Red Flag This, Bitchez!

Red Flag This, Bitchez!

✪ Weekend greetings from rural Missouri, part of the heartland of America where people are still remarkably normal and this stupid woke shit is outright roundly ridiculed and rejected just as it should be nationwide! A place where REAL men & women are celebrated! It’s plenty hot here now, both figuratively and literally; and because it’s the middle of summer and not because of the ignorant climate change, fear mongering bullshit. Masks are now pretty much a thing of the past here, except in hospitals for obvious reasons. On very rare occasions, I’ll still see some Biden sheep driving in their car wearing a mask with all the windows completely rolled up advertising their stupidity for all of the World to see. Prezzy Shitpants is still a WEF, UN, EU, NWO globalist, “America last” fluffer sock puppet as ever as he strives everyday to out do himself as the abysmal failure & horse’s ass of the illegally “installed leader” he really is. However, I digress…

I don’t know exactly how it happened, but somehow we treacherously navigated and survived this year’s big Boonteenth celebration because here in central Missouri, nobody gives a shit & Bowel Movements don’t matter. However, while everyone was gushing & peeing themselves in excitement over America’s new “Independence Day,” a select group of congressional democrat operatives cleverly disguised as Republican Senators decided to forward their version of a new gun control bill to fellow Senate members. The bill was 80 pages long and was only entered into the Senate record for consideration one hour before its scheduled vote. Once again, nobody had enough time to read it; not even that uber RINO, scrotum chinned, grand turtle wizard, Bitch McConnell. Seems lots of Senate members were already late for their tee times, cocktails with their favorite Beltway hookers and their facial appointments to be bothered with the inconvenience of upholding the Second Amendment or Constitution. However, we did see lots of empty posturing and appeals to feeeelllliiinnnnggggsssss by this seditious cabal of criminal sellouts. “It’s fer da chilluns! If we can save only one life! It’s time to end the violence! Enough is enough!” Blah, blah, blah! Of course, the Pedowood shiteaters on the Left Coast couldn’t wait to take up the banner and march into battle for new Red Flag Gun Control Laws. You know, the same fucking group of hypocrites screaming for the ability to murder unborn children in their mother’s womb as some sort of twisted, perverted form of “women’s freedom” are now creaming their little marxist panties over the prospect of destroying the Second Amendment because they ccccaaaaaarrrrrreeeee so much about LIFE. You know, the same pieces of shit who dare to talk down to us about gun control from their ivory towers after they have already banked tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars from their ultra violence with guns in their movies. Fuck them! Riddle me this: WHEN is Alec Baldwin going to be formally charged with aggravated murder? I got news for you Sunshine; never, because he’s a bona fide member of the rich, entitled pretty people club who enjoy special privileges above the laws which only apply to we filthy unwashed peasants. Kumbayah!

You can always tell who the real enemies of America are by the company they keep. Guilt by association! John McStain & Swimmer Teddy were unfortunately unavailable to vote on this Red Flag Gun Control bill, but they were there in spirit. That certainly didn’t stop Mitch the Bitch & Chuckie Schumer for posing together for “bipartisan” photo ops and blowing each other in the Cloak Room to celebrate. “See America, we’re actually doing something! We’re destroying more of your freedoms under the LIE the problem we’ve created can be resolved by legislating morality.” Because that approach has worked so well every time in the past they’ve used it.  Actually, it only makes things much much worse and they know it. However, that’s really their plan, anyway. Create a crisis and then offer a solution which transfers more power from “We The People” to the corrupt Ruling Political Class. The reason you can never legislate morality is because criminals couldn’t fucking care less about what’s considered “moral.” That’s WHY they’re criminals! DUH! Still, nobody really bothered to read this unconstitutional abomination that infringes on our right to keep and bear arms, yet they passed it nonetheless because it contains lots of sexy RAT wasteful funding for more social engineering projects like free mental health counseling to overcome the terrors of systemic racism and climate change.  

Let’s be honest; “Shall Not Be Infringed” is about as clear cut and direct as it can possible be, except to the communist criminals currently running our government and dry humping Unkle Klaus’ leg. The reason Turtle pushed so hard to pass this bill was because he was given new marching orders by the giant Iron Hand. I’m also certain he’s been well compensated for his loyalty to The Machine.Us Tareyton smokers would rather switch than fight!” And WHY should he care? WHY should anyone in our worthless criminal Political Class care? They will always have their private Secret Service security details armed with, you guessed it, “guns.” Except of course, unless you’re a Supreme Court justice who won’t be intimidated by the Bolshevik mob. That’s because they all actually hate our guts and their lives are obviously much more important than ours. Schumer didn’t even know what’s in the gun control bill he just passed. All he was told by the communist social engineers who wrote this bill was “yes, you can go for their guns now” and he gleefully gave it to the Senate who then, without reading it, voted it into a “Law” of the land. 

