✪ Well kids, it looks like the holiday season is finally behind us, but the Donkee Klown Klan Shit Show continues on! Fortunately 98% of the Media hacks and apparatchiks who pass themselves off as ‘journalists’ also went on holiday because the members of the Government Star Chamber Ministry Of Truth who weekly set the media talking points which for the basis of our artificially manufactured synthetic reality for their fucking talking head parrot puppets also took the last couple of weeks off! Did you notice any big changes in the Matrix during this time? No, because essentially there were none! The ’News’ is now kinda like an AI entity, programmed and organized to take on a life of its own. That’s how scripted and managed our popular media culture reality is now! Break it down! There are only a few fundamentally common factors of the “formula” you need to familiarize yourself with in order to understand how they keep doing it. There’s the ever popular shiny squirrel to direct and distract the limited attention span of all the mentally impacted Sheep, the congressional grandstanding bullshit where they huff and puff and look serious but then don’t do jack shit except go back to their drugs, insider trading and kiddie diddling. Yes, these are serious allegations which deserve a new, closed door, open ended, multi-million dollar, tax payer funded investigation against whomever, whatever .Complete with all of the well rehearsed denials, threats, pouty lips, glowering stares into the cameras but never any fucking action or follow through. NEVER! Unless of course it’s something which either directly enriches them or pushes the country further into the communist ditch, then they fall all over themselves racing to git ‘er done! Oh look over there! It’s our friend, Mr Squirrel, again! Speaking of popular media culture, OMG what an amazing time to be alive; in the middle of the Taylor Swift era! For fucks sake!

As usual, the Fapdog Media have nothing new or authentic to impart. See, that’s another thing which really pisses me off. Seriously, what news? Opinions are reported as facts. They trot out an endless parade of talking head experts who really don’t know a fucking thing about anything but still think they have some sort of authority to tell you what to think. Before anytime anyone has a chance to report the actual news, the experts trumpet statistics and all of their most intimate ‘what if’ scenarios. A school in Baltimore is shot up by a “youth” and NO further details are available until they get it straight such details won’t lead people to think in some way other than desired. OMG! 567 dead and 798 wounded. Sensationalized, but nothing is really know about the shooter at this time. Unless of course, he’s white Christian or straight. Oh, the shooter is still active and people are being told to evacuate the entire eastern seaboard; a tsunami warning has been issued. Police are out inforce performing house by house searches within a 100 mile radius. People have been advised to stay in their homes and fret furiously for an hour. Later, trusted “sources” come out of the woodwork to report; a person who was 45 miles away is interviewed as an eyewitness exclusive. If it’s a big enough story, the anchors will stay live indefinitely repeating the same script over and over again. A tape loops the report for hours and hours as different news fucks repeat the same fucking thing on different shows with “updates.” When online alternative news sleuths finally expose the shooter as a dindu nuffins goot boi, the next day it’s no longer a story to be found anywhere. Poof, down the rabbit hole it goes until the “next” mass shooting.

Then there are the ongoing news squirrels which can live forever: Zoolander is still trying to quarterback Ukraine into the WWIII Sooper Bowl Or, the evil JOOOO occupiers are still slaughtering a ballizzion, gazillion helpless innocent women and poor crippled children everyday in the imaginary country of Palestine. Or the Joe Boom economy is so magnificent you dumb serfs just can’t feel it. Or, the Inflation Trump caused is now completely under control. We know because gas used to be $5 a gallon and now it’s only $3.50. See? How about the latest gaslighting how climate change is destroying the planet but the real solutions are to ban hair dryers and ceiling fans? According to the “News,” apparently, the United Nations needs to become the first World government by ordaining Obama as the first world president before the next Chink Bat Flu variant is released. Do you see how listening to this shit kills your brain cells?

