✪ As always, a great big HOWDY out there to everyone in the TNA family from deep in the sticks of rural Missouri! This has been one of those weeks when I just find myself tired of everything. Fed up & disgusted by the sheer clusterfuckery of the previous week’s events coming mostly from that stinking open shit field, the cancerous, rotting, bleeding sore, the pox on our former republic known as Mordor on the Potomac. However, I’m never tired enough to quit fighting or admit defeat to those fornicating rat weasels. Oh HELL NO! Only SICK and TIRED of the non stop gaslight, talking points bullshit mindfucking drivel I have to listen to every stinking day coming from the same pile of Fapdog Media mouthpiece whores who fellate their Machine masters daily in their efforts to bring the Anti-Christ to Earth as quickly as possible; all the while pretentiously posturing, pretending and positioning themselves as some sort of untouchable, ordained guardians of the Truth. Man, that really pisses me off!

Once upon a time in a galaxy long ago & far away, we had something called the First Amendment which guaranteed freedom of speech. Remember that? Then a bunch of fucking Rats started to nest under the hood of the car and chew into the hoses and wiring. Now the car barely runs at all & has been abandoned in a ditch; left to rust out; but not before the pack of bandits stripped and parted out everything of value in their commie chop shop. That really pisses me off! It does! The worthless, blithering apparatchik puppets on the television who are paid multi-million dollar contracts to incessantly defecate their narrative pushing LIES from their mouths are completely free to say whatever they want; but the expendable peasant masses, the common salt of the Earth people such as you now will otherwise earn a tax audit or a neighborhood home visit from a team of storm trooper goons should we believe we still have the freedom to speak our minds. So I will leave it to you, Dear Readers, to imagine for yourselves the multitude of kind and gentle loving thoughts I possess for our current Political Klass and the absolutely wonderful job they are doing as stewards of this great nation. For now, I’ll just keep my thoughts to myself as I ponder all the wonderfully fantastic things I look forward to sharing with them in the future. Hail, Joe!   

Dude, WTF happened to my country? It’s now officially a progressive police state and that really pisses me off. I think it really pisses you off, too. It should! Our elected officials aren’t really elected anymore. The STEAL in 2020 completely exposed The Machine and the complete, absurd JOKE our “democratic” electoral process has become. It was the proverbial 2 X 4 whack across the face, but it sure as shit has woken us up. Stiff and bitter medicine, but whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right? THAT I believe strikes terror deep into their dead, tiny, marxist souls. THAT alone keeps them awake at night shitting themselves. Makes you wonder how long we all have been cruising along on this timeline with our heads out the window, believing our votes and voices really mattered when all the while it’s all been just one gigantic DONKEE house of mirrors, Kabuki Theater of FRAUD? Exactly how long have we been played for fools thinking we actually control our own destinies through a political process MILLIONS of people sacrificed, suffered and DIED to preserve? Sorry, but I got bad news for you Sunshine, however long you may suspect it’s almost certainly been longer. In fact, I can almost guarantee you it’s been LONGER. Yeah, I still remember the dried up Lube Queen Pelosi being interviewed on the Clintoon News Network or MSNBCLSDLBGTQA1 or whatever Rat ass sucking “news” channel network it was right before the 2012 election. It was something about the way she leaned back, smirked and laughed when she said “Barak Obama is going to be re-elected‘ which has always stuck in my crack ever since. It all makes perfect sense now, doesn’t it? She already KNEW, because it had already been decided. NOT by you or I, but by the fucking secret DC Beltway Star Chamber. How about the Chicago voter fraud that tipped Illinois, the Electoral College and the entire presidential election for Kennedy in 1960? Hmmmmm. And how about those two terms of Jorge Boosh? Those eight years are now kinda really stinking like a huge pile of rancid shit, aren’t they? Well, it was either that or presidents Manbearpig and the Ketchup Gigilo, Stolen Valor traitor, right? Fuck me, this Three Card Monty Shell game has probably been going on longer than most of you out there reading this have been alive. Prove me wrong! No wonder our car is stuck in the ditch. That really pisses me off!  

