✪ Happy New Year to each and every one of you, dear fellow Americanists! Welcome to the last Double Barrel of 2022. And so we come to the end of yet another one damned thing after another kind of year; and to be honest, I’m just glad we hung in there to make it to today’s finish line. I guess it was a pretty good year for you if you happened to be an esteemed member of our wonderfully privileged, elite, political ruling class or one of their many parasite pals who call the Beltway home and feed off the government largesse which feeds off taxpayer revenue which feeds off the stolen sweat of every working American but what the Hell, worms gotta eat to, right? It was also a good year if you like war, sodomy, satanism, stealing, selling drugs, trafficking humans, shoplifting, murder; chemically or surgically castrating your junk. In other words, if you were a communist Democrat sadist hellbent on stirring up as much chaos and destruction for the sake of, you know, change, then you had a helluva year. Yeah, I’m more than ready to close this one out and take it off the books. Time to move on. Yet again, I implore all of you don’t ever give up or in! Be determined to have a Happy New Year and tell the enemy to GF themselves.

My friends, all of this is by design and so completely unnecessary; we all know it. I can’t exactly prove it, but I think the plans for all of this current madness and stupidity were drawn up and prepared decades ago by a bunch of bored, sexually frustrated collectivists with God complexes and far too much money for their own good. These billionaire socially engineering, merchant of chaos asshole clowns somehow believe in their tiny minds that since they have so much money they somehow know better and their lives are somehow much more important than yours or mine. Last I checked, I’m fairly certain all their money does not confer to them any special privileges of immortality or the right to think they can tell the rest of us how we are going to live. It won’t help them to live another second longer when their time comes. Their shit still stinks and they still bleed like everybody else when cut; perhaps even more so… 

They will also have to stand before the Throne and answer in judgement for all of their sick and wicked shit. Scuse me, but somebody will haves some splainin’ to do, Lucy! Honestly, why can’t people just be left the fuck alone & allowed to live in freedom enjoying the rewards of their own toil as the masters of their own destinies? FFS! Paradise lost! It’s really a simple concept which isn’t improved upon by having idiots crap all over it. If you’re looking out there for some sort of utopia, that’s it! The freedom to be responsible for your own happiness! I know, I know, those simple ideals are only the horribly outdated thoughts of a bunch of 250 year old patriarchal WHITE guys; some of whom owned (gasp) slaves! Nahhhh, can’t go having that. Can’t allow people the freedom to engineer their own lives & happiness. Who the fuck do they think they are? What would happen if everyone was happy, healthy and prosperous? One result would be that it would be really hard to control others or make them into victim who could be manipulated by the unhappiness they were tricked into creating for themselves. Nahhhh, it’s just lots more fun to turn everyone into Sheep for idle amusement and then push them into hating each other over some delusion about skin color or how they need to live in a perpetual state of unhappiness and dissatisfaction because of some impossible, completely unreachable and infantile notion of absolute “equality.” Yes, all men ARE created equal, but that’s as far as that goes. What happens next to all of us in Life then becomes the results of the decisions we make for ourselves, for better or worse. That’s where the power of “free will” enters into the picture. It’s those ’inalienable rights’ which make everything possible in the ultimate “pursuit of happiness.” Hey, why should it be my problem if you still insist on being a dumbass by continually making the same wrong choices over and over? Why should the quality of my life suffer in order to shore up your unwillingness to experience the effects of your own causes? Fuck that! Stupid is supposed to hurt because that’s how we learn; at least those of us who don’t want to live as slaves in the future.

The reason why all of this shit always feels so heavy is because none of it would exist in its own right because ALL of it is outside the natural order of things. That’s a low key way of saying none of it is a part of God’s paln for our lives. It’s like showing up to a wedding with a shotgun. You and I know damned well Life isn’t meant to be like this; and they damned well know it too. It’s no big mystery the reason why this shit feels off is because it IS off and NO amount of lies, gaslighting, crisis mind melding or Media hypnotism are ever doing to convince me that I need to inject myself with a genetic bioweapon in order to be healthy, that men who dress like women are really women or that Joe Biden won the 2020 election by receiving the most votes ever for a presidential candidate. NO amount of mindfucking will ever convince me to accept any of these lies, or any of the 10,000 others they are pushing as the “new normal” because the only way to do that is to mentally break yourself in order to conform to their new twisted reality and that’s not ever happening. The implication here is that by yielding to the new order will bring relief from the assault. IOW, “we’ll stop screwing with you once you finally agree to submit.” No they won’t! ANOTHER fucking LIE. It’s like begging a serial killer not to murder you. There’s no limit to which these sadist pricks will take human suffering for the sake of domination and control. They will never stop because it’s their mental viagra. They won’t stop after you submit to taking a digital ID, forfeit the use of all physical cash or agree to provide proof of your updated vaccination status in order to enter a grocery store. They won’t stop after you give up your guns, cars or air conditioning. They won’t stop after you own nothing, agree to eat bugs or allow them to stick a chip in your ass so they can watch and log your every thought and move. Compliance and conformity are not in anyway workable solutions to the situation in which we now find ourselves. They will only stop when we decide we’ve had enough and it’s time for us to stop them.

