fucking climate change medicine man who routinely jet sets all over the world violating the Logan Act as an unelected diplomat for cly-mutt change while posturing as the savior of the world? Yeah, that worthless horse-faced, intestinal RAT pustule. I know all of this money suddenly going to Iran for “humanitarian aid” is only meant to finally bribe the Iranians into signing off on Joe and Barky’s wunnerful nuke deal. The same Iranian nuke deal which Trump has referred to on numerous occasions as the worst foreign policy deal in American history.  And since everyone is now so busy sucking each other’s dicks because they are all so wonderful, the not to be outdone Euro-peons threw their ante into the “I luv radical muslime terrorism” pot yesterday by pledging another $50 MILLION to help out all da po’ folk in Gaza currently suffering at the hands of those evil FILTHY, BLOOD THIRSTY, MURDERING JOOOO OCCUPIERS of Palestine! If you believe any of that, might I possibly interest you in a new, sooper “safe and effective” covid vaccine?  Remember kids, know Islam and know death; or, NO islam and NO death. Yeah, that last one sounds much better doesn’t it?

First things first; yesterday’s big International Day Of Jihad Rage was a BIG nothing burger. A part of me almost hoped the bloviating goatfucker cult would have really stepped up and brought it. Then we would have had even MORE reasons and justification for squashing them like the shit bugs they truly are. However as we all already know, they are really COWARDS. I guarantee you when they finally do make their move, they won’t warn us before the fact with threats. Neither will they have the stones to attack our military, law enforcement or anyone in America who is armed with a gun and knows how to use it. Because they are COWARDS.They will hit soft targets which pay out in maximum shock. Hospitals, elementary and secondary schools, concerts and sporting events, movie theaters shopping malls, nursing homes and tourist attractions. They won’t hit anyone they know will actually stand to fight back and snuff them. And God forbid, if any of this actually happens, it will be the swan song, death rattle of the fucking Democrat Party. I simply don’t know how the Donkees think they will ever be able to spin it: after spending three years of allowing everyone and his brother from anywhere in the world to simply walk across what used to be our border, much less use our tax money against us to hire luxury motor coaches to bring them here. I’m not certain how any future terrorist attacks in America can be sold as being “Trump’s fault.”

What we are witnessing now after the attack on Israel is completely expected but no less disgusting. The MK Ultra Star Chamber Ministry Of Truth wasted NO time in issuing immediate talking points to frame the narrative. Don’t you know it? It’s poor little HAMAS who is the real victim here; who has been brutalized by the terrible occupying Joooooz who stole their rightful homeland. Oh woe iz me! How can there ever be an justice in such a cruel world? The dumb college kids who have been lobotomized in our marxist hives of indoctrination are swallowing this shit by the spoonfuls! They’re already out there with their Worker’s World (dot) org mass produced t-shirts and picket signs. Destroy Israel! Kill the Jooooz! Free Palestine Now! In their lame bid to be “cool” and edgy counter-culture by opposing the latest thing by supporting the latest thing (shit, did I really just write that?) they are just putting their vapid Sheep stupidity out on display so that the entire country knows exactly who they are and where they stand. They seem to be completely at a loss to understand the very same people they support wouldn’t blink an eye to throw them off a rooftop for being impassioned little post modern rainbow anus crusaders. They think Islam means LOVE the same way Queer means LOVE when in fact, queer means anal sex, dirty riding, bug hopping, fisting, golden showers and feces play. Yeah, lots in similar with Islam so maybe I can see how they are so easily confused.

Anyway, none of these developments are going to make me change a fucking thing! Why is that General, you may ask? Because I’m ALWAYS armed whenever I go anywhere. Gun free zones aren’t until I leave them. Don’t ask, don’t tell! Not going to live my life in fear just because of some intellectually challenged diaperheaded allah shit monkees. Of course, I also don’t take any unnecessary chances or anything for granted, either. I always practice situational awareness keeping an eye out on who’s around me in traffic at any moment; or, surveying and sizing up the situation in the parking lot at the store before I go in. I tend to view and evaluate people in my immediate environment in terms of their potential to do me harm. Not out of fear, but as a continuous exercise in responsible self preservation and survival. It’s a very good habit to develop and if you haven’t already done so, there’s no better time than NOW to start. Naturally, these skills are most difficult for people who are involved in serious relationships with their cellphones. IOW, about 80% of everyone else out there. My car has crowd control devices. A front bumper push bar that acts as a cow sweeper. I hope it never happens, but I won’t be stopping at any time for anyone who thinks they are going to “protest” by blocking the road in front of me. Honestly Officer, I felt frightened for my life. Note to any stupid fuck No To Oil or Free Palestine assholes out there. Sidewalks are for people; roads and streets are for cars. If there are any of you who are still having trouble grasping this concept, I will only be so happy to demonstrate to teach you. I’m here to help!

You always feel better whenever you carry; and who couldn’t stand to always feel a little better, right? Always keep your doors locked and windows up whenever you’re in your car. If you’re really insecure, you can always put on your mask when you drive, haha! I think I’d rather wear a gun! Be prepared to repel PMS protester pirates and feral Davantavarious carjackers. Know when to switch into aversion mode and escape protocol because through no fault of your own, you could find yourself in a threatening situation. We all need to become good Boy Scouts and be prepared for all possible scenarios because we are under siege by not only the imported muzz, but ferals, illegals, sleeper Chink army men, Haitians, cartel members and the dumbest fucking idiots of all, the blue and pink haired imposter female Karen harridans.

I hear all the time how our side doesn’t have a leader. How we aren’t organized into militias. Some of that might be true: however, that doesn’t mean it has to be as limiting as we are being led to believe. It’s really all only a matter of taking responsibility. Don’t bitch and whine about a lack of leadership; instead, step up yourself and lead!  Your local militia could consist of your closest neighbors on the block. That’s enough. It doesn’t need to be anything huge or complex; only manageable and effective. It doesn’t really take long to map out contingency plans, ambush points, booby traps and other worthwhile strategies. Print them out. A copy to each house. You all are far more intelligent and capable than you realize and I guarantee the marauding bands of feral invaders with think longer and twice about messing with you when they realize you probably are more trouble than you’re worth.

Take responsibility for you, yours and your own shit because if we don’t, who will? The Government? Come on, Man! With any luck and by the grace of God, I will return here again next week for our regularly scheduled mission briefing. By that time, we’ll know “what happened next.” In the meantime, stay alert, stay safe, stay free and stay happy! Aloha snackbar yo momma! God Bless America! ✪

As you were!

General Mossberg