A Republic If You Can Keep It

A Republic If You Can Keep It

✪ Another week of time passes us by, like water under the proverbial bridge. It just seems like the people charged with running the affairs of the country and the World are just going out of their way to make life as difficult for the rest of us as they possibly can. Yet America continues to endure even in the hands of evil, praise God! The shit show drags on with a couple of new added storylines; none of them good. At this point, what can we really expect? Another NYC police officer is shot and murdered by some neanderthalic ape thug. Of course, the new, affirmative action, commie mayor, Eric Adams, exploits the situation as a pulpit to blame it on the gun to advance the Rat’s anti-gun agenda. If only there were no more guns; there would be no more crime and we could all live together in that bright new utopia of brotherly love & understanding. If only, what a wonderful world it could be, kumbayah! Not a single mention during his entire rant about the savage criminal boon who committed the crime or how he obtained the gun illegally. More criminal scat with a rap sheet longer than War & Peace who was arrested numerous times and subsequently released by another communist district attorney bought and paid for by dirty Soros money. ***SPIT!*** Thanks to “social justice” instead of “criminal justice,” this wretched excuse of a human being was set free time & time again on numerous occasions by crooked communist district attorneys to rob, steal and murder at will because there are apparently no longer any consequences for breaking the law in Soros controlled blue shit hole cities so long as you have the appropriate skin color! However, this time his luck ran out. His reward for resisting arrest this time around was a brand new, shiny set of bat wings. Good shooting, NYPD! Seems the police in NYC have had enough of playing musical criminal justice system. Since the DA’s Office won’t prosecute these psychopaths and instead opts to turn them back out on the streets to create more chaos by committing ever more crime, it’s now easier and more cost effective to erase them whenever they are caught in the commission of their crimes. Oops, so sowwy! 

Ok, I know what you’re probably thinking, “Gosh General, that almost sounds like vigilantism or the police taking the law into their own hands. Isn’t that the way they handle things in third world toilets like Mexico?”  Well, take a quick look around Sunshine and tell me what you see. What else do you expect in the Rat nest, blue cities where their local justice systems have been packed full of miserable communist paper pushers who stick up for criminals at the risk of endangering the public & law enforcement? Our tax dollars at work! I can’t speak for you, but if I was a cop in NYC, my top priority would be coming home every night to my family instead of going to the city morgue in a bag. When the Rule Of Law is deconstructed, the Law Of The Jungle and the Instinct for Survival automatically kick in to fill the vacuum. Don’t be fooled, none of this shit happening now is by mere coincidence! Thanks a lot, fucking Democrats!  

All a part of their big new, grand design to usher in the “Great Reset,” degrade and destroy western societies by “any means necessary” down to the point until they are no longer able to function under their traditional structure. That requires a never ending cacophony of lies, deceit, redirects, projections, misinformation, gaslighting & collective hypnosis. That’s why we must always stay on our toes and keep our eyes open. The brain washing can only take affect if you become mentally lazy and allow yourself fall asleep. That’s when the danger of slipping into their trance is at it’s most high. Hence, their relentless campaign to beat down and exhaust everyone: “Go to sleep, go to sleep! You will own nothing and be happy! You will own nothing and be happy!” Fuck you! In case you haven’t figured out yet, we aren’t the “experiment,” we are the targets of the “experiment!” At this point, it’s completely futile to scream about the “Law” because the “Law” is something they have absolutely NO respect for. What they’ve done is turn the “Law” around on us to use as a foil to exploit our own moral traditions against us as weakness. EVIL! I repeat, fuck them! They are counting on us to follow the “Law” by not taking it into our own hands against them, while at the same time, they have no hesitancy whatsoever to completely abandon the law for the sake of advancing their agenda. You could even say they have turned the “Law” into their whore. This is exactly how they excuse releasing hardened criminals back out onto the streets in our communities. They may not come out & directly say it, but what they  really mean is the ”Law” is for thee and not for me because as the stewards of the “Law,” they have exempted themselves from following it! Their plan is to create so much misery, chaos, strife, division and social anxiety that we will all just finally surrender to them out of pure desperation for wanting a solution. See how that works? That’s when the real tyranny will begin! Of course, me being the cheery ambassador of brightness & happiness you all have come to know and love, I’d like to take this opportunity to go on the record to advise any public officials that a Soros endorsement or payout may not be in the best interests of their future political careers. Let he who has ears, listen. A word to the wise is sufficient, just sayin’

