✪ Whew! What a difference a day makes.Well shit Patriots, let’s see a show of hands. How many of you saw the surprise Hamas military offensive against Israel coming our way? Don’t feel too bad. I really didn’t either, although all the signs were already there. I think we were all caught up in the daily grind of endeavoring to live our best lives in the face of what has been a three year mental, emotional, social, cultural, economic and spiritual beat down by the fucking commie globalist servants of Satan who are trying their damndest to destroy everything which makes life worth living.  Yeah I know, this one was a real sucker punch to the gut, but we’re a hard toughened lot and can take itI What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger, right? Ok, I can’t speak for you but this in NO way makes me ready to lay down for the count. If anything, it only steels and fortifies my resolve to endure long enough to piss all over the graves of these bastards. It only serves to make me MORE determined.

I had originally written and sent over a completely different Double Barrel to Dian earlier this week, but then when I saw she rescheduled for tonight, I felt compelled to jump right in to speak directly to the events of the last 48 hours. I know lots of you might be going through an entire range of responses right now. The situation is still very dynamic and evolving. We are really living History, now. It seems almost every minute there is some new leaked video, statistic or report to take in. So much is happening so fast, the flow of events has temporarily  outpaced our ability to process all of this and assign it a proper meaning. No worries, that will all come in time. I know that probably feels uncomfortable, but it’s also a normal response given the circumstances we now face. We’re being served up a tremendously HUGE slice of shit pie right now and being told we have to swallow it all in one big bite. It’s gonna require time for all of us to integrate the significance and impact of everything that’s happening right now. There’s a shit hurricane hitting the fan in our world and responding or reacting from a purely emotional viewpoint right now may not be a winning strategy because I can guarantee that’s exactly what these worms are counting on; and I don’t know about you, but I’m MORE than willing to go out of my way to make certain I starve these motherfuckers of any satisfaction of knowing they may have gotten to me. In situations such as these, it’s always best to keep a level head as best you can. I understand we all are different in this ability and capacity. Instead of letting them rattle your cage, fall back on whatever gives you the most strength and support. It might be family, friends or Faith. It might be taking a break for a few hours to fill your head with a couple of light, fluff movies. This is actually ONE of those time when we really are ALL in this together, so please throw your fellow Americans some slack on the line if they are having more difficulty with all of this crap than you. Are you with me? 

First of all, let’s immediately counter and dispel most of the Fapdog Tallyban Media’s campaign of propaganda bullshit. Of course, all of them are completely on the side of the murdering diaperheads. Israel BAD! Remember, this is the very same group of shitbags who cheered the lockdowns and vaccines, support the bogus war in Ukraine, push the climate change agenda and believe America is the most racist country in the World. Fuck them! They’re also the same group of paid LIARS who spent six years pumping & pimping every slanderous untruth possible about Trump and they have NEVER apologized for lying. In other words, whatever shit spews out from them about this new war in Israel, you can pretty much just already assume the complete opposite is the actual truth. Since they are basically the mouthpiece of this illegal, criminal occupying government, we can count on them to never waste a minute to “never let a crisis go to waste.” Contrary to whatever they may be claiming or reporting, this was NOT a peaceful protest in Gaza by Hamas. It wasn’t even a random terrorist attack. Far from it. It was a sophisticated , pre-meditated, well coordinated military offensive against the Nation of Israel which probably required months of planning. Specifically, to strike the softest civilian targets in Israel like private homes, schools, highways, music festivals and just about anyone EXCEPT the IDF. Fucking Seventh Century COWARDS! So don’t allow yourselves to be gaslit into accepting some phony frame they want to feed to you in order to hypnotize you to follow some false narrative. Now is NOT the time to emote. Now is the time to keep our wits, to remain logical and objective. Turn off that fucking television, especially FUX!