Thankfully, not every Senate Republican stood in line to joyfully lick Schumer & Pelosi’s ass hoping to position themselves for MO POWA and BLING in the coming new order. Most of the traitor “Unholy Thirteen” are retiring in November and not seeking re-election, so their vote comes as a real FU to America out the door after making their millions at the government trough for decades. Keep a close eye on this government Clownshow after Mid Terms & watch how everything suddenly changes. Red Flag laws are only the proverbial camel’s nose in the tent; and, they are designed only embolden & extend the the Rat’s reach into systematically destroying more of our freedoms under the FAKE cover of “bipartisanship.” We really gotta keep an eye on these fucking termites, as they play the long game of death to the Republic by 1000 cuts. That’s exactly WHY they call themselves “Progressives.” This incremental deconstruction has already been going on for years…really decades and the only way it will be stopped is if we stop it. Meanwhile, this new bill will disarm and transform 180 million law abiding American citizens overnight into criminals in their own country. Did you know the bill also includes $100 million in unspecified funding to the FIB? If I was even only slightly more intelligent than the average, brainwashed, loyalist Rat Sheep voter, I would be inclined to say somebody wants to create an American Gestapo. Prove me wrong!

The only thing Red Flag laws are going to accomplish is empower the Federal Government to completely destroy your life based on the meritless accusation of some faceless, unelected, unaccountable paper pusher somewhere. You will be completely unable to defend yourself, either physically or legally. It won’t save a single fucking gangbanger or illegal invader soul because the criminals will never be disarmed, only us Conservative “domestic terrorists” who really love & care about this country. Not a single leftist, terrorist, anarchist, communist, marxist or socialist, queer antifa or Bowel Movements Matter activist will ever be restricted under this highly unconstitutional edict. And they know it; that’s why the Left along with their loyal apparatchiks in the Fapdog Media are cheering all of this on. That’s why they’re not in the streets and burning the country down again, yet. They know Grampy Stinkfinger has their back and his Potato Junta will soon make it open season on everyone who disagrees with them. So much for “representative government.”  

This is real “Minority Report” pre-cog, thought crime shit! All it will take is some pin headed, shiteating Karen to phone or email in a simple report after she’s triggered by seeing you open carry in a grocery store in a state where open carry is perfectly legal. That’s all it will take to get the ball rolling with a SWAT team high as fuck on their POWA VIAGRA to show up at 3:30 AM to kick in your doors then shackle, humiliate & extricate the evol, offending “domestic terrorist” to a hole somewhere in the Machine where they will be summarily denied due process of law as guaranteed under the Constitution and left to rot until they opt for suicide because they lost their job, private property and all reasons for living. Don’t think for one second that this shit can’t happen here. 

A tax lawyer once told me the Federal Government routinely breaks their own laws. He also said they usually get away with it and don’t care because the only real redress the average citizen has is to fight them and win in court. How many of us have the luxury of a few extra million dollars and a few years to waste fighting the Government in court? You get the idea. I haven’t even begun to discuss the tremendous amount of social damage this kind of snitching will inflict upon Americans. It will turn neighbor against neighbor to beat the other guy to the punch of being punished first. It will forever damage & break the collective social trust and create an entire demographic of hatred-filled, outraged, tattling Karens. Worse, it completely violates God’s Commandments of “Thou shall not LIE or not bear false witness.” This strategy is completely out of the Communist playbook. It’s exactly what the governments of China, Cuba, North Korea & Venezuela do to their citizens. Don’t kid yourself into believing “it can never happen here.” It can and it will & I’ll tell you why.  Shit, people won’t think twice about lying or hurting others when the Government protects them under the cloak of anonymity. Unfortunately, this the very bitter harvest of openly attacking & denying God. Most people are no longer “moral” and only know how to feel good about their miserable existences by tearing others down lower than them. Witness the “scamdemic terror.” OMG, there’s someone jogging on the empty beach without a mask!” One way to counter these bored, meddling, busy body fucksticks is to doxx their addresses and personal info online: at least until the Government closes that loophole by making such practices illegal. Count on it!

