Through A Mirror Darkly

Through A Mirror Darkly

✪ It finally dawned on me this past week that there is definitely a factor at work in all of the madness that perhaps many people do not see because they are too busy being distracted by one fake and phony, made up crisis & outrage after another by this fucking worthless, criminal, NWO puppet government currently running this country and the World into the ground. When I look beyond all the noise & drama about climate change, systemic racism, inflation, supply chain issues, transgenderism, illegal immigration, Build Back Better, The Green New Deal, possible nuclear annihilation, proxy war with Russia & a new viral pandemic flavor almost every week now to spook the sheep into submission (have I left out or forgotten anything?), what I see is a common thread already baked into all of this shit specifically designed to generate as much chaos, confusion & misery as possible.

Make no mistake, the chaos masters of government, aka the Elite, aka the Political Class, aka the Ruling Class, aka the Aristocracy whatever the fuck you wanna call them, are running this dumpster fire and completely responsible for all of the confusion, misery & suffering the rest of us are being forced to endure. They’re the evil, sick & twisted fucks who directly profit from their psychopathic lust to dominate all of Humanity and destroy Western Civilization. They are the legions of “fundamental transformation” marxist government termites burrowed deep in the body politic of our cancerous government which has completely metastasized out of proportion since the November 2020 STEAL; and, now wants to completely involve itself in the digitized micromanagement of every fucking aspect of our daily personal lives because Heaven forbid there is ever a single one of us who entertains one fucking different thought, idea or belief which goes against the Hive Empire! Honestly, I think there’s only two reasons why the Government hasn’t gone full Nazi boxcar, cultural revolution, mass genocide on the country so far and that’s because they’re not smart enough to figure how to get our guns away from us in such a way where we won’t use them; and, they need to keep milking us as tax slaves until they can complete the transfer of all the wealth to themselves.

Then, there’s the woke corporate masters of business who have betrayed their own customers; the very people who originally gave them all of their power and the means to build their businesses into the international, multi-national juggernauts they have unfortunately become. These slimy bastards are betting heavy their government partners in crime will keep their profits increasing by forcing their poisonous “vaccines” on you & I. The truth is, they couldn’t give a dead rat’s ass if we suffer, die or our lives are completely destroyed so long as they get to sell another 200 million overpriced doses of their “genetic alteration agent” experiment to the government. Of course, all paid for with your tax dollars to fulfill some utopianist wet dream of a “depopulated” Earth where a servant serf demographic lives in unventilated 8 X 10 cinderblock tower boxes and eats bugs; completely run by an unelected, unaccountable Star Chamber of self appointed tyrants who think they fucking know best about everything. I beg your pardon for all of the lengthy run on sentences. That tends to happen more often when I’m pissed. Don’t believe me, then just take a look at their war on everything thats been built during the last 200 years.

I know, I know. You wanna know what that single common denominator is which is found in every part of this fucking train wreck. Stay with me, because I’m getting to it! Then we have the international, quasi-political organizations like the EU, UN, IMF, NATO & the FED & WEF who are all assuming some right to political power to dominate and reshape the entire World just because they have money and feel entitled. I don’t know about you, but do you remember ever voting for any of these clowns? Me neither. Has anyone ever called you personally to ask you if you’d like to give up your cars, guns or freedoms for their “greater good?” Me neither. To ask you to drive an electric car, give up meat, go without travel or submit to some kind of fucking sinister ESG social credit system designed to modify your life behaviors in order to conform to their World Communist agenda thru punishment and reward behavior modification? Me neither. Funny, I also don’t remember signing any documents which make me responsible as a debtor for $30 TRILLION in wasteful spending. I certainly didn’t “borrow” any of that fucking money and if I did, I’d be living the high life like fucking Zelensky right now! Like the Big Pharma companies, these nefarious self-appointed worldwide organizations probably started out with good enough intentions as ways of proposing remedies for very real problems but then got hooked on the POWER they accumulated thru a public trust they once served but have now completely betrayed. However, I digress… Has anybody ever heard of smallpox, diptheria, hepatitus or polio? Yeah, there was once a time (up until about two years ago) when the Pharma & Healthcare Industries actually understood their mission & responsibility was to improve the collective human condition by mitigating physical suffering & eliminating killer diseases. After COVID, there’s no fucking way I’m going to allow them to ever stick a needle in my arm under some bullshit pretense of “public health safety.”

