Big Government Loves You

Big Government Loves You

✪ Good evening fellow Americanists & Patriots! Congratulations, we’ve managed to survive & plod though another exciting week of this burning train wreck, meat grinder of life in these here United States. Do you remember “Life In These United States?” It was a regular feature in Readers Digest which highlighted interesting & unique trivia, anecdotes and factoids about our country. That was back when we still had a population who were still interested to learn new & interesting things about everything which made their country special. Back before the Fapdog, communist Media went on their campaign to beat all the national pride out of most people. Back before smartphones, the internet and 1000 channels of shit spewing from the television. Do you remember or am I the only one showing their age & sentimentality here? Pepperidge Farms remembers. It was before the marxist filth made their move to exert their stranglehold & dominance over every aspect of our lives. It was back when this country still killed communists. Now, we just make them incredibly wealthy and powerful after electing them to public office for life.

Can you imagine what a regular magazine feature called “Life In These United States” would be like in today’s mentally ill woke culture if such a thing were even possible, which it isn’t. First, that old title smacks horribly of selfish white supremacy & class privilege; and it completely makes no mention of indigenous peoples or their brilliant contributions, climate change or transgender rights. The horror, the horror! Of course, now it would have to be updated into a more Sheep friendly form to attract today readers. Perhaps something like “The Revolution Is Real, My Pet Whitey” or “Ask Tranny Granny.” BTW, do most people even still bother to read or do they let the Big Media/Popular Culture/Big Government trifecta tell them how, when & what to think to save them from all the effort & inconvenience? I let you answer that one for yourselves.

Have you noticed? We are currently stuck up to our chins in the quicksand of the “Weak Men Create Hard Times” phase of the Cycle Of Civilization. I believe that’s the natural result of too many people having too much too good for too long. Allow me to explain myself. Psychologists agree problems, challenges and hardships are natural parts of life and necessary to form the basis of personal independence and happiness. Ok, that makes sense. In fact, they are necessary to a certain degree if we are ever expected to learn and grow, both as individuals and as a collective. They even have a name for this; they call it “rites of passage.” I call it the “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger ” school of Life. A big reason why nothing seems to work as it should any longer and we now find ourselves stuck in the shit is because too many people have never been challenged enough to advance beyond the level of emotional development of a five year old because they’ve lived their entire lives in the soft, cozy cocoon of modern society. They’ve haven’t been challenged by enough personal hardship or adversity to spark their initiation into mature adulthood to experience going through their own “rites of passage.” The result is a generation of bored, pampered, spoiled, self absorbed crybaby brats incapable of any gratitude for everything they have who constantly wet themselves over imaginary non problems like climate change, systemic racism & income inequity. Shit that really doesn’t exist except in their own little underdeveloped minds. Prove me wrong!

I never really like to tell anyone “I told you so;” but, “I told you so.” I saw this mother of all clusterfuck disasters coming from 1000 miles away years ago. I don’t want to hear that crap from anybody about how it was the big, bad, mean & selfish Boomers who fucked up everything for everybody else because that’s only another hallmark of stunted infantile emotional development: the burning need to abandon all responsibility and blame others instead of rolling up your own sleeves to do the heavy lifting. If we Boomers are really the bad guys in this story, then explain to me how it is the years of 1960-2000 in America were for the most part much better than today? How they were the last of the “good times.” I’ll wait. This may not be a popular idea, but I believe things really started seriously going down the shitter with the Millennials and have only accelerated with Gen Z. Both of these generations have never been challenged or hardened by their own generational rites of passage because for their entire lives, everything’s been about THEM and the reduction of any kind of effort that would force them to grow enough to rise and meet modern challenges. Don’t believe me? Then take a good look around! They haven’t got a fucking clue. All they do is run around in circles with their hair on fire.They couldn’t find their own asses in broad daylight with a flashlight and a magnifying glass if their own lives depended on it: which, by the way they do and sadly, so do ours. Butt, butt, butt General, President Potato is a Boomer and look at how much he sucks! Sniffy Joe doesn’t suck because he’s a Boomer, he sucks because he’s a criminal politician who long ago sold his soul and everybody around him to the devil and the machine for the corrupt reward of wealth and comfort in this life. In other words, he’s just a corrupt jerkoff who will do anything to enrich himself, even at the expense of others. Especially at the expense of others! Being a POS human being isn’t anything which is necessarily defined by a generational context. There have been POS human beings throughout all of History. Prove me wrong!

This sorry and sad fucked up state of affairs has all been made possible by what I call “the continual diminishment of effort.” That means the cultural evolution of technology aimed at making every aspect of our lives easier and more convenient has finally led us to a place where many people no longer have to exert any effort to live comfortably. Talk about a deal with the Devil! For a while, this was actually a good thing. A trip across the country now takes only a few hours by plane instead of several months by covered wagon: with washing machines, women no longer have to spend two days out of every week slaving to do their family’s laundry. We’re able to store food and cook meals without the threat of constant food poisoning or having to always build a new fire. However, somewhere along the way, technology and modern civilization crossed the rubicon. We forfeited the responsibility for our own lives by trading all that away for the promise of the false sense of comfort & security technology offered us. Prove me wrong! The outcome we’re stuck with now is too many people who can’t seem to do a fucking thing for themselves; like change the oil in their own car; or for that matter, properly weigh or make their own decisions. If you were born after 1990, chances are you’re in a serious relationship with your smartphone and you’ve been insulated so much by modern technological conveniences and indulgences that life has never really pushed you to mentally develop past the stage of being a perpetual child forever. The house is on fire and the only answer seems for everybody to blame everybody else. For Heaven’s sake, put out the fucking fire you morons!

