✪ Hey there, patriotic dudes and dudettes!  Now I am completely positive there are a shit ton of other things happening in the world besides the “speaker of the house vote” and the Israeli/Goat Fucker War. I have arrived at this conclusion through only my personal observation. The ever-vaunted, State Media Apparatchik Machine keeps squeezing more synthetic reality out of its asshole like sausages at the county fair. Of course, universal talking point directives went out immediately, issued by the top executive circle of the Ministry Of Truth Star Chamber. Hamas terrorists GOOD! Joooz BAD! I don’t think I need to tell you that 98% of the legacy alphabet news reporting smootches the bottom, back sides of Hamas & Hezbollah 24/7. Served up with a sloppy serving guilt trip fairy tale about how a bunch of people who no other middle eastern countries want had their imaginary land stolen from them by da Joooz! I’m no world history scholar but I do believe the Joooz have occupied that land since Biblical times and that it was the Romans who first renamed it ”Palestine” to discourage people from continuing to call it “Judea.” Last time I checked, NO country of “Palestine” officially exists. Never has and at this speed, there will probably never be. Butt yet it still has a thug islamic government which lives for the complete demise of the Nation of Israel. Doesn’t really exist, except only as a political proxy puppet by the grace and funding of the crazy mullahs in Teheran. You know, the exact ones Joe just released $6 BILLION in frozen bank funds to about a month before the Hamas attack? NO use crying over spilt milk, right? So let’s all make ourselves feel better by pissing another $100 BILLION away to Ukraine without any oversight or accountability. Fuck me in the morning, what could possibly go wrong?   

Kinda interesting how once again, just about everyone I can’t stand or hate their guts are of course lining up to side with the terrorists and bleating how Israel is an occupation force committing genocide if for no other reason only to indulge rabid, murderous bloodlust. You know, like they do. I can’t figure out which is more concerning, the sudden gigantic Hamas blow job by all of the usual international terrorist toadies like the EU, UN, DNC, WEF, Academia & Pedowood; or the fact that my government continues to exercise extremely poor judgement by putting the entire country on the wrong side of history. I REALLY don’t like being behind the fucking Eight Ball! ABSENT from their MESSAGE and the AGENDA are the inconvenient facts and details about what made this nasty pot of shit to boil over in the first place; kidnappings, group rape, torture, baby murders and beheadings, killing innocent people in their own homes, sleeping in their own beds. However, I digress. The best piece of advise I can offer HAMAS and their psychotic rock throwers who live in the imaginary land of “Palestine” is don’t start shit, especially when you know you have no way of finishing it because what that means is the people you start the shit with will finish it for you. Yeah, your stinky fat old grandmas might do their little happy allah dances and the tribe war cry while dancing in the streets and handing out candy to celebrate for the first couple of nights, but after that, I guarantee you all are gonna be crying those Diaperhead, Goat Fucker Blues. We warned you idiots not to play on the freeway.

I have ZERO confidence in anything coming out of the illegal, criminal Joe Regime in terms of supposed support for Israel. It’s all fucking empty window dressing. All of it. Here’s my take on what I think is really happening. Joe is professing support for Israel but only in the public Fapdog Media. Behind the scenes, I guarantee the DC Insane Klown Possee is engaging in covert back door diplomatic meetings with Iran, and funding both sides of the conflict militarily, whether directly or via proxies. Playing all the suckers from the outside towards the middle. Washing the biggest loads of cash and keeping those kickbacks coming to the Biden Family Crime Syndicate and all his buddies in the intelligence agencies and the MIC. The same ploy they have used successfully in Syria for years and to a certain degree are also using in the Ukraine/Russia War. A few nights ago, some real news accidentally leaked out onto the internet about how huge, hostile mobs were descending upon almost every US embassy and consulate in the Middle East. Then POOF! Suddenly, SILENCE and NOTHING! HUH? All this happening with TWO of our carrier groups parked right off the coast. Things that make you go Hmmmmmm. So what’s the fucking point? Are we really there to protect our own people and stand with our traditional ally Israel; or, are we there to shield and provide “humanitarian aid” for the poor widdle “palestinians?” Can somebody give me a straight answer, please?

