The House Speaker Dog & Pony

The House Speaker Dog & Pony

✪ Welcome my friends, to the show that never ends!  We’re getting taken for another ride this week with the House Speaker election!  As we have been watching all week, the new congressional session is about to begin and the House of Representatives is faced with electing a new speaker and that group of grifting selfish pigs in the House who claim to represent their constituents but really only represent themselves and their special interest, big money lobbyists have settled on yet another Deep State government insider to protect the status quo.

McCarthy is a squishy toad. Another lifetime career contract player! Another member of the special klub who’s never had to run a business or work a single day in his life at a real job. Another slick beltway smurf who was born with a silver spoon in his ass and has been climbing up the food chain ever since. Just the perfect kind of guy to neuter and manage the new Republican majority House while glad handing the rest of us with that fake California tan. His most important job will be to make certain NO America First bills ever get out of committee, much less passed to become policy. In fact, it will be his job to squash any kind of policies which may actually help Americans or make their lives easier because that’s what these Uni-Party maggots do. In other words, we can expect a continuation of the same traitorous bullshit that we’ve had to put up with from Mitch, Boehner and Ryan. It seems We The People can never really catch a break anymore. We’re no longer allowed to win, ever. 

Kevin is a proven team player who can be counted on to deliver for The Machine whenever there’s a pinch. First of all, there’s the annoying fact that he’s from California. What exactly does that mean? Pretty much what you would expect. For starters, he believes that January 6th was a “insurrection” and that we came perilously close that day to losing our cherished “democracy.” Whatever. Kevin also stands with Ukraine and is other one who is prepared to do whatever it takes to win the war against the Russians. Even if that means dropping another $40, 50, 100 billion into that corrupt shit hole. Even if it means putting American boots on the ground. Don’t think that’s not coming! Even when the United States has no vital interests there: and no, I don’t consider paying exorbitant blackmail demands to protect all the crimes and illegal money laundering activities of The Biden Family Crime Syndicate and all of their lackey political allies as a vital national interest. It’s no secret Kevin is also an official card carrying member of the Unkle Klaus Davos Social Club. Another planted WEF operative so I would assume he is onboard for the Great Reset, too. What else is new? Finally, to round of his stellar resume, Kevin is fully behind the New Green Deal & Joe’s Great Leap Forward off the cliff of energy independence into the abyss of unproven and inadequate “alternatives.” When he’s not too busy trading the market on privileged information, Kevin also believes man made global climate change is one of the most serious challenges we face today and he’s never met a gun control law he didn’t like. Did I mention Kevin has voted 55% of the time with Democrats?

This guy is a fucking train wreck, a disaster. At he is least for our side. However, if you’re a member of that Special Insider DC Klub then you’re probably happier than a pig in shit right now because you know this clown will always act first to keep the gravy train rolling. Is it any wonder almost everyone in The House wants his corrupt ass to be the next Speaker? The Rats aren’t faring much better with their golden boy Jeffries, or as they like to call him, “Hakim.” Who the fuck is this guy and how is he ever qualified to be speaker? Oh he’s black and I’m certain that figures heavily. He’s also a student of the Obama Method for politics which basically says smile and coast into power on “charisma” and if you don’t have a shred of charisma, then let the News Media turn you into the next greatest thing since sliced bread. Pelosi was originally the one who vetted the Obamanoid to Congress. Too bad she left out important details like how he wasn’t a native born American and therefore was never really eligible to be be the president. Jeffries is another Pelosi, racial identity politics protege. Hakim is then one she decided should replace her and carry on her legacy of vodka-hazed, progressive dumbfuckery. Jeffries is just another black northeast government communist and Heaven knows, you can never have too many of them. He’s another, how did Joe put it; “articulate negro.”

So here we arrive at a point where our only two choices for House Speaker are a gay progressive Republican from California or a black progressive marxist from New York. Once again, the coasts are running the politics for the rest of the country. Where’s our representation? There is none! The Government hates our guts and is merely tolerating us until they can extract every last cent of wealth from the Middle Class and then replace regular Americans with their imported armies of illiterate entitlement worms. With the exception of only a small handful of truly patriotic representatives in Congress, everybody else pretty seems to be a money and power grubbing sociopath completely out for themselves: just going along to get along. The only time they bother to even pretend they give a shit about you or me is during an election year.

