They Refuse To WOKE UP

They Refuse To WOKE UP

✪ A good evening to my fellow travelers on this long & winding road into the uncertain & unwritten future of our great nation where only GOD really knows what may happen next. I mean come on Man, right now we all could go for living in much less interesting times! Works for me! Ok ok, for the sake of confounding all the communist filth out there, I will once again reaffirm America will survive! Will continue to exist because WE are the ones who will save the Republic! That’s right, I’m talking directly to all of you worthless worms who inhabit the cesspools of collective, marxist-liberal groupthink. You mindless idiots are out there punching all the holes in the only boat which is still keeping Humanity and the entire World afloat.  Maybe I’m missing something here but here in this world of needs versus wants in which we now find ourselves, they need us a hell of a lot more than we need them. That’s the truth. As a matter of fact, we actually have NO need for them or any of the horseshyte they routinely push.

Ahhhh, the crazy, ignorant, death worshipping Left! The diversity, equity and inclusion thought Mafia. The rabid barking, frothing Media sellouts. The woke, tranny asslicker corporations. The queer high priests of academic pedophilia. All of the moronic dopes who are perplexed by what they have in their pants and all of the pud sucking pond scum politicians who support and enable them to perpetuate this insanity. They still don’t get it, but they will soon enough. Got a leaky pipe? Call a plumber. Burned out switch? Call an electrician. Car won’t start? Call the mechanic. In other words, someone with specialized knowledge, skill and ability to resolve the problem. And that doesn’t have a single, wretched, damned thing to do with anyone’s skin color or twitchy rainbow butthole. Skill, knowledge and experience know NO colors. Still too many stupid Joe voters out there who are convinced their food comes from the grocery store and their electricity from the wall socket. Their shallowness of the obvious knowledge of the working world would be hysterical were it not so dangerous in the way they are forcing it upon the rest of us. That’s one big reason why everything is going to shit right now. Because clueless assholes busy deciding which racist freeway to tear down next can’t be bothered to ask why a train loaded with toxic chemicals rolled for 21 miles on a set of broken wheels. PRIDE! It’s MORE than just basic ignorance or detachment from reality: it’s an outright denial and rejection of reality! And don’t even start me on East Palestine, Ohio and the royal fucking those poor people have gotten from Grampy Shitpants and his illegal criminal junta. Oh yeah, they’re predominantly white, Middle Class farmers who actually WORK for a living. That county also voted 75% for Trump in 2020. Fuck ’em! Right, Joe? They got what they deserve for not being illegal invaders, pantyfa faggots or po’ black folk still stuck in chains down on da Demorat plantation of perpetual victimhood & entitlement. Right, Joe? I guess they’re just shit out of luck for not being members of one of the pet special interest victim groups who constantly grovel at the feet of these communist SOB traitors. Sorry folks, perhaps you should have all become left coast billionaire venture capitalists instead who keep their money in insolvent banks with touchy feely business plans to save the world. Then maybe this worthless government might have been more willing to do something to help you. Right, Joe? We get the “message” loud and clear, the rest of us lowly “dirt people” who built this country, pay our taxes and play by the rules are completely expendable and no longer occupy a space or have a voice in how this country is run. Duly noted, assholes!

