Donald Trump, American Dissident

Donald Trump has had an unusually long and dramatic tenure at the center of American politics. The reason is simple: Trump has an indomitable personality and an abiding refusal to kowtow to the establishment’s sacred cows…



rom the moment he entered the arena, he continuously provoked the ruling powers into a hysterical frenzy of breathless rage. Indeed, it’s hard to think of another American political figure who has caused more chaos, or faced more concerted and unscrupulous opposition. Only days ago, Trump sent his enemies up a wall with a blistering statement calling for an immediate end to the war in Ukraine, which he dared to call a “proxy battle,” and not the moral crusade for “democracy” that busybodies in both parties in Washington have described ad nauseam.

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America’s most dangerous foes are not in Russia, Trump said, but right here at home. Patriotic Americans are under siege by corrupt, “godless” tyrants who want to flood their neighborhoods with foreigners, force “Marxist” ideology on them and their children, and let politically protected criminals run amok, Trump said.

It was one of those statements that makes you ask, did he really just say that?

Trump has always distinguished himself from the great mass of ordinary politicians this way. He doesn’t mince words, but goes right to the heart of the matter. Trump won the abiding hatred of the political class in 2016 by noting a number of illegal Mexican border crossers were “rapists” and proposing a so-called “Muslim ban” that, in reality, was just a halt on immigration from select countries on the U.S. terrorist watch list. This was nothing short of a frontal assault on the Overton window and the idols of the anti-white globalists who have run the show for decades.

Trump went on to commit the unforgivable sin of humiliating the ruling elite by winning an election he was supposed to lose to Hillary Clinton. As he absorbed the slings and arrows of the establishment’s rage, he would become a martyr and a champion for a way of life to his followers.

The word now is that they’re going to arrest Trump in his native New York, the caput Mundi of the liberal order and the city where he built his real estate empire. On paper, the charges have something to do with a porn star and “campaign finance,” but these are merely the outward names for a nakedly political witch hunt that has gone on for almost a decade.

District Attorney Alvin Bragg, January 13, 2023.

Trump’s arrest obviously has nothing at all to do with the law. The prosecutor, a man named Alvin Bragg, is a black, leftist, George Soros-supported oaf who has plunged New York City into anarchy. Trump, perhaps the most famous person in the world—and a Hitlerian figure in Manhattan—can hardly expect to receive anything resembling a fair trial. It is the height of absurdity to suggest that a former American president and declared presidential candidate would be treated like a “regular criminal,” and galling even to invoke the “rule of law” when everyone knows that his rival, Joe Biden, who has been credibly accused of laundering millions in dirty Chinese dollars, will never face consequences.

The Trump witch hunt has never been about one man. If Donald Trump is arrested on these baseless charges, it will be an act of hostility toward millions and an attack on the political principle of self-rule. A free country cannot tolerate a corrupt, local machine prosecutor making an American president and opposition leader into a political prisoner. It will prove that Our Democracy is a sham, no better than Putin’s Russia, or, for that matter, Zelenskyy’s Ukraine.

All Republican primary candidates must vigorously and unequivocally defend Trump against this fraud. So far, we have seen damning hesitation from all but a few in the party, like businessman and primary candidate Vivek Ramaswamy and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.). Republicans who are reluctant risk discrediting themselves. You cannot expect your base to show up for you on Election Day if they believe you are willing to acquiesce to a rigged system.

Some on the right, fearful of entrapment by the government, advise inaction in response to Trump’s urgent calls for resistance. Clearly, the January 6th witch hunt has had a chilling effect. Entrapment is a legitimate concern: there’s nothing the establishment would like more than to create another pretext to crack down on dissent. Menshiviks like Adam Kinzinger are already blowing raspberries over the prospect of political violence. But a passive reaction would serve their goals just the same by humiliating the opposition. Americans have a right to assemble peaceably. If Americans are too fearful to protest an act of brazen tyranny, the country is already lost. ✪


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