I’m fairly certain McCarthy will be elected Speaker, although at this writing that has not occurred. They’ll pull some sort of bullshit out of their asses like they always do, It’ll either be citing a “little known and rarely used” law from 1834 which has been hithertoo buried away in some dusty old Congressional journal, just waiting for an opportunity such as this to resurrect itself. Or, it will be some impromptu call to a special committee behind closed doors to vote on new “rules” governing the election of House Speakers. These jagoffs are really adept at changing things up whenever they can’t get their way. Shit, there was speculation some Dem representatives may cross lines to give McCarthy the votes he needs to win in exchange for a “power sharing coalition” whatever that means. That’s a really sad state of affairs when you consider the only way Kev may be able to pull this off is with votes from the opposition party. Doesn’t that inspire confidence? I’m sure Team Kevin also has a plan to bribe opposing votes over into his camp. He’ll be giving away the store even before he gets the keys; promising the world to anybody who will give him another vote. He’ll be giving away special earmark funding, committee seats or free memberships to the secret VIP Congressional bath house. When all else fails, there will be the usual favorite democrat methods of persuasion for those to get onboard with the program: blackmail & extortion, fake news smear leaks, threats or audits from the trusty IRS, perhaps even a walk one night through romantic Ft Macy Park  Whatever this Establishment cuck promises to do if he becomes speaker, he won’t. Like all politicians, he lies. Prove me wrong!

All of this is Kabuki Theater! At this point, ALL Government is Kabuki Theater! It’s just a sad fact. This entire Speaker election process is all a charade, just like the entire election process in general is now pretty much only an exercise in going through the motions. McCarthy is the Deep State’s boy and they always get what they want. This time will be no different. All the dog and pony, bread and circuses which come along with this passion play are only pretense designed to lure us suckers into believing we still play apart in our own government. If the events of the last two years has taught me anything, it’s that my participation in government only extends are far as their requirement for me to pay for it and I’m definitely not getting my money’s worth. 

You Conservative Americans sit down and shut the fuck up! Do as you’re told or else! Pay your taxes or we’ll destroy your life! It doesn’t matter that 70% of all Conservatives surveyed said they don’t want McCarthy as Speaker, but that’s who we will be stuck with. I guarantee it! The outcome has already been predetermined.

So I wanna know what government has done, if anything, in the last two years to actually benefit the country or improve the life of an average American? What actual purpose does it serve now? I go one even better, when was the last time the Government actually did the right thing by creating policy which improves people’s lives? Ok maybe during Trump’s Administration but even that represents an exception instead of the norm; an unexpected fluke. Are you better off now than you were in 2019? Are you making and saving more money? Do you think the country is headed in the right direction? Do you and your family feel more safe and secure than before?  Fuck NO.  

Of course you answered “no” and you’re absolutely correct. Everything is now worse off or more expensive now than it was only a year ago. Except of course for our well pampered and insulated, esteemed elite political class. They grow phat enriching themselves while the rest of us get a little more poorer and less free with each passing day. Why do members of Congress who don’t have a pot to piss in when they first arrive suddenly have millions of dollars only after one term in? Lookin at you AOC, as well as every other self-righteous, morally superior, know better communist asshole working in Government. Burnie? Why do they make laws but exempt themselves from them? Why do they continually increase their personal salaries at three times the rate of inflation?  Why do they act as if they are above the law and are never held accountable for their actions?  Why do they  always feel the need to lie as a matter of course?  Why do they spend money they don’t have everywhere else in the World except here where it is needed most at our expense and them thumb their noses at us?  Why? Because they can! How is it that they can? Because they are never held accountable to living with the effects of their own causes. Apparently, that responsibility falls to the rest of us poor schmucks! They can even get away with murder, just ask Hillary.  

Politicians make me sick, especially the most stupid greedy and selfish ones. This week’s speaker election process is just one more development in a long series of insulting FU’s to America. We deserve better than McCarthy! We keep wondering and asking how long all of this can continue. Well, until someone pushes back hard enough to halt their advance. That’s how long. They believe they’ve already won because they have succeeded in creating so many crises situations to distract from all their lies, failed policies and crimes but that’s exactly what I would expect from a bunch of self loathing mentally, morally & spiritually bankrupt communists. Only they can take complete failure and celebrate it for success. I’m not fooled by the show, are you? They think some of us aren’t paying attention or keeping score. I am.✪

Stay the course!

General Mossberg