I’m Tired Of This Crap

I’m Tired Of This Crap

✪ Hello again, Patriots! Another week in the trenches as the Democrat war against America continues to rage on. I don’t know about you but I’m really tired of wet socks, shitty food and sleeping in mud just to maintain some degree of “normalcy” in my own personal life under the constant assaults against my country, freedoms, prosperity & intelligence by insane Globalists and their domestic communist counterparts who are hellbent on making life as uncomfortable and miserable as they possibly can for no apparent rational reasons except that they can because they are absolute evil scum. I must tell you, there are some days it can be a real challenge just to make it through an entire day without experiencing a righteous amount of smoldering disgust and resentment for all of the stupid shit I see happening. For me, that’s my internal indicator for just how far wrong things in general have already gone.  Unfortunately, our traditional avenues of refuge and escape continue to dwindle & narrow. Communism does not tolerate any degree of fun, pleasure or comfort. A workers’ paradise is serious shit. You can pursue a worthwhile hobby or binge watch a really good series on Netflix, but when you go to the store you still see assholes wearing masks hoarding $7 a dozen eggs or EBT beneficiaries loading up their Escalades with hundreds of dollars worth of prime meat cuts while you fancy yourself splurging with an occasional rotisserie chicken. You all know what I’m talking about. I know, nobody ever said Life was gonna be fair, but they also never said I need to be happy about that, because I’m not.    

I guess my “problem” might just be that I am old school. Guilty as charged! That means I have always played by the rules and for the most part, I bet you have always have, too. That means I’m not someone who believes I need to constantly shit all over other people in order to improve my own life condition at their expense. It means I don’t get my kicks by committing crimes. It means I don’t lie, cheat, steal or hurt other people just because I think or know I can somehow get away with it; or, because I feel entitled because of some previous wrong which was done to me. No, it means I choose not to be a victim of the circumstances of my own creation or blame others if I am dissatisfied about something I can damned well handle for myself. It means I still value the importance of an honest day’s work for an honest day’s wage; rather than becoming some simpering, whining, pathetic, spoiled little douchebag bitch who expects the World and everyone else in it to bow to every unreasonable demand and expectation in order to provide them with a comfortable lifestyle while they never contribute any thing in return. That’s probably the crap which bugs me the most; how I watch everyday as the least deserving always scam the system to their advantage. How the wicked continue to prosper while the rest of us remain stuck in the barrel. Unfortunately, all of this is intentional by a government using the destruction of civil morality as their tool to reduce all of society to a smoldering ruinous heap of chaos they can rule over with an iron fist, or so they think. As time passes, it’s becoming clearer to me that this just isn’t your good old fashioned, regular, run of the mill Communism at work here; rather, there feels like there’s something much darker and uglier hiding behind it. Evil has always been with us and a part of life in this fallen world, but you gotta admit this time things certainly seem different.

It used to be that the lies were smaller, slicker and farther in between; that Government at least felt a need to maintain some sort of pretense as cover for all of their criminal activities. NO longer! Now they don’t give a shit about upholding even a bare minimum standard of honesty. They lie to us directly to our faces everyday with impunity about everything; the economy, vaccines, wars, the “law” or whatever, you name it! Everyday, it’s a new “FU America” in our faces and they don’t care because they think they will never be out of power again. Up is down, in is out and forward is backwards. That’s a nice way of saying they’ve made a huge fucking mess of everything.

The constant assault on the Truth is reinforced by more gaslighting, lies and distortion from their co-conspirators in the News Media with the end game of forcing everyone to conform to their version of the truth, or else! It’s already to the point where those who are most weak in their minds believe that a leaking ketchup pack stuffed up some guy’s ass is the same as female menstruation. No wonder most people are fucking whacked out of their minds and society is practically stretched to a breaking point. Normal people can’t think or live with this shit, nor should they ever have to and that’s the entire purpose behind it all; to throw a monkey wrench into the gears of what used to be considered healthy, individual human reasoning. You need to break that before you can make people into slaves; because by definition, people who think for themselves are not slaves and can never be, so long as they continue to think for themselves. For most people, I imagine the only way they can cope with being forced to live in a false, synthetic reality is to just remain in a perpetual state of numbed denial. I know, because I passed through that phase; however, I don’t think anybody can do that indefinitely and maintain sanity so the only choices left eventually become outright rebellion to reassert the individual’s domain or complete conformity & submission to The Machine by finally taking the poison. As far as I’m concerned, the latter is NOT an option! The only real choice is the refusal to consent to be governed. 