It’s simply astonishing how ignorant these supposedly superiorly righteous government overlords really are. I see through all of their phony bullshit. The bullshit titles they award themselves to distract the country from the fact they actually fuck the dog and beat their kids at home. The “honorable….” Senior Fellow Associate… Dickhead laureate… Blah, blah, blah. The smarmy HAAVAAD law degrees, the $200 haircuts, $5K silk Armani suits. The $100K EVs and that spare condo in Georgetown where they do drugs with their favorite tranny “escort” or keep their high school mistresses because you know, they’re “doing their part” and “we’re all in this together.” EAT ME. And how about that special set of laws they have appropriated to themselves? All their insider trading, graft and influence pedaling? All the fucking rules which always still apply to us but somehow not them? I know I’m not telling anybody who reads this anything new; the difference now is how they continually flaunt this bullshit class privilege directly in the face of the rest of the country as a form of daily insult. Outside the bubble of the delusions of their tiny minds, what they fail to realize in all of their hubris how completely incapable, ungrateful & undeserving they are of anything they have. Most of the shit they own they have either been born into or stolen. Prove me wrong! That’s a really nice way of saying they’re complete wastes of valuable space and oxygen. When the rest of us who aren’t members of that special club have a leaky pipe, we crawl under the house and fix it. We don’t call in a fat black orca diversity officer to first evaluate the environmental impact and to make certain a business of color is awarded the repair job in order to maintain mandated equity quotas. Fuck no! When one of our light switches goes out, we don’t call for a city council closed door vote to fix it. That’s because we live each day in the REAL WORLD instead of some media generated FAKE synthetic reality where we are constantly masturbating our egos with the delusions of our own self importance. REAL Americans aren’t afraid to get dirty because we understand the mechanics of the real World are dirty. REAL Americans also don’t fear or loathe self reliance. We’d rather change our own brake pads instead of ordering some flunkey staffer to deliver the car to a government garage where the taxpayers will be stiffed $10K for the same job.  We will outlive and outlast these cockroaches because on top of mostly being ignorant of the workings of the real world they are also completely BLIND to how much they depend upon us for everything which supports their pampered, perfumed, privileged existences.That’s why I can’t but help to shake my head in disbelief at WHY these luciferian minions keep trying their best to grind us down into the dust. NEVER bite the hands which feed you; yet, they continue to slice off their dicks despite themselves.

I think one reason the trades aren’t yet woke and saturated with diversity inclusion or equity maggots is because the pet peepelz of cul-uh and whatever delusional queer iterations thereof are lazy and just don’t don’t want to work. That’s because they don’t want to give up all the kush gibmmedat freeshit. Why waste time to experience the firsthand satisfaction of replumbing a bathroom or replacing a kitchen floor when you can fucking sleep all day, blow dope all night while rioting and burning cities because the Man is keeping you down in racist America? And what will happen when the plumbing in their bathroom finally stops working? Why, they’ll just shit in the bathtub until the happy six color haired they/them social worker moves them into a fresh, new Section 8 to destroy. Butt it’s really us Middle Class racist white folks who are the problem. Right, Joe? Spoiled, brainwashed pussies just don’t like getting their hands dirty; which is why when the big collapse finally comes, they won’t last a month & will all go the way of the Dodo. The very same with all of the queer trans pedo preeners. When shit all finally falls down for real, the novelty of their sexual mental illnesses won’t be worth jack in the struggle to help them live another day longer. That’s when we’ll see what God and Nature really think of all this decadent, end of empires, self indulgent bullshit. That’s right Princess, nobody will give a shit about your latest adventure at being a girl with a dick. Nobody will care that you menstruate tomato juice out of your ass. Nobody will have any interest in taking their kids to your revolting drag shows where you can slobber over yourselves at the thought of betraying their innocence. By that time, the natural balance of life will be restored to the nuts and bolts of what works. People who actually know how to do valuable things and aren’t afraid of getting dirty while they do them will be held in high demand and regard. They’re the true heroes; the ones who will eventually save this shit. The rest of Mandarin clowns and pedophile sodomites now enjoying their final moment in the Sun will be shit outta luck.

However, I have to tell you it’s probably got to get worse before it can get better. It still hasn’t become personal enough for enough soft, lazy people yet. Still too many shiteating dumbasses out there who think Joe and the Rats are doing a bang up job. I mean, thank goodness we got rid of Drumpft! Right, Joe? And all of that energy independence, World peace, low inflation and record job and economic growth those horrible MAGA Conservatives inflicted upon the country almost killed us. Right, Joe? Yes, the rot is still all around us and progressing. It’s still has a ways to go before the shithouse falls in completely on itself. 