Of course, if you are dumb enough to continuously consume a daily diet of “news” you’ll get a really bad case of the mental shits. It will always depress you. The “news’ always says ORANGE MAN BAD! They are completely convinced Drumpft is a homophobic, islamophobic, racist, war mongering Nazi who must be punished for his numerous crimes. The ‘news’ tells America everyday MAGA is the biggest threat to our national security. Scranton Joe, Sooper President is the only one who can save us from domestic terrorism! Four more years! Four more years! I predict another 12 months of this kind of hollow, recycled and regurgitated bullshit will be served up daily to the hungry Donkey Sheeple, dispensed from an official DNC, anally administered, pressurized feeding tube with a penis shaped, rainbow nipple tip. The Sheep will bleat in joy as all of their pleasure centers are simultaneously stimulated to make them once again stampede all the way to the polls and vote straight blue next November. You know this is true.

Now that we’re officially in the midst of their big “revolution” which is finally gonna make everything all fair and shit, the Rats have turned activism into America’s new national past time. I don’t know about you, but I’m really tired of the constant parade of imaginary activist causes, phony bullshit socialist holidays and perpetual victim outrage culture. And it fucking never stops! Progressives are always pissing themselves over the next new injustice. OMG, McDonald’s is promoting Palestinian genocide with those blue and white Zionist burger wrappers! What’s that you say? You liked everything better the way it was before and just want to be left the fuck alone to enjoy your life? That’s not possible with these people! This is our time now. WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for. You need to get out there, get involved and fight the Powa, stick it to the Man, Rage Against The Machine, shake your fist at the sky and shout. Topple some statues, burn some business and kill a few people to make your point. Get angry and in their faces, everyday! Because as we all know, a personal culture of nonstop grievance, outrage and self imposed perpetual dissatisfaction rooted in self hate and insecurity without any endgame strategy is really the secret to a meaningful and fulfilling life! It’s time to stand up and be heard, comrade! Fur da pepplez! Workers of the World, unite! Crush capitalism, end racism, stand with Ukraine and murder more babies in their mother’s womb! All for “democracy!” Raise your hand if you’re tired of all this phony, exhausting perpetual victim outrage bullshit.

And then there was President Full Diaper’s second historic “Hitler” speech yesterday. Remember the one last year in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, bathed in blood commie red lighting with Joe flanked by some bad ass Marine muscle? Strange. I guess that’s supposed intimidate us by sending the message to the country to let everybody know Ole Joe’s dick still gets hard and he knows how to take care of business. You know that’s the message. You know, business like selling influence and taking bribes, taking showers with his daughter and weaponizing the Federal Government against his political opponents. Yeah, definitely Founding Fathers material. So watch yourselves, MAGA rabble; otherwise Ole Joe may throw your ass down into hole somewhere and leave you to completely rot, just like he did to those J6 protestors. That’s TWICE in just as many speeches Joe has called us the “enemy.” Somehow, I don’t think that word means what he thinks it means. Yesterday he was at it again. If we’re the enemy of America, then WTF does that make you and your illegal regime, Joe? Rhetorical question!

This time around Joe was at Valley Forge threatening us again. Valley Forge in the winter. Hmmmm, who is also well know for being at Valley forge in the winter? Hint; it wasn’t LBJ or Tricky Dicky Nixon. SEE what they are doing? See why they chose Valley Forge? To trick a particular demographic of fucking stupid dumbasses into mentally associating Joe with George Washington in their pinheaded little brains, when in fact Joe isn’t even worthy of cleaning Washington’s toilet. The same kinds of subtle mental manipulations were also rife in Shitpant’s speech at Independence Hall last year. Well, I guess Joe wouldn’t be talking to us from Independence Hall unless he was cut from the same wood as the Founders, right? See how blatant they are with this crap? These are kindergarten level psyops. You have to be as dumb as a box of bricks to fall for this garbage, because it’s just too obvious to the rest of us. These communists jackwads never really come out and SAY it, instead they just IMPLY it INDIRECTLY. Apparently, the assumption you’re supposed to make in your head is that Joe is in the same political and historical category as George Washington and the Founding Fathers. Come on, Man! Stop pulling my dick, Joe! And how stupid do you need to be as a member of Team Joe to think up something like this; as if it’s actually going to fool anybody? Any half assed, semi intelligent person knows right away they’re being played. Everybody knows the Resident Potato is certainly NO George Washington and he’s too much of an asshole progressive dickwad to ever be giving speeches outside of Independence Hall, but here we are. This kinda shit makes my skin crawl. The same way when Joe starts in with his cheerleading “because we’re the United States of America, man” thang. I guess that the signal for me to start feeling all gushy and patriotic. Instead I cringe inside to avoid admitting to myself what a complete ass he is making of himself. AGAIN!

