It’s All Fun & Games

It’s All Fun & Games

✪ Well, shiver me timbers, I’ll be!  Another week of time passes under the bridge of History and yet we still remain! Yet we still endure! Ha, take that you worthless communist filth and scum! Congratulations to all the Patriots & good people here for continuing to hold that line. That’s not simply a cliche! Never allow ourselves to compromise. Never consent to be governed by any unrighteous, criminal cabal of globalist frauds. Never conform, comply or waiver from your values, traditions or authentic American ideals. Never betray the toil, suffering or sacrifices of your ancestors! NEVER! Never trade your soul nor any piece of it for a pittance of their bread crumbs or faux “security.” The only things these bastards have to offer us are MORE lies & misery. So long as we continue to live and breath, the Republic lives within each and every one of us. We are the guardians of truth & freedom; not only for America, but now for the World and all of Humanity as well. Prove me wrong! 

Please don’t tell me I’m being overly dramatic or exaggerating any of this in the least. Just take a good look around. I know you have. These are challenging times and that is not in any way hyperbole. I know you all know this! Up until this moment, they have worked diligently soft pedaling all the lies of Communism. Painting them over, dressing them up and marketing them in all sorts of warm & fuzzy creative ways designed take advantage of & exploit the inherent kindness of Human nature. I mean, HOW can you just not care about the incredible amount of hatred and bigotry trans people must endure each day in this horrible country until they are finally “free” to be who they really are? Too bad if that means WE are not free to be who We are, right? And what about the millions of innocent black men who are murdered and gunned down everyday in America by an evil, patriarchal, white supremacist, fascist law enforcement justice system? Remember Kids, fossil fuels are EVIL! As for me and my house, we shall worship the Great Reset and The Green New Deal! Butt, butt, butt General wouldn’t I be a really BAD person if I didn’t want to save the Erf or love mentally ill fags! Of course, Nancy! NOBODY ever wants to be a bad person! See what I mean? That’s how they hook the stupid & gullible ones who aren’t paying attention! See how these bastards whore out goodness to exploit natural human tendencies toward care, compassion and concern in order to manipulate the hypnotized masses? Look, squirrel! Their father Satan, the master deceiver has taught them well.

Ok, so this shit has already been going on for a loooonnnngggg time. Since time immemorial; since God created us in his own image. Once we had it really good; we were all set up in paradise, but a snake came along and snuck into the Garden and tricked us into believing the first lie; that we had just as many rights as the landlord. Howz that been working out for us? The Original Sin didn’t just mark the fall of this World away from the perfection of Divine wholeness and completion. This shit’s been doing nothing but “Falling Down” (pun intended) ever since. The snakes are still here and have been following us everywhere ever since. “Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name: what’s troubling you is the nature of my game!” Call a snake by any name you wish; sinner, murderer, thief, embezzler, liar, cheat, pedophile, politician blah, blah, blah. A snake will still always be a fucking snake.

Only things now seem to be approaching their natural completion of this prophetic cycle. The snakes no longer feel any need to hide while they work away at death and destruction. They’re literally crawling out of the woodpile. That means this is the Main Event! The Big One! All the chips are in the pot! This World has been Falling Down for so long it’s finally reached a point where a complete separation is in order before some sort of Divine balance or order may be restored. I don’t find this idea to be particularly religious or philosophical as it is more than adequately already represented in the laws of the physical sciences. And I’m talking REAL science here, not the “I can make my butthole turn rainbow colors if I only wish hard enough” or that “safe & effective” bullshit subversive tripe presently being force fed to the Sheep through Media brain tubes. When you get a reaction from mixing two completely different compounds together, that reaction will continue until one of the compounds exhausts itself. Since the Darkness is really incapable of creating anything permanent or lasting, I see it’s current spasms as a sign it’s about to shoot it’s wad before the snakes go exactly to where they belong, right into that burning pit of eternal fire. Whattaya know, even the biggest of LIES cannot endure indefinitely. 

Of course, we still get smits and smats of “good news” here and there. The Fapdog Pravda Media occasionally still takes an occasional break from dry humping their masters’ ankles to cover themselves from being accused of being the total globalist tools that they really are. How completely fucked up is that? Using HOPE as a weapon to gaslight the masses! Hey, I’m just the lowly messenger! Here’s something which contains some actual truth. Once you finally break their spell and wean yourself off the mental complacency nurtured by the high fructose corn syrup, pablum misinformation diet of the alphabet media; sports, celebrity & royals gossip worship and stop allowing your emotional reactions from being slapped around like an NBA baybee momma by every little manufactured fake crisis or outrage, you’ll find yourself walking through life saddled with far less confusion, doubt or anxiety and much better suited for living thru the next episode of this shit show. Fuck them and their synthetic reality! Before we can fully put on the armor of God, we all gotta get outta these clown suits! Good “news!” That’s actually happening! WHY else would you think they are turning up all the noise in an effort to mask their desperation? The war has now moved to the final battlefield of the mind. Now is definitely not the time to become lazy or indulgent. Now is definitely not the time to accept or embrace any new ideas or information without first evaluating them using your God given powers of critical analysis. Or, you can just take that blue pill and go back to sleep Yes, this truly is the strongest economy in the history of the country and Joe really is doing a terrific job! Kumbayah!   

