Culture Of Death

Culture Of Death

✪ Buckle up and hang on to your hats, fellow Patriots! I’m giving you the heads up; this edition of Double Barrel will probably not be as tongue and cheek as my usual fare and that’s because the events of this last week have righteously chapped my ass. Let me just put it out there right here from the very beginning. The fucking Democrats are actively promoting a Culture Of Death upon the good people of this wonderful country strictly for the purposes of solidifying their forever one party dominance over our lives & freedoms. They’re purposely attacking & destroying the values and traditions which have made this country great so they may forfeit our national sovereignty to an unelected, unaccountable international governing body of global, Luciferian, marxist criminals. Prove me wrong! You know you can’t! Especially after the latest roller coaster ride these worthless, heartless, GODLESS, stinking, steaming dung piles fucktards have subjected us to during this last week.

First, I’m here to officially set the record straight. I couldn’t give a dead rat’s ass what anyone else says, but the fucking Democrats are NOT the party of the Middle Class, the working man or the under privileged! Bullshit! The Democrats can’t take credit for civil rights, clean air and water or for affordable healthcare. They don’t give a shit about minorities any more than they are useful. LIES! The Democrats are NOT the party of peace, equality, the Rule Of Law or family. What they really are instead are a bunch of psychotic, pathological liars; grooming, degenerate sexual deviants with absurd, obsessive fixations on junk, fluids and orifices; manipulative race baiting Aholes completely brainwashed by a 170 year old failed ideology and merchants of chaos hellbent on fomenting as much social chaos, violence, war, confusion and division as the possibly can. Fuck me, I need to catch my breath! But I digress…

I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but holy Hell it just feels so therapeutic to officially lay all of this rancid shit out on the line even if it only reduces the steam in my internal pressure cooker by only a couple of degrees & purges it from my aching head; at least for a short enough time to provide me some relief. FACE IT, the democrats are America’s national SHADOW; the evil elves, orges & trolls toiling away under the cover of some national darkness they continue to perpetuate in order to impede, undermine & destroy any and everything which was, is or could be beneficial to this country and her citizens. They have absolutely NOTHING of any value to offer ANYONE! There’s only three things your average braindead Rat voter or Karl Marx fellating politicians care about: POWER, WEALTH & CONTROL. Prove me wrong! So under the cover of the LIES & insane mush they continue to mainstream into the minds of their programmed sheep, they goose step onwards into oblivion while they take the rest of the country and us with them.

I don’t care what kind of name or descriptive terminology you want to give to them or what they do, because it all basically boils down to the Culture Of Death they actively promote to get what they want; and, if you ever wondered what what an authentic Culture Of Death really looks like, there’s no better example to be found anywhere than exactly what the Democrats are doing now. However, lets not put the buggy in front of the horse, count our chicks before they hatch or get ahead of ourselves in our passionate contempt for these twisted reprobates doing the Devil’s work here on Earth. And that’s exactly where we first should turn our attention towards in order to give ourselves a proper context for accurately understanding the completely fucked up set of circumstances in which we find ourselves with these clueless idiots today. The source, starting point, fount, wellspring and origin of any Culture of Death is the Devil, Satan, Beelzabub, Old Scratch, the Lord of Darkness or whatever else you may want to call him. Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name. You don’t even need to be Christian or a religious person to be able to see and understand that real evil is on the move in the World right now. Anyone still in denial of this obvious fact does so at their own extreme peril. Dress it up or call it by whatever name you want, it’s ALL evil and it’s all WRONG. It’s also all bullshit; whether it’s screaming about how murdering a unborn child is in some twisted way a woman’s reproductive “right,” destroying millions of lives on the false pretense of protecting “public health,” or stealing the fruit of decent people’s labor in order to purposely undermine social incentives for personal responsibility by redistributing it to a demographic of lazy, useless maggots in order to buy their votes to stay in power. Fuck that! But I digress…

The challenge we now face is not one of red vs blue, progressive vs conservative, black vs white, or even rich vs poor. The fight we find ourselves in now is the Big One: Good vs Evil and you don’t have to go very far at all before you bump into that evil. It’s the main ingredient that forms the basis of all of the current fucking LIES about climate change, systemic racism, men having periods and babies, women having penises, globo-homosexualism, cancel culture and woke orthodoxy, but I digress. Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name! What’s bothering is the nature of my game!

Just take a look at what happened in Uvalde this last week. Butt, butt, butt General, you can’t really place all of the blame for that mass shooting at the feet of the Left. The F I can’t. All of this shit has its start somewhere and that start is with with the denial and abandonment of GOD in whatever form or name you wish to give to Creative Divine Intelligence from which we receive LIFE & our inalienable rights. It starts with the seduction of weak minds and selfish souls following the siren call of the Darkness which deceives the foolish into believing they are somehow their own rightful Gods in their own fucked up world and that it’s better to “rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven.” Honestly, I wouldn’t give a shit if other people insisted on being this colossally stupid if it didn’t so negatively impact the rest of us. Go ahead and enjoy your journey to the eternity of damnation in Hell you seem bound & determined to make for yourselves, but don’t fucking drag the rest of us along with you!