So the marxists on the Left consider the MAGA Movement a threat to America. NO. Really more a direct threat to their failed ideology and attempts to ‘fundamentally transform’ this wonderful country into some Euro-peon styled welfare, multi-culti entitlement shithole stew. However, their useful idiots in this country eat that kid of shit up. I mean, what the fuck is wrong with these people? WHY do they hate freedom and prosperity so much; at least for everyone except themselves? Why are they so determined to make everything worse for the rest of us in order to make it better for themselves? Goes to show you there is nothing new under the Sun with these bastards. The old Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea, Cambodia, Romania, China, Vietnam, Venezuela, etc. This is just the same old smelly turd, bronzed and perfumed up for an entirely new generation of clueless suckers; communism. They just keep digging up Karl Marx to make him fuck the World again and again It’s the same old 60’s playbook, dusted off and trotted out AGAIN; swallowed hook, line and sinker, unsurprisingly by the same useful fools with a few fresh and exciting new touches thrown in (blocking busy freeways, tearing down statues and monuments, puberty blockers and surgical mutilation of children, etc.) The same failed political ideology with the same worn out and tired ideas. This time, we need to completely kill this monster once and for all. Beneath the surface, the protests are the same, the people are the same, and every fucking time they pull this crap everybody only ends up hating them and their agendas even more!

They wake up everyday to work towards creating a totalitarian slave state for their globalist masters. They see themselves in some sort of twisted commie wet dream drama as the saviors of Humanity, being applauded while receiving accolades in the Great Hall Of The People as heroes of the revolution! FART! What they will fail to grasp until it is too late is that NO freedoms mean NO FUCKING FREEDOMS for everyone except for the few select top dogs and that’s the way it is with with all communist regimes. Period! These mind numbingly ignorant little red fleas will be completely expendable and disposable! The first ones to go! They will be the workers and do as they’re told or else! The people at the top already have plans to cover their tracks once these worms outlive their usefulness to them. It’s like a gang of bank robbers after they pull off a big heist and they kill each other in order to be able cut the loot fewer ways. The big dogs won’t want anybody left around to screw up their plans or challenge their new control. History has already shown us on numerous occasions, those who take the risk and do the heavy lifting in revolutions are usually the first saps lined up against the wall and shot. They only exist to serve a purpose and are liquidated once they’ve outlived their usefulness.

Yeah, they are THAT stupid. And as you can easily see, the time period and venues may change but the players and scripts always stay the same. It hasn’t worked successfully anywhere it’s been attempted unless you are a sick of enough fuck to consider the more than 200 million people who were murdered by communism during the last century as a “success.” Those communist fucks are feeling heat now as they watch in desperation as their carefully laid plans start to crumble. Their scams are being exposed and lotsa people really don’t like what they see. The irony is, they may have had a chance to succeed if they had only given people safe streets, cheap gas, inexpensive food, a thriving economy, affordable housing, merit base achievement. However, it never crossed their warped minds. They never considered it. One man did, and was wildly successful in spite of every possible obstacle thrown in his way. They all think we are Trump followers when in fact we are America followers. One thing is for certain, we will never become woke followers of communism or Joe Biden.

So as you can probably tell, the Holidays are completely over for another year and my time here for this week is also up. Gotta run and take the dogs out for their evening constitutional. As always, I’ll be back next week still pissed off & still ready to break things. I’ll still hate muslims communists, fags and the Government. Stay safe, alert and continue to keep the Faith! Don’t let the fuckers get you down! ✪

For God and Country, Patriots!

General Mossberg