Freedom Of Choice

✪ Well what the heck!  Another week slides by again and we are still here! Well, whattaya know! We are officially still standing! Take that, commie assholes! I’m amazed sometimes at how the hell we keep doing it, but we do! Congratulations! Give yourselves a big thumbs up for being die hard survivors. You gotta hand it to American Conservatives; how we continue to maintain strength and composure in the face of constant political, cultural, social, economic and spiritual stress. An exceptional accomplishment when you stop and consider how everybody else out there is all caught up in some sort of crazy, synthetic reality, mind virus. That pretty much includes all of the pet victim, special interest groups; the demographics who love to take Donkee abuse in exchange for free shit and not being arrested for shoplifting. The entire assortment of junk confused fruit freaks, assorted butt fuckers, kiddie fuckers, child molesters, deviants & perverts of every variety, oppressed and unhappy militant knee grows, “people of color” who don’t speak a word of English, grifters, thieves, power mad sociopaths and useless fuck faces who haven’t got enough good sense to know how to wipe their own asses.  

However, enough talk about Mordor on the Potomac & the all seeing Evil Eye. You know exactly who I’m talking about. The DC Speshull Kids Klub, The Political Elite, the parasites, Beltway Darlin’s, the Insane Donkee Posse, The Machine, the Establishment, The Deep State, the Star Chamber, the Fifth Column, etc. For the sake of simplicity, from here on out let’s just refer to them by the pronouns of “THEM “ and “THEY.” It seems THEY keep trying to provoke us into some sort of aggressive response THEY can then use as an excuse to really put down the hammer. You know, Martial Law & boots on the ground in the Motherland to save our “cherished democracy.” Shit, look how far over the fucking edge January 6th sent THEM. THEY are now sentencing people who weren’t even at the Capitol on that day to 20 years in prison. WTF? Somebody sure seems very paranoid & desperate, lately. The fact we aren’t taking the bait drives THEM even more crazy. It makes THEM stretch and overreach even farther. The way THEY are heading, soon it will be a crime not be a Democrat. That’s when shit will get really interesting.

They keep working their damndest to take down America. Thank goodness they FAIL at everything and can’t seem to do one fucking thing right. Not even that. Between you and I, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are programmed for their own destruction. All we need to do is just not interfere and enjoy watching the show. They can’t can’t conquer the country by force because they just don’t have the numbers. That’s why they are always making so much noise. It’s a defensive gesture designed to make them appear to be much bigger and formidable than they really are. For all their LIES and gaslighting, they are severely lacking in the required manpower to easily achieve their objectives. You have to be a complete Stage Four Pantyfa or Bowel Movements Matter mindless, gender fluid, ass sucking, zombie moron to put yourself out there on the line for these slimy asshats. The majority of Donkees are actually lazy shits who would just rather not be bothered having to get their hands dirty in any part in the Revolution. Like everything else, that ‘s somebody else’s job. They think they are all going to hang out at Starbucks once Utopia finally arrives; nursing their free trade soi chai lattes while writing Frankfurt School poetry, making shit art, surfing gay porn and living an a net zero world, whatever that’s supposed to mean. They’re outgunned too; and they know it, so they should get down on their knees everyday and thank their lucky stars that we aren’t so easily provoked to action by all the constant juvenile shit they keep pulling. We just want you pukes to stay out of our lives. What is it about that they just can’t seem to understand? The concepts of free choice and the pursuit of happiness are not found anywhere in the Hive Mind. The Hive is ALL. That’s a PROBLEM. I also know GOD is not found there. That’s a much BIGGER problem, at least for them.    

They have NO new ideas to offer and all their OLD ideas suck. Fucking worker cooperatives and unions, centralized management of everything. In regulation we trust. Blah, blah, blah! All the same shit that’s never worked before. They do not hold power by any majority consent to be governed. Instead, they wage intimidation & lawfare through the same justice system they have corrupted and weaponized. Cowards! Unfortunately, lawfare still works on us because it exploits our natural inherent respect for the Rule of Law. It takes advantage of our propensity to be good and moral people. Unfortunately, we are still moral enough to follow the same rules they couldn’t care less about. Yeah, it may be our weakness, but it’s also a BIG difference between US and THEM. WE still hold fast to maintaining our integrity. We haven’t sold ourselves out to Evil. As long as the judicial system remains warped in their favor, compromised, corrupt and complicit they’ll continue pushing. So what’s the end game? Have they even thought out an end game? Does it finally end when ALL the rest of us, some 120-150 million plus are either dead or in jail? Excuse me while I balk in skepticism and disbelief. Beware of waking the Sleeping Giant and filling him with a terrible resolve.

