✪ Good evening fellow Patriots!  Once again, another cleverly disguised national rite of passage has come and gone. Yes, I’m talking about the Midterm elections; and once more, I am left vacillating between seething anger and empty resignation at all of the obvious and not so surprising results. After the 2020 STEAL, just what the fuck did we expect? I’m old enough to remember when these national endurance contests were true bona fide elections and not some Deep State ritual designed and executed to lull the Sheep into some fantasy dreamworld where they still believe they exercise some degree of control over their own destinies. Oh shit, did I ever just date myself! I remember when we had an Election DAY instead of Election WEEK or MONTH; when we knew the outcome the same night before we went to bed instead of WAITING for however God knows however long because there was other dishonest, nefarious, behind the scenes bullshit going on. Do you remember, too? Pepperidge Farms remembers. In addition, I  also distinctly remember both sides graciously accepting the results when they were finally announced instead of launching into immediate lawfare when things didn’t go the way they wanted. I remember when everyone had to register to vote at least thirty days in advance or you were just completely shit outta luck; prove who you were and actually show up in person to cast your vote. It wasn’t all that long ago, kids. To be exact, only 22 years ago back in 2000.

Why have only an Election Day when instead, we can enjoy an entire Election season? It’s kinda like fag Pride month. That seems to be the line of thinking our marxist overlords are actively pursuing now. I mean, more is always supposed to be better, right? It was during the Boosh-Manbearpig smackdown of 2000 when our pals on the Left discovered that with some careful planning, they could subvert the outcome of important elections to their advantage by perfecting a system to steal; strong armed by a legion of dirty lawyers and papered over by the Media. Little did we know back then, but the infamous ‘hanging chads’ were only the very beginning of the Left’s ongoing campaign to turn our national elections into yet just another laughing stock, DC Donkee show. Personally, I view the series of events which have transpired since last Tuesday to be no more than a sick joke and mockery of yet another traditional institution which once distinguished our uniqueness as a nation from among all others, but that’s exactly what these bastards do. They SHIT on everything good, noble, important, valuable or beautiful. They just can’t fucking help themselves. The nightmare Truman Show we’re living in now is the final result of installing marxist, WEF ass sucking secretary of state and state attorney general stooges over the years with dirty Soros money. Don’t fool yourselves, the current crop of clowns currently managing the joke they so righteously insist is ‘democracy’ have been bought and sold to do The Machine’s bidding. And so far, it appears to be working.

It’s working so well they no longer even feel the need to hide their crimes. They couldn’t give a dead rat’s ass (pun intended) if ALL of their lies, manipulation and cheating are out in the light of day. WHO or WHAT is going to stop them? Once again, they have teamed with their fellow criminals in the Media to gaslight the entire country into believing what is happening now is the complete opposite of what it actually appears to be. It’s the election equivalent of girls have penises. What’s that you say domestic terrorist? You’re against mail in voting, drop boxes and month long voting periods? WHY do you want to deny poor chocolate people from being able to cast their votes for democrats and more free shit? Because you’re obviously a white supremacist Nazi, that’s why! What’s that? You have questions about the process now that it’s finally been rigged to maintain a perpetual one party grip over the country forever? ELECTION DENIER, you should be crucified!!! WTF is your problem? We know, you’re just a fascist who hates ‘our democracy!’ These crooked motherfuckers print up bogus ballots like the FED prints up weekly lunch money for Ukraine and nobody involved ever seems to give a second thought about being caught or held accountable. Hey, is this a great country or what? The very people responsible for preventing election fraud are in fact the same ones choreographing & perpetuating it. How else can you explain pResident Skidmark’s phenomenal campaign success where he stayed hidden in his basement the entire time consuming injections of the liquified souls of tortured children and yet still somehow received an historic and unprecedented 81 million votes? Isn’t ‘democracy’ great? 

Unfortunately, he’s not the only example of this disgusting treachery in action. Shit, when you can rig something as high profile as a presidential election and get away with it, why stop there? Transform the model into the entire system! Tell me, does any of the following sound vaguely familiar? As key races enter the final weeks and days prior to the election itself, the News Media begins to breathlessly report things are suddenly ’tightening up’ which usually translates into meaning the loser RAT candidate is now coming up from behind. Lo and behold wouldn’t you know it, by the final days of campaigning, we now have a ‘statistical dead heat!’ Holy shit, how exciting! They like to always refer to it at this point as a ’statistical’ dead heat, because that word ’statistical’ helps to impart an added phony sense of credibility which really doesn’t exist. What was once regarded as a slam dunk for our side has suddenly become a ’statistical dead heat’ going ‘neck and neck’ right ‘down to the wire’ in the final hours! Isn’t this democracy shit thrilling?

