✪ Good evening fellow Patriots!  In spite of all the criminals now in charge of our country and the idiots who support them in their efforts to wreck the greatest country which has ever existed, it’s still always great to be an American! YES! Never let those klowns get you down so low you forget this. NEVER let them get to you! I’d rather be a real American than any one of them any day! Seriously! They’re fucking miserable and pathetic excuses for human beings! And they’re all going to Hell and they know it! Trust me on this one, it’s only a matter of time. One of the biggest reason they hate us and this wonderful country so much is the fact they are resentful of the very system of freedom which has made it possible for them to become global, communist, useful idiot, shills in the first place. In other words, the very system of freedom they are trying to crush is the only thing which makes it possible for them to be such assholes. Go figure. As my Grandpappy used to say, “they are cutting off their own noses in spite of themselves.” How crazy is that? Shitting in the same place where you eat. Of course, you and I can’t comprehend any purpose in their destruction because we have refused to submit to the twisted mind softening stupidity of believing women have penises, capitalism is evil, all white people are racists, carbon is poisonous gas killing all life on Erf and there is no such thing as a lasting peace unless it includes war. What do you think happens in places like China, Iran or even Mexico if you’re stupid enough to openly undermine the government or defy the established rule of law or order of society? Your ass is just liquidated, post haste with no questions asked. Most likely whatever is left of you once the government has had all its fun is boiled down into cooking oil after your organs have been removed and sold. And they harvest your organs only after they squeeze a few months of free slave labor and recreational beatings out of you. Why did the chicken cross the road? Because he can. Why do  dogs lick their assholes? Because they can! Why do Leftists hate America and real Americans? Because they can! 

However, let not your hearts be troubled because these termites are fast at work undertaking the holy sacrament of “fundamental transformation” to turn America into just another stalinist authoritarian police state shithole. Only this time with “new & improved” technology because they are so fucking paranoid anyone may ever dare to have an original thought they have not first approved! They’re putting those of us who aren’t willing to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s to provide free diapers and five star housing to their imported replacement army of illiterate zombies smack dab in the middle hairs of their sites. I’m talking about the greatest threats to national security and our “dumbocracy.” That would be YOU they’re talking about, Christian, white nationalist domestic terrorist! I know, I know. It makes absolutely NO sense in exactly the same way mentally ill people who play in their own shit make NO sense! That’s WHY they’re mentally ill! Just remember this; they must always resort to manipulation and dishonesty because behind all of the bluster they are really just empty and powerless! That’s a nice way of saying they’re full of their own shit. Hatred is toxic and has the tendency to corrode the vessel which contains it; which explains the looks of most of these B String circus freaks who have spent most of their lives bathing in the pee of the sacred cows of their failed ideology: abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, systemic racism, economic marxism, communism, statism, climate change, scientism, blah, blah, blah. The only real constant you can count on from them is the inability to control their own emotions.

Anyway, I had originally planned to write an “If I Was The President” piece tonight and lay out the General’s platform on what I would do to fix this national clusterfuck by dealing with these communist cocksuckers.  After thinking a little more about it, I’ve decided to be a good dog and take it down just a notch to the next level because I really don’t need DHS showing up unannounced at my door at 3 AM to borrow a cup of sugar. When NED’s not busy secretly dressing in women’s clothes and walking his chihuahua while watching endless reruns of his Unkle Joe’s four minute press conferences, I happen to know he lurks here taking inventory and keeping score. Oh thank you Government for keeping me safe from against myself! So instead, I’m going to change it to, “If I Was In Charge.” Maybe that sounds a little less threatening, I don’t know. Stand by racing fans, because I still won’t be taking any prisoners! What follows is a mostly fictional narrative (at least for now); and exercise in my imagination of what could happen if by some strange alignment of the stars and circumstances, I were to find myself in charge of the entire country with the complete and total backing of my NEW law enforcement groups. What follows will be rife with lots of what ifs and improbable scenarios, but it’s only for entertainment purposes as I would never criticize nor denigrate our wunnerfull gubernment or the tremendous job they are doing everyday to keep us safe and make the world a happy place. They certainly deserve our thanks and respect! Kumbayah!

