The Premiere Of ‘COVID, The Sequel’

The Premiere Of ‘COVID, The Sequel’

✪ Run for the hills! It’s coming! The next big thing in FEAR! This is really is the Big One, Elizabeth! It’s, it’s…“COVID 2, Son Of COVID, COVID the Sequel,” it’s MONKEYPOX and it’s brought to you by the same tiny group of bored, over rich, satan possessed, god complexed, psychopathic criminals currently running the World into the ground.

Remember when you were a kid and how great the Summers were here in America? No school for an entire three months and you could sleep in late everyday? Your biggest concern back then was trying to figure out a way to sweet talk your Mom into driving you and your friends to the swimming pool for the day? Sure, there were still geopolitical issues and events going on which affected people’s lives, but for the most part, Life was pretty simple and straightforward back then; it wasn’t some daily, calculated shit storm of one hyperbolic crisis or social outrage after another.

Of course, I’m talking about the real America before the Communist scum took hold. I’m talking about the pre-flatscreen America with only three television channels & real entertainment: even the commercials were entertaining. Americans had apparently not yet become woke enough to realize that everything we had built we obviously stole from black people; or, that the World was going to come to an end unless a one world communist government was installed to save us from the weather. An America with silver money, not $31 Trillion in debt and with almost nothing to show for it. An America which had not yet been made into the international pariah of blame for all of the rest of the World’s problems. An America where you could at least rely on some degree of social cohesion & continuity from day to day so you could relax and enjoy the things which were really more important, like family and friends. Life wasn’t a constant balancing act of trying to mitigate and adapt to the newest and latest unnecessary disaster being thrown in your face. I know you remember because it really wasn’t all that long ago.

NO, I’m not just idealizing while I reminisce about all that has been stolen & spoiled by our greedy, corrupt, warmongering, kiddiefucking kabal of worthless, marxist buttplugs who dare to refer to themselves as our “government.” You know, the same criminal class who are currently robbing us blind, dragging us into WWII and leaving our country wide open and defenseless to an invading army of millions to pick our bones clean. Anyway, fuck them and the horses their mother’s rode into town on… Hang on just a cotton pickin’ second, Friends! Don’t go telling me that by some fluke of a momentary lapse of intelligence, you were thinking that life as you know it was actually starting to somehow return to “normal” simply because our aristocracy in a momentary whim of generous indulgence decided to let we the unwashed frolic for three months without our face diapers? WTF were you thinking?

We told you, America! We told you they were never going to let go of this scamdemic/fear/authoritarian machine now that they had already DRUNK from the POWER. It’s like Adam & Eve after being tempted to eat the apple, there’s no going back. It’s true, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely! We told you they would be letting out just enough line on us to create the mistaken impression the scamdemic was actually over and behind us, right before they reel us into the boat and bludgeon us to death with a baseball bat. We told you this crap would be pushed to the back burner out of view for a while in the shuffle of all the new bright shinys they would be rolling out to distract us; like war in Ukraine, historic leaked Supreme Court opinion scandals and your every day, run of the mill mass shootings.

Don’t think for one second that just because coh-vud suddenly dropped out of the news cycle after our communist politiburo temporarily relaxed the diaper mandates that any of this shit has “gone away’ or ended, because it hasn’t. It’s proven itself just too fucking useful to ever be completely disposed. While they were consuming you over which team of the Russia/Ukraine football game you should be cheering for, they’ve remained busier than Santa and all of his little elves, building and installing more of an elaborate, international infrastructure from which we all will be launched into the new future Dark Ages of Humanity. They’re taking their time this time to get it exactly right because once the entire World is transformed into another big slave plantation, escape will no longer be an alternative. The plan is to make it so there is no other place to escape to. If COVID was the Old Coke, MONKEY POX is the New Coke. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still the same shit product, now just being marketed under an exciting new & different name to once again sucker the stupid and gullible. The timing couldn’t be more precise and suspect. Three days ago, there was only ONE case of reported monkeypox somewhere in Germany; now, it’s suddenly spread everywhere all over the entire fucking world. There are now cases showing up in Israel, New York and Europe. Suddenly, MONKEYPOX is the latest hep Media gaslighting craze! Monkeypox, monkeypox, monkeypox! Like the virus, the word is seemingly everywhere all at once at the very same time the United Nations World Health Organization is finalizing an international agreement which would have 197 nations agree to forfeit & surrender their sovereign independence to an unelected, unaccountable world political body, all in the name of “public health.” How convenient. Fuck me, that kinda sounds like the EU, only for the entire World.

Of course, our very own President Potato is completely onboard with the creation of this Marxist World government via the backdoor of giving it legitimacy to control global pandemics. Although everything about this dirty deal is completely unconstitutional and illegal, that doesn’t mean a thing to these criminals and it certainly isn’t going to stop them. If it’s bad for America and makes everybody suffer even more, then the Joe Regime is all for it! Funny, I seem to recall in my limited study of history, that that Humanity has always faced plagues & diseases, but don’t ever remember us having major ones, back to back, every year. WHY is that suddenly happening? Inquiring minds want to know! I also don’t ever remember governments transforming into such power mad hungry, authoritarian fucks because they are so sincere about protecting everyone. If the last two years have taught me anything, it’s exactly the opposite; it’s opened my eyes to the brutal truth that aside from bleeding us for taxes, government couldn’t give a dead rat’s ass about you and I. In fact, they only care about themselves and actually hate our guts. The feeling is entirely mutual.