I think this is the real goal of the Great Reset they’re not openly telling us about; or, maybe they are and we just aren’t hearing it. It’s about more than just tearing down & destroying capitalism, the family, religion, nationality, tradition and morality for the purpose of replacing all of those things with a stakeholder, resource economy which remedies climate change and ushers in a new epoch of equality and brotherly love (yeah, RIGHT!) First, they need to break the human will to function as an individual because you can only own nothing and be happy if you’re fucking stupid enough to agree to stop thinking for yourself. And that’s exactly where lots of this bullshit is going to come to a screeching halt because the people who are most comfortable thinking for themselves are exactly the ones least likely to stop doing it. And there are thankfully many more of us than them & their pet Sheep. In fact, that’s the fundamental difference between free men and Sheep. Sheep no longer think for themselves; but instead, faithfully line up for their next booster inoculation. Hence, the constant campaign to turn reality on it’s head at every turn. To scramble and defile the collective ability to critically reason until that ability is also finally broken and all assume and submit to the hive mind. Hence the need for a “depopulation” agenda to reduce the opposition by murdering seven and a half BILLION people under the lie of mass murder in order to make life more “sustainable.” Besides, the machines and artificial intelligence will do all of your thinking for you. Like I said, the only way to make any of this crap fit inside of your head is to live in a state of complete denial.  

By this time, we know all of the biggest players in this BIG LIE and I am sure there are many other smaller cowards hiding behind the curtain in places like Davos, the UN, EU and even in our own Congress. Scum sucking political opportunists with sugarplum fairy dreams of sharing ultimate power sitting at the big kids’ table of the new globalist order. Working their hardest to not find themselves in that demographic which eats the bugs and lives with a government chip stuck up their ass that phones home every 10 seconds. These greasy, parasitic bowel maggots have spent years squirming their way into every possible position of government and corporations and education and military. And let’s not forget our wonderful healthcare system. The “Deep State’ is no more than completely institutionalized government bureaucracy which only lives to continue growing and absorbing everything so that it may continue to grow and absorb everything. Kinda sounds like the mother of all Ponzi schemes or a back hole, doesn’t it?

Here’s the bottom line; where the rubber meets the road. I’m TIRED of all this bullshit. NOT tired in the sense I’m about ready to ever give up and give in. Fuck NO! Tired in the sense I see exactly what’s happening and my patience for tolerating it is wearing extremely thin. let he who has ears, hear my words! TIRED of all the LIES, corruption, thievery, distractions, subterfuges, grifting, double standards, hypocrisy and waste. TIRED of the criminal class destroying my freedom in order to make up new rules as they go along to stuff their pockets by keeping the rest of us down. TIRED of them manipulating everything in such a way that they never have to experience the consequences of their own stupidity and selfishness, THAT seems to be something specifically reserved exclusively for us. Tired of waking up every morning to the same clowns in the same shitshow. Tired of having my dick pulled almost everyday by some new manufactured crisis, outrage or problem which really wouldn’t exist in a world run by anyone else other than the current group of marxist luciferians. 

I’m really just a peaceful man who would like just to be left the fuck alone. Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so. I’m really just a peaceful man who would like just to be able to go to work to support himself and his family without being extorted at the end of a gun barrel into giving up almost 50% of my labors to a selfish and dishonest government which abuses me by caring more about criminal invaders and making money off bogus proxy wars in backwater Euro-peon countries than it does the welfare of future Americans. Is that really too much to ask? I don’t think so. How about this instead; you keep your dirty hands out of my business and stop fucking with our lives? I’m tired of all this crap! ✪

Stay safe & be more patient than me!  

General Mossberg