Finally, there are the sick twisted fucks who by either some strange fortune of fate or underhanded dealings have acquired so much fucking money in their pathetic lives that they believe in their own eyes to somehow know better and be more important than the rest of we useless eaters who are standing in the way of all their fantasies of turning the entire planet into their own version of a Disney theme park (literally) where they do nothing but ride the rides all day while the rest of us keep the grounds tidy and their merry go rounds running. You know exactly who I’m talking about. The filthy billionaire maggots like Billy Gates, Soros, Oberreichfuhrer Klaus & everyone else who can afford the expensive ante to get into this big game of carving up the World for their buddies and themselves. These are the people who just can’t leave well enough alone and who are never happy unless they are fucking with somebody else’s life. People who really don’t know jack shit about energy, agriculture, viruses or diseases, but have coronated and installed themselves as opinion makers and the de facto authority overlords of the Future simply because they believe all of their money somehow entitles them to do so. Fuck that! This group also includes 98% of the woke apostates occupying Vatican, Inc. strictly by the fact that they have so much money & holdings that they feel they can directly influence outcomes for the rest of us. Don’t count them out. They may not be as vocal or obvious as the other guilty criminal players, but that’s because after 2000 years, they’ve learned to keep their mouths shut, their cards close to their chest and navigate silently below the surface of the water to get exactly what they want.

So these are the what and who I consider to be the biggest players of the International Criminal Syndicate which is directly responsible for all the chaos, confusion, suffering, misery and death in the World today. I often consider how Human Race could immediately enter a new Golden Age overnight if only the top 1000 of these luciferian chaos loving bastards would just suddenly disappear and the rest of us were allowed to get on with the simple enjoyment of living our lives without a bunch of assholes interfering with our rights to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Hmmmmm. Hey, let’s get something straight right here and right now before any potentially lurking leftards soil their little girl panties: I am in no way advocating nor suggesting any physical harm should ever come to one hair on the head of our beloved global elite because as we all know and our wonderful LBGTQIA1LDDBS brothers & sisters have taught us, it’s really all about the LOVE, kumbayah! Besides, deep down inside, we all understand our global overlords are really doing all of this for our own good out of the love and kindness of their own hearts, right?

OK, so what’s the common thread running thru all of this crap that keeps this shit show propped up & continues to make it all possible? What’s the one thing that unites the plan, players and purpose all together in a single package? Without making anything else more complicated than it already actually needs to be, I believe it is this: a massive & contrived conquest on behalf of a complete denial of reality. Stay with me. Enter the crooked and corrupt fapdog Media eagerly dry humping their cult master’s legs to win a bone from the table of the New Order. Think back on about how MANY times you may have heard about something happening in the World & your first impression was “WTF?” That’s exactly what happens when the part of your rational, human, mental sensibilities inform you that even though you don’t own a bazzilion gazzilion Dollars or have sold your soul to the Machine thru decades of esteemed “public service,” you still know that what you just heard or witnessed is either false, wrong or just moonbat insane. Please note it may not be completely obvious on the surface of things whenever you’re having to chose between the manufactured distractions of deciding between food & shelter or waiting three months to talk to someone about that mysterious lump behind your knee or for the fucking slow boat from China to arrive with you broken AC part so you won’t have to sweat like a pig in heat everyday.