Since we are now on the subject of the “Law,” it’s probably worth our time and a few words to examine the ramifications of this week’s big Supreme Court story; the retirement of that left leaning, socialist smooching dirtbag, Breyer. Did you know the biggest reason Breyer announced his retirement was that he was pressured into it by what is known as “radical leftist dark money groups?” Spelled out another way, that adds up again to SOROS when you read in between the lines. Also, it wasn’t really Breyer who announced his impending retirement, it was those same said “radical leftist dark money groups” who LEAKED the information, but you didn’t heard a peep about that from our traitorous, Pravda media. Seems Schumer and Pelosi first invited Breyer on a hunting junket in New Mexico, but he graciously declined. Can’t imagine why. But lift every voice and sing, chilluns! We are about to make herstory! That’s right, Uncle Joe and his trainers are going to take this opportunity to install the most radical, ugly, bile filled, America hating black racist lesbian bitch they can find on the highest court in the land. At last count, I believe we may be down to only two sitting justices who actually understand or have any respect for the Constitution as it was originally written & intended. Stand by, because the highest court in the land be about to go all woke ’n sheet, honkies! That almost makes me want to break out in a DeBlasio, monkey street dance for joy! Only two justices remain who are actually qualified; and another  four already seem quite comfortable ruling according to the whims of the highest bidder at the World Economic Forum. The remaining three have already proven they won’t think twice about wiping their asses with the Constitution because you know, the “revolution.” Besides, that Bill Of Rights thing is only an antiquated dinosaur relic created by a bunch of old racist white guys who were slave owners! This is another shining moment in History for the Demmunists to “fundamentally transform” America. Yassir, everybody is already maneuvering for a big piece of that globalist power pie they mistakenly believe is already a forgone conclusion. Are they ever in for a real surprise!  

It does give me some degree of comfort knowing the spoiled and pampered, leftist, suburban feminists who support all of this bullshit because they are strangely suffering from some sort of black penis envy will find out the hard way what it means to be labeled a kulak once they are no longer needed in that brave new dystopian world they worked so hard to create. Nor will they find any safe spaces in the new America that finally rights itself in an orgasmic purge of pent up rage against all things communist. Shhhh, don’t tell them but it looks like it will really suck to be them, regardless of however the cards get played. Woe unto ALL who attempt to take America down. They will find no peace because we won’t let them. They’ll become lost beggar spirits, cursed to wander forever lost & confused between the winds; equally hated and hunted by both sides. Excuse me for a moment while is seriously try to give a fuck. ALL traitors are worthless and expendable once their usefulness has expired; and that includes the pantifa brigade, anarchists, Bowel Movements Matter advocates, the LBGTQXLSD fruit lobby, marxist race hustlers, crooked politicians and Media whores. Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord! What comes to one will most certainly come to all.

The final selection on tonight’s menu of absurdity is the blatant and obvious diabolical posturing by President Shitpants to goad the Russian Federation into a fucking hot war in a lame attempt to distract us from the train wreck clusterfuck his illegally installed administration has become. Come on, Man! I was actually born in the morning, but it just wasn’t this morning! Unfortunately, the most current developments are intended to be a win-win for everybody except the American people. That means you & I get fucked again. Everybody except the Political Class is poised to lose again on this one.

Are you tired of losing yet, Kids? More fear and anxiety to spook the sheep into compliance with the prospect of a flat out world war (because their co-vud ruse is getting away from them), plumped up defense portfolios for all of our fat fuck, worthless politicians, further losses and humiliations for our armed forces led by the queer loving “white rage” general and his Wakanda Darth Vader boyfriend, more debt and wasteful spending; and last but certainly not least, the generational pain and suffering thousands perhaps millions of innocent, good people will endure over the needless death and loss of family members and friends in a completely unnecessary war. In other words, more grist for the Military Industrial Complex mill. And for what, to protect & secure the Biden Family Criminal Crime Syndicate’s investments in Ukraine? To keep Hunter flush with blow and 13 year old Chinese hookers? Damn them all to Hell for what they are planning!  

Crap, I think I need a smoke after all of that! Isn’t that customary after you’ve been fucked? Open wide America, because after you sweep away all the rhetoric, lies and bullshit, it all comes down to this: the same clowns who deliberately fumbled Afghanistan are now planning our next adventure in the Ukraine; and, it doesn’t matter a dead Rat’s ass (pun intended) who might be the most qualified and experienced candidate for Breyer’s position on the Supreme Court, what we’re going to get instead is another big ole heapin’ helpin’ of endless war with marxist identity politics rammed up our asses. Heterosexual, white Christian males who have read, studied and will honor decisions of Law rooted in Constitutional authority need not apply! Dey be rassists! I can assure you the fix is already in for a Marxist ideologue who will be completely onboard with the globalist reset and who will work tirelessly to continue dismantling  & deconstructing America. Fuck them all. After all, skill, merit and intelligence are all outdated racist, sexist, white supremacist constructs. It’s the dawning of a new world now, right chilluns? Take note America, that’s how much these psychopathic clowns driving the bus now really hate us. Duly noted! Lock and load, it’s going to get interesting. It’s two minutes until high noon and I hear that train whistle in the distance.  Cowboy up, it’s almost time for the good guys to ride! ✪

As you were,  

General Mossberg