Like many of you, I’m sitting here pondering not only the effects from the virus on our lives, but also those from our state and local governments. As you know, we’ve all somehow managed to get through this flu season with very few or no problems at all because we seem to be part of that rare group of people who don’t need to be told what to do in order to protect ourselves. We simply know how to use common sense by washing our hands and staying the fuck at home whenever we are sick! For years, we simply accepted the flu season as a part of normal life. Sometimes, we ended up catching it anyway & felt like total shit for a few days. In other instances, we might have gone years with out ever catching or even thinking about it. Have you ever wondered why?  The single most common thing in every previous flu season was that it came and went while Donald Trump wasn’t the President, that’s why. If we had a Democrat President sitting in the White House now, Covid 19 & this flu season in particular would probably have gone unnoticed and nobody, with the exception of New York City, would have had to deal with it any differently than before. I specifically mention New York City because the highest number of nursing home deaths, Cuomo launched investigations & Bill DeBlasio ass coverings, have succeeded in somehow making this virus racist. Thankfully, the United States does not have a Democrat President sitting in the White House. Donald Trump is now our President; and as you know, the socialist democrats have been working non stop for the last four years to undermine his policies and get rid of him. He has cost the Ruling DC Class billions of Dollars by stopping their endless campaigns of scheming graft & corruption, all designed to bleed American taxpayers dry.

Where I live is a classic example: a microcosm of the absolute crap the entire country is having to endure. The county where I live has had NO CV19 cases and NO deaths…nothing. In a neighboring county, there were only 223 cases and nine deaths total…in February. There have been NO new cases or deaths since. In March, there was another county that had an unusual spike in their case numbers, but there are also a disproportionate number of illegals living there. As you may have probably already guessed, cities or counties with zero Covid cases must also follow governor’s orders to lock down. Our largest local hospital here never even came close to being filled, much less being overrun with new Covid19 cases. Nonetheless, all elective procedures, including cancer treatments, were immediately cancelled. The St. Louis area has had the highest number of cases, but for Heaven’s sake, it’s a big city! Of course there’s going to be more cases in the cities; but 49 out of 82 counties in our state still have NO documented cases! Yet, it’s either lock down or go to prison for everyone living in those 49 unaffected counties. Absolutely maddening! 

The rest of America definitely isn’t New York City, so stop treating us like we are!  When you look at the majority of infections and subsequent deaths resulting from the bat flu, most are found in Democrat sanctuary cities where I don’t fucking live!  And that’s exactly why I don’t live in a Democrat city; because of shit like this!  Yet this is where we have now come, being treated as though we live in some soviet governed country!  Now they’re pushing this pathetic, Quixotic “until the flu is completely gone” bullshit. The flu will NEVER be completely gone! Even a Bill Gates “vaccine” will only be partially effective in 45% of infected people for THAT PARTICULAR SEASON!  The Coronavirus will continue to mutate regardless of all these futile efforts to stop it. It will still continue to infect new people. If there was ever a truly effective flu vaccine, then it follows we would no longer have any additional flu seasons. There has never been a completely effective vaccine, so we will continue to have future flu seasons.

I also don’t understand how Federal bailouts for blue states with massive unfunded liabilities & union pension obligations are in any way a cure for this virus. I can’t see how lobbyists who fund these pet socialist projects by writing the bills Congress signs without ever reading do little more than funnel obscene amounts of our money to Congressional fucks have anything to do with finding a cure for this virus!  How does Congress voting themselves raises help cure this fucking virus?  How is that supposed to work?  More gaslighting bullshit; the illusion they’re doing something to “save us all” is really all it amounts to.  The real virus infecting and endangering America is the Congress; our Covid Congress. China engineered and created this virus specifically to tank the world economy & to give themselves some breathing room from the economic ass whipping Trump was giving them. Since Congress appears to take their marching orders from the communist chinese & their Washington lobbyists, they happily blamed Trump with their fiends in the Media for this entire mess while destroying the new America he’s spent the last four years fighting against incredible odds to create. The only one thing they forgot to factor into their plans was American Individualism. Americans are now completely fed up and are giving the Ruling Class a big, gigantic fuck you! While it may not seem too apparent yet, this entire fiasco will fail. There may be a few who want to stay hiding & shaking under their beds in abject terror, but fuck them! They can choose to remain there!  As Americans we still have a choice to go out, do whatever we want without ever looking back and live free in the face of all these blatant grabs at total control. And that’s exactly what we’ve started to do, much to the anger & disappointment of those who were expecting complete conformity and subservience to the power and authority they’ve already gotten a small taste of and are now are reluctant to relinquish.

Thankfully, there is still a silver lining to be found in all of this madness: those who sought to destroy us have been vividly exposed. Those snitching quislings who turned in their neighbors have now been exposed as the despicable pieces of cowardly shit they really are. We now know who we can & can’t depend upon when this shit all finally goes south. The entire cross section of American society has been laid open and exposed for all to see. In future emergencies, we’ll be certain to remember those who betrayed our freedoms: mayors, city councils, and governors who took the side of socialist tyranny over traditional Americanism. We won’t soon forget, even as the socialists make their newest big push for mail in voting; the next fraud on steroids. I’m hoping mail in voting will prove to be as big a failure at unconstitutional power and control as the virus. Because if it isn’t, certain people will begin to be carefully targeted as domestic enemies and eliminated. Come this November, don’t forget those who put their boots on our necks; especially the RINOS. This will probably our last chance to peacefully vote them out of office. To be certain, there will be new cases of flu in the coming days and weeks; because it’s the fucking flu.  However, this pandemic is over. Don’t be fooled by the propaganda pretending to be news.  Go outside & continue living your lives as Americans. This temporary experiment with communism has left a bad taste in too many mouths. Stand up & spit it out! Give the finger to the idiots wearing masks. Laugh at them & pity their inability to get up from their knees in the face of big government.  Do your best to be the best American you know you are and can be.

AMERICA! FUCK YEAH! Now get out there and make them fear us even more.

That is all. Carry on.

General Mossberg