The Dog Ate My Homework & Other Lies

The Dog Ate My Homework & Other Lies

✪ Another hearty weekend greeting to all of you steadfastly constitutional, God fearing Americanist Patriots! Ooh-Rah! Once more we meet here to celebrate defiance & denial of consent to be governed as we endure & survive yet another completely insane week of the giant clusterfuck the domestic & globalist communist asswipes have forced us to endure!  I think we all certainly deserve a pat on the back and a big “attaboy” for putting up with the clown parade of seemingly limitless donkee foolfuckery! Imagine how different life and the world could actually be if these luciferian pod people actually spent one tenth the same amount of time and energy improving conditions by solving real problems as they seem hellbent on completely destroying everything they touch. I must admit it warms my heart to see the walls finally starting to close in on our beloved President Shitpants, dontchaknow Amerika’s most popular presidont evah. That’s right haters & election deniers, 81 million votes! Even better, he’s now being thrown under the bus by the same kabal of corrupt criminal fools who only last month were standing in line to motorboat his Big Guy executive butt crack, How the mighty have fallen! However, this is just the next act to unfold in the calculated Kabuki theater brought to you by the same players who gave us the bat chink flu and vaccines, stole the 2020 election, launched the proxy war in Ukraine and robbed the American taxpayers of more that $7 TRILLION dollars with phony, bullshit spending bills during the last two years because that’s just what a crooked thieving, lying, criminal, political elite class motherfuckers do! They’re not following anyone with their many faux crisis and outrage flavors of the week. Real Patriots see through the ditractions and know exactly what these scumbags are doing.   

Remember how Shitpants told us “The adults are back in charge again “and “America is back” right after his coronation? Today is actually the official expiration date of the Robinette regime; as we’re now technically into the second half of Joe’s reign and The Machine can basically wipe it’s ass with whatever is left of Joe and flush him like the skidmark on History he truly is. After today, The Machine can force Joe to resign, 25th Amendment his demented ass or make arrangements to have him “pass suddenly & unexpectedly ” in peaceful sleep. Which will it be, sports fans? Doesn’t matter how they get it done, but they most certainly will. Mark my words, Joe has outlived his usefulness and now needs to be replaced by the next puppet tool fool who will now be able to spend an entire TWO full terms continuing the molestation of America. Butt, butt, butt General, that won’t happen because we’re gonna take back the White House and Senate in 2024. First, I’m really sorry to have to be the one to tell you this: but neither Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy or Easter Bunny are real. In case you may not have already noticed, there’s really no longer any authentic democratic representation of citizenry via voting allowed. Who needs to bother with all of that inconvenient bullshit anymore, right? As we’ve already seen here at home and in Brazil, France, UK and now New Zealand, the globalists just change out their puppet leaders on a whim whenever it’s most convenient. If you’ve ever wondered how it’s possible ALL the absolute WORST elite scum in the World somehow keep finding their way into the offices of high power and influence by being “re-elected,” it’s not because a majority of people in the World are crying out to demand their full measure of an oppressive, centralized, unelected, unaccountable, neo-feudal, international, digital police state owned and operated by a bunch of self important, bored billionaire kiddiefuckers who dream of being their own gods. Not at all, the criminals have now metastasized in sufficient numbers and scope to the point where they have conquered, modified and corrupted the entire voting system to make it just one more weapon against those who oppose their evil agenda.