Once you make a conscious choice to disregard all of the noise and distractions you’ll see this purposely contrived denial of reality permeates & saturates every aspect of the present insanity roaming the World. Whatever it may lack in impact it certainly more than makes up in subtlety. A huge part of why life is currently so unpleasant and such an ongoing clusterfuck now lies in the fact that we are all constantly being strong armed at the mental level to accept fantasies as fact, lies as truth & an entire host of ideas and considerations we all know deep down inside are just bullshit. We’re slowly being conditioned to act on emotion while simultaneously pushed to abandon the security of our own better common sense; forced to doubt our own ability to judge & know what is best for ourselves. Fuck that!

It’s almost as if they’re trying to construct some sort of mental Tower Of Babel, some sort of dark, alternative, mirror prison world where everything is completely 180 degrees the opposite of how things really should be & are. Sometimes, it’s just so fucking obvious you just can’t help but have it slap you in the face; regardless, it’s always there and it always fucks with you because they are always pushing it. Come on, Man! Nobody in their fucking right mind actually believes men can have babies or inflation is really an indicator of a “robust” economy. Does our support of the war in Ukraine really make any sense? Is the forced transition to alternative energy sources before they are adequately developed to handle the new demand make sense? Why is protecting the electoral process now considered “voter suppression?” Why are Blacks still slaves in America? How can a border be “secure” when three million parasite invaders have already breached it in the last 18 months? How is it that a legal protest is claimed to be an “insurrection” which attempted to overthrow a “duly elected” government? HOW did the good people who love this country the most come to be labeled “domestic terrorists?” It literally hurts to have to think and deal with all of this bullshit, because deep inside of all of us there’s a part that just knows better and isn’t buying any of it.

The fucking crazy has been so mixed into everything, ON PURPOSE and to the point where we’re obviously supposed to be so clouded and snowed that we no longer know which way is up or down or what to do without the solutions provided by the very same people who originally gave us these problems. Whew, thank goodness we will always have the wisdom of Big Government, business and Media to lead us once again into the light, right? I’d like to suggest right here and now that a very large part of the stress, anxiety and general discomfort most of us experience in our daily lives comes from our own intrinsic, natural ability to distinguish what is right, true and good from the shit sandwich we are being served. If it feels “off,” that’s probably because it is “off.” The Good Book saw this coming a very long time ago and knew it to be important enough to specifically point out. Remember this?

Isaiah 5:20

20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.

I know it may not be much comfort nor any assurance things may one day return to “normal.” I know they will; however, it won’t be the old “normal” of the past. It also won’t be the new “normal” of their false future built on nothing but a mountain of lies. It’s up to each and everyone of us to make certain that never happens. Who knows? Perhaps aliens from another planet might land one night and kidnap the top 1000 engineers of our esteemed Earthly brain trust and wisk them away to fuck up their own planet. What a beautiful morning we would all wake to after that happened.

I also understand I might just be hammering on a bunch of things you may already know but I think it’s important to sometimes stop and step back from all the madness to re-evaluate the situation in a completely new unit of time and take new stock in precisely where we are in the process. If we can do that, then we’ll all have a much better chance of staying on our feet and not letting the bad guys throw us off from doing what we all know needs to be done. I believe this conflict is after all, taking place mostly within the domains of our own minds and that everything else which happens follows from the ramifications of how all of that unfolds. And that is exactly how we will ultimately defeat this evil; by refusing to give it the ground it requires to completely take root within ourselves. A fucking lie is still a lie regardless of how many times we may be told it is the truth so long as we remain aware of the fact it is a lie being sold as the truth. If you want to discover a real source point of your personal strength in refusing to become ungovernable, that’s it. Guard the ramparts of your own mind to keep those barbarian, invading forces out. In the end, there’s really nothing they can do about that. I know it may be very uncomfortable at times, but spotting and keeping an eye on it in all of the unpleasantness we experience is more than half the battle won. The sickness is all in them and NOT you & I. I guarantee it!

Food for thought. ✪

Always stay true to what you know and believe to be the truth,

General Mossberg