If I was in charge, the very first thing I’d do is FREE all of the political prisoners being held illegally in flagrant violations of their constitutional rights. Instead, I would have their jailers take their places and I’m not talking about only the top Fed rats like Garland. If you were only a bit extra in the show and someone who was “only following orders,” that will be enough to get you kneecapped before those cell doors slam shut. Butt, Butt, Butt General wouldn’t that mean you would have to resort to being just as cruel and inhumane as they are? Wouldn’t that mean you were looking more for revenge instead of justice? Yeah, so what’s your point? Next, all the Green bullshit would come to a screeching halt immediately. That means NO more money for solar panels, EVs, wind turbines or companies and technology which aren’t practical or profitable. I would round up every net zero government employee and lobbyist gimp and put them all on a traveling chain gang touring the country in sixty year old diesel buses working to dismantle all of this stupid shit they helped put into place. The members of the board of directors for all of these parasitic alternative energy companies which only exist to feed off the taxpayer teat would be jailed to join their criminal pals who also jailed the opposition as political prisoners.

Next, I would take a flame thrower to the public service sector by completely abolishing all government employee unions. GONE! I would offload about 90% of all government employees along with 90% of all the bullshit regulations they have pushed on us and the rest of the country. Any government employees who objected or resisted would be sent to mine coal with picks and shovels until America’s carbon footprint was once again big enough to make us energy independent. They can live in the mines for all I care. Let them finally enjoy a good, stiff dose of that sovietism they seem to so love pushing on everyone else. 

Once most of the useless government employees are out of a job or finally put to work doing something worthwhile for the country, the next step will be to get rid of all the bloated “departments” and “agencies” they occupied. If I was in charge, say goodbye to the Department of Education, Commerce, Energy, Homeland Security, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, Housing & Urban Development. That’s only the short list. I’d also shit can the IRS, FIB, CIA, FCC, FTC, FDA, NSA and CDC. After a thorough investigation, any and all criminal employees and staff members would also be put to work on the Net Zero criminal chain gang to clean up the messes they made. The government workforce is now more than 4.5 million people so just think of all the possibilities and opportunities!

Next, I would freeze ALL the bank accounts of Congress subject to thorough audits by independent contractors. NO more Georgetown condo, cooking oil sex orgies with members of Congress and their lobbyists coked out of their skulls assplowing one another on big piles of taxpayer money. All stolen and ill gotten gains discovered under audit will be seized and returned to the American people. Any funds discovered to be earned by the treason of influence peddling will result in immediate execution by firing squad. Tough love. Any radical communists or rabid islamic activists will be unconditionally removed from office and immediately deported back to their shithole of ethic origin once all of their wealth has been confiscated. Omar can go back to Somalia and let her brother pimp her out. Sandy Cortez can set up shop giving five peso blow jobs at the San Juan bus station. I don’t care! This will, send the message to all the crooks, criminals, leeches and parasites that the days of easy, dirty DC money are now over and there will now be consequences for theft or misappropriation!  Real consequences and NOT this two tiered “Just Us” bullshit the Elite Political Klass enjoys now. The ultimate goal would be to shrink down the entire Federal Government to no more than 100K employees. Those remaining would be thoroughly screened and have to commit to America First principles in government in order to keep their jobs. Imagine the glut of real estate and office space which would suddenly free up and become available in DC and northern Virginia once the Government is dramatically downsized. Lots of it could be sold or auctioned off to pay down the national debt. This also includes all of the Federal Government owned, State land around the country illegally claimed as Government property which does not directly benefit the public such as national parks, military bases or easements for the interstate Highway system. Before I continue, I need to let you know there’s a chance this may turn into a two parter Double Barrel because there is so much wrong shit going on now which needs to be addressed if I was in charge. All this is such a daunting task it would need to be backed up with force. I don’t feel guilty about that in any way because that’s what they do now anyway! 

Ok, now onto the train wreck which is our current economy. First oder of business it to abolish the FED! Go big or go home! Once the FED is gone and the management of the national currency is rightfully restored to the US Treasury exactly as the Founders planned, we will no longer be enslaved to a criminal cabal of international business banker lawyers by being forced at gunpoint to pay interest in order to have them lend us own own money. Once these thieves have been neutered, the NEXT thing I would do is immediately issue a NEW US Dollar which is actually an asset backed currency instead of a fucking worthless empty fiat FED debt promissory note. The new Dollar would be backed by an energy asset basket of oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear resources. If you’re somebody like China who’s been trying to influence our economy or politics by holding large amounts of FED debt, then you will just be fucked once the new Dollar debuts. So sowwy! That also means that the $34 TRILLION in national debt denominated mostly in worthless FED paper will for all practical purposes go POOF over night! Will there be bitching and complaining? Oh yeah! Will there be lots of panty peeing and crying? You betcha! However, with no more predatory FED, IRS, a bloated Federal Government full of redundant agencies, needless over regulation and a new currency backed by tangible assets, it won’t take long for the engine of the American economy to be unleashed to grow and thrive. Lots of corrupt business models which depend on Keynesian economics to survive would be washed out. Shit like tax preparation services and scumbag business attorney firms. The banking system would be forced to reorganize itself to adapt and thrive in the new paradigm or end up being flushed down the toilet of History. An America First jubilee, motherfuckers! In God We Trust! 

