Now You Gone & Done It!

Now You Gone & Done It!

✪ Well now, Pooty Putin’s gone and done it; he’s crossed that Corn Pop line and raised the ire of Joe! Uncle Joe is not pleased because he and his Deep State pals probably have tons of illegal shit they’ve been getting away with and hiding for years in the Ukraine which now could be discovered and revealed to the rest of the world. Oh noez, we sure as shit can’t allow that to happen! Thankfully, Uncle Joe’s incredible skills of experienced statesmanship are completely out of Vlad’s league and too much for the Bear to handle. So much so than instead of him just taking Donbas and Donetsk, he’s launched a full scale invasion to overthrow the Ukrainian government and bomb the crap out of the entire country! Yeah, that Vlad’s a mean dude, but no match for our Joe because he’s got hairy legs! Way to go Joe, you’ve done it again! You sure showed him didn’t you? Only two days ago, your pasty, old fart face was all over the News, crowing & threatening Vlad about the hard assed Punisher you’d immediately become should he dare to make a single move towards Ukraine, but a “minor” incursion would still be ok. Isn’t that what you told him, Joe? You sure put him in his place, didn’t you Joe? That phone call you made  before you called a lid and shuffled back off to Delaware for the weekend musta had him pissing his britches. You sure showed him and the rest of the world who’s really in charge, didn’t you Joe? Only one problem, it isn’t you, you stupid, worthless fuck. You’re really not in charge of anything! That’s all pretend and make believe! There obviously wasn’t anything about your phone call which impressed or even phased him because take look what happened next! Another legendary Uncle Joe foreign policy fuck up! We didn’t think there could possibly be any way you could top yourself on that incredible disaster you pulled off in Afghanistan, but we were wrong. That old Biden magic strikes again! It’s that voodoo only you do so very well; and those are the only things you know how to do well; fuck up things and find a way to grift more money your way in the process. Your phone call with Vlad didn’t do jack because he knows you’re as soft and mushy as an over ripened banana! So as a result, we now have a war in Ukraine! Congratulations Joe, now you gone & done it. Again!

It was a lot easier sitting in the Senate & getting rich off back room deals and influence peddling than playing president, wasn’t it Joe? All you had to do back then was open your filthy trap to bitch about any opposing party members and the lobby money would flow into your office like honey without one one hundred the of the attention you get now. Your entire life in politics is rife with numerous examples of corruption, dishonesty and greed, you feckless, career Deep State chin wiping idiot! However, by some miracle of fate (and crime) here you are, the “leader” of the “free” world! Go figure! Nobody liked you then and nobody sure as Hell likes you now. Both sides of the aisle used you like the political whore you are to line their own pockets; and you did everything in your power to emulate them! You suck, Joe! After half a century of playing this game, WHO can name a single bill, policy or piece of legislation you sponsored which has in any way benefitted average Americans? And when I say “average Americans” I mean anyone who wasn’t born into your privileged DC “club” with a silver spoon already stuck in their ass. When I say “average Americans” I mean the rest of us who struggle everyday to live & work to support ourselves and families by trying to get through this fucking non-stop nightmare you and your “club” have foisted upon us in order  to dominate every aspect of our lives. No, there’s not ONE good thing for America that’s ever come from you Joe, you crusty old bastard. NOT ONE! Thanks to your fucking political brilliance we now have runaway inflation, $5 gas, open borders, record crime and a queer military. We didn’t have any of this shit while Trump was president, so you’re the one who went and did all of this!

