✪ As the criminally installed State of Joe Biden and his marxist, anti-American cohorts proceeds to march through our institutions corrupting & soiling everything with its identity politics, ESG, DEI, climate change fear mongering & mental sexual pathologies, we are left in a world where, to quote Chris Hedges, “doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy.” All worthwhile observations of apparent current truth, but useless unless we also simultaneously remember that in the process of debasing themselves and their professions for the sake of more power and/or wealth, all these actors have chosen to somehow appease the State. All have to one degree or another abandoned their previous standards & traditions of integrity, public trust & service in favor for increasing partnership with the powers of big Government. In other words, they have sold us out and decided to make a deal with the Devil.

Good evening my fellow warriors and guardians of the light; fellow believers and supporters of God, Family and Country! Fellow travelers on that winding and unpredictable road of history! Again! Can you believe it?  We have one and all managed to endure and remain buoyant for another whole week against the rising tides of human stupidity and insanity at the hands of demented, dishonest communist fools in what I have come to officially designate as Operation Enduring Clusterfuck. Once again, America finds herself at war; only this time, the war is being executed against America herself; mostly by an illegal kabal of merchants of chaos in response to a bunch of bogus crises and imaginary boogeymen hiding under the bed. Stupid shit like the weather, gas stoves, social media & meat. To save ourselves from these shadow curses, our so-called leaders have embraced a variety of collective mental illnesses such as crushing commerce and development, destroying personal freedom s for the sake of the collective and normalizing sodomy, pedophilia and gender dysphoria. The bastards have purposely squandered & pissed way our nation birthright of prosperity and abundance. Choosing instead to cast our pearls before swine in a dishonest proxy war in which we have no national interests except to save the Ruling Class and all of their evil crimes against humanity from being uncovered to be discovered all under the phony guise of supporting “freedom” for people in other countries while simultaneously, doing everything in their power to destroy it here.  Our “leaders” have further disgraced themselves by completely abandoning their constitutional duty to maintain our national sovereignty. For all practical purposes, we heave ceased to be a country with any southern border. Not only has our “government” put out a welcome mat and invited in every worthless, illiterate, unskilled, criminal entitlement worm in the entire world, but they are also guilty of misappropriating the use of our own tax dollars against us to ship, house and permanently establish these invaders armies. To them, record crime and drug use are just necessary collateral damage, the eggs which must be broken in order for Operation Enduring Clusterfuck to ultimately succeed. Apparently, it won’t succeed until we’re all scratching in the dirt behind the electrified fences of all of our fifteen minute cities for bugs to eat while the all seeing digital eye takes notes and keeps a list of who’s naughty and nice. Do you want to live? Well, then you better be nice! And being “nice” includes not thinking about, planning or even fantasizing about what you would really like to do to show your appreciation to all of these mutant amoeba brained psychopaths for everything they have purposely fucked up because the one thing that keeps them up at night is the horrific prospect the ants may organize against them in Operation Counter Enduring Clusterfuck. Because they know and WE know we will. 

You see, right now, Humanity is still in the initial phases of its GREAT AWAKENING. Call it red pilling or by whatever name you like; it’s the casting off of more than a century’s worth of the all deadly comforts of mass media hypnosis. It’s the repudiation of basically everything we’ve ever been told was the absolute truth which has still turned out to be a lie. Yeah, I know it isn’t very fun. We’ve all been in one way or another living that dream of being in the ultimate tit bar with a pound bag of coke and a suitcase full of Benjamins, only to have our collective beauty sleep disturbed by repeated slaps in the face to “wakeup” yank those stupid feeder tubes out of the back of our heads and break out of those incubation pods. Well, no dream lasts forever because all dreamers must eventually awaken. As the gap between what is TRUE and their bogus, synthetic reality grows ever more distant and divergent, more cracks begin to appear to shine light into in the Matrix. Once enough people come to realize there are deeper and more meaningful purposes behind their lives than just stupid shit like professional sports, celebrity worship, getting high or owning and pleasing other human beings, then the next step, ORGANIZATION against Operation Enduring Clusterfuck can begin in earnest. I’m happy to say, I am already staring to see organization against the BIG LIE. Following ORGANIZATION, we proceed to flat out RESISTANCE and then ultimately, VICTORY. I also won’t rule out the possibility of some sort of Divine involvement, intervention or influence taking place at some point along the way; because as we all know, this is really the final universal battle between GOOD and EVIL.