Ok, while we have our sleeves rolled up, let’s keep shoveling thru the shit, shall we? A return to a merit based system of societal reward. If you work for it, you can obtain it. We would stop supporting all of the lazy, deadbeat slugs who think the rest of us owe them a free and easy ride thru life.  Skin color, where you were born or how many rectums you have will no longer have ANYTHING to do with whether you can be successful in America. No more union coddling or protection of BAD employees. American jobs for AMERICANS, not imported, illegal slave labor.

I would finish the Wall and designate a five mile buffer zone on the Mexican side complete with a mine field, several layers of electrified razor wire and guard towers every 100 yards manned 24/7/365 with .50 caliber machine guns. I would launch a nationwide campaign to round up, capture and deport everyone in this country who hasn’t been formally naturalized through legal procedure. That means as many as 80 MILLION of these leeches could finally be deported. I would put both Mexico and Canada on notice; should there be any illegal drug or human trafficking activity discovered at any time along the border, all ports of entry will close and all commerce will cease immediately for an entire year. No exceptions. No Tax free foreign wire remittances will be allowed any longer. Wages and money created in the American economy will REMAIN in the American economy. Any illegals caught sneaking in will receive a one time only complimentary deportation. If they’re caught again, they will be detained indefinitely and never allowed out again. We have room.

Constitutional rights for equal protection under the law will apply ONLY to American citizens and not every Jose, Lupe, Achmed, Mohammed, Tom, Dick and Harry who just find a way to show up here. We will stop illegal immigration in its tracks by removing all of the current incentives and by making it downright unpleasant and unappealing. Businesses complaining of shortages of unskilled shit labor can draw from the new pool of currently fired, useless former government employees. If I was in charge, I guarantee you lots of the right people would hate my guts! This includes our current State Media who serve and lick the hands of their globalist, commie government Masters. I would deball them by arresting them and putting them on a Pay Per View trial for all the treason, confusion, pain and chaos they have intentionally worked to create. They would threaten me and call me names! They would LIE, tell outrageous stories and accuse me of all sorts of phony crap. However, if I was in charge they would become victims of their own “success.” The further I take this, the more ground I find needs covering. Like energy, education, special interest groups and the Military. See what I mean? So it’s certainly looking like this will indeed be a two parter Double Barrel.

In the beginning, I understand most of these changes I am proposing if I was in charge would have to be pretty extreme. However, staying in a comfort zone as we ride over the edge and into the abyss of oblivion is no longer an option. If there was any time in our national history when we need to take extreme measures, that time is NOW. No more can kicking because we’ve run out of the road to kick it down.

The honest truth is we still don’t need the world as much as the world needs us. I’m certain they know this but will never really admit it. America is an idea and place everyone loves to hate, mostly because they know they can never be us. If we are ever allowed to regain our previous social and cultural strength, deterrence, economic greatness and energy independence, then it won’t matter if the rest of the World is unhappy with us. Fuck them! Oh yes, I almost forgot! If I were in charge, I would give the United Nations 14 days notice to vacate the premises; and they would be free to take all their bullshit with them and relocate anywhere else they wanted. Then destroy the building and replace it with something which is useful and actually serves a purpose. Perhaps a sewage treatment plant or a nuke power plant so the former government, green energy, net zero thieves would have something nice to look out on everyday from their prison cells. I know all of this is a really big bite to chew and swallow, so I’ll be back next week to wrap it up. Suffice it to say, if I was in charge, America would once again be America; however this time around, no ridiculous overregulation, bloated blood sucking government, no free lunches for deadbeats, public education indoctrination or the incessant reduction of everything true, moral, beautiful and good about our society down to the lowest common denominator in order to play to the feeelllings of political pet interest victim groups. Pure fantasy, you say? Perhaps, but we once did it before, so I won’t ever say it isn’t possible again. And with that final thought, I will ask you to hold fast to your faith with determination, conviction and love of country until we meet here again next week.✪

For God, Family & Country,

General Mossberg

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