However, by some token of God’s magnificent grace, we were still able to beat the Deep State at their own game twice with Reagan and Trump. That’s why the GOP insisted Reagan chose CIA wunderkid, Mr “thousand points of light” Poppy Boosh as his VP, otherwise they would not agree to support him in the general election. The plan was to plant Boosh as VP, then whack Reagan and put their boy into the driver’s seat. They used the same playbook to get rid of JFK and give us LBJ after Kennedy was elected and refused to go along with the program. Their plan almost worked but it didn’t because Hinkley was just a dumb shit tool who unlike Oswald, hadn’t been shipped off by the CIA to Russia or Cuba for formal assassin training. I still remember Reagan getting out of the ambulance at the hospital and walking into the emergency room on his own power. OOH RAH! The Reagan re-election landslide in 1984 also caught The Machine off guard with their pants down and playing with their dicks. Fortunately, it took place before all the wonderful modern, digital election process “innovations” we currently enjoy today. The mechanism of widespread election fraud like Dominion had not been yet been sufficiently developed and implemented. Evil shitbags like Georgie Soreass or Pinky Fuckerberg had not yet flooded the election process with tons of their ill gotten, dirty, funny money.     

Trump was the second unexpected reprieve we got. Their big mistake with him was never really taking him seriously enough. The HAG was all lined up and primed to be the next Establishment tin horn tyrant to be anointed to the crown. And she probably would have been had it not been for a single cellphone video of her being tossed into the back of the Sooper Klintoon Scooby van like a sack of potatoes or the several instances of her spazzing out in some kind of strange seizures in front of the cameras. I still think that rotten bitch is really held together by duct tape and rubber bands. I still think the pig likes to wear MuMus to hide all the metal support scaffolding and the colostomy bag. The good news is she is already well past her expiration date and will NEVER be president. Ain’t that a crying shame that just breaks your heart? Like all drugs, adrenochrome probably starts to lose its desired effect with too much use. Doesn’t really matter if its’s the heroin of the Ruling Klass. Have you noticed that the Hag and Bubba are back in the grift business again? This time they are going to do God’s work in Ukraine. SPIT!!! Have you noticed how their fucking charitable “foundation” always seems to position itself in places with lots of human trafficking? Mostly fourth world shitholes devastated by either war or disaster? Like Haiti? Or now, Ukraine? All while passing themselves off as the compassionate saviors of suffering Humanity? That really pisses me off!

So now, the masks are all off, and the bandages have been ripped away from the festering sore. Amerika now knows it has been hijacked by a criminal kabal of thieving, lying, murdering, proxy warring, kiddiefucking, egomaniac luciferian pod people and turned into a defacto police state. Prove me wrong! That really pisses me off! Our so-called leaders are NO LONGER “elected” by any honest electoral process which reflects the actual collective choices of the American people to decide their own destiny. Fuck NO! Too much money and power at stake to ever allow that kind of freedom to continue. Doesn’t seem to matter to them even if it is OUR money and we’re the poor chumps being forced at gunpoint to pay for our own trip down the river. In fact, that’s the way they want it! That really pisses me off! Now you have to be born with a fucking gold spoon stuck in your ass into a select, preferred number of special political family dynasties and prove your loyalty to serve. That specifically means serving the business of the Deep State instead of the American people. And now that any remaining pretense of having their miserable corrupt asses installed by “elections” has been completely discarded, it no longer matters what kind of person you really are. In fact, the more ignorant, retarded, stupid, corrupt, immoral and criminal you are actually increases your successes and rewards in this Jackoff Klown Show. And that really pisses me off!

This is exactly the reason why we will NEVER be able to vote our way out of any of this shit show. I know it, you know it and THEY know it! The idealized election process we always thought we enjoyed has already ceased to exist for a very long time. I consider this development to be both a blessing and a curse. A curse for all the same reasons I have already expounded upon; a blessing because it will eventually give rise to any number of things which trigger a righteous case of satanic bipolarism in the Political Klass. Good times! In the meantime, only all the fully masked and inoculated, ass branded, lobotomized DONKEE SHEEP bastard children would be stupid enough to think elections or their votes still really matter. That’s why this time around I won’t be swallowing large spoonfuls of their contrived bread and circuses shyte. That’s why I won’t be giving a chicken fried fuck about following who’s on top in the most current polling or who said what in the latest debates. I mean it’s almost to the point of who do you want to win the Texas chain match; Dandy Dan Desantis, Nikki Sooper RINO Woman, or Vivek the Crusher? It’s now all fake and designed for mass consumption; and in the end, none of it really matters because The Machine is just going to install whoever they want to advance their agenda anyway. That really pisses me off!