So are you ready for the next big thing in FEAR? COVID is now sooo 2021. All the kool kids are now doing MONKEYPOX! Not to worry! Even though monkeypox is now only breaking on the scene in a major way, Big Pharma already has your back with a brand new set of mRNA monkeypox vaccines they just conveniently managed to produce in time for this latest outbreak. Whew, what a relief! Aren’t we lucky to find ourselves living in these modern times when all the wonders of science and technology are available to make life so worth living? Yeah I know…

Don’t let yourself go getting too excited because there are still a few things they’re hesitant to tell us about monkeypox which could spoil all the fun. First, monkeypox is a kind of smallpox variant so if you happened to be born before 1985, chances are good you already have some degree of immunity against it because you received that once in a lifetime smallpox vaccination. You know, that shot that left that little raisin scar on your shoulder for about twenty years? Back before mad billionaires decided they wanted to play God by scrambling everyone’s DNA; back before Big Pharma got into the business of creating diseases in order to become enormously wealthy and powerful by providing the remedies. Back when vaccines were properly tested and administered to fight actual diseases; and, weren’t part of some greater sinister masterplan to “depopulate” Earth or force all of Humanity into some sort of Godless, digital, slave prison future where people fuck robots, life has no value and you are constantly brainwashed into believing you are “happy” when in fact, you are completely miserable.

Another thing they are busy downplaying about monkeypox is the fact it’s really a STD which is now found mostly in the gay community. Whoops! Which means if you happen to be a righteous and morally upright individual who has never taken it up the ass; in other words, anyone except a Democrat, AND you have already received an old school smallpox vaccine, your chances of catching monkey pox are almost ZERO. Of course, the powers that be will circle the wagons once again to make certain monkeypox never becomes pigeonholed or politicized as a “gay” disease because as we all know, that would be “homophobic” the very same way AIDS was “homophobic.” If government is ever forced to make the hard choice of condemning the degenerate sexual practices of queers in order to prevent the spread of monkeypox within society, I can tell you right now which side of that toast will get the butter. The good news is, because monkeypox is mostly transmitted by sexual activity you’re fairly safe from infection if you’re not queer and have already had a smallpox vaccine.

So let’s review shall we? Monkeypox is only another virus and the next so-called pandemic in a long series of manipulated disasters designed to steer the sheep into most glorious Great Reset agenda where 99% of all humans who are allowed to remain living will live squalid, diminished lives of “owning nothing and being happy” while they slave away to provide comfort for the ruling 1% global aristocracy. Be prepared. All sorts of new trial balloons are starting to go up amongst the sheep for new diaper mandates, travel restrictions, shutdowns, lockdowns and all of the usual, predictable totalitarian bullshit that goes along with with this next big push. I told you so! Thankfully, I know there isn’t anyone in the TNA community who hasn’t already been red-pilled 100 times over on this bullshit. If only the rest of the World was as intelligent and informed as our readers here, but they’re not and that’s where the biggest problem lies. The Globalists are already telling us their plans. Should we fail to listen and hear; it will be at our own peril. Billy Boy and his Davos pals already told us more than a year ago that some kind of smallpox would be the next new big thing and they even wargamed it. Added into the mix this time around will be the emergence of a new World, political, governing body WHOse (pun intended) illegal authority will supersede nations’ abilities to make their own public health decisions for themselves. In other words, monkeypox is being given to us by the same group of fucking thieves, liars and murderers who gave us covid and every other huge clusterfuck disaster we’ve had to face and endure during the last two years. At least we can rest assured in knowing that election day this November won’t become another huge national sooper spreader event. You’ll be able to safely vote numerous times by mail a month in advance for your favorite RINO backstabber or new, up and coming progressive “rock star” who cares deeply about racism, climate change and transgender rights. Oh, midterms will be a sooper spreader event, all right; just not one which involves any virus. Hey, is this a great country or what?

Don’t buy any of their monkeypox bullshit; and stay prepared, they’re going to follow the same playbook they developed for covid. Once gain, they’re going to be pushing our faces into it and trying to saturate our minds with their new moneypox fear at every opportunity. Monkeypox, monkeypox, monkeypox! Be prepared for Humanity to go even more batshit crazy; prepare for the new rise of the Karens and the return of the obnoxious, annoying, meddlesome do gooder know betters who will be out there once again in force harassing people in their unofficial, self appointed roles as the new monkeypox police.

Fuck ’em! Fuck ’em ALL in Hell! I’m still not wearing a face diaper or taking their poison jab. I still refuse to accept becoming one of their tagged, numbered and inoculated digitally ID’ed sheep on their Great Reset planation. In the end, you and I are still free men possessed of our inalienable rights gifted to us by our Divine creator. Regardless of whatever happens, they can never take that away from us. I know, some times when the shit gets especially thick, it becomes too easy to feel discouraged, but don’t ever forget that! I’ve already said it numerous times here on Double Barrel but I can’t say it enough. We will prevail because we have God, Faith, Truth and time on our side and working in our favor. Keep stacking. stocking and storing, Patriots! ✪

Stay vigilant,

General Mossberg