Hey, I’m not in any way talking about withdrawing from the world or hiding under the bed. If you’re like me (and I believe you probably are since you’re reading this), you can still stay informed and involved in current events by seeking out and supporting alternative news sources which bypass & ignore the incessant drumbeats of Sheeple groupthink. Just because the mainstream media has been creating & controlling the narrative ever since it crapped itself into existence does in no way have any bearing on it’s degree of accuracy or lack there of. That’s only just ANOTHER lie. A completely unspoken assumption which only continues because it isn’t called out nearly enough. The red pill is actually a fucking breath of fresh air. For example, take this site. It’s really not a “news” site by any traditional definition, but what you do find here is a constantly refreshing (figuratively & literally) smorgasbord of interesting, important, informative and often entertaining links, anecdotes and comments provided by its users which impart a much healthier and more rounded view of the World than the usual. predictable, alphabet channel, leftarded, political apparatchik robots spewing the same forced mental conditioning and narrative indoctrination.  Alternative media sites reveal how the snakes routinely twist and bend reality to fear monger and distort perception; to purposely make things appear dramatically more horrible and hopeless than they actually are. Go figure. The truth is, the majority of Americans do not hate capitalism nor believe America is a black country. The majority of Americans are not marxist criminals nor antifa and Bowel Movements Matter rioting pinko shitheads trying to overthrow the system. The majority of Americans do not believe men are actually women who can have periods & babies. The majority of Americans do not believe in pedophilia nor support the cultural sexualization of children as the “next current thing.” The majority of Americans do not trust their government to look out for their best interests or to care about them any more than what they pay in taxes. The majority of American still play by the rules even though our political elite do not & only want to be left the fuck alone by government so that they be free enough to engage in the pursuit of happiness!

So what’s really most important here? Where does the rubber really meet the road? Waking up as many others as quickly as possible. Quality time with family and friends. Pursuing worthwhile goals, dreams & purposes which provide us with the fulfillment and satisfaction of accomplishment; regardless of the storms of stupidity, dishonesty  and insanity raging all around us. The constant delight in partaking of all of the many numerous pleasures and small victories we are capable of possessing if only we remain self aware enough to make the space for them in our lives. You already know exactly what those are for you. The first sip of that freshly brewed, pipping hot cup of coffee in the morning, finally cleaning out the garage, ribs in the smoker and beer in the fridge, a fun afternoon at the range, a good book.. Dirt therapy. It’s all still there. It’s always been there because it’s never NOT been there. Just tune out all the noise & distraction; the merchants of fear and chaos can no longer dump their shit into our heads to convince us we can’t live without them. That’s their mission; to create nothing but terrible things! It’s a healthy move to remove yourself from their never ending campaign of chaos, confusion, suffering, misery, paid talking heads, bleating sheep, race pimps and the worst of the worst, the politicians who keep the entire clusterfuck going. Happiness is an inside job. Responsibility is an inside job. Freedom is an inside job.

This week, I’m pointing this out this because continuing along any course of embracing the current collective narratives or “The Message” is at best a lost cause dead end. Trust me, there ain’t anything good waiting for anybody at the end of that line and the more people who wake up to this fact and jump off the train, the better. Let them ride their own fucking train all the way down into Hell! Bridge out ahead! Let it all come crashing down on their heads. Once they finally flash out and implode in that final death spasm of historic irrelevancy, we’ll do what real Americans have always done and will continue to do when the chips are down. Saddle up and step into the fray to put everything back together again. Only this time, there won’t be any snakes in our Garden. I know every month brings about new threats and challenges to our God given rights, but that in itself means that God is the ultimate judge and arbiter of those rights. What God gives, only God can take away. Their plans are already suffering under the weight of their own lack of sustainability. Cracks are already appearing; it’s only a matter of time, now.

In the meantime, our job is to stay on our toes and keep our noses clean and eyes open; not take the bait, fall for the trick or believe in the LIE. I understand at times the task seems daunting and the road is long, but there’s nothing that says we gotta swallow the whole sandwich in a single bite. Take each moment as it happens, one day at a time until we meet here again next week. God willing! Same Bat time, same Bat Channel and we’ll get through all of this. Don’t ask me how I know this, but I believe you know it too. No night lasts forever without the Sun eventually dawning on a bright new day because it must. For the time being, perhaps we will still have to go about our business during a rainy day. The trick is in learning how to do that without allowing ourselves to get wet. ✪

God and Country, Patriots!!!

General Mossberg