✪ Ok. I just took a quick look and checked; America is still here and the world is still turning. We remain undefeated! However, the toilet is still swirling & these commie globalist bastards keep clogging up the works. How’s that for an apt metaphor? Maybe if President Shitpants, Adolph Schwab, Billy Gates, Justine Trudeau, the EU, UN, WEF and about 5,000 other greasy stinky turds weren’t still stinking everything up, We The People could finally affect a righteous flush and clear the lines! Mark my words; it’s coming! All of this satanic, globalist shit is long past due for their righteous flush down to exactly where they ALL belong; into the sewers of Hell where they can forever ponder eternal life in the lower intestine of the Devil! The sooner the entire World organizes to take a plunger to this mess, the sooner we can get on to the more important business of living our lives in peace and quiet. Do you remember what it was like when we could actually live our lives in peace and quiet without being constantly insulted and assaulted by any one of numerous daily stupid, concocted crises, outrages, disasters or deliberate psychological mindfucks designed specifically for the sake of fucking with our minds? I DO! And it really wasn’t that long ago, either; before the great Chink Bat Flu Scamdemic to be precise.

As I am certain you are quite aware, America isn’t the only country stuck in a world of shit now. It seems the same group of ghouls are working hard to turn every place into a shit hole they can eventually lord over and they won’t be happy until seven and a half billion of us useless eaters are dead and the entire World is a sewer. What really chaps my ass is how ALL of this insanity is by calculated design and SO completely unnecessary! The “leaders” of almost all the world governments have been assimilated and turned into WEF Pod People doing the bidding of what I now call the “Decivilization Movement” and it’s precisely this “movement” which is shitting turning the entire World into one big communist TOILET. All the Western developed countries are now inviting in; NO, make that actively importing hordes of illiterate, backwards, murdering, raping, stealing savages to destroy their own cultures! WTF?We gotta ask ourselves, just exactly WHO stands to benefit the most from all of this crazy, destructive chaos!? I’ll give you a hint. It’s not Godly people like you and I who have everyone’s best interests at heart. It’s a very select group who just happen to possess enough wealth to be able to shield themselves from the consequences of their own evil ambitions. I absolutely guarantee you they aren’t ever going to eat bugs, give up their cars & private jets or stop screwing little kids for kicks. It’s just the rest of us poor suckers who will get the reach around and the dirty Sanchez. Fuck! However, it’s not all bad news. Most of the people who are going to die from all this shitfolly won’t the be the actual citizens of the countries they invaded! Read into that whatever meaning you like! I gotta watch myself and what I say here just in case Ned is reading this while pulling on his stiffy. Hi, Ned!

I see our Resident Potato is now so wobbly and decrepit he has to wear non skid shoes and take the kiddie stairs up Air Force One thru the cargo hold. And yet his worthless ass still almost slips and falls. I’m certain our enemies are all watching and taking notes. Too bad he can’t walk or speak as good as he can sell out the country as the godfather of his own family crime syndicate. Where’s his Easter Bunny handler now? Have you noticed, all the retarded government Rat Fucks like Joe, Fetterman and the Kamel now have their own personal handlers. Usually hyper, short queer midget staffers wearing suits two sizes too small with puckered assholes who shuffle them about making certain our “leaders” don’t accidentally shit on themselves in public. Despite their best efforts, Joe still manages to say dumb shit. How else would we know that the Democrats have successfully created the most effective system of voter fraud ever? Or that Joe drove a truck or was a highly decorated Civil War pilot? One thing I am certain of is that I didn’t vote for him so I know I ain’t black. He said that like it was a bad thing. I think they must give him a new brain transplant every weekend whenever he disappears away to Delaware, then juice him up with enough chemical uppers and adrenochrome to at least get him halfway through the first half of the week without shooting himself in the dick before he starts falling apart again. Continence and basic mobile dexterity are just the price of keeping this fucking ridiculous charade going with this crooked executive asshole. Speaking of which, did you notice how Dianne Feinstein still managed to cast one last important Senate vote barely two hours before she croaked? Now that’s what I call being a real company player! That’s real dedication and commitment to the duties of her office! The country is being led over the cliff by a gaggle of corrupt, selfish, criminal, geriatric, demented, money and power lusting, dying dinosaurs who just won’t fucking let go until they have drawn their last breaths on the death bed and they are dragging us all down into the tar pits and quicksand of historical obscurity right along with them. Fuck them!

The “Free World.” Meh. What a fucking joke that has become. There is no longer any such thing as a “free world.” America still remains what may be considered the most free country in the World, but thanks to the increasing dangers of climate change, that isn’t saying very much. Whether that is a permanent or temporary phenomenon remains to be seen. In the end, it’s all going to fall on us, one way or the other. We’re on our own now and nobody is coming to save us. Any country which extorts 50% from the labors of its citizens in taxes in order to redistribute it to promote the agenda of a failed political ideology which has murdered at least a quarter of a billion people over the last hundred is anything but free! As Americans, of course we still have some freedoms, but they greatly vary between different locations of the country. We already really have TWO Americas; the RED America and the BLUE America and I don’t need to insult your intelligence by having to point out there are LESS freedoms in BLUE America than in RED America. Then there is this monster of the Federal Government, which really doesn’t give a shit about either but rather exists only for the purpose of expanding its own power for the sake of further expanding its own power for the sake of expanding its power, ad infinitum. I think you get the idea. And because the Federal Government is always sporting wood to own and control everything while never really producing anything, the primary gambit of the worms and maggots which populate it is to continue to divide and pit mostly BLUE America against the RED. Because this kind of stupid shit worked out so well in 1860!