I hold every stinking democrat voter and supporter in America directly responsible for the mass shooting this week in Uvalde. The blood of EVERY ONE of those innocent children and teachers is on their hands! Have you watched at how much of a confusing clusterfuck that entire disaster has become? First, the official narrative about what really happened has changed no less than a dozen times. The shooter was living with his grandmother, but his pathetic mother issues a statement about how her kiddie killer was “misunderstood:” and didn’t “deserve all of this.” Boo Hoo! Then there’s the story he shot grandma in the face before he went to the school and she died, then she didn’t die, but then she died again and then finally she didn’t die but is in the hospital in critical condition. FFS, WHICH ONE IS IT? The shooter drove directly to the school and then wrecked his pick up truck in a ditch, then it became the shooter drove to the school and shot at some people at a funeral home along the way before wrecking his pick up truck in a ditch. WHICH ONE IS IT? Supposedly, the shooter first engaged in a 12 minute firefight with law enforcement outside of the school before he entered and barricaded himself inside. Later, that part of the narrative vanished into thin air, there was no longer any mention of a firefight with law enforcement outside of the school. I swear, more flip flopping than a fucking spastic fish out of water; but this is exactly the kind of bullshit we’ve come to expect from EVIL & its Culture Of Death, exactly the kind of dishonesty & manipulation of truth coming from a Culture Of Death which places absolutely NO value upon the lost lives of those poor souls. Imagine the fucking HORROR those kids experienced in their final minutes of life.

There are a few absolutes of visible truth and worthwhile questions we need to ask ourselves about this completely senseless and unnecessary tragedy. QUESTION: WHERE did this murderous loser get the thousands of dollars needed to purchase his weapons and ammo? TRUTH: the killer entered thru the only unlocked door on the entire premises. QUESTION: HOW did the killer know that door was unlocked & WHY was it unlocked? TRUTH: 150 cops including a contingent of Federal Marshals arrived rather promptly and proceeded to do NOTHING for almost 90 minutes on the orders of some mushy, recently installed municipal Chief Of Police. TRUTH: the 150 cops on the scene did provide “crowd control” by preventing distraught parents from having any direct access to their own children in the school. Apparently, the cops didn’t want to place their own lives in jeopardy by going in to take out the shooter. Isn’t that their fucking job? Constant pleas from worried parents to “go in there, go in there now” were completely ignored, but that didn’t stop Federal Marshals from putting one mother in cuffs to subdue her. WTF? Oh yeah, they’re the fucking experts who know what they’re doing and it’s all for our own safety! QUESTIONS: Don’t cops train specifically for these kinds of scenarios? Haven’t they been outfitted and militarized up to their friggen cop eyeballs to have resources already in place specifically for these kinds of scenarios? Were they waiting for SWAT to arrive from San Antonio? TRUTH: the captain in charge of the Texas Department of Public Safety’s contingent at the scene later issued a completely lame ass statement: “We now acknowledge, standing down was not the best decision.” No shit, Einstein! A lot of fucking good that does now!

See, all of the deliberate attempts at confusion and obfuscation of the truth? Evil needs the darkness in order to prosper & succeed by executing all of it’s hideous plans; and, I’ve seen this same pattern play out before too many times to have ANY faith or hope in the prospect that we will ever know the details of what really happened. It’s all being handled the same way as the Parkland, Vegas and last week’s grocery store shooting. Once the outrage is pushed off the news cycle and replaced by the next disaster flavor of the month, down the collective memory hole into historical obscurity it will all go. Fucking Culture Of Death! One thing we all can be certain of and that’s the Force Of Darkness intention to capitalize on all of this loss, suffering, chaos and confusion to promote the further theft of our inalienable rights of self defense under another LIE of providing for the common good. Chuck the Schmuck & Mitch the scrotum faced RINO wasted no time pledging their love & devotion to one another by swapping Rat and Turtle love juices in a bipartisan effort to finally pass “gun control” legislation. Excuse me stewardess, I speak Deep State jive; “gun control” means outright banning of anything more powerful than a BB gun along with a government registry for the private ownership of cap guns. It also mean’s total prohibition and government confiscation are only the next Deep State, CIA mass shooting operation away, which is really what they want. Once they take our guns and push us out of the way, then a true one world, authoritarian regime can finally emerge and we can rename the United States “Australia.”

In summary, don’t let yourselves be blinded or distracted by all of the deliberate confusions. When you listen to your gut, you can be fairly confident what it tells you is pretty much what’s really happening. It may not be 100% correct & accurate all of the time, but it has a much better success rate than any of these other corrupted, outside sources of information. Besides, what reason does your intuition ever have to deceive you? Next, NEVER relinquish your guns or ammo to the government for any reasons whatsoever. I know you all know this, but once again, sometimes it helps to repeat the obvious. Believe me, if the Government can’t automatically convert us all into a criminals overnight by passing a law or executive order prohibiting our rights to defend ourselves, our families and property, then they’ll find whatever other excuse they can dream up later. Take advantage of this time by continuing to practice the three “S’s” of preparation: stacking, stocking and storing, because as a famous Mr. Zimmerman once sang, “you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing.” The epic Biblical high noon between Good & Evil is on the way and you know it. Please make certain you are able to provide for yourselves and loved ones whatever may be necessary to carry you through and to the other side. In the end we win, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to get bumpy and messy along the way. Finally, face down and reject Evil in all of its aspects, along with its twisted Culture Of Death in any capacity possible within your lives; even if it seems to be only the most small of things. Use your heads to think for yourselves. What is “true” for you is only what you decide is “truth.” Don’t give them any power to cloud or manipulate your judgement; take responsibility for your own reality. I know none of this shit is easy, but now is definitely not the time to go weak in the knees. The only way to defeat Evil is to face it down. Take each day as they come and hold that line, Patriots. God willing and the creek doesn’t rise, I’ll be back here again next week to call them out on their shit and provide you with as much moral support as I can possibly muster. ✪

Stay vigilant!

General Mossberg