The Masters Of Insanity

The Masters Of Insanity

✪ Good Afternoon Mr & Mrs America and all ships at sea! How are you holding out after enduring and surviving this last week’s latest exciting and thrilling episode of Donkee Mystery Theater? Hey, whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right? I’ll tell you, there’s some days where it’s tough just getting out of bed in the morning. Living through this shit some times feels like being forced at gunpoint to do a round of chemo everyday. The good news is that it’s provided me with an opportunity to re-evaluate my life priorities and focus in on what’s really more important. Yeah, I was really hoping I could just be left the fuck alone to enjoy living out my retirement years in peace & quiet, but there are just too many communist assholes running the show now who seem bound & determined not to let that happen. I’m way past the point of denying the fact I probably won’t get to do that, so if History calls and I gotta saddle up to ride into battle, so be it. We all know the way out is really the way through; there’s no running away from any of this. I’ve also changed up how I organize my life in general; along with my daily normal routines in such a way where I am growing better at weathering the tremendous amount of crazy whack our current Masters Of Insanity deliberately push on us everyday. I’m to the point now where I won’t allow them and their shit to affect me as much as before because I now clearly see & understand their game, less of their garbage sticks to me. I have become comfortably numb.

I think the real insanity kicked into high gear back with the chink bat flu. First there was initial CONFUSION because the government cocksuckers told us so many lies they could no longer keep any of their stories straight. All the lockdowns, shutdowns, masking, panic, gaslighting & needless fear mongering really did not compute or add up for any half assed, intelligent person who wasn’t already a mindless feeeeeelings driven zombie sheep. Do you remember the moment when it first dawned on you the supposed “cure” they were selling us was far worse than the virus itself? That’s because it WAS. After that, came ANGER as a clearer, overall picture finally emerged as to what these power mad, shit eating, luciferian globalist demons were really doing. Nothing less than the compete dismantling of civilization itself in order to implement their sick, twisted fuck version of their future on all of us. You know, the future where they slaughter everyone on Earth down to a final 500 million who will have nothing and be miserable, living as slaves under the boot heel of some dystopian, centralized communist world government in a neo-feudal, utopian wet dream clusterfuck, digital police surveillance state eating bugs & doing all of the heavy lifting so our Elite masters can enjoy all the freedoms and quality of life they stole from us. So they have plenty of free time to jet set, party and screw robots. Sorry about the huge run on sentence. That happens when I’m pissed. Yeah ANGER, righteous, burning anger in spades, motherfuckers!

Here we are already going on three years into this bullshit and they have for all intensive purposes FAILED. The original plan was to break us quickly with fear. We were supposed to come running to them and give up all our freedoms for the promise of their security. However, from where I stand, it looks like that plot completely backfired. Most people now seem more determined than ever to get back to some dependable routine of normalcy in their lives. ENOUGH already of the chaos and fear. People just want stability now. The only thing they have really accomplished is the complete betrayal & destruction of the public trust in traditional institutions. The outcome of that stupidity is that most people now trust nothing and nobody except themselves; and perhaps, that isn’t such a bad thing. I know I do. I also know that jumping out of my skin every time they roll out the latest manufactured crisis or disaster isn’t ever going to get me where I want to be, much less any peace of mind. So why continue to walk down that road or give them that power & advantage when we now know it dead ends into a prison cell or grave? NO thanks! Nope, it’s game over suckers! With the exception of the most lobotomized among us who are probably wasting oxygen anyway, everybody else has pretty much come to the realization the scamdemic jig is up and it’s all just been one big fucking LIE. Yeah, we’ve been immunized; mostly against all of the dishonest, manipulative, subversive globalist bullshit. We’re “woke” alright, but certainly not by their definition. Almost everybody except the most faithful now know masking doesn’t work, social distancing doesn’t work; and most of all, the fucking vaccines don’t work. Most people see through all of the so-called “solutions” the “experts” provided only made everything much worse and none of that happened by accident. Prove me wrong! In the words of the WHO “We won’t get fooled again.”