I think as the days and weeks press on, more and more details will begin to surface and come to light. IOW, the TRUTH! In fact, that process has already begun. I’m talking about a trail of cause and effect which we are most likely going to see reaching back to the same usual suspects. I’m talking specifically about the satanic globalist puppet master kabal which includes ALL of the same shitheads responsible for most of the trouble in the World today. I won’t mention any names but Soros, Klaus Schwab, Nuri Harari, Larry Fink, Nuland, the Squad, the obamanoid and Hag, Valarie Jarrett, the UN, the WEF, the EU, Iran and just about every other bowel worm shit bag or or hermit fiefdom in the world who have ever pissed themselves with glee over the prospect of finally ending the Nation Of Israel comes to mind. 

Of course, the warmongering neocon faction of our own government is up to their assholes in all of this shit; drooling and licking their chops over the prospect of a new war in the Middle East. More violence, more destruction and ever more more death to feed their war machine. More MONEY. Of course, the Big Guy has taken valuable time off from his busy vacation schedule in Delaware, counting his ill gotten traitor gains, feeling up ten year old little girls and punching the family dog to issue yet another lame as collection of lies he calls a “statement.”  Hey Israel, isn’t it great knowing the Joe Regime will do whatever it takes to support you? I’m certain the good folks in Maui and Ohio got the same empty talking points blow job from this criminal regime. That’s ok. the longer this Donkee Klown Show of theirs goes on, the fewer friends they are going to discover they have. At some point, everyone in the entire world is going to HATE their fucking guts. Are we there yet?  And just to show the world that our swinging dick Joe is worthy of going down in the history books as another one of America’s greatest wartime presidents, he’s gone ahead and moved one of our carrier groups in closer to Israel to “send a message.” What? That tranny love is real love? See America? You’ve got Joe all wrong; he can still get it up. All it takes to get him hard is enough money. Butt we already knew that after his master move in Afghanistan, didn’t we?

Speaking of Afghanistan, have you noticed how most of the the marauding allah monkeys are all sporting American made weaponry?  How do you suppose THAT happened? All I can say is nobody needs anywhere near $82 BILLION dollars in abandoned TOP GRADE ordinance and armaments in order to start a significant war somewhere. Stellar move, Gramps! Tell us again how much of a resounding success that entire fuck up really was! We know, the clusterfuck Afghanistan had become under your watch was really all Trump’s fault and the way that you handled it was actually one of the most brilliant military logistic plays of all time. Fuck you!

And let’s not leave yet ANOTHER man we all love to hate out of this disaster. After all, he deserves some credit for his hand in all of this too. I’ll give you ONE guess as to whom I’m talking about. Here are a few hints. He’s barely five feet tall and has had an unremarkable past as a mediocre musician, comedian and entertainer despite the fact he possesses an unusual skill of playing the piano with his two inch hard on. He loves cocaine along with all the other fine things in life including luxury mansions in Egypt, Florida and Switzerland. He was installed by the CIA as a puppet dick-tater in an illegal coup which thwarted the actual leadership choice of his own country’s citizens. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? He’s a sociopathic paranoid, narcissist who likes to go around calling himself the “lion of democracy” although he has completely shut down all freedom of speech in his country while imprisoning journalists, priests and anyone else who may oppose his tyranny. He’s almost achieved the objective of completely destroying his own country with a bogus proxy war he’s using as an excuse to blackmail the West to a tune of almost a quarter of a TRILLION dollars. He has a PHONY photo op wife with very expensive tastes who likes to travel first class and drop one MILLION dollars in a single shopping trip. She steams her own silk by attacking poor retail employees and getting them fired for no other reason than because she can. He has the blood of almost a half a million of his fellow countrymen on his hands. Of course every criminal leftist world “leader” and tyrant loves the smell of his shit because they all secretly wish they could be like him.