When you stop and think about it, I don’t think any of what I am suggesting here doesn’t fit well with prophesy. We are on the verge of a huge cleaving away of realities. Those who chose to cling to the old synthetic, man made one because it somehow strokes their little nut by appealing to all of the basest pleasures of depravity they are now so convinced they cannot live without will eventually fall down still deeper into that brave new technology is god world of chipped human cattle, mRNA food sources, copulating robots, gender shifting lab grown babies and all the virtues of owning nothing and being happy which come along with Operation Enduring Clusterfuck. On the other hand, it is my fervent hope that the rest of us, once finally rid of the sickness of communist materialists, will be relieved to finally find ourselves in a much better place. A reality restored back to the original master plan and intent of universal, Divine consciousness. That almost sounds like it could be Heaven doesn’t it? Perhaps this is really what the Rapture is really about. Or, perhaps we all get snuffed in one final, insane, global spasm of nuclear light. Maybe when the curtain comes down, the theater does grow dark and that’s all there really is; show over.  If that’s the case then I guess at that point, it really won’t matter anyway, will it?

Another one of the many challenges they have with Operation Enduring Clusterfuck is the inconvenient problem that there are still too many people alive who still remember how pleasant life was before a bunch of mad psychotic social engineers locked themselves inside the wheelhouse and decided they were going to make everything better by fucking it all up. Most of us are still old enough to hold pleasant memories of how it was “back then.” Yeah! However, what we didn’t understand “back then” was that we would be the last of our kind to enjoy playing outside until the streetlights came on. It never dawned on us growing up the gift our parents gave by teaching us manners and respect; the importance of believing in ourselves and striving to be our best. It was a world with real heroes and positive role models. A world which valued intelligence and merit. A world with very clear distinctions between right and wrong. A world where working hard and living a clean life paid benefits in opportunity and personal satisfaction. We weren’t hung up on our junk, skin color or politics; at least to anywhere near approaching the levels as we are today. We weren’t taught to be helpless or dependent on Government for our existence. We knew our neighbors and helped one another. We had a sense of pride in our national identity and weren’t fixated on destroying the economic system which made all of our comforts advances and freedoms possible. Goes to show, you never know what you have until it’s gone. It’s true, they really did pave paradise and put up a parking lot.

In hindsight, perhaps we mistakenly thought that it all could never end because it was all most of us had ever known. Whatever the case, it’s gone now. Operation Enduring Clusterfuck has made certain of that. You aren’t allowed to win now, because winning means you must of exploited someone else, especially if you are white. You can’t be happy because happiness is a unacceptable symptom of privilege. Communism fucking hates happiness because it is the one emotion which continually reaffirms the value and worth of the individual. Don’t believe me? Take a look at some old photos of people living under Communism and notice how happy they all look. Think about it; is life worth living as much without happiness as it is with? 

Operation Enduring Clusterfuck has taken a dump on everything. Art, film, music and architecture are now all shit. Modern popular media culture has been reduced to inane celebrity worship gossip about celebrities who are famous for no other reason than for being famous; sports are full of pampered million dollar thugs and criminals. People dress and look like garbage wherever they go. There is no longer any pride in ownership. The once very special experience of flying has given way to being herded onto a cattle car with wings after being subjected to a full body cavity search by an army of $12 an hour rent-a-Feds. The explosion of information has for the most part only delivered us into a “vast wasteland” of worthless shit which passes as “entertainment” but is really poisonous medication to numb us from the uncomfortable truth we have become spiritually desolate by abandoning God, Truth, morality & beauty in favor of convenience and self indulgence. We are wandering lost in the desert of our own making. I know! I think I must be a woman who’s always been trapped in the body of a man!  Yeah, that’s it! No wonder I always feel like shit! See how that works? It couldn’t possibly be because Operation Enduring Clustefuck has pulled the rug out from every tradition and aspect of society which provided for social safety and security during the last 100 years, could it? Nahhh, of course not! Go back to sleep! Your Unkle Joe and his pals have got this! 