When the individual efforts required for responsible daily living are diminished to the point where people no longer feel motivated to have any personal accountability nor mature into functional adults, the results are those servants of comfort and convenience eventually transform into slave masters who demand complete obedience in exchange for comfort and security. The idea of “freedom” then just becomes unwanted extra baggage and an unnecessary inconvenience. The Founders knew all about this trap. It’s exactly what Ben Franklin was talking about when he said, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety,” but what the fuck did he know? He’s just another old dead white guy, right? I guess anyone can make the choice to be enslaved if they expect to always look to outside sources for their own safety and comfort; especially if they’re stupid enough to believe that somehow will make their life easier. Prove me wrong!

And WHO do the Sheep look to when they want to trade their freedoms for security? The fucking Unholy Three! Big Government, Big Tech (including Big Pharma) and Big Media; all of which who were at one time servants to the cause of an improving our standard of living, but have now become the demanding overlords who insist upon complete surrender & conformity. Prove me wrong! In my opinion, the worst and most dangerous one of this three headed snake is Big Government because it continues to make most of the mischief and mayhem of the other two possible. As we have all seen and experienced, particularly since the Steal of the 2020 election, Big Government has reached a critical mass of sorts where it no longer even needs to bother with any pretense it gives a shit about the welfare of the country or its citizens. It’s taken on a life of its own & become a kind of fucking fire breathing dragon consuming more and more to fuel its own power and interests.

HOW do I know this? Because everyday Big Government never fails to show me how much it really cares and loves the same people it was originally instituted to serve. That’s supposed to be you and I. Kumbayah! Of course, Big Government has no problem granting ever more freedoms to it’s other two partners in crime. A drugged and doped population is a happy population! It’s also a compliant and conforming population. And WHO ever needs to bother again with the drudgery or inconvenience of having to think for themselves when Big Media will do it for them? Fuck gun control! Have you heard about how Amber Heard shit the bed? What’s that you say, inflation is 30%? Hey, how about them Lakers! I swear, I often feel like a one eyed man who has crash landed on a planet of gullible, blind & drugged zombie children! Prove me wrong!

Of course, the Demonrats love this shit; they can’t get enough of it. It plays right to their agenda of complete power, control and domination. In the mental sewers their rat minds inhabit, there’s NO such thing as any government which is too big enough. I bet if cancer tumors could think, they’d have the same idea. So much so that they can’t resist the compulsion to manufacture one crisis and outrage after another to which their solution is…you guessed it, BIGGER GOVERNMENT over a population whose level of personal responsibility has been so effectively diminished that they’re scared to death to even wipe their own asses. “You can’t do that citizen, it’s against the Law! Let Nanny Government do it for you because you obviously are incapable of doing it for yourself. Just imagine how wonderful it really is to never have to wipe your own ass again, citizen! The only thing you have to do in the bargain is everything we tell you! Besides, you really don’t want to interrupt any of the serious activities which give life real meaning like drinking piss beer or cheering on the gayest team, right?” See, it’s twue! Big Government really does loves you! Just keep paying your fucking taxes and get your shots when we tell you. Or else!

OK, perhaps I’m guilty of a little hyperbolic over-exaggeration here. Guilty as charged but it’s to drive home a very important point: I’m a grown adult who HAS matured mentally and emotionally beyond the point of needing a parental government authority figure to wipe my ass; and, I’ve been through more than my fair share of enough life experiences which I consider “rites of passage;” and, I’m willing to bet you have as well. I’m completely comfortable in my own skin having to suffer the inconveniences of thinking for myself and living with the consequences of my own decisions. I don’t want or need Big Government to take care of me. Quite the contrary, I want Big Government to stay completely out of my life and to just fucking leave me alone! I can wipe my own ass, thank you very much! For the time being, I consider that a winning strategy: not to be tricked or seduced into making a deal with the Devil of Big Government. I won’t trade my freedoms for any twisted, fucked up new progressive definitions of “safety” or “security” especially when those things are being offered up as the solutions to problems stirred by the very same syndicate of marxist dirtbags who are causing all the trouble. I’m going to continue stacking, stocking and storing motherfuckers; in other words, relying on MYSELF to be accountable for my own safety and security as an individual because that’s what it means to be an AMERICAN instead of some brainwashed, drugged, inoculated, shit eating, government property hive sheep. And I know I’m in very good company here with like minded Patriots who think and feel the very same way. This is how we eventually will win. I know this, and deep down inside your hearts and minds, you know it too. Prove me wrong! ✪

Sic semper tyrannis!

General Mossberg