Howz That New Years Thing Working Out For You So Far?

Howz That New Years Thing Working Out For You So Far?

✪ They say the pace of time speeds up the older you become, but I haven’t found that really to be the case at all during these last two years. If anything, thanks to Junta Joe & our criminal, marxist shadow government, every week now feels like an entire fucking month, if not year. Of course, the planned and plotted destruction of Western Civilization wouldn’t be possible without the support of that criminal, marxist shadow government’s enablers in the Just Us Department, our politically weaponized intelligence communities, the lapdog, Stasi Media, braindead zombie Donkee voters, our woke Military, United Nations, Davos Crime Syndicate, the Chinese Communist Party & the Vatican. If anything, time appears to be defying physics by behaving in exactly the opposite way. Every day this Clown Theater Of The Absurd drags on, time slows down. On the exceptionally stupid days, it even moves backwards. The good news is that after this first year since the Steal and two years since the chink bat flu psyop, we’re still standing. Give yourselves credit because that’s NO small thing! If you’ve survived all of the Chink Flu & Joe is king bullshit up until this point, congratulations; it means you possess real fortitude & tenacity  (even if you’re only motivated out of pure spite for the Ruling Class). Confidence is high! Stay the course!


Have you heard the really BIG news? Another deadly co-vud variant has just been discovered up some monkey’s ass in some faraway shit hole you’ve never heard of before and it’s more dangerous and deadly and contagious than evah before! Yes, it’s TRUE. If none of this has skert you yet, then NOW is the time! This is the big one, Elizabeth and some are even calling it “Son Of Omicron.” Worse, in just the last two hours, it’s moved faster than the speed of light to engulf the entire World in infection. The egg spurts are telling us this one appears to be the real assfucking Godzilla of the virus world. There are reports of sidewalks in major Chinese cities stacked a dozen deep with victims’ corpses. Hospitals all over Europe and the NE United States are understaffed and overwhelmed  by the legions and throngs of new co-vud patients who are stressing healthcare systems everywhere. It’s a five hour wait everywhere to get tested! The Horror, the Horror! See what happens when you don’t listen to Dr. Fauci and wear your mask everywhere all of the time? New and more comprehensive lockdowns have been ordered in Australia, Austria and New Zealand as these nations brace themselves in futile last ditch efforts to avoid the full impact of a supposed variant which is yet to kill a single person anywhere. Be afraid, be very afraid! Yawn. Closer to home, a portion of Joe’s vaccine mandates unfortunately not retired by the Supreme Court’s recent ruling go into effect at the Canadian border this weekend. NO truckers allowed in either the US or Canada without driver’s proof of vaccination. I guess they are getting away with this under the cover of yet another stretched interpretation of that pesky “commerce clause” thing. If it saves only one human life!  Shirley, you remember hearing all about this from the Alphabet Media right after Congress passed it into law, right? That’s exactly what I thought. If there’s one thing the Rats are real pros at, it’s killing jobs and stirring up chaos. Ok, that’s really two things, but I digress… Meanwhile, the non-stop campaign to strip away more of our freedoms, health, prosperity & history continues on.

I hereby declare the entire co-vud scamdemic to be officially over! Give it up, globalist transhuman toadies, the fucking wheels are finally coming off of your “Operation Fraud.” Just like the boy who cried ”wolf” too many times, fewer and fewer people are listening, much less paying any attention to you & your new fear mongering foaming. Nobody no longer gives a shit. We don’t care. We all knew from the very beginning this was never about public safety or protecting individual health. Fuck you! It has always been completely about power, control, ill gotten wealth and the biggest squirrel evah to cover for God only knows what else the Elites are really doing. Whatever that is,  it’s probably far much worse & been going on for much longer than should ever be allowed than any of us can possibly imagine. Can you say “muh kiddie sex trafficking?” Sure, I knew you could…  That’s the thing about lying and dishonesty; when you tell too many lies, at some point, you can’t prevent them from starting to contradict one another; and, no amount of further Media gaslighting can ever paper that over again. It’s OVER, finished, basta, kaputt. You know this because you can now see the usual players are all barking different this and different that inside of their Media echo chambers and it just makes more sense for the regular person to tune it all out and pay NO attention instead of staying sucked in and confused by some arcane co-vud statistic announced by some discredited, progressive infested government agency somewhere with an obvious agenda. The mojo is no longer working, dirtbags! The spell is wearing off! The number of remaining true believers continues to dwindle each passing day as more folks opt for the red pill. Confusion is all part of their formula; seeing how they can herd as many sheep into the confusion pen as possible while keeping their ability for any critical analysis frozen indefinitely in a state of suspended animation. Dirty work is so much easier to do when you can hypnotize people.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Only fifteen days to flatten the curve.

The shutdowns and lockdowns are only temporary.

Masks are effective at stopping transmission, but you don’t  really need to wear one.

Masks are ineffective at stopping transmission, but a mandate says you must still wear one.

Two masks are better than one, three are better than two.

The vaccines are safe and thoroughly tested.

Once you’re vaccinated, life can return to normal.

Once you’re vaccinated for the second time, life can return to normal.

Once you’re vaccinated for the third time, life will return to normal.

You’ll need to have your first booster before your life can return to normal.

You’ll need to have your second booster before your life can return to normal.

The larger number of new cases are among the unvaccinated.

The larger number of new “breakout” cases are among the vaccinated.