They are also busy setting the frame and teeing up the next big Steal for the 2024 election. They’re trying to raise the Chink Bat Flu Scamdemic from the dead again to corral us all into climate lockdowns and taking the latest batch of the toxic, genetic bioweapon known as the “vaccine.” Well sorry, I didn’t fall for it the first time and I’m certainly not going to fall for it now. Thankfully, there are a shitload of other people who have also decided that we are not doing to do the entire mask, distancing, shutdown, lockdown, vaccine, ventilator, death bullshit again. It’s funny how certain celebrities and Elite Klass members suddenly come down withe COVID for the 4th or 5th time and feel a need to announce it to the world in a press release right about the time Pfizer and Moderna need to launder another $10-20 billion from the Government through the latest booster just in time to save the world from the latest variant which is suddenly “exploding everywhere.” Funny how NONE of these variant posterkids never really get sooper sick, at least to where they have to check themselves into a hospital. It’s always only mild symptoms which usually disappear after the first week. Funny how they never DIE; but, that’s because they were already up to date on the previous seven boosters. See Kids? The vax won’t stop you from catching COVID, but you could die if you catch it and aren’t fully vaccinated. Or sumpting. Yeah, sure, whatever. How come it doesn’t work that way for Polio, Small Pox and Tetanus vaxxes? 

So the Donks are going to stand up again and profess that in order for everyone to stay safe locked up at home, we will have to once again implement the national mailbox/drop box voting system. Thank goodness the Rats care so deeply about my health! Don’t you know it? That’s because they are the party of tolerance & compassion. Kumbayah! It really sucks to have to say it, but there hasn’t been a whole lotta progress made since the Steal in 2020 to reform voter fraud. At least not at the national level; and WHO has mostly been in control of the Federal Government since that year? A few states have passed some safeguards through their state legislatures but that’s about it. The fucking Republicans have been completely MIA about the problem. It’s almost like they’re completely useless and don’t give a shit. OK, they ARE completely useless and don’t give a shit. If I really didn’t know better, I would be tempted to conclude that both the Rats & the RINOS are complicit in working together to make another steal possible. That means neither of them really give a shit about the rest of us and are mostly concerned with continuing to steer the ship of state in the direction which mosts benefits them. Fuck that!  Besides, who now is really going to stop them? 

Have you also noticed all of the outrage and direct action the Republicans have taken to free the January 6th political prisoners? Me neither! Nothing from these cheeser bastards! Which either means they are in on it or keeping their mouths shut because otherwise they may be the next useful idiots the DOJ stalinists throw in jail. NEITHER option inspires confidence. We are completely on our own, now. Nobody running for President even has the stones to go on the record and say they will pardon & release the J6 people if elected. Except of course, Trump. As if the Left wasn’t looking for another reason to hate and fear him even more!  Nobody running for office even mentions J6! It’s somehow become off limits, a political third rail. A non issue and taboo subject to discuss. Tells us everything we need to know about those limp jellyfish dicks who soak up air time promising tons of bullshit they have NO intention of ever delivering. Just another LIE to trick the Sheep, AGAIN. Once they are squarely planted in office, they won’t care because they don’t need to! SUCKERS. The guy who already made this country great again who holds the key to making it great again is the one the communists are now hammering on the hardest. Go figure.  Shit, who knows? At this rate there  may not even be an election as we know it in 2024. I mean, why waste valuable time going through all the pretense and motions when The Machine has already made their selections? If there is an election next year, votes will not determine the “winners,” ballots will. I guarantee you that hundreds of millions of ballots are already pre-printed, pre-counted, pre- certified and poised to flood the system before November of next year.

