LOOK! Squirrel!

LOOK! Squirrel!

✪ Thank goodness for Spring. I say that because it’s always nice to see Nature carrying on with the business of life and renewal regardless of the corruption & ignorance of certain human beings who apparently can never be happy unless they are fully engaged in making everybody else as miserable & unhappy as them. I think you know who I am talking about: that luciferian pack of worthless, thieving, lying kiddiediddling, spirit cooking criminal imposters. Those inhabitants of Mordor on the Potomac. The worthless bastards who have brought blight, confusion and darkness across our once great land and the entire world. Yes, I am talking about the Democrats & their fearless leader puppet in chief; that hollow excuse of a president with NO brains or integrity, that smirking, gaffing, pant-shitting, walking Deep State human suppository, Joey Potatoes.

And what a fucking week it was! Another one for the history books! Remember how it used to be, many moons ago, living in an America where the worst you had to contend with was getting up everyday and going to work? Remember how it used to be when we all pretty much got along without being strung out on everyone’s skin color; and, when gays kept their sickness to themselves? Remember when kids had manners, people dressed better and everyone said “Thank you?” Remember when we made shit and only men had penises and women had babies? Remember when you could just pretty much be left alone to live your life as you pleased without the fucking Government thinking it always had to fuck with you because it believed it knew better? General Mossberg remembers. General Mossberg won’t ever forget who came along and how they fucked it all up, on purpose. These days, as I watch all of the bullshit flying, it’s sometimes a struggle to maintain any pretense of patience or social decorum in the face of such corruption and insanity because there are still people, places and things in my life worth protecting, worth living for. It’s times like these when it’s good to find some form of normalcy in life to fall back on to remind yourself that it’s not all about stupid assholes & their corrupt politics. The Sun still rises every morning, flowers bloom and bees still make honey. Thank God for that.

If you’re anyone who’s actually left the house during the last month, then you already know all about this last week’s BIG story. it was suddenly everywhere; and, unless you have no pulse, there was NO fucking way you could possibly escape it. Yes fellow Patriots, Imma talking about the supposed “leak” of that BIG Supreme Court opinion on abortion. I say “supposed leak” because at this point, I’m too damned jaded & cynical to believe anything like this wasn’t carefully planned out & executed by the Deep State Special Donkee Ops for maximum impact and confusion because that’s just what they fucking do! Looks like they succeeded in stampeding the Sheep once again. If there’s one thing more than all the others which sends the rabid apostles of the leftist culture of death into a shrieking, frothing at the mouth, visceral outrage, it’s the mere suggestion of the thought that somebody might actually be thinking of somehow to deprive them of their “freedom” or “human right” to butcher and murder another innocent human being before it can even take its first breath. Oh yeah, this one really lights them up and gets them going! Even more so than “systemic rassissism, oppressed tranny rectums, climutt change” or any one of the other fucking fake causes and outrages which were never any problem until they came along.

Prove me wrong, but everything about this momentous “leak” screams “gaslighting psyop!” First, consider what else was already happening that was completely blown off the news cycle radar. On the very same day the “leak” story broke, Pfizer also dumped 80,000 pages of documents and data, mostly detailing the results of vaccine trail liabilities and effectiveness. I believe this Pfizer info dump may have been part of some earlier agreement with our magnanimous government in order to keep their big government vaxxine money suck going. Pfizer is currently fishing for Uncle Sugar’s blessing to mandate a fourth booster vaccine along with permission to start inoculating kids as young as six months because as everyone knows, it’s those damned babies who are the super spreaders! It sounds like the information in those 80K pages wasn’t all brightness and giggles for Pfizer but more of what most of us have been saying all along; the vaccines really aren’t vaccines. They’re dangerous untested and unproven, experimental Pharma-genetic agents which have produced an overwhelming amount of death and human suffering. Not to be out out done on almost the same day, J & J also pulled their vaccine from the market after finally admitting it caused an abnormally high number of incidents involving blood clots. Well fuck me in the morning, I was certain it was climate change causing all of those clots and killing people. I’m shocked, I tellz ya! Butt, butt, butt muh abortion: down the rabbit hole! Hey, it’s a good thing the government prohibits law suits against Big Pharma companies, right?

Another important story that evaporated the same moment the “leak” mysteriously appeared was about the unexpected and unannounced Pelosi/Schitt junket to Ukraine. I guess there was just too much dirty money stashed away in the catacombs underneath the House being guarded by John McCain’s ghost. Somebody finally decided it was time to load up all of that dirty money on a cargo 747 and whisk it off to Ukraine for a good washing. No doubt a good time was had by all. Pelosi got to pretend she was president with special VIP tours of the biggest vodka distilleries; while Schitt enjoyed the little boy welcoming committees Zelensky sent over to his hotel room. The real purpose of the junket was to check up on all the Deep State’s business interests in Ukraine and make certain all the books were in order. And in case you may have missed it, Pelosi gave a press conference where she pledged America’s loyalty to Ukraine by telling Zelensky we are “in it until the end.” WTF does that even mean; that we’re now committing unlimited American blood, money and pain to another fucking endless war in a faraway shit hole? Nobody bothered to ask either you or I whether we want to have anything to do with any of this shit, but now we are apparently all “in it to the end.” I don’t think that phrase means whatever that drunk bitch thinks it means. I guess Unkle Joe stayed home where he could be closer to local supplies of synthetic amphetamines and adrenachrome, but the Big Guy did send his love and well wishes in the form of another $33 BILLION of our hard earned and stolen tax money to walk us ever deeper into the quicksand of this war and all the more closer to kicking off WWII with a hot war with Russia.

