We’re No Longer In Kansas, Toto

We’re No Longer In Kansas, Toto

✪ If there was ever any question in your minds whether or not America was still operating under the thin pretense of being a constitutional republic, the events of this last week should prove be MORE than enough to provide the answer! Thanks Demoncraps, once again you’ve pushed that envelope of radical political extremity far beyond acceptable limits to boldly go where NO other political party in American history has ever gone before! Before you assholes go patting one another on the back or awarding yourselves medals, I don’t mean that in a good or positive way. Merrick Garland thinks he is finally getting his revenge for not being coronated on the Supreme Court. This is a textbook example of how sixth grade, progressive donks who get wedgies during PE class eventually grow up to become tyrannts.

It was really tough going making myself watch any kind of news this past week. I had to put on a pair of rubber waist waders before slogging thru all the rank, rancid misinformation shit quicksand. And what another fucking Donkee Show it was! Another massive demonstration of Joe Regime DOJ gay pride as more than 100 FIB agents swooped in to make a pre dusk raid on the Orange Man Bad’s castle at Mar A Lago. I swear, it looked like the end of Transformers 9 with dozens of black, window-tinted guberment Escalades & Tahoes blocking off the street to “secure the perimeter.” “At last, we’ve finally got Trump this time!” Somewhere in Pedowood, a rich Meathead is spooging all over himself in orgasmic joy. This was nothing short of a fully fledged paramilitary operation complete with bad ass, turkey Fed beefcakes sporting mirror sunglasses & Kevlar vests, clucking in Fedspeak to each other over their walkie talkies and sneering into the cameras while clinging to their evil black rifles. “Fear mah authority!” A real Fed sausage fest intended to send a warning message to the rest of us dumb yokel “domestic terrorists” out here in flyover country to not have any unsavory thoughts about Dear Leader. To SMILE while we are being forced to eat that gigantic shit sandwich they are jamming down our throats. The message is crystal clear “See, if we can do it to Trump, we can do it to you, too!” If you ask me, the optics looked more like a lot of faggot butt wanking considering nobody was even at home during the so called “raid.” In fact, the joke was on them; Trump & his family were in New York at the time, reportedly watching and taping all the festivities from a network of closed circuit television cameras. Instead of it looking like a show of force, the entire fiasco has blown up in their faces. Now that’s entertainment!

According to the seething, frothing & blabbering Left, Trump has most certainly broken serious laws & committed serious crimes; only after six years, nobody can really tell you what they are. In fact, nobody can name even just ONE. At least that’s the latest claims from our righteous Joe DOJ which is always fighting for truth, justice & the American Way! Yes, the Orange Man Bad is most certainly the most notorious criminal of the century. Funny how everyone thought his shit smelled like roses and wanted to be his bestest pal when he was strictly a private citizen; before he threw his hat into the political ring in 2015. His crimes? GUILTY of putting America First. Trump created one of the best economies in my lifetime, record unemployment, wage growth and almost non-existent inflation. He secured our borders, faced down China and didn’t start a single new war during his entire term. Most of all, he made America energy independent and poised to become the largest net exporter of energy in the World before the current crop of globalist, Deep State, cocksucking sociopathic criminals we’re stuck with now stole the election. The very same current crop of globalist, Deep State, cocksucking sociopathic criminals we’re stuck with now who organized and executed this “raid.” Crucify him! Which once again begs the question; what actual crimes are Trump guilty of committing? Can somebody please tell me? Kinda strange that after almost six years of non-stop, baseless accusations, endless fake news, hostile speculation, pee dossiers, multi-million dollar government investigations, phony show trial hearings and ultimately the illegal violation of this man’s private and personal living space, NOBODY has been able to answer this fucking question. However, you & I already know the answer; Trump has committed NO crimes whatsoever and all of this blustering, bolshevik dog & pony show is designed only a ruse to smear and degrade him as to render him politically impotent. If there’s one thing that keeps the Beltway, Stalinist parasites up late at night & spots their little girl panties it’s the terrifying prospect of Trump returning to the White House. Listen, I’ve heard all of the arguments pro & con why a Trump second term may or may not be possible (he’ll be too old, he’s shitty at making appointments, etc.) so I will not venture a guess here & now as to whether or not that will actually happen. Let me just leave it at this; if there’s anyone out there who can pull off such an historic comeback, Trump is the guy.

If it feels like a different America this week because something important has dramatically changed, that’s because it has. In fact, we crossed an number of new event horizons on our race to the bottom. Thanks, Demoncraps! Another new low: never before in our almost 250 years as a Republic has one political party stooped so low as the Democrats to employ every strong arm tactic imaginable to neutralize their political opposition. Once again, the Rats made history! Raiding someone’s private residence while deliberately spreading misinformation and calling for the their incarceration or execution puts us into the same ballpark as any other banana republic. That’s Chavez, Castro, Lenin, Stalin, Kim Jun Un bullshit and apparently, it’s also Joey Potatoes, Liz Cheney, Adam Schitt and the Deep State Star Chamber kind of bullshit, too. It’s the political equivalent of pulling an Anne Heche; getting all liquored & coked up to go driving at 90 mph thru somebody else’s house. Trump had previously informed the DOJ months in advance which documents he specifically possessed. The DOJ did not bother with allowing his lawyers to view the actual warrant; but instead, claimed the it was sealed. Apparently in the new America, the cops can now raid your house and throw you in jail without even bothering to give you a reason. Yet really dangerous violent criminals are routinely freed back out onto the streets. Due process, the presumption of innocence until proven guilty & The Rule of Law? Fuck those old dinosaurs! This is how we do it now, motherfuckers! Home of the Free & Land Of the Brave! Whatever…derp!