If you’re reading this now, that means your resolve to adapt, survive and overcome has been forged and hardened in the fires of social adversity stoked by the Masters Of Insanity. I understand it sure as Hell hasn’t been fun, but I know I now see things much clearer than ever before. However, hope still springs eternal for the Merchants of Insanity while they continue slinging their dirty underwear against the wall hoping one day something will eventually stick. In real gestures of desperation, they roll out a new plague, crisis or disaster, one after another almost every week now hoping to stampede the Sheep & recapture their glory days of the original coh-vud panic and power! “You’re not allowed to become comfortable because the pandemic’s not over yet! It’s really not!” YES it IS, assholes! “Oh NO, the new HN1 variant has broken out! It’s on the move and spreading fast!” Fuck OFF, shiteaters! “Monkeypox is coming, monkeypox is coming! Be afraid, be very afraid!” Nahhhh, I don’t think so. I don’t cruise queer bars or spend any of my time in bath houses taking it up the ass, so I think I’m probably ok. Pardon me while I chose not to run in circles terrified. Now it’s the dreaded classic diseases of old like polio & tuberculosis which are suddenly & inexplicably making their comebacks. Or worse, some sort of strange, undefinable, never before seen mystery ailment popping up out of some fourth world toilet shithole and then just as quickly evaporating after it fails to gain any traction in our gaslighting, fear mongering fapdog media. Keep crying “wolf” cocksuckers. You’ve already shot your wad; that gun is completely out of ammo; nobody listens to you or your crap anymore.

However, I think it only fair I should warn you there is a very real and dangerous disease currently ravaging the social foundations of America. It’s the dreaded DONKEEPOX plague and it’s a real killer! Symptoms include being afraid of the weather, hating yourself & others; an overall, general malaise and inability to fully enter into the happiness of Life, feeling guilty about the color of your skin, and compulsions to steal & spend other people’s money or have sex with farm animals. I don’t know exactly how to break this to you, but your chances of contracting DONKEEPOX are exponentially greater if you live in California, New York, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota or Oregon. As the disease progresses, patients discover Donald Trump living inside their heads, are possessed by delusions the Government is really God, abortion is healthcare, women have penises, men can have babies and that tyranny is in fact really “democracy.” If left untreated, the final terminal stages of DONKEEPOX are always FATAL: the victim may resort to cutting off their junk or one day explosively shit all of their brains out of their ass after too many years of drinking Karl Marx flavored Kool Aide. The final result is usually a human being reduced to a petty, perverted, reprobate maggot. A parasitic worm who is but a mere hollow shell of their former self and a completely worthless liability to both society and themselves. Incapable of thinking a single original thought or experiencing any personal happiness while resigned to living out an empty existence in grandma’s basement smoking weed, playing video games and getting by on Disability while they work on their “art.” Occasionally, one of them learns how to game the system enough to rise to what at first appears to be a phenomenal level of success, especially after they move to Hollywood; however, don’t be fooled. They still possess NO soul. The only known cure for DONKEEPOX is too intense for most of these patients to endure because it involves immediate, massive injections of Right Wing Conservatism. Unfortunately, most patients refuse such risky treatment and instead prefer to succumb to the disease so that they may continue to vote Democrat forever.

So on and on they go, our Masters Of Insanity. Spinning the webs in which they will eventually trap themselves. History bears it out; it’s only a matter of time. Stealing elections, starting proxy wars, voting and laundering themselves huge vast sums of wealth; corrupting, confusing and soiling everything clean, moral, decent, fun and good thing they can get their filthy satanic hands on. All the while with their Media tools and bitches trying to convince you & I what we know we’re really seeing with our own two eyes are things that we’re really not seeing with our own two eyes because they want to be the exclusive deciders of what’s “real” and what’s not. Fuck that! And as we all know damned well by now, what they’re selling as their version of reality is completely 180 degrees the opposite, bass ackwards from what you & I know to be the truth. According to them, the real America was born in 2009 and Barak Obama is really George Washington, conformity & agreement to their ideology & agenda are “democracy,” human beings possess more genders than brands of beer at Dave & Busters, the world is going to end and we’re all gonna die if we don’t transition to wind and solar alternative energy sources and there’s no such thing as printing and wasting too much money because as we all know, that’s never what causes inflation, recessions or depressions. Yeah right.

I’m willing to bet that a fair share amount of the stress we experience in our daily lives comes from the inconvenience of having to unnecessarily slog through all of this mental quicksand and is really just the natural result of our subconscious minds trying to make some sort of sense out of this bullshit smokescreen when in actuality, it’s all completely nonsensical. Coming to a personal moment of cognition and realization that you’re not really going crazy and all of this is by an evil design intended to fuck with your head can give you an immediate one up on the situation. It can also be a tremendous relief. STOP worrying about everything or trying to make sense of it all; that’s the trap. Moving forward, we’re going to need to retain as much of our mental energy and resources as possible to meet whatever challenges may come next. Stop listening to and plugging into the noise the Masters Of Insanity generate. Trust in yourself & God; because that’s really the way forward out of all this chaos and confusion. Don’t let the assholes throw us off of our game. We got this.✪

Stay vigilant and hold that line, Patriots!

General Mossberg