I hope I’m wrong, but I think chances are good this Supreme Court “leak” is just another in a long series of mindfucking, Rat head fakes. First, it’s being hailed as “unprecedented.” That means something like this has never happened before. How very convenient. Have you ever noticed how suddenly lots of historical events are happening that have “never happened before?” Uh huh. Like Afghanistan and record inflation, crime and illegal immigration. And all of the shit that’s now happening which has “never happened before” is always whatever is worse for us and our country? Since the commie Rats stole the election and complete control, can you name only ONE good thing that’s happened, but “never happened before?” I’ll wait.

Second, there are several suspicious things about the “leak” which lead me to believe it’s all planned and calculated. The timing of this “leak” couldn’t be any more advantageous for the Rats considering Midterm elections are only about six months away and a the numerous blatant disasters they have presided over can no longer be denied or papered over by their dry-humping, gaslighting, chihuahua Fapdog Media. The blame for all of the pain, damage and suffering they have inflicted upon Americans with all of their fucked up ideas and criminal marxist fantasies can no longer be placed on Putin, climutt change or the Republicans. They built this fucking disaster and they fucking know it, so presto, let’s throw some red meat to our most fanatical followers and chum the political waters. I know, let them know the Supreme Court is about to make the biggest mistake ever by affirming and re-establishing the national sanctity of life. Yeah, that will really piss them off and stampede them to the polls in November! Not that it really matters, because just between you & I, I think regardless of whatever happens, they are just going to cheat and steal everything again. So, the “leak” is the new Rat rallying cry that America must circle the wagons once again to protect our “precious democracy” only “democracy” no longer means what you think it once meant. The democrats have kidnapped it and made it into their newest bitch word. Evidently, “democracy” now means the unlimited “freedom” to murder innocent, helpless human beings because their very existence harshes someone’s buzz for their open legged fun. They may claim to be “pro-choice” but can’t be bothered to even make the simple choice of keeping their knees together. They’d rather make someone else pay the ultimate price for their own lack of personal responsibility. Fuck them! (figuratively)

Finally, this supposed “leak” also directly benefits the Left by further undermining and compromising what little credibility the Supreme Court may still retain by further severely damaging the Court’s reputation as an institution from within. While discussing and debating important issues of constitutional relevance among themselves prior to issuing public ruling, justices need to feel secure in knowing they can enjoy a secure environment of confidentiality in which to exchange thoughts and opinions. Well, hundreds of years of that confidence and security just got flushed down the crapper this last week with this one move. Not only does the leak bode very poorly for the future ruling process, but it also compromises the integrity the Court as an institution by making it appear as though it can’t even control the behavior of its own clerks. When you ask yourself who benefits most from such a compromising development, there’s only one answer: Democrats. Worse, they never intend to tell us who actually “leaked” the opinion. It will be yet another game of “Who Killed Ashli Babbitt?” Might as well be Colonel Mustard in the library with a candle stick. Perhaps somewhere down the road, the identity of the “leaker” may “leak” out, but for now whoever this fucking POS marxist operative worm is burrowed deep inside the Supreme Court, they are the new “Ghost Of Kiev” hero of all of the America hating Donkee cult worshippers. Besides, even if we did know the actual identity of who “leaked” the opinion, what makes you think any real justice would actually ever be served? Prove me wrong.

So don’t get your hopes up too high, friends. At this point, I know I probably may sound cynical, but I believe they are once again pulling all of our dicks for nothing. I’ll be very surprised if Roe V Wade is actually overturned by a formal Court ruling later this summer. I hope I’m completely wrong and everyone here can enjoy rubbing my nose in it, but I believe it’s more probable the Court will cave to the mob like the blackmailed, bought off cowards most of them really are. Have we already forgotten about the monumental punt they made on the Steal? If only they had cowboyed up and done their job, we wouldn’t be stuck in this shit storm now. However, I digress. Instead, look for some soft soaped, half assed “compromised” ruling which doesn’t actually reaffirm Constitutional law, but will instead be hailed as some sort of magnificent legal side step shuffle saving the country from complete and all out civil war. And we already know what that means; once again the Left will win by dirty tricks and get their way. And the reinstatement of God’s blessings on this nation will once again be delayed as the shedding of innocent blood continues. I pray I am completely wrong.✪

Keep stacking and storing folks,

General Mossberg