I know it’s probably small comfort, but when you really think about it, none of this shit would be happening right now if America still wasn’t important in the bigger scheme of things. Think about it. Even though the roots of this shit go back in history long before there even was an America, I think our big turning point came with the JFK assassination and the loss of our national, post war innocence. When he was blown away, JFK was already onto the MIC. He had signed an executive order to neuter the FED by returning control of the dollar back over to the domain of the Treasury as it was originally intended. After the debacle and international embarrassment of the Bay Of Pigs fiasco, he had sworn to dismantle the CIA and the intelligence community. I don’t care what you think of the guy, whether you like him or not, but he flew too close to the Sun, so they had to blow him away. Prove me wrong! Even last week’s big release of classified documents which have remained sealed for the last 59 years reveal our own intelligence community was directly involved in the assassination of a sitting president. Come on, man! Where’s the fucking outrage over that? Nothing, just another fart in History! Who cares when there’s always weed, football and the next $100K truck to lust over?

Looking back, I don’t think I’m too far off the mark to say that the JFK assassination was really a socialist coup to seize control of the United States. Prove me wrong! Look at all the really bad shit that’s come down our way since then. We got LBJ & a supersized Vietnam War, civil rights riots, the Great Society welfare state and the complete destruction of the national black community. We got moral relativism and God was kicked out of our schools, feminism and the sexual revolution. Yeah, there were also plenty of bright spots along the way, but the overall defined direction of the country since then has been pretty obvious & consistent. We are poorer and less free. What a strange trip it’s been: Viet Nam, race riots, the black power movement, entitlements on steroids, an oil “crisis,” the nonstop parade of endless regulations, housing bubbles, 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Libya, global cooling, global warming, climate disruption, climate emergency and finally good old climate change; AIDS, bird flu, chink bat flu, Zika virus, H1n1, Ebola, SARS, hanta virus, blah, blah, blah. God only knows, this is the short version quick list, otherwise we’d be here for the entire next week and I haven’t even scratched the surface on all of the fag, queer, trans bullshit, inflation, destruction of the Rule of Law, the Arts and popular culture: voter fraud, censorship, bogus proxy wars or criminal corruption at every level of Government. Crap! Where was I going with all of this? Oh yeah, the lies are now so numerous, pervasive and manifest, that somehow reconciling with them under some sort of expectation that will create any sort of “stability” or “normalcy” is just absolutely insanity itself.

I know everyone here knows better than to believe that reasoning with a lie will ever lead to the truth. As I have said before, there is a tremendous amount of relief and sanity to be found in just unplugging yourself from all of this useless noise. Life still goes on! No, I’m not suggesting that we all start pretending none of this is really happening; rather that watch ourselves and our responses more closely to prevent from being taken in and falling completely down the rabbit hole. And what better time would there be to do exactly that than at the start of the New Year? You gotta admit there’s some degree of comfort in just admitting and acknowledging to yourself that 99% of this bullshit really isn’t necessary in order to for life to be significant or fulfilling. Be honest, don’t you feel a degree of relief just thinking about it that way? If people are just to weak in their own heads to not have enough common sense to know whether they’re male or female, NO amount of my coming to terms with such stupidity in order to make some kind of sense out of it as being “normal” is ever going to help them. Sorry, but wearing makeup, heels or cutting off your junk will never be “normal.” Better to stop playing their sick game altogether and fall back on what has always worked to create happiness. Direct & focus all our energies into providing for our families and caring for good friends. Honor basic morality and the rewards honest work provides. Don’t hurt people or yourself! Root ourselves in the traditions of Faith we were given. To reject the empty, artificial, synthetic reality of fear, crisis, conflict and insanity they so desperately need us to believe is true. To know & understand there is a bigger picture we are all a part of beyond the realm of empty self-indulgence many use to try unsuccessfully to plug all of the leaks in their miserable & pathetic souls. How hard can it be? 

Shit, where was I going with all of this? Oh yeah, there’s authentic meaning and a real opportunity in the symbolism of the New Year and the positive effect it can have on our human psyche. It’s the pivot point between all past and future. It’s the perfect time to once again take stock of ourselves after all we’ve been through the last twelve months and re-evaluate in the present time what’s more important and what’s not. A chance to take a step back and further distance ourselves from all the madness, because drowning in it is really no way to deal with it. A chance to reaffirm & be grateful for all that we already have and all that may be better in the next twelve months. A chance to congratulate ourselves on our ability to survive, resist and endure in the face of such overwhelming bullshit. There must be some purpose in all we have already experienced because I just can’t believe we’ve already come this far just to wimp out. We still have more numbers than them and the ultimate power to refuse to consent to be governed. I’m still hoping and holding out for a peaceful way out of all this shit to present itself, but to be honest, how can you reason with psychopaths? You really can’t; that’s why they’re psychopaths.

I’m in the same boat as all of you. I can’t predict the future because it hasn’t been written yet. All I can really do is hold myself together and keep my house in order because that’s the bare minimum required to hold onto the base of strength from which I may need to act at a future date. And in this coming year, I will be looking for a growing willingness among my many fellow Americans to become more proactive in taking back our country. You are free to interpret that in any way you want. I suggest that you also dial down on the noise volume and disengage from the commie clown shitshow; if only to improve your mental health. Don’t let the assholes bring you down because that’s exactly what they’re aiming to do. If anything, have yourselves a Happy New Year just out of spite. Take heart, because this crap can’t last forever because at the heart of every lie there is an empty black hole with which it will ultimately consume itself. Anything so full of sewage doesn’t have the strength or energy to endure on its own power indefinitely.

For this reason, we will prevail so long as we can endure. There may be days we feel down, but we can never feel out. Continue to hold on until we see the light of the New Year and a new day start to dawn. With God, Faith, Goodness, Truth and History on our side, we got this and don’t let these evil bastards ever try and convince you otherwise. Surrender is NEVER an option. Happy New Year! ✪  

Hang in there,

General Mossberg