All by plan and according to the script, the long knives are starting to come out for Joe: but let not your hearts be troubled. After the dust settles, NOTHING will happen to him. Oh hell yes, there will be lots of whining, complaining and perhaps even some terse sounding public threats but Joe and the Biden Family Crime Syndicate will once again float to the top. they will be allowed to carry on their family business as usual as their reward for years of loyal service to the Deep State. All if the influence peddling, money laundering and numerous broken laws from Sniffy Gramps, Doctor Babysitter and Golden Boy Crack Van Gogh we’ve all come to grow and love during the last two years will continue on with nary a fart while poor schmucks like you and I who weren’t fortunate or evil enough to be born as lifetime members into the special DC Klub will have our lives ruined and our assholes stretched should we forget to declare garage sale proceeds to the IRS on the private sale of personal property on which we already paid the fucking taxes when we first bought it all new anyway. However, I digress. Where are the fucking FIB raids on the Biden compounds in search of more classified documents being illegally stored in unsecured locations? You know, like they did to Trump? Where is all of the around the clock scathing “news” coverage complete with the drama of fleets of heavily window tinted black government Escalades with armies of worthless stupid bastards wearing sunglasses, flak jackets and ear pieces all strutting around showcasing their authority erections? You know, like they did to Trump? Oh yeah, corrupt Rat criminals always get a free pass; even better, since they literally own the Fapdog media, they get to bear false witness by accusing the Conservative opposition of all the dark, dirty and underhanded shit they are actually doing. If there’s anything that could righteously piss me off more than just all the filthy dirty crooked shit they pull, it would be that; pulling all of their crooked dirty shit and them framing us with lies, propaganda and gaslighting as being the real criminals.        

Everything about Big Guy Documentgate stinks of rancid Rat shit. We’re supposed to believe that “sooper top secret” documents were accidentally “discovered” by a team of Joe’s own lawyers who had absolutely no clearance or real motive to “discover” them. Oh really? How the fuck is that supposed to work? Please inform us! And not in only ONE location, but THREE? (so far and counting) After SIX long years of being shuffled from one insecure location to the next? I may have been born in the morning, it just wasn’t this morning. The government is lying to us again! What else is new?! They might as well just be blowing more “the vaccines are safe and effective, we’re fighting in Ukraine to save democracy” and “the economy is going gangbusters” smoke up our asses. Shit, once you’re able to twist reality enough to convince the Sheep men can have babies, then I guess every other falsehood and hyperbole becomes possible. Fuck, what a time to be alive! 

The bottom line is President Potato is no longer useful and I don’t think any of this is happening by coincidence the very same week the Davos Satanist Social Klub is meeting to goose the big climate change fraud & spook the Sheep into accepting the terms of der Fourth Industrial Revolution. More globalist commie sleight of hand. While everyone is busy being distracted and making a stink about the classified documents, Joe will completely escape his very real and serious real crimes of treasonous political influence selling for his own personal benefit and enrichment. Now there’s a really big story for somebody in the News Media; all the MILLIONS of dollars the Chinks have funneled into the UPenn Biden Center from “anonymous sources” in order to BUY direct access to top US classified information. Why, it’s almost like somebody set up a private library for them! And guess WHO was hired to RUN the UPenn Biden Center during the time all of this foreign money was sloshing thru? That’s right, none other our master statesman, limp dicked Secretary Of State Tony Blinken! The fucking genius mastermind behind all of those epic, historic, Joe foreign policy successes! Oh, but there are NO epic, historic Joe foreign policy successes? Ok, then Blinken’s the clueless dumbass who’s presided over the almost complete destruction of US credibility and influence in the world since Trump left office. The real story about the “discovered” classified documents isn’t really about the documents themselves. That’s just a lot of huffing and puffing which will ultimately go nowhere; designed to keep the zombie Sheep hypnotized and distracted from Joe’s REAL crimes which occurred at the Biden UPenn Center, chink library/laundromat/classified information garage sale. Watch how this charade all plays out in the coming weeks, Patriots. The Deep State is going to pull another Cuomo on Joey. You remember how they pulled Cuomo’s shit out of the fire, don’t you? They had a couple of paid shills come forward to suddenly accuse him of sexual harassment. Oh noez! He cornered some ditz twinky staffer at a Christmas party 20 years ago while he was drunk and groped her, or so they claim. So what happened? He endured only a few weeks of the MSM spouting off about what a sexual pig he really was in real life until he was finally “humiliated” to resign in “shame.” Oh yeah, and once he did that, the Establishment installed an even bigger government communist tool in the Albany Statehouse to manage their business, NO formal charges were ever filed against Cuomo and the entire thing disappeared in a puff of smoke down the rabbit hole. Cuomo skated with only a symbolic wrist slap and was never punished for anything; including the deaths 25,000 elderly people he deliberately and intentionally murdered in New York nursing homes during the scamdemic. See how that works? They’re now in the process of setting up the very same play for Joe. in the end, he’ll walk way after resigning right back into his privileged life with No punishment whatsoever while his REAL crimes will be swept under the rug. Everybody will just chalk up the entire scandal to poor ole Joe’s dementia! Come on man, give him a break and don’t be a hater! Mistakes like this are very common from people suffering from chronic progressive cognitive diminishment. Unfortunately, every Rat voter in the country also happens to suffer from terminal cases of progressive cognitive diminishment.

Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy the other show live from Davos, where every scumbag in the government obsessed with der “final solution” for the climate sins of Humanity has made pilgrimage on our dime to kiss the ring of King Klaus and plead fealty to the New Order. Members only, you worthless hackable human insects! You cannot attend, but apparently, high class working girls can! They even get their own special badges! I wonder how many take out orders of pizza and hotdogs are being airlifted into Davos as we speak. The enlightened and anointed in davos are really doing God’s work to save us from ourselves. That’s why they’ve mobilized a 1200 member private police force and 5000 Swiss army soldiers along with numerous private police mercenaries to secure and guard the WEF compound. As Kerry put it, they are the “the chosen ones.” Really? They’re the fucking scumbag elite! The ruling class! Every billionaire, power lusting, kiddie banging lunatic idiot in the world is there. Al Gore screaming about the oceans boiling away in the heat equivalent of 600,000 Hiroshima bomb blasts every day! OMG, that sounds hugh and series! Hey, now there’s some real SCIENCE for all of us thumping, bitter clinging hicks in flyover country to contemplate. Halp nanny government, there’s a climate change monster living under my bed! Please take all of our money and freedoms to save us! Then there is the criminal entourage headed up our FIB along with Whitmer, Kemp and an entire host of other worthless congressional sellouts making the big Davos scene this week to add some authoritarian creed to their resumes. Where is a good old fashioned asteroid hit when you really need one? Or for that matter, a strategically placed nuke or two. Shit, I’d even be willing to buy any claims it was strictly an “accident.” Come on Nork Boy or Vlad, here’s your big chance to finally walk that talk; to step up your game and do everyone a really big favor! And while you’re at it, lob one into Kyiv too and light up that little faggot, cokeheaded runt, lyin’ of democracy, international blackmailing, POS thief! 

So WHO will be next to receive the crown after Joe abdicates? Since we’re all suddenly now going to start following the Constitution again, it will be none other than that first Indian/Jamaican, African American historic wimmenz of culuh. Can you say President Kamel, that obnoxious, annoying, moronic, cackling, fellating California stoner? Sure, I knew you could! They’ll install her as another place holder president until they can move their real player into position. Presidont Kamel will appoint someone like Governor Hair Gel as VP, then suddenly resign. Then the entire country can finally become California! Or maybe the HAG will finally manage to steal her way into the Oval Office after all these years without a single American having to vote for her. WHOMEVER it is, they will ascend to the highest office in the land as the new leader of the former free world without ONE single American voting for them. Isn’t democracy the absolute shit? And just in case the Sheep grow restless about this new blatant abusive grab for power, their will be NEW manufactured crises to keep everyone occupied. On top of the current crisis with the weather, perhaps a chinese invasion of Taiwan, a trigger point for an actual hot war with Russia, a new and more deadly scamdemic or perhaps the mother of all cyberattacks. Magic Eight Ball says count on more new “emergencies” which allow world governments to extend declarations of emergencies indefinitely because Heaven forbid the common man ever be allowed another moment of peace, stability or normalcy again in which to simply enjoy his life without having his soul enslaved. At least until all of these communist merchants of chaos are officially extinct. I’m tired of this freak show, the daily insults and the slow death by 1000 small cuts. Bring it you communist cowards! No more bullshit. Let’s see who will the last man standing; Thomas Jefferson or Karl Marx. I still have complete confidence in real Americans surviving and overcoming. Thankfully, I can’t say the same about the current, godless, evil, elitest scumbags who are creating all of the trouble in the world now. So let the Davos power fags and child molesters have their little show. Let Joe do what he always does when he breaks the law, play the stupid, clueless imbecile because he is the stupid. clueless imbecile. Poor ole Joe, he just didn’t know! I’m sure all this is just an honest misunderstanding, really! Fuck around and find out! ✪

Remain forever vigilant in the face of evil, patriots!

General Mossberg