You all know what’s probably coming next, don’t you? The Israelis are hopefully going to completely flatten Gaza in the next few coming days and weeks, prompting a massive “humanitarian crisis” of historical proportions as millions of the swarming, Gaza, sand flea cockroaches scamper to get the fuck outta Dodge. Oh, Noez! Only to find nobody wants to allow them into their countries. The fucking Egyptians don’t want them, neither do the Jordanians or Syrians. I wonder why that may be, do you suppose? Could it possibly be because the pali goatfuckers already have a bad reputation which precedes them in their own neighborhood? Of course, they do. They’re like the Roma People of Europe. They’re the Gypsies of the Middle East; lotsa lazy thieves, criminals and trouble makers who live mostly to make trouble wherever they go, stoke and stir the Jew hate. You know, like Democrats here. Butt, butt, butt General in this instance shouldn’t we set an example to the rest of the World by extending the hand of kindness and compassion to our fellow man? I mean only LOVE can save the World! Kumbayah!

AHhhhh, sorry NO. Particularly after October 7th. However, if there are any bleeding ass liberals who lurk Double Barrel each week, let not your hearts be troubled! Joe and the Rats are here to save the day! Thank goodness the adults are back in charge again! Joe and the State Department have a plan, because marxist democrats always have a plan. Never let a crisis go to waste and make your own opportunities by continuing to manufacture the crises. That’s how you become filthy rich and rule the world by becoming your own best customer. I bet you’ve already guessed by now; the carrier groups are really UBER sent to pick all of these refugees and bring them back here! Thank goodness we finally have a compassionate and experienced president instead of that vulgar, “grab them by the pussy” orange haired, Nazi, billionaire racist and fascist, right? Of course, all the usual suspects in Congress are screaming “Bring them here, bring them here!” The Squad and their dear leader AOC along with practically every other marxist-muslim asswipe shiteater who has been elected/selected/installed into the US Gubernment over the last 30 years; which by the way, includes an alarming proportion of our country’s highest legislative body. Thanks to the Obamanation, our Federal Government is now just saturated with Mohammedan ass lickers and terrorist starfish sucklers in the highest offices of power. Finally, there is the very real question about where the loyalties of several million already imported Muslimes within our own country will stand when the shit finally hits the fan, which it almost has. It doesn’t seem to matter to the Klowns running the country right now that almost all of those new imported “refugees” will arrive here already hating America and all our guts because of our long history of supporting the Zionist dogs who stole their homeland. YAWN. Still worse, most of these people will have NO usable skills whatsoever which will contribute a spit to American culture or society. None, I don’t consider breeding like flies and creating more ethnic organized crime networks as skills which benefit the country. Most will probably be either partially or completely illiterate, have never seen a handle on a door in their entire lives or will have to be formally instructed to sit on a toilet instead of standing. In other words, they should fit right in and at home with the already established contingent legions of illegal Mexicans who kiddie diddle, mule Tranq and drive drunk, good ole fashioned south american communists and the hordes of single, military aged, Chinese men all standing around with nothing to do. Congratulations, Rats! You took the greatest country on the face of the Earth and the ONLY country which was founded on the ideals of personal responsibility and individual freedom and completely filled it up with the sewage of Humanity. ENOUGH! America is FULL already! We don’t want anymore of the World’s filth or garbage dumped here!    

So enough about the Islam Against The World Season Finale. While everybody was distracted by the latest thrilling episode of “Who’s Our Speaker,” Joe was busy slipping Gaza another $100 million under the table to the Hamas scum in Gaza on the one condition they promise to use that money only for “humanitarian” purposes. Wink, wink! Yeah, right! He was also busy tying up the Israel and Ukraine wars together as one conflict to keep the MIC gravy train and money laundering going. What the wretched excuse of a government is doing is making the funding of one war completely conditional on the funding of the other. If you don’t agree to this you are obviously an anti-semitic, pro-Putin puppet who is also a transphobic climate denier who hates “democracy!” You should be in prison! Joe and his merry band of commie pirates want another kool $100 Billion to keep their Ukrainian poolboy quiet about all their illegal biolab engineering, influence pedaling, human trafficking, weapon and drug sales, kiddy sexing and money laundering crimes against Humanity. There’s NO business like Show Business; ammo factories and 22 inch gas lines blowing up all over the place, train derailments, entire cities burned to the ground. When’s the LAST fucking time you’ve heard anyone mention Lahaina or East Palestine, Ohio? This is what I’m talking about! This is what pisses me off! 

Joe is still one gigantic geriatric, dementia clouded, diaper brained, corrupt and perverted SOB. His administration still completely out of control only because they can be and so far nobody has stopped them because if you try, these soviet fuckers will destroy your life by sentencing you to fifty years buried in some dark hole. All the Rats know how to do is push crisis after crisis, chaos, confusion, division and rot under the LIE they know more and better about everything than any of the rest of us.  In other words, everyday is just another day in the Feudal Fiefdom of the Elitist Klass, formerly known as the United States of America.

