The Roller Coaster Of Truth

The Roller Coaster Of Truth

Happy weekend, fellow Patriots! I hope you all are keeping your cool and managing to enjoy your summer the best you can considering everything else that’s going on; considering everything else this joke of an illegally selected government is needlessly pushing on us to do their best to increase the misery index. Before I continue, there’s one thing I have to say: FUCK JOE BIDEN! Whew, thank you for letting me get that out of the way. After more than two years of coming here and writing weekly installments of Double Barrel, I have a confession to make. Unfortunately like you & millions of other Americans, I suffer from a very bad case of FUCK JOE BIDEN! syndrome. One of the symptoms of FUCK JOE BIDEN! syndrome (besides an empty wallet) is a sudden, uncontrollable outburst of spontaneous FUCK JOE BIDEN! profanity. Thank you in advance for your understanding. It’s something that started about a year and a half ago & I struggle with FUCK JOE BIDEN! everyday. I can’t help it: it just seems to come out of nowhere and strike at any time. I can be at the grocery store shopping or even at home in my easy chair watching the news and then suddenly boom, FUCK JOE BIDEN!

ALL of our unpleasant shit started right after Joey the Sniffer was installed into the White House. Two years ago, we still had Trump and energy independence. In fact, we were on our way to towards becoming the world’s dominant energy exporter. Gas was on average under $2 a gallon nationwide FUCK JOE BIDEN! Oops, so sorry but there I go again… We had NO inflation or supply chain issues whatsoever. Our borders were secure for the first time in decades and we weren’t involved in any wars because the rest of the world knew damn well FUCK JOE BIDEN we had a guy running the show who wasn’t going to take crap from any of our enemies. But I digress…

Fast forward to the current comedy of errors & tragedy of evil which has engulfed our country & the world. Another week and MORE insults from these worthless marxist dung maggots. FUCK JOE BIDEN! This past week, they continued on with their underhanded attempts to twist the very fabric of reality itself in another failed attempt st taking credit for all the shit they have created. I know you all know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s a combination of different things all designed to attack and undermine the natural, rational sensibilities of normal people by simply twisting facts & the language to make everything seem like cute baby fuzzy bunnies. It’s a real insult to our intelligence that you assholes seem to believe we are just as stupid as you. FYI, we aren’t because definitely know better.

So STOP blowing smoke up our backsides by continuing to tell us that Grampy Stinkfinger and his policies are now creating the most robust economy in history. We all know this is a complete LIE. Hey, stoopid donkeerats, do you know how we know you’re lying to us? Because every other economy most of us have lived thru has been better than this clown show, even the bad ones so don’t sit here and try to convince me that an apple is an orange because your presumption of my stupidity while you continue to steal my money and wreck my nation REALLY pisses me off! FUCK JOE BIDEN! There I go again, I guess it’s time for me to talk with my health care about this.

You know how I KNOW this economy sucks, Joe? Because you force me to live it everyday. There’s no escape from the suck. Unlike you and your fellow aristocratic ideologues who are so fucking smart and obviously know better than dumb, Bible thumping, bitter clinging, flyover bumpkins like me, you never have to experience the direct consequences of all the stupid decisions you make. People like Pelosi, Chuck the Schmuck and Joe live very different lives than you and I. Many of them came into this world with a silver spoon stuck in their ass and have lived entire pampered lives of political privilege insulated from the toils and challenges of everyday modern living the rest of us must face and come to terms with. Of course they’re completely out of touch! They don’t care and they don’t know any different and they don’t want to know any different. Do you think Nancy Pelosi actually even knows what a gallon of gas costs in her district? HELL NO! Do you think she ever sweats going to the grocery store because she finds herself in the uncomfortable situation of having to make hard choices between either eating or falling behind on the rest of her bills? HELL NO! Like the Rule Of Law, these inconveniences only affect we the little people, the serfs, the peasantry, the insects standing in the way of their grand plan to reforge the world into a completely sustainable, totally inclusive, centrally managed, sexually obfuscated, multi culti, wonderful utopian world of digital surveillance where we will all own nothing and be happy…except of course, them for the own nothing part. FUCK JOE BIDEN!

Thankfully, most of us Conservatives just don’t have what it takes to become a real Sheep. It’s not in our DNA. That’s because no matter how many times they repeat the same lies, that still doesn’t change the fact that anyone with two eyes in their head can see for themselves that reality is completely 180 degrees the opposite of whatever they claim. To be a really good Sheep, you need to be able to completely suspend any personal commitment you may have about observing the truth of the world around yourself & coming to your own conclusions. Baaaahhhhhh! So is inflation is really caused by historic economic growth and is that something we should be happy about? You mean to tell me it’s really not caused by reckless government theft and waste of TRILLIONS of Dollars because that’s WHAT I’m seeing instead of a bunch of lame LIES about the “robust” economy. FUCK JOE BIDEN!