It’s a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

This isn’t about freedom.

See what I’m talking about? They can’t even keep their own fucking lies straight among themselves; and they don’t even know from one moment to the next whether they are speaking out of their mouths or asses. Just this last week, the UK, including Scotland and Ireland, both agreed with England to eliminate all of their previous covid related policies. They also ditched any possibility of enacting a vax pass. Two weeks ago, the government of Japan came to basically the same conclusion, so we are beginning to finally see serious cracks in their scamdemic narrative and some real green shoots of a post co-vud world starting to emerge.

Hey, are you ready to see America get thrown into a hot war with Russia over the Ukraine? Will someone please clue me in WHY anyone anywhere is actually talking about this and why the fuck we should have any dog in this hunt? Please correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the Ukraine an official satellite country of the former USSR already for over half a century? And wasn’t that former USSR dominated primarily  by RUSSIA? Doesn’t Russia and the Ukraine share a common border as well as numerous regional business ties? Isn’t something close to 2/3rds of the population of the Ukraine already Russian? Isn’t Russian the most predominant language spoken in the Ukraine? Do you follow where I’m headed with all this?

If you thought Joe’s pull out from Afghanistan was the biggest “fuck you” to America and our strength and influence around the World of all time, you haven’t seen anything yet! These aren’t the Iraqis under Saddam or some tin horn, drug running, pock faced latinx napoleon down in Panama we’re talking about. These are the same people who wiped the German’s asses for them at Stalingrad, the same country which didn’t think twice about sacrificing 30 million of their own during WWII. They also haven’t drunk the woke Kool Aide about a more diverse and inclusive military for “greater equality for all.” Whatever the fuck that’s supposed to mean. What’s that you say, you like fighting in the snow? Snow is part of the Russian DNA. You could probably freeze these fuckers in solid blocks of ice and then thaw them out later before battle.

Yet, here we go. The DC brain trust is all abuzz about a pending “conflict” with Russia. Of course, the usually Booshyites in high places are all fapping their little poodle puds over the prospect of another war and their defense portfolio positions growing even fatter. Toobin Blinken is suddenly appearing more serious and somber on the television. Of course, our beloved Media continues pounding the war drums for Joe in the hopes it will distract us from the dumpster fire they have turned our county into..

WHY are they doing this? WTF are they thinking? For all practical purposes, the fucking Ukraine is already a part of Russia. We need to mind our own fucking business and stay home! The only reason I could think they might even be considering doing this is to cover for an actual campaign to eliminate any incriminating evidence which maybe be there to implicate Joe & his crack addict pimp of a son’s crooked business dealings. Please don’t tell us this is all about stopping expanding communist influence or that History once again calls on America to become the shining beacon of the World and guardian of “democracy.” Fuck me in the morning, they keep using that word “democracy” more and more as if they actually know what it means.  

What better a way would there be to create yet further instability in that region and the World, than to create friction between two major World nations? However, let not your hearts be troubled because we have a real juggerknot in the White House who knows how to always go to bat and put that ball in the end zone, just not for our team…every time! I don’t know about you, but I sleep like a baby at night knowing that the “football” is always within 6 feet of our Joey Lincoln. With such a political forced to be reckoned with, along with his brute honesty and half a century of insightful, no bullshit leadership under his belt and a steady hand at steering our ship of state, I know we are in the best of hands with President Potato. Seriously, I think there’s a good chance we’re going to see his war president prowess deliver yet another insulting blow against American credibility and influence in the World. Other FAILURE of EPIC Joe proportions! Unfortunately, this time he’s probably going to get several thousand of our Military killed in the process. A small price to pay for the “Biden family legacy” and Joe’s rightful place in History as the most popular president evah.

Finally, as I wrap up this week’s commentary on all doings clown and donkee, I believe this year will ultimately be one of major decisions, turning points and reckonings. Please feel free to interpret that as however you may wish. During this year, this shit is going to break either one way or the other. It has to. I believe we’ll continue to witness the ever shrinking and disappearing scamdemic; but that leaves me wondering what they might have planned next up their sleeves. Are they getting ready to press full court boogie with this year’s new variant model? Is it finally time to roll out the big guns, something which actually kills droves of people and is basically unstoppable? Inquiring minds would certainly like to know. Methinks these cowards are going to try to get a piece of the Ukraine action followed shortly by the CCP pulling a Hong Kong on Taiwan. Or, this year could just as well bode for the welcomed destruction of all of their dastardly plans of evil falling apart. We’ve already discussed this at length on previous Double Barrels: how a cornered animal is most dangerous once it realizes it is finally trapped and has everything to lose. How Light eventually conquers the dark and good will vanquish evil because at it’s core, evil is hollow and a artificial design outside of the natural order of Divine creation.

If you’ve already come this far, you know you’ve got what it takes to go and keep the distance. For ourselves, our friends & family; for our FUTURE. Consider any delays within the system for correcting itself to be blessings of additional time you should fully take advantage of to prep even more. Yes, during this new year, time appears to be moving slower. If that New year thing isn’t quite working out for you yet as well as you hoped or expected, keep making margaritas from those lemons life is offering up. After all, Jen Psaki tells me I only need to drink more margaritas and go to the gym more often and everything in my elitest, insider beltway fantasy world will be just hunky dory. Shirley she wouldn’t be lying to us, now would she? ✪

Hold that Line, Patriots!

General Mossberg