Some Karens have even made it their life mission to work back through years of comments and postings on a particular account’s comments in older posts to sniff out the offending “domestic terrorists” because it will only takes one instance of outraging them to activate their greasy, burning, Donkee, rectal butt itch. All you need to do is “trigger” a single intellectually constipated, volunteer, online Donkee operative worm in order to set them off to the races on a government campaign to destroy your life. Can you say, “guilty until proven innocent?” Sure, I knew you could. I don’t think they are even really angry, they’re just sociopaths obsessed with waving their one inch stiffy in our faces and complaining about their heavy menstrual ass flows. By and large, Conservatives don’t indulge in this kind of immoral social destruction because we are more grounded in a healthy upbringing which blessed us with being intelligent enough to still know right from wrong. I know there are probably exceptions to this generalization, but they are exactly that; exceptions & not the norm.

Suppose you post a comment deemed impolite to the current regime or goes against the current popular hive think; or, Heaven forbid, an image of an American flag! Perhaps people ask you how crazy Karen’s jello salad recipe was; and you laugh and make a crack it tasted like pig shit. Not even directly to her, but a group of your friends hanging out online drinking a beer and having FUN. Suppose you have the nerve to allow yourself to smile and have a good time! A really fun time? STOP, white nationalist thought criminal. There is NO happiness, fun or enjoyment allowed in the new “own nothing and be happy” coming utopia. Communism isn’t about fun and happiness. That’s why whenever you see old films of people living in communist regimes and nation states, they always look fucking miserable. Because they are! Happiness and fun don’t exist in the communist model. How fucking dare you, terrorist renegade! The truth is, since the morally & intellectually depleted cultural trash are completely incapable of experiencing any personal happiness whatsoever, NOTHING you can ever say or do will ever give them any kind of satisfaction. So WHY bother playing a losing game completely on their terms? They won’t even settle for all of us being rendered into soap bars to wash their dirty, marxist asses. All they know how to do is be perpetually outraged and take, take, take. Mutual understanding and compromise do not exist in their personal lexicons. Shit, I’ve even seen them become more angry and self righteous after they completely WIN & get their way! How fucked up is that?

You can never reason or use logic with an crazy person because they are incapable of reasoning with logic. Hello? That’s WHY they’re crazy! It’s NOT in them! To be honest, it’s not the moonbat behavior itself which is so aggravating. It’s all the pent up frustration and exasperation of having to navigate a rigged system where the Left is never held accountable for the same rules they  impose on us.The message they’re sending with these Red Flag laws is to stay in our places if we know what’s best for us. “Hey, It’s not fascism when we do it!” Be careful, because this new red flag bullshit can actually get you killed; or, at least arrested, jailed and humiliated until this entire Clown Show is tossed out onto the ash heap of History, which it will be. The Government will continue empowering their sick, twisted, leftist cancel culture agenda until they’re finally able to manipulate the system into a position where they can just issue direct edicts; completely bypassing & suspending the Constitution. I think that’s a big part of their end game. After all, it’s for the chilluns and what kind of monster are you to support innocent, defenseless children being shot to death in their classrooms?

A couple of rays of sunshine did manage to break thru the dark storm clouds this week. Looks like the Supreme Court was able to pull its head out of its ass and actually rule in favor to support the Constitution. Pinch me, I’m dreaming! Even Gumby Roberts sided with the Constitution on the Roe decision. What kind of fucking strange planet have I crashed landed on? It’s still to early to figure out how all of this may play out, but the usual, sniveling, infantile, outraged skidmark punks are calling to kill Conservative justices and burn the country to the ground. How dare you take away the Federal Government from my precious baby murder, because I can only really be completely free when I murder unborn babies! The other positive developments I’m reading about are how the Supreme Court already ruled a few months ago Red Flag Laws are unconstitutional. That carried by a unanimous 9-0 vote. Good luck unfucking that, communist scum! 

Finally, this week, the Supreme Court also ruled 6-3 that NY can no longer deny citizens their right to lawful carry and protection by remaining a “may issue” state. In effect, the ruling turned every “may issue” sate into a “shall issue” state. One step closer to national open carry! “May issue” is secret Donkee Lingo for saying only the best pals, largest contributors and well connected, insider good ole boys are the only one’s the Ruling Class deems important enough to be able to bestow the privilege of defending themselves. Of course, blue leftist shithole cities and states have already announced they will completely ignore this ruling. One set of laws for them and another for us. Keep poking us with that stick! The real purpose behind Red Flag Laws is gun confiscation. Fuck that!

Ok, after my temporary hiatus last week, it seems like I have lots to say, lol!

Keep stocking, storing & stacking, Patriots!

Hold that line, we got this! I promise. ✪

God Bless, America & carry on!

General Mossberg