So while the shiny squirrel for this week was Israel and “Who’s My Speaker,” I gotta ask myself, what are they trying to distract us away from this time?  For starters, it appears as if the mind-boggling and unbelievable amount of corruption of the Biden Crime Family will never see justice because they keep pushing it off the news radar screen on purpose. More, elitist “just us.” Again. The only thing more certain than death and taxes is that these filthy fuckers are up to something no good because they always are.

Makes we wonder if the nuke trigger fingers all over the world are getting itchy. I know, not a very happy or uplifting thought but that shit plays right into their entire “Agenda 2023, Fourth Industrial Reset, Green New Deal, Great Reset” plans which are all built upon the strategy of “depopulating” seven and a half billion of us useless eaters. They already tried with the Bat Chink Flu, the lockdowns and the poison vaxxine but those gambits weren’t culling the herd fast enough to save us all from the dreaded cly-mutt change.   I’m old and wise enough to remember when nuclear war wasn’t even talked about because everyone knew it would mean the end of everything. We called it MAD or Mutually Assured Destruction for a reason. However, for this bunch of inmates running the asylum, that’s a feature and not a bug. Just another way for them to forward their ultimate agenda. You gotta be asking yourself given the atmosphere of political, economic and cultural instability being pushed by the forces of evil if there isn’t somebody somewhere who his calculating the possible advantages of a preemtive strike. Well shit, I certainly don’t hope so, but also really don’t know. If it happens it will come as a tremendous shock to Gen Z. They will only notice something is terribly wrong when their cell phone internet service goes out.

For that matter, most of the population under 45 will not know how to stay alive with no food in the stores, electricity or running water because many of them have never bothered with doing anything but be good little Sheep and do whatever they are told. Many in our society lack knowledge of a trade, have very limited and shitty problem solving and communication skills; have never formally been taught how to reason or evaluate the value of new ideas and knowledge. All it takes is a visit to your local Walmart to see how most people have happily settled for lives of mundane mediocrity in exchange for staying in a permanent comfort zone. Not everyone, but a sizable number. This is what eventually happens when a population is taught WHAT to think instead of HOW to think.

Unfortunately, most people have surrendered to the mass dumbing down and opted for an emotionally comfortable life of mediocrity where they can blame everything on everyone else. Thank God I was not raised and taught this way. I don’t believe you were either. That’s a big reason why they hate our guts; because we refuse to buy the soap! That’s also why there are now officially TWO standards and systems of “Just Us,” one for them and their supporters, the other for the rest of us whose ancestors actually built this country, fought, suffered, sacrificed and DIED for it to continue to prosper. WE refuse to sell our souls to the Devil in exchange for crumbs and scraps from their table. They hate our guts because unlike todays rainbow nose pickers, we are already well versed in all their LIES & bullshit, gaslighting, propaganda and outright lies. So far, we have stood and endured through everything they have thrown at us. That scares the shit right out of them! 

I suggest to you that we don’t have any true “leaders” now. Only the hodgepodge bunch of motely crew, political opportunist, criminals who love stealing, lying, molesting and murdering to preserve their ugly status quo. And that’s only in Congress, hahah! However, what continues to give me hope and steels my resolve is you guys. We usually think along the same lines when it comes to knowing what is so sorely lacking in today’s modern world. Common Sense! The TRUTH! It’s not fucking rocket science. We are the TRUE Americans; the heirs and guardians of the Founding Fathers’ original vision of a Constitutional Republic rooted in the morals, freedoms and traditions of FAITH.  And we are not going to just disappear or get onto the train without a fight! One day, God is going to return and when he does, he’s going to be bringing a righteous ass beating with him.

Anyway, those are a just few of the things that pissed me off this last week. That still piss me off now. With any hope and be it God’s perfect Will, I shall return next weekend for our next mission briefing. What new fun and surprises are in store for us this new week? I’m certain there will be plenty, but stay strong and defiant. We’ve all come too far to toss in the towel just now. Stay aware and extra vigilant. Practice situation awareness and CARRY everywhere you go. You never know when you may unfortunately cross paths with a domestic sleeper diaper head completely on fire for his 72 virgins. In such a situation, be prepared to help him/they out to achieve their spiritual freedom and deliverance they so desperately desire. Ishallah. Piss be upon the Profit! ✪

Carry on as you were,

General Mossberg