Between the ice cream cones, naps and frequent diaper changes, you just stand there like the blithering idiot you have always have been and crap out whatever it is your handlers order you to say. Don’t flatter yourself; you’re no leader but just a hollow globalist pawn and tool. A shilling schmuck with someone else’s hand stuck up your ass to make your mouth move. It’s clear you haven’t got a fucking clue as to what’s really going on around you and you couldn’t care less so long as you keep getting paid. For practically the last six years, you pushed that big fucking Donkee fairy tale about Trump “colluding” with the Russians and how he was going to cause a war in Ukraine! Yeah, you did that, asshole! Only guess who’s the President now that Russia has invaded the Ukraine? I’ll give you a hint; it’s the same person who was the vice president back in 2014 when Russia invaded and took back the Crimea. That would be you, Joe! The truth be known, you’re really no more than an annoying shit stain this country just can’t seem wash out. Oh, but one day we will! The only people who call you “president” are the globalist marxist cocksuckers who stole the election to install you in power and your brain dead legions of devoted Donkee loyalists who think your shit still smells like roses because “orange man bad!” Thanks to your weakness, dishonesty, corruption and stupidity, the entire world is now on fire. Now you gone & done it!

So revel in your hollow victory of cheating Trump and America out of his second term! All this whack shit happening now is completely on you and that menagerie of gender zoo rejects and global marxist Hahvad know betters you call your administration. The rest of us are waiting with baited breath to see what you plan to fuck up next and we won’t have to wait long. Bracing ourselves for your next insult and stupid move which makes our lives even more difficult for NO reason at all other than for the fact that you must really hate us and this country. Now’s your chance to show us what you’ve learned over the last 50 years while working in government to steal our money. Let’s see you use some of those unparalleled diplomatic skills you are always bragging about to fix this mess! THAT’S YOUR FUCKING JOB AND RESPONSIBILITY! You can’t hide anymore, coward! This isn’t another god damned campaign! You went and did all of this. Why don’t you send some of your Afghani pals to fight the Russians in Ukraine? They can have fun playing with some of those $83 BILLION dollars worth of FREE toys you gifted them when we left Afghanistan like whipped dogs with our tails between our legs. Better yet, send over some of those 2 million illegal aliens you have allowed to walk across our southern border since January 2020. Whatever you do asshole, don’t you DARE put ONE pair of American boots on the ground in the Ukraine! We’re sick and tired, fed the fuck up with feeding our best through the meat grinder of your endless wars so that you and all of your fucking government fat cat sons of bitches can continue to getting rich off of our sacrifices and suffering. Fuck you, we’re not gonna fight your war to protect the Biden Crime Family’s illegal money laundering activities in the Ukraine. Send anyone else you like to fight and die to cover for your crack-headed son’s illegal drug, sex and money laundering exploits in the Ukraine, just not one single “average American.”

You pathetic little excuse of a limp dicked despot! Now you gone and done it! This is ALL completely on you along with the neocon rinos, News media, and all who worked to deny Trump of his second term. How DARE you tell us we’re going to have to sacrifice for Ukrainian democracy? WTF? How DARE you expect the American people to bear the added weight of yet MORE increases in fuel and food prices after all of the destructive bullshit you’ve already put us through? What about our democracy, you demented lunatic? Here’s an idea: how about you STOP wiping your ass with the Constitution? I know it’s certainly a lot to be asking, but how about just for once you do something which actually takes care of America and Americans first? We all know that’s not so impossible because we saw how Trump was able to do it for an entire four years! You’re a liar, thief, coward & criminal Joe Biden! Now you gone and done it!

It’s all really plain to see now the way things are really headed after the fall of Australia into complete tyranny, the transformation of New Zealand into an unrecognizable authoritarian Hellscape and Canada from a staunch ally into a totalitarian dictatorship. But somehow, none of that really matters because Ukraine takes the top spot of priorities for our President Potato. What’s wrong with this picture? To be honest, at this point in the game, I no longer give a dead rat’s ass what you do next Joe because I count myself among the vast majority of Americans who roundly hate and despise you. YOU built that! We will continue to adapt, improvise and overcome regardless of your tireless efforts to destroy us. We will eventually return this country from the edge of the abyss you’ve driven it towards and prevail. We will defeat you and your evil minions of global chaos merchants. I know this and so do you. The wheels are starting to fall off your clown car. The shit show is almost over. Canada was our wake up call and the canary in the coal mine. You won’t take us there because you’re never going to get our guns. We won’t let you and that’s a promise. Fuck around and find out! It’s full game on now pudding brain. You and yours are going to lose bigly; because now you gone and done it! ✪

Carry on

General Mossberg