Do I sound slightly cynical or jaded? Nahhhhhh, not at all! What I do know is that none of this squirrelly dishonest shit can’t and won’t go on forever. There are currently about four million unelected, unionized Federal employees who can never be fired now directly involved in making laws and regulations; each one of them an overpaid, redundant little Hitler ruling over their own one foot square DC fiefdom. We now have numerous Federal agencies independently dictating policy and appropriating taxpayer funding for their own grift without any formal oversight or accountability. WHeeeEeeeE! We have a shitbrained, career, government criminal executive placeholder making law by the abuse of Executive Order and an irrelevant Congress which only exists to vote itself more money by funding proxy wars in europeon backwater shitholes. Then we have everybody and his brother attaching themselves like bloodsucking bowel worms to get a piece of the looting action. Yeah, the Biden grandkids receiving foreign influence bribe money thru twenty layers of phony, bogus shell corporations and businesses which produce NOTHING in the way of authentic products or services. A towering intellectual giant like Chelsea Klintoon sitting on numerous corporate boards like Apple. Pelosi, Kerry and Romney spawn all paid members of Ukrainian energy companies even though they have NO previous energy expertise and have NEVER set foot in the country. Mama Menendez hiding gold bars down in her stinky panties while her fat toad of a husband screws little girls in the Dominican Republic. That really pisses me off!   

Not only are we well past the point of ever being able to vote our way out of any of this, but the system itself as it now exists can never be reformed or rehabilitated. That’s like cutting open a watermelon full of squirming maggots and telling yourself it’s still good if you only take out the maggots. At this point, the only way to fix this shit is to completely burn it down to the ground and then rebuild. Hey, now isn’t THAT a coincidence? THAT is kinda the exact idea THEY have, only that’s precisely where any similarity between US and THEM end because it’s not written anywhere in stone that simply because they break it, they get to be the ones who FIX it. In fact, the numbers alone don’t favor them at all in this future possibility; but don’t tell THEM that because you can’t tell these stupid motherfuckers anything. They already know everything. So self assured are they in the final stage of their pig headed, leftarded progressive ass cancer which has spread to their brain. They all have their fancy HAAAAVVADD law degrees and have been groomed in the most prestigious Beltway legal firms. They all have closets full five thousand dollar suits and a personal house nigger who shines their shoes, does their shopping and cooks their meals. They hire thousand dollar tranny escorts for kicks on the weekends to smoke their drugs and eat their asses. They go online and charge money on porn cam sites, offering to take it in the ass for anyone willing to pay enough to watch. They possess an infinitely deeper and more sophisticated understanding of marxist political science theory than any thumping, bitter clinging, flyover hicks like you and I can ever hope to fathom.

If it’s not because they possess a downright hatred of America and everything it was meant to stand for, it’s because they just happen to love their empty lives of indulgent comforts and pleasurable sinning more. See, the reason they are completely detached and so out of touch is because they are NOTHING like you and I.  None of this is really any secret. They are content to keep this going for as long as the can; until they can’t. They really think the music will never stop and they will never be held accountable for a fucking thing. Personal responsibility is not one of their strong cards! They just expect the rest of us to continue being responsible for them, instead. To keep paying our taxes to make it possible for them to keep getting their rocks off while destroying the country and the world. They expect us to continue to pay them to fuck up our lives. It’s all completely insane and that really pisses me off!

That’s why there is no longer any common culture worth a shit now. WHY music, art, fashion, film and architecture all suck ass. Why everything is so ugly and plain anymore. Why cars look like $70K glorified golf carts. And they’re not finished yet! Get ready. No oil! No farms! No meat! No trees! Huh? WTF! I am only one man but I am still not alone. Soon, their kind will know us and rue the day they sold themselves to the Devil to destroy our country.

Ok, I know this week’s installment kinda has a bummer vibe and we are in a pickle with these idiots. However in the end, we will win. No, I can’t tell you exactly how long that may take or how it may come about to be, but I already see the worm beginning to turn. And to be honest, I really don’t care if you agree with me or not. We really can’t afford the luxury of any nihilistic fatalism now. Oh, how THEY would really love that shit because it plays us right into their hands. NO THANKS! Not gonna EVER give them that satisfaction and I suggest neither do you. Remember, WE can make things just as difficult for them as they can for us. In the coming new week, please seriously consider: what do you want? What is most important to you and what are you willing to do to keep it? Never consent to be governed by those who ultimately wish to see you dead. THAT is itself insane folly and REALLY PISSES ME OFF! ✪

Pray for America, our families & our coming future triumph over evil,

General Mossberg