I can tell you exactly how this next theater of theft will unfold. There will be LOTS of Media coverage and distortion starting once the primary season has officially ended. A bunch of losers will exit the race after collecting several millions of sucker donor dollars. The critical races between candidates where the real balance of power lies (like the senate, exc.) will close and tighten in the final weeks and days. We will see terms such as “nail biter, neck and neck” and “down to the the wire finish” employed more and more. Yeah, polls will show stupid shit like Joe holding a slight edge over the racist, fascist, twice impeached, criminal Donald Trump because you know, Joe’s first term was such an overwhelming success that America just can’t want to bend over and take another four years. The Media and the FUX Decision Desk will try to select the winners and call a few races two minutes after the precincts close before the first vote is even counted. Early returns will show our side cruising assuredly to a landslide finish everywhere until counting is all called off everywhere mysteriously at the same time so that all of the $10 an hour black ballot counters with their BLM masks can all go home and get a good night’s sleep before resuming the count sometime during the next day. Once the counting starts again, we will start to see Trump’s lead narrow. We’ll see crucial races suddenly narrow to only a few hundred or even thousand votes. So close, they’ll need to be recounted at least a dozen more times over the next thirty days. This is when the Donkee magic miracles occur. 10,000 uncounted ballots will suddenly be discovered in the trunk of a 86 Olds Cutlass Supreme abandoned out at the airport. Of course, everyone of them will be marked for a democrat! Truckloads of ballots will mysteriously disappear and then reappear in route from drop boxes. The Rats will shop Federal judges to disqualify absentee ballots from predominantly red sources, like overseas Military. Finally, everyone of the democrat candidates will squeak by into office again on amazing close counts by the hair of their chinny chin chins! I tell you, We’ve seem this movie before! Trump could get a million bazillion votes but it won’t matter, Joe will still get more ballots. If you question the results in anyway, they will throw your ass in prison. Isn’t marxist “democracy” fun?

The million dollar question is will America & Americans stand for this bullshit again knowing how hard we were fucked over the first time? If the reluctance of the American public’s unwillingness to get back on that COVID merry-go-round is any indication, I say NO. At that point, we will find ourselves deep in the throes a national emergency; a constitutional crisis unlike any other we have ever experienced. Ten years ago, I would have never believed any of this was possible. I would have told myself I was full of shit.  Not any more. I’ve seen what these maggots can and can’t do. There’s plenty of shit happening now I would have never believed possible only a decade ago. This time, the stakes are higher than they have ever been before. This time, the communists are playing for keeps and as we have come to see, there really isn’t anything they won’t try whether it be starting a war with China or Russia, collapsing the economy or releasing another bioweapon virus to kill a few more million people. This time, they’re ready; they somehow already have the vaccine ready to go before they even have the variant. Whatever it is, it will be another Billy Gates mRNA puddle of shit designed to achieve more “depopulation.”  Cocksucking bastards will try their best to mandate it and make life for us Purebloods as miserable and difficult as possible. They are going to find their hands are full as fewer people will be willing to go along to get along this time.

Maybe I’m wearing too much aluminum foil on my head and I hope I’m completely wrong about all of this, but I don’t really think so. If I am, I’ll happily eat crow. However, let me use this opportunity to tell you there is NO fucking way I will ever wear a mask for any reason, take the jab or do any of their social distance training crap. They can even make it an international law but I will NOT submit & comply. EVER! I didn’t before with one only one exception; when my wife was ill and in ICU. Ok, that actually made sense. But in my car? At the gas station? Walking around outside? Mowing the yard? Shopping at the store? FUCK NO! Last time I was also far more tolerant and unaffected by all of the stupid busybody Karens I crossed paths with. This time, I will not be so patient and I will definitely not be nice. They better stay the fuck away from me. I will interpret any attempts for them to mind my business instead of their own as an opportunity to completely destroy them. Let them call the cops and try to arrest me for something which will probably just be an edict instead of a real law. I’ll claim Karen started it all by spitting on me. I fully intend to never comply with any government edicts. I refuse to be frightened out of my freedom. There will be NO social distancing, contact tracing, testing, masking, DNA samples or vaccinations for me or my family. None of it. And I’ll have plenty of company & agreement because I am smart enough not to live in some blue city ghetto toilet. As if things haven’t become interesting enough, they are most certainly about to become even more interesting in the coming months.  Remember, every small act of defiance dilutes their strength and control. They are thoroughly unprepared for the prospect of the millions of new people who are going to opt this time for refusing to consent to be governed. Thoroughly unprepared to deal with all the people who are going to tell them to shove their mandates and vaccines up their asses. Stand by and prepare to defy. Prepare to resist. Push them to make the first move.  Whatever they start, we will finish. Keep your eyes open, an ear to the ground and your powder dry. Never give up or give in. We got this…✪

For God Almighty, Country & Family!

General Mossberg