We see the rot and stupidity almost everywhere now. Part of Operation Enduring Clusterfuck involves cooperation on the part of the fapdog in loyalty to their one world luciferian masters to continue pumping out the false synthetic reality for mass consumption. OBEY! It’s almost like the entire country has turned into one really bad episode of Doctor Phil where the transgender son reveals to his sister wife that he’s been secretly having an affair with the neighbor’s dog. Ok, maybe not that bad yet, but there’s certainly shit I never would have believed possible 5 years ago which is now “tolerated” in an effort to “normalize.”  What gives me some slight comfort at this point is that all of these demon legions of Operation Enduring Clusterfuck including the WEF groupies, EU, UN, NWO, Alphabet Media, Congress, state and local government officials who are just “following orders,” woke corporations, racist and sodomy loving central planners, the useful idiots and last but not least, all of the Karens will all suddenly find themselves scrambling for safe spaces once Operation Enduring Clusterfuck finally meets the full force of the resistance it has cultivated. I think we actually came very close to that moment last week with the clownshow surrounding the indictment and arrest of Trump. These motherfuckers have been pushing the limits for months with train wrecks, spy balloons and just about every kind of squirrel they could get their hands on, but arresting Trump for a non existent crime he never committed six years ago would have been a bridge too far. That move by Operation Enduring Clusterfuck would have solidified ORGANIZATION almost instantaneously and put the battle into immediate RESISTANCE, and they know it! To be honest, I almost wish they had been stupid enough to do it, as I prefer to settling this shit sooner rather than later. Now we will return to tyranny and daily humiliation by death of a thousand small cuts until their gigantic egos once again direct them to overreach. Keep your eyes open, another window will be coming soon. I predict before this summer. This time it will probably be some bullshit like space aliens, a worldwide economic depression or nuclear annihilation. 

I think once we officially launch Operation Counter Enduring Clusterfuck they will probably crash society for real. I’m predicting many of the leftists assholes who now hate our guts will suddenly become our very good friends and neighbors when they discover they need our help to survive. Being the worms they will always be, they will look to further exploit the kindness and good caring nature of our hearts. Fuck that, I don’t forget that easily! In fact, I don’t forget at all and any measure of “forgiveness” I may squeak out in sympathy for their wretched  and miserable existences certainly will not include any food, water, comfort or protection. They’re welcome to live in their own shit for all I care. Remember, these are the same people who consider us “domestic terrorists.” The same people who wanted to put us in camps for not wearing masks or taking the jab. Don’t ever forget it!  Don’t also ever forget everything they’ve done to our health, legal and education systems, our currency and military; our rights, freedoms and prosperity. Don’t ever forget their relentless attacks on God, Christianity, morality and the innocence of our children. 

Don’t also ever forget their fucking marxist march throughout our institutions. Here are their marching orders for Operation Enduring Clusterfuck: Doctors destroy health. Lawyers destroy Justice. Education destroys knowledge. Media destroys information. Government destroys freedom. Religion destroys morality. Banks destroy prosperity. Sorry, tough love and hard truths: however unavoidable, In order to give ourselves every possible chance at VICTORY, we must completely understand WHO & WHAT we are ultimately up against. After the battle has been fully engaged and won, it will fall upon those of us still standing to pick up the pieces and carry on protecting the light of liberty and freedom for all Humanity. This will happen because we are AMERICANS. Steel yourselves and prepare to take it all back; and, we WILL take it all back. Carry on in this coming week. Spring is starting to bloom. A reminder of the cyclical nature of life and how nothing remains permanent; not even evil and insanity. Especially evil and insanity. ✪

God and Country Americans!

General Mossberg