Whose Fault Is It?

✪ Sometimes, I long for the good old days. You know, the four years of peace & prosperity we enjoyed starting in 2016 and which abruptly ended in 2020 with the stolen election. I can’t help but wonder how almost all of our institutions have become so corrupted and weaponized against us by those among us who call themselves the Left (I call them the commie body snatchers, the marxist Pod People, parasite sheep handlers, etc.). I think what it all leads back to is a monumental betrayal of trust by our Political Class which has been going on for a very long time but wasn’t hauled out into the open until Trump came along. Whose fault is it? There’s more than enough blame to go around, but it was Woody Wilson who got this ball rolling with the creation of the FED, Income Tax, etc. Modern day marxist feminism has it’s roots in Women’s Suffrage. It’s been a long haul to get us to where we are today, but the handlers have been patient and raising the temperature of the water in the pot so slowly and incrementally we’ve hardly noticed. That’s exactly WHY they call themselves “Progressives!” All the while claiming to be the party of the underdog, the forgotten working man, human rights and the environment when in truth, all they are and really ever have been are fucking fascist Bolsheviks seeking absolute power and control. Americans by and large, are a very trusting people, otherwise the human sewage we have been deceived into depending on could never have gained so much power over our government, culture or us, ever. So exactly whose fault is it? Yours, mine, ours? THEIRS. You see, we’re kind of at a historical inflection point right now where it’s no longer possible to continue kicking the can down the road. We no longer have the luxury of enough good outweighing the bad to allow life to continue as “normal.” The old tried and true approaches of “giving things a little more time to sort themselves out” or “it will get fixed after the next election” aren’t going to cut it any longer. Reckoning has arrived. Admit it, we were lied to & sold out; the rug pulled out from under our feet. Whose fault is it? Certainly not yours or mine because we kept our end of the bargain. We worked hard, followed all the rules and were led to believe we had a working government which represented our best interests; an open market, capitalist banking system which provided for wealth creation and opportunity; and, corporations we empowered with our commerce to provide for the means of a comfortable & healthy life. For ourselves, our friends, family & children. 

We were living the dream, the American Dream which made this country into the greatest country on the face of the Earth. A place where everyone wanted to come to become whomever they wanted to be. We believed in it because to not meant returning into the quicksand mud pit of tyranny Humanity had always found itself mired in. I guess you could say we still have a form of government if you insist upon calling a kleptocratic criminal syndicate looting the country a “government.” A “government” which now exists only to serve itself and the unchecked expansion of its own power at the expense of everyone & everything else. We have elected liars, cheats, fraud and criminals who are hopelessly corrupt beyond redemption to occupy the highest offices of power. Because they control intelligence, Law Enforcement, the judicial system & Military at every level leaves the rest of us with no real avenues of recourse to demand redress for our grievances while they continue to systematically undermine and dismantle what’s left of our freedoms. Freedom of speech? Equal representation under the law? Here’s your shit sandwich, shut up and smile while you eat it; otherwise, we’ll find a way to abuse our power to destroy your life. This is no longer your grandparents United States of America. Speak out and dare to oppose any of the Ruling Elite narratives and suddenly find yourselves on their shit list. Don’t cross the wrong people or you may be murdered! You could risk the loss of your job, business, savings, home, everything you’ve worked your entire life to achieve if you dare to suggest anything that goes against the Mob and their agenda! We see it already happening! Trump wasn’t fucking around when he said, “They’re not coming for me, they’re coming after you.” What sucks most is having to live on the edge of all this bullshit while always waiting for the other shoe to drop. What sucks the most is also having to divert valuable personal energy and resources from the enjoyment of life instead towards maintaining some semblance of dignity & functionality in the face of being plastered by one bullshit unnecessary, phony crisis after another all designed to break our spirits and surrender to their chains. The only way any of this becomes our fault is if we give in and allow them to win. WHICH WE WON’T. 

As difficult as these modern times are, they also present historic opportunities. We really are living through a Great Awakening of sorts. The curtains are being pulled back; and, for the very first time we are getting an up close and personal look at all of the filth, rot & dishonesty behind all of the lies we’ve been fed for so long. I know this shit ain’t pretty but guess what? I now know government & corporations are working allies and they hate our guts. Companies and billionaire communists have formed an unholy alliance with the government against almost everything I hold as dear, good & right. I now know I’m their target and they really don’t give a shit for my well being. I consider that a very valuable piece of information moving forward and I can guarantee you it figures predominantly in all my decisions about where I spend my money and invest my support. The same goes for sports and entertainment. Screw these bastards and their sanctimonious campaigns to brainwash the sheep into complete woke conformity. I don’t give a shit about Bowel Movements Matter, stupid black people who refuse to leave the plantation, Fag culture, PRIDE, human rights for transgender rectums or the fucking weather that changes all the time. Leave me the fuck alone! I’m also TIRED of the constant bitching, whining and crying of all the oppressed pet victim interest groups of the Political Class. The so called oppressed and marginalized people who are actually less than 10% of the total population. I’m so fucking TIRED of the country, culture and society constantly being reduced to the lowest common denominator to appease these worthless pieces of shit.