However, never fear and let not your hearts be troubled. The Beltway Klown Possee always has a PLAN! Their plan is to make America and Americans the rest of the World’s bitch. They have some sort of Karl Marxian wetdream about turning America into some kind of twisted Venezuela, Zimbabwe, North Korean Frankenstein, anti-Christ bastard child. Workers of the world, unite! Fuck them and all their whining, sniveling, panty pissing little victim special interest group pets supporting them in all of their efforts to destroy Western Civilization because they have all been promised a big piece of shit cake at the table of the New Order. Are they ever in for a rude awakening, useful idiots all! Thankfully, there are still plenty of REAL Americans and we represent the biggest threat and obstacle to their Great Reset, the New World Order, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the New Global Initiative or whatever else name they have pulled out of their asses to make their brand of poisonous, feudal, global enslavement of humanity more appealing to the Sheep. Over our dead bodies! Or better still, over THEIRS! However, I digress. In a rather humorous twist of irony, REAL Americans remain the ONLY ones still holding this shit house together and the only way they are going to be able to get past us and that is by taking away our guns. Too bad for them that owning our guns will always remain the biggest reason why they can’t take away our guns; the reason why they will never win this. The reason why we will remain undefeated! A good rule of thumb is once you give up your guns you have given up your life. It’s simple; if you enjoy living, NEVER surrender your guns. At least if they are ever stupid or emboldened enough to attack us while we still possess the means of self defense, we’ll be able to take as many of these bastards out with us as we can. Refuse to compromise! Refuse to settle, for there are NO such things as settling or compromising with Communists. Refuse to consent to be governed because tyrants have NO interest whatsoever in any form of governance which does not directly benefit them. Demand and insist upon the complete restoration of our Constitutional Republic as the Founders originally designed and intended! It was working just fine until these meddlesome, know better motherfuckers came along and decided to  to “fix”everything!

Ok, can we talk? You all know what you have to do to do what has to be done, right? Get ready and get right to prepare yourselves to deal with whatever may be coming our way next. Seriously, it’s already been three years. If you’re not yet onboard, NOW is the time to start. The struggle and challenge we find ourselves engaged in now is really a waiting game and test of endurance. Since we’ve already come this far, we need to hang on and hold out until the opportunity to bring it all home presents itself. Which it eventually will. They’re not as SMART as us. They’re not as GOOD as us. They’re not as HONEST as us. They’re not as STRONG as us and they are certainly not as NUMEROUS as us. They also don’t have GOD, TRUTH or HISTORY on their side. To be honest, they are what the Good Book refers to as total SONS OF MAN; completely given over to their own sins and delusions. They’re selfishly obsessed, blinded and driven by the worldly indulgences of unlimited lust for ever more wealth and power, playing hopscotch while jumping thru one another’s queer assholes and masturbating their own ego in a constant effort to prove to themselves they are still relevant. YAWN. Oh yeah, I understand they may appear menacing because they make a disproportionate amount of noise and they are really good at huffing and puffing themselves up to look lots bigger than they really are, but I contend as I always have that is a seriously limited and flawed strategy. The DONKEE Show cannot go on forever. That’s why, one way or another, they are counting on you dying while excusing and denying the very real possibility THEY might be the ones who die instead. Let HE or SHE who has eyes read these words and understand. That’s why community, organization and fellowship with like minded REAL Americans is so important; because we are always much stronger together than we ever are alone. That’s how something as simple as you coming here to read the news, discuss events or pay me the honor of listening to me ramble here each week is important. The trick is for us to continue to work ourselves into a position and situation where we no longer have to rely on them for anything they need. Where we are never forced to buy their product simply in order to “survive.” That’s how you really fuck The Man.

Yeah, I certainly understand it’s not practical for most of us to ever go completely off the grid. Unfortunately, we all can’t be a Never Prog or Teach, but we can always be on the lookout for new ways and opportunities to step back and out of the Matrix; to decrease our dependence on a system which more and more looks to enslave us by reducing our independence. It may not be as difficult as you think. Of course there is the obvious. Don’t take any of the vaxes. Turn off the television and stop consuming the disease that is currently the synthetic reality modern popular culture. Continue stacking those precious metals of gold, silver, platinum and of course the most precious of all metals, lead, copper and brass. Maintain a stockpile of enough food and water to get you through whatever the next bogus, bullshit “disaster” they dream up so you won’t find yourself in the unfortunate situation of living in a FEMA tent camp until it’s your turn to take a shower. Oh General, stop being so dramatic! Am I, really? How much of the shit which is now part and parcel of our everyday existence is anything you would have imagined as possible only five short years ago? Indulge in skepticism and self denial at your own risk. I rest my case. The best strategy moving forward is to not need to rely on these fuckers for anything more than is absolutely necessary. Trust me, any life under these rabid communist overlords will not be one worth the living.

Anyway, that’s my two cents worth for this week. If you can possibly manage it, get yourself, your family and your business to a Red state. I know that may be a tough proposition, but later after the shit hits the fan, I’m betting you’ll be very glad you did. At least get yourself out of the big Blue cities because with all the looting, drugs, crime and lawlessness, they are quickly devolving into dangerous war zones. Don’t count on some miraculous turn of events resulting from any future elections, if in fact there are any more future elections. We are already far beyond the point of ever talking or voting our way out of this mess.  Remember, it’s impossible to compromise with communists; they will only sense it as weakness and take advantage of us. Keep your eyes open and one ear to the ground. Be prepared for the next fucking, outrageous emergency they cook up. It’s coming and you know it. I’ve had my fill of this stupid shit and I know you have too. It’s not the ideal scenario, but it’s also far from hopeless. We will fucking win this thing because defeat and slavery are NOT options. Repeat after me! All together now..


Carry on,

General Mossberg