Yeah, I’m talking about that narcissistic ego maniac shit worm who loves taking it up the ass. I’m talking about Zoolansky, that champion of corruption, grifting, pig fucking, fag midget slav. Butt, butt, butt General, doesn’t  Zoolansky really have nothing to do with the new war in Israel? Don’t be so certain he doesn’t. It’s already been well documented for some time how a large part of the military “aid” we’ve been flushing down that toilet in Ukraine has been finding it’s way onto the international weapons black market. That’s just what happens when a tiny piss ant country uses blackmail to cover for all of the crimes the Elite Klass has committed there. I’m talking about illegal bioweapons engineering labs, organ harvesting factories, human trafficking, pedophilia tourism, drugs, kidnapping, money laundering and only God knows what else! That’s what happens when there is NO accountability for taxpayer money because the US Government can’t be bothered to hire an inspector general to keep tabs on where all of this shit it really going. WHY do you suppose that is? Eventually, weapons find their way into very bad hands. I’m telling you, it’s only a matter of time before some black market Stingers take down few civilian airliners. Prepare yourselves!

Then there is the Iran angle. It all just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it? You know the Mad Mullahs of Teheran have to be loving this shit. In fact, I’m willing to wager they are the major financial underwriters of the entire operation. Did you know that less than two weeks before Friday’s attack on Israel, Unkle Joe wired his pals in Iran another $200 million in cash? And it was only less than two months ago he released the $6 TRILLION dollars which had been frozen in South Korean bank accounts since the final days of the Shah. I don’t want to hear any fucking bleeding heart bullshit excuses about how the money “really already belonged to the Iranians anyway.” I don’t care. There is a really important reason why that money stayed frozen and out of their hands for almost 45 years, because much smarter minds than the idiots running the world today knew back then that these were evil people intent on harm and destruction; and, if they got their hands on that kind of dough, they would use a decent chunk of it to create widespread mayhem and kill thousands of innocent people. And HERE we are! Smooth move, Joe! Maybe the Iranians will now finally sign that nuke deal. You know, the one Trump ditched. The one where you give them everything they want and we get nothing in return. At least you and horse face can finally secure your rightful places in history for being such fucking towering foreign policy intellects. Perhaps the first Black Lives Matter president will put you up on Mt Rushmore.

If we needed to find a silver lining in everything that’s gone down during the last 48 hours, it would be that the powers of evil have made the unlimited miscalculation in their latest exercise of desperation against Israel. That’s another way of saying I completely stand with Israel. My money is on the Jooos to ultimately prevail as victorious. I think in retrospect, the fact these asswipe sand roaches selected the day before the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War wasn’t the smartest decision as that holiday specifically commemorates Israel’s victory over numerous hostile enemies. DUH! The Israelis have been in this corner before, not once, not twice but THREE times and each time they have wielded their force to destroy the invading barbarians. Each time they have emerged victorious and stronger than before. So let the Islamic world go ahead an party like it’s September 11th again. Eat, drink, dance and be merry, for tomorrow you DIE! Let them celebrate by shooting off their AKs and porking their little sisters for Allah. The Sons Of David are already on the move, positioning assets and drawing up plans for their forthcoming demise. Mazel Tov!  Be afraid, diaperheads, be VERY afraid. The mother of all smackdowns is coming your way. Who knows, before all of this is said and done, the world might be finally rid itself of this murderous, Moon god death cult and we can finally all live in peace and quiet. Dues Vult motherfuckers! May it also pave the way towards liquidating all of the other evil intent on consuming the World. Yippee Ki- Yeah!

I know shit is moving fast, but now is not the time to let ourselves get carried away. Now is the time to keep your head firmly planted on your shoulders. Don’t let your feelings get ahead of your thoughts. Yeah, it’s gonna get bumpy, but you already know that so expect it! This could turn out to be our opportunity to right the ship. I guarantee you there is going to be a TON of misinformation floating out there during the next week. Resist all temptations to knee jerk. Allow yourself the time to confirm sources and weigh all information as you encounter it. Go about you daily affairs and live the best life you can. Feeling hopeless or miserable about events over which you ultimately may have little to no control over isn’ really going to change anything, much less make you happy. Stay on the look out for dishonesty and gaslighting. Never allow yourself to be manipulated. I have NO idea what new developments may present themselves, but I can guarantee you this next coming week will not be boring. May it be God’s will we all meet here again to discuss it. Keep the Faith, Patriots! ✪ 

For God, Family and Country!

Long live the Nation of Israel!

General Mossberg