A couple of closing comments and observations about this week’s “raid” before I move onto the next thorns stuck in my ass. First, like everything these scheming, worthless bastards think up, it FAILED completely in its effort to paint Trump as some kind of power lusting, dishonest narcissistic madman still trying to overthrow & bring down a “legitimately elected government” (cough, cough) because of sour grapes about a sooper rock star like Joe Biden routing his ass with a record 81 million votes. If anything, this latest crusade by the Democrats to neutralize & sink Trump has completely backfired. It has instead served to further expand & solidify Trump’s base of support only six months out from the start of the 2024 Presidential primary season. Some are even speculating that the Mar A Lago Putsch may have already solidified Trump as the 2024 republican nominee. I won’t go that far yet, because it’s still a long way until November 2024 and too many crazy things can still happen along the way like WWIII or the Rats declaring Martial Law or completely suspending the Constitution. Hell, there’s NO guarantees we’ll have even have elections in 2024 if things continue going the way they are…

Finally, SHAME on all of you DOJ & FBI establishment douchebags for selling out your brand & mission to become just another private enforcement arm of the Democrat Party. SHAME on you for betraying DECADES of public trust & confidence to support the real criminals who are actively engaged in the destruction of this great country. SHAME on you for persecuting an innocent man in order to find some sort of crime you can hang on him. SHAME on you for searching thru Melania’s clothing collection and her private undergarments! What you clowns did here this last week did not go unnoticed and will not long gone be forgotten. I really believed this time you have finally awakened the Sleeping Giant and filled him with a terrible resolve.

There were a couple of other unfortunate milestone events which transpired last week which also put us into dangerous & uncharted territory. The first was the passage of the infamous “Inflation Reduction Act;” which in the political doublespeak which seems to be so popular & in fashion should really be called the “Throw More Gas On Inflation Act.” You don’t really ever need to serve as a FED Chairman to know that when you print more phunny money, you automatically get more inflation because the purchasing power of that money becomes more diluted. More Dollars in circulation chasing diminishing supplies adds up to higher prices on everything, aka INFLATION. This is particularly true when you also combine all the irresponsible money management with the fucking hatchet job they’re doing on supply chains in oder to make Unkle Klaus’ Fourth Industrial Revolution wet dream come true.

If you’re looking for inflation in the economy to actually decrease between now and the Winter because of this latest exercise in the systematic, kleptocraptic looting of the country before it finally implodes, then I suggest you are seriously ill informed and setting yourself up for extreme disappointment. The thieving DC bastards passed this monstrosity as a “continuing resolution” instead of as a formal “budgetary spending bill.” That’s how they were able to get around the congressional rule of requiring at least a 60 vote majority in the Senate to pass this pile of steaming pork shit. Alas, “continuing resolutions” only require a 51 vote majority to pass. How convenient. The vote on this historic “Inflation Reduction Act” was 50/50 in the Senate with Kamel the Whore of course casting the tie breaker vote. Go figure. Instead of providing any practical benefits to millions of Americans suffering under this trainwreck clusterfuck of a Donkee economy, it funds everything else under the Sun Democratic Socialists pine for including billions more for preserving “democracy” in Ukraine, subsidizing “alternative” energy source boondoggles to reward their constituents and special interests for their loyalty; along with the regular claptrap about growing ever more government and expanding their marxist entitlement society to the point where we’re all scratching in the dust and fighting each other over the crumbs they drop from their table. The game seems to be to bankrupt the country so if another Conservative political majority ever seizes power again, there will be absolutely NO money left to fix anything.

What I find most concerning in this latest episode of Grand Theft America is the $80 BILLION the Rats have allocated to double the size and power of the current IRS by hiring and training 87,000 new auditing agents. 87,000 new auditing agents who will also be armed with weapons. This too, is a new bridge we as a nation have never crossed before; the blatant weaponization of Federal government agencies to specifically target the American public. Don’t be fooled, this new army isn’t going to be deployed only to make certain a handful (less than 700 total) American billionaires “pay there fair share.” Nor should you ever rest easy in believing all their lies about how “only those making over $400K” a year will be the ones most scrutinized. The Rats are forming & organizing an army of tax revenuer thugs to finally obliterate the Middle Class and purge the country of all Conservative political opposition. Get ready, because they’re going to be coming after we Deplorables, Deniers and “domestic terrorists.” There’s an absolutely ungodly amount of written tax code (almost 80,000 pages) much of which is puzzling, contradictory & nonsensical. Not even the fucking IRS completely understands their own tax laws so we must to assume out of all those 80K pages of code, the US Government will have MORE than ample opportunities to find some way you have broken the law and make you into a criminal in your own country. Why else do you think they are so obsessed with taking away our guns?

Watch this really carefully Kids, because it could be the one that starts things cooking off in a serious way. For the time being, it unfortunately sets a entirely new precedent for encroaching tyranny and I’m not complete certain if that’s a sign of their desperation or confidence in keeping this shit show running. I rather suspect it to be more out of desperation because they know they can’t keep all the balls they are juggling up in the air much longer. Plan & prepare accordingly, Patriots. in case you haven’t noticed lately, we’re no longer in Kansas, Toto. ✪

Hold that line and stay vigilant,

General Mossberg