If everything is going as gangbusters as the Joe Junta claims, then HOW did the economy officially enter a recession this last week after the publication of the second quarter GDP numbers? For as long as this American can remember, the standard, accepted definition of a “recession” has been at least two consecutive quarter of GDP contraction. I don’t know about you, but I find that definition to be pretty simple and straightforward: I would suspect the reason for that is so there’s no room for confusion and everyone can understand; even those who may have a very limited understanding of basic economic concepts. So where are we now? With last week’s sucky GDP numbers the US economy is officially in a RECESSION and the fucking US Government is in denial! That’s right, the economy has actually contracted for two consecutive quarters, but they don’t want you thinking about that only three months out from a major midterm election after they’ve already spent the last two years stepping on their own dicks while they continue destroying everything. That’s half a year of NEGATIVE economic growth! Way to go, Team Joe! Thank goodness the adults are back in charge, right? Do you know what other kinds of economies traditionally enjoy contractions & negative economic growth? Communist and socialist economies usually “grow” by becoming smaller. That’s what their governments also claim. That’s because the entire purpose of communism is to transfer all forms of wealth to the State (the Elite Class running the scam) eventually creating an economy where everybody owns nothing and are told at the end of a gun barrel that they must be happy. Sound familiar?

Instead of taking responsibility by admitting to all their dishonesty and Intentional fuck ups, what do these fucking clowns do? NO! Their so called “solution” is to change the definition of the word “recession” and muddle the issue with enough new doubt until everyone is so confused it becomes a non issue. This is exactly the very same approach they have taken on just about every other issue and is why there is a growing demographic of ignorant fools in this country who believe there are 1000 different genders, insist men can have babies and that the weather is going to kill us all unless we unquestioningly submit to the authority of world communism. This kind of deliberate twisting and denial of reality is pure evil EVIL because the resulting confusion sabotages most people’s ability to adequately reason for themselves. It’s the intellectual equivalent of tearing down statues which have stood for more than 200 years and then filling in the empty space with whatever best moves the current agenda along. It’s just like Bubba Klintoon telling us that it all depends on what the definition of the word “is” is. FUCK JOE BIDEN!

So is the US economy now in a recession or not? Of course it is and not only per traditional definition but also by direct experience! Raise your hands if you are now better off than you were two years ago. That’s exactly what I thought! The only ones who enjoy it better now than two years ago is the Political Class. Everything you need to live is becoming more expensive by the day. Three million people returning to work after 20 million lost their jobs during covid is NOT “record job creation” any more than lowering gas prices fifty cents after raising them three dollars is “reducing inflation.” FUCK JOE BIDEN! A fucking proxy war in eastern Europe is not about preserving “democracy.” Nothing is improving, not a stinking thing, so STOP lying to us, you fucking Clowns. In fact, everything is only spinning faster down the crapper under the influence of their criminal dishonesty and deliberate destruction. God, how I loathe these worthless, lying cocksuckers!

However you must admit, it’s a real testament to the size and incredible resiliency of our economy for it to be able to withstand such an onslaught of deliberate & continuous sabotage from these marxist termites. To be honest, I’m kind of surprised they haven’t yet managed to pull the entire shit house down & throw us all into a full blown depression although I know that is really their intention and favorite wet dream. The next step would be a World War to make the MIC even more wealthy. Don’t kid yourself. They’ll never have satisfaction; even when there’s only 500 million of us left and we all have to come begging to them with empty bowls for “more crickets, please.” It will forever be something more with these bastards no matter how much they take so perhaps the best strategy is to understand that now and just refuse to give them another inch of ground. In the meantime, we can continue to make things just as difficult for them if not more so than they already have for us by refusing to consent to be governed because that train left the station a long time ago. They’ve really screwed that pooch of public trust and there’s no going back because once you destroy trust, it can never be fully recovered. Trump may not have been perfect and he did make mistakes, but while he was President I know I could put my head down on the pillow every night and rest well in the security that he didn’t hate my guts or was trying to destroy me by destroying everything I hold and good and true in my life. I knew he wasn’t lying or scheming in order to force me into conforming to some kind of marxist hive scarcity mentality.

Above all else, protect your mind and you’re ability to critically reason for yourself using reality and easily observable facts because your freedom of thought is also on their target list. Because your very life and the future of this country and Humanity depend upon it. Tyranny cannot flourish or dominate so long as citizens refuse to forfeit their ability to critically think. That means not falling into the habit of allowing ourselves to be brainwashed by popular media culture, sports or the current performances of political theater because in case you haven’t yet noticed, all of those institutions are already corrupted by their abuse of the truth. This is the real meaning of “hold the line;” to not allow yourself to be assimilated by the government Borg.To not fucking need them in any way. To not give into the false safety, comfort or convenience of letting them convince you that their lies are really the truth. I believe this is one of the ways we will eventually win because there is real power in this approach; and, in the real contest between the lies and truth, the Truth always eventually triumphs because it is an integral element in the natural order whereas a lie is merely a perversion. Don’t let them try to convince you that you’re not experiencing something that you know damned well you are experiencing simply by telling you that you are NOT experiencing it. That’s the equivalent of your girlfriend in college telling you it’s not how it looks when you catch her in bed together with your roommate. Know there have already been many lies and there will be many more to come before they the undeniable truth finally crushes them. Take their lies one at a time and continue to dismiss them one at at time until we finally prevail. It will happen! We don’t have to eat that entire shit sandwich in one bite. We don’t have to eat it at all! When all else fails, just remember, FUCK JOE BIDEN! ✪

Stay vigilant, Patriots!

General Mossberg