Just look at the airlines knuckling under to take the big woke dick in the ass; proudly lowering all the pilot standards & qualifications to make way for more dumb boons or flaming confused trannies to move to the front of the line to be placed in cockpits. “Progress!” WHeeeeE! This after already threatening to destroy pilot careers by forcing them to take the clot shot. It’s not any better now with air traffic controllers. Dey now be 100% woke and the rash of recent near misses at airports are completely inconsequenial. For the sake of “fairness” and “equality’ we should all push for a new, universal language standard for all air traffic controllers. Make it Ebonics so everyone feels included and we can all carry our head high and proud for eliminating such systemic racism. Can you hear it now? “United 24, this is the motherfucking tower. Hold yo nigger bitch ass right there until I tell you you iz clear. Copy, nigga!” It’s sorta like, “We see you have more than 25 years of excellent experience in air traffic control, but unfortunately you are a white male. However, we’ll keep your resume on file and get back to you if we’re interested.” Meanwhile, “We see that your work release officer referred you to us here as a condition of your parole, Daquina! We see you’re a nonbinary, two spirit, Wakandan queen in a previous lifetime, gender fluid lesbian who has unfairly been trapped in a male body since birth. Can you fly a modern jet airliner? No? Congratulations, you’re hired!” Ok, so maybe this example is a little extreme for the sake of entertainment, but the truth of the matter is that the pervasive woke shit has already damaged enough critical industries to the point where normal people’s lives are in far more danger now. Enough so to where I’ll swear off flying unless I absolutely have NO other choices. Sorry, I’m not willing to die for some checked boxes. No no no! Besides going woke, the airlines have also destroyed the experience with cattle car seating, multiple fees for everything, the rude TSA Gestapo and routinely cancelled flights because….wait for it.. they lack sufficient numbers of trained and qualified employees to keep their businesses operational. Well, smack me on the ass! What will be their excuse after DIEversity causes a few good old fashioned crashes and people start dying for real? Oh I know! That pesky climate change again! Go woke & get broke. Now they’ve added get dead.

By now, you’ve all heard about how some of the largest financial institutions in the country are suddenly on the brink of collapse. Worse, their own woke as hell boards and executive officers just have no fucking clue as to how the dog ate their homework! Especially seeing how they all paid themselves nice, phat, healthy bonuses less than two weeks before this problem “mysteriously” appeared. In another of what I am completely certain is pure coincidence, some of the presidents of these distressed banks also sold off shitloads of their preferred stock and options holdings before their banks went insolvent. Can you imagine the luck? Perhaps this may have happened because the one remaining token white guy they kept around who actually knew something about how to run a bank got pushed into a part time position on the drive through to make way for that wonderful parade of new affirmative action, diversity hires. Who knows? I tell yaz, it’s a mystery of the ages. Or maybe that picture of a happy, smiling Azir in her habib and headset on the company “Contact Us” page was a giveaway. The FDIC has about $170 billion available on hand to insure accounts up to 250,000 dollars. Trouble is, the current amount of uninsured assets we know about (or these crooks are admitting) is closer to $609 BILLION. And that’s only what we know of so far. Stand by! More shoes are going to drop. More fun for everyone! Ready for $10 gasoline & $20 loaves of bread? Put another pot of beans on the stove darlin’! Company is coming over for dinner! No worries, since many of the customers are mostly wealthy pet lefties who nuzzle the woke buttcrack by making frequent political donations to the DemRat Party, Granny Yellen is going to bake up a bunch of special cookies just for you! Isn’t “equality” in action a beautiful thing to behold? And who doesn’t love special cookies? East Palestine, Ohio? Sorry, NO cookies for you! Hey, here’s a novel thought for all of you courageous, history making, woke renegade banksters out there. How about you knock off all of the social engineering bullshit and RESIGN, so that REAL people who actually know how to manage a fucking business successfully can take your places?

They couldn’t get us completely under their heels with the pandemic. They also missed us with the $6 gas & $500 dollar a month heating costs. They haven’t been able to dominate us with riots, woke stupidity or by molesting and mutilating our children. We real Americans are a resistant and resilient bunch; and, we aren’t afraid to get “dirty.” The pecker pulling marxist global banker trash are free to interpret that in anyway they wish! So now they’re coming after us again with our money which they oddly somehow surmise is actually theirs. This isn’t my first rodeo, banker jackoffs!  I suspect nationalization of the country’s banking system and a new digital Dollar are their ultimate end game objectives. We’ll see, Fuckers. History is yet to be written. There are many more of us than there are of you. It’s kinda funny really; every time they set out to destroy us, we grow more creative and self reliant. We find work arounds and only come out on the other side even stronger than before. The less we believe we need what they are forcing on us, the better off we will be. That doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges and hardship; but unlike them, we aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and get after it. We aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty.✪

God and Country, Americans!

General Mossberg