Finally, the big day arrives and guess what? It always turns out to be a ’neck and neck’ nail biter until, fuck me in the morning, an additional 10,000 ‘lost’ ballots magically turn up in the trunk of a ’78 Olds Cutless Supreme abandoned in the long term parking out at the airport. Of course, I don’t need to tell you those kind of ballots which mysteriously appear at the final hour always favor the RAT candidate to inevitably put them over the top. The reason we NEVER hear about a cache of ‘lost’ Republican ballots being discovered is because as a rule, conservative voters don’t fucking cheat. I know exactly what you must be thinking now! Purge those dark thoughts from your heads immediately, you right wing election deniers!

I think most of us here will agree this is the basic play pattern the Rats now run for every election cycle. Sure there are variations, like announcing a week in advance that any Republican leads are only going to be mirages which will fade as the evening tallies add up. This kind of mind fucking in advance is known as ‘pre-framing.’ It’s a well known mental manipulation technique which undercuts the power of any future potential protests against the final results by imposing a lowered set of expectations before the fact. It’s a slick version of ‘oh well, they told us last week this would happen, so it must be true,’ See how that works?

There are numerous ways these criminals have devised to cover their tracks. Everything from broken toilets and running out of paper to machines which somehow flip right votes to left all by their wee widdle selves to just flat out dragging their asses to get the tabulation done. Don’t believe me? Here we are already FIVE days out from Tuesday and the count continues to drag out in states for the most important races. Kinda strange don’t you think, how it’s only the most important races which have still not been announced? Hmmmmm. Here we are, already FIVE days out and crooked states like Arizona are STILL doing fucking ‘ballot drops,’ WTF? 

At least our side is finally starting to wise up instead of just bending over and taking it like we did in 2020. And that’s exactly how we will eventually put a stop to all of this bullshit; by taking more responsibility to ensure the integrity of the process. We actually have no other choice unless we never want to win again, because the marxist globalists along with their fapdog media and co-conspiring criminals in the government have stacked the deck against us. It’s going to take many more of us rolling up and getting involved deeper in the process as observers to keep vote tallies honest; to watch dropboxes and record license plate numbers or take screenshots of any funny business going on in the booths with voting machines. Yeah, it really sucks that everything has come to this; but remember, we’re dealing here with a pack of rabid, power lusting assholes who just don’t give a fuck about anything else besides winning at any cost and by whatever means possible. Honestly, I pity these commie worms and their dismal future. The next two years are going to be one Hell of a ride as these assholes pull out all the stops to desperately cling to all of their imploding narratives and gaslighting subversions. Regular people have had enough of their bullshit and now know a CHEAT and STEAL when they see one.

While we’re discussing the election, who in their right mind votes for a mentally defective stroke victim with a softball sized boil growing on the back his neck? Who the fuck votes for a guy who already died last month? WHO the fuck votes for some stupid trans fruit with absolutely NO experience simply because they are some sick and twister sexual mutant? And now The Machine tells me these fucking morons actually won? Come on Man, I got hairy legs too! Don’t blow smoke up our asses while pissing on our heads and tell us a banana is actually an orange because I don’t buy it! Name me ONE (s)elected RAT public official during the last two years who has done only ONE thing right to benefit or improve the lives of average Americans. You can’t, because there isn’t one! The only thing Democrats know how to do is make everything worse while denying to your face they don’t actually eat in the same place where they shit.. Prove me wrong!  

However, I still hold out some amount of hope all of this can be fixed, but that probably won’t happen until things get bad enough to finally galvanize people into saying “enough.” I know, call me crazy but I believe with enough time, almost everybody will eventually come to hate the Democrats. They certainly are working on it! It’s true, good times create weak men, weak men create hard times and hard times create good men. Just wait until people start to freeze and starve this Winter. Good men AND women will rise to the occasion to take the necessary actions to eliminate those who are the source of all the current misery and suffering. History proves this out; and this time around, it will not only be an issue of stopping the evil, but completely eliminating it.

I usually like to close out each Double Barrel with a forward looking, optimistic pep talk, but we all know we are all responsible for either our own personal sense of optimism. Or pessimism. Your call. I think by this point we all know deep down inside ourselves exactly what needs to be done to right the listing ship. I know I do. The opposite of courage isn’t cowardice, it’s compromise and complacency. Think about it, even dead fish can go with the flow. It’s so simple it might go right past you at first. Stop complying in each and every way you can. Insist in remaining ungovernable regardless of however small that gesture may seem be. Everything compounds, not only for the worse, but the better too. Don’t ever forget what they’ve done and when the time comes, don’t hesitate to act accordingly. If we can do that and keep our wits about us, we will see the Sun rise and God restore his blessings upon this great nation once again. Prove me wrong! ✪ 

Stay ever vigilant, alert and strong,

General Mossberg