Whose fault is this? I place the blame squarely at the feet rabid marxist activists funded by people like George Soros who threaten these companies with accusations of racism and homophobia until they agree to pander to all the grievance special interests. I blame special interest lobbyists. However, most corporations have unknowingly signed their own death certificates by agreeing to go along to get along with the communists. Apparently, they’re too friggen stupid to know you never deal with the Devil. Does NASCAR actually believe radical blacks represent a big enough consumer demographic to replace all their regular fans? Do most NFL fans support a GAY NFL? And don’t even get me started on fucking Disney! I believe he main target of all this stupid corporate foolfuckey is bored & disaffected suburban leftist housewives who need to glom onto all of the latest “causes” no matter how idiotic or ridiculous by playing activist to feel important in their empty lives. You know, the kind who showed up at your door to encourage you to vote for Joe. Make no mistake, corporations are now going out of their way to marginalize the most ignored people in the entire country who just happened to be the very ones who have made their success possible; white, employed, Christian heterosexual males. Don’t think we haven’t noticed or that we will forget.

Big banks are no better nor any less guilty because they’ve also drunk the woke Kool Aide. Instead of processing loan applications based on sound credit history & the ability to pay back debt, they now base it on skin color to make quotas. Not every time because none of this shit happens every time; but, it’s beginning to happen with enough frequency it’s starting to damage the long term credibility and viability of the entire system. Race now has much more of a mitigating factor in large banks practices. Apparently the only cure for systemic racism is institutional racism. Who knew? Perhaps that’s because banks are set up to profit more from people who get behind on their obligations than those who keep up. And because they are considered too big to fail, the banks know they can always rely on their pals in Government to bail them out. Unlike you and I, they never have to be concerned about living with the consequences of their crimes or poor decisions. Such a sweet deal, eh?

Finally, unless you happen to be a member of that special club, the gilded privilege class you are probably aware of how the price of everything we need to live is going thru the roof. The fake government inflation numbers are a joke because if people saw the real numbers they’d March on Washington and burn it to the ground. Inflation isn’t 8.9% any more than there are only 11 million illegal aliens living inside the US. We all know it’s more like 35 or 40% since 2020. I know, because my wallet and bank account tell me so; and, unlike the “government,” they don’t lie to me. The government however, lies like a rug as a matter of course. We know they lie but at this point, still cling to that tiny thread of hope this hot mess may still be resolved peacefully. That thread grows thinner and thinner with each passing day. They simply don’t care and they no longer care that we know they don’t care. They’re now totally out front with everything. In short, they don’t want you and I driving, taking vacations, eating meat or healthy food; or, depending on electricity, oil and gas for our homes because they don’t care. And why should they because they’re all set. They already got theirs so fuck you, peasants! Regardless of what shortages or outages they design to make us suffer they will never go without. They won’t miss a beat or notice a thing. They have made certain of this.

So whose fault is all of this? The younger generations who have been numbed & neutered by growing up and raised by the Big Tech wet nurse? Those who could actually do something but are simply too old to be an effective fighting force? Those who cower from conflict and remain ambivalent or silent hoping it will be others who do the actual heavy lifting? I’m being realistic here and I don’t like tough love any more than you, but take hope & heart in knowing this shit can’t go on forever; it will end because it has to. Communism is a deliberate corruption and aberration of natural law devised only by the ignorance, limitations and selfishness of the Human mind and as such, holds the seeds of its own destruction. The only wild card is the element of time involved. How long will it take and how bad must things get before it all comes down? Fuck, I’ve had enough of this bullshit for the last year and a half! I firmly believe this entire Clown Show will eventually come crashing down on top of all the miserable fucks who put us here. And when it does, no mercy whatsoever should be shown to them, because they have certainly show none to us.I suggest we return that favor to them with interest. Whose fault is it? Only yours and mine should we fail to prevail.  ✪

Hold that line, Patriots!

General Mossberg