Sold On America Last

Sold On America Last

✪ Use your imagination and picture to the best of your ability how elections would look if the dirty truth about election fraud and ballot manipulation were laid out bare in the open for everyone to see instead of this stupid game we are playing with ourselves where the communists and their complicit News Media insist every election was honest and accurate while everyone else in the country knows damned well it wasn’t. Denial of reality is a helluva game; in fact, a losing game. Not so long ago, we had only ONE Election Day when you went and stood in line to vote. If you didn’t get off of your ass and register at least thirty days in advance you were just shit outta luck. Everybody knew the outcome by late the same night, accepted the results and life moved on. However, you know Democrats. They never seem satisfied to leave things that are working fine alone. They specialize in ‘fixing’ things by destroying them and then blaming someone else. Hey assholes, if it isn’t broken, then DON’ T fix it. But just like the economy, military, law enforcement, legal system, healthcare, America’s energy independence and just about every other success or traditional institution you can think of, Democrats have now fixed our ‘elections’ to routinely favor their agenda and consolidate their own power. Anyone who question Rat election cheating is now automatically smeared as an ‘election denier.’ Put the opposition on offense by stigmatizing them with LIES.. Pure Alinsky bullshit!

You now need to use your imagination to visualize honest elections, because there’s NO resemblance between the convoluted clusterfuck system we have now with drop boxes, early voting, late voting, mail in ballots, late counting etc. and the established  simplicity of what served us for so long for so well before. Not even close! It’s discouraging because it’s rigged not only to block Republicans from winning but more specifically, America First candidates. Because Democrats do not want to see America ever succeed. For them, that would be an admission that they are WRONG about everything in their fucked up world view and have failed miserably. They are instead completely sold on an America Last approach because their natural sense of self hate and loathing doesn’t allow them to ever be grateful for anything they have. In other words, they’re basically spoiled, selfish, unhappy, greedy, dishonest children perpetually trapped inside of adult bodies; and, the only way they know how to feel good about themselves is by making everybody else more miserable than them. And unfortunately, these are precisely the type of psychos running the country today.

So the fucking bastards got away with it again and just like in 2020, it doesn’t look like there’s much anyone is going to do to stop it this time either. Welcome to the new progressive American ‘democracy.’ There’s no way we’re gonna vote our way out of the shit we’re stuck in now. Not with half of the country made up of of brain dead progressive zombies drinking the Donkee Kool Aid who always vote straight Rat party instead of their conscience on important issues which really matter like inflation, crime and national security. For fuck’s sake, I couldn’t give a dead rat’s ass (pun intended) about phony, unimportant shit like abortion, systemic racism or climate change. All of these fake ’problems’ were created by mentally ill people to perpetuate their own power by making us believe only they have the real answers to all the problems they created. Fuck that! Think about it. The same criminals who gave us the chink bat flu scam are now managing our economy, military, food and energy production. And that’s why shit never seems to get any better. Because at the end of the day, they hate or guts and they hate America. They’re only tolerating and keeping us around long enough to extract all of wealth out of the Middle Class. Once the Middle Class in gone, then all bets will be off. You vill have nothing und be happy.   

Is Arizona still counting and if so, does it really matter now? Lately, it seems as though the Democrats have just gone to announcing whatever results they want and then their pals in the Media get busy censoring and smearing any counter narratives. Do they really expect us to believe a corrupt gun control dolt like Mark Kelly won the AZ Senate seat, that someone like Katie Hobbs who refused to debate Lake won the governorship? And don’t even get me started on the Georgia Senate race fiasco. The run off election will be more smoke and mirrors; another Political Class sleight of hand to whitewash a corrupt system with empty pretenses that the system still works when everybody knows it’s actually broken. See? They will say the big nosed communist won because the people have spoken. Proof that our ‘democracy’ still works. Sorry, but NO fucking way Walker is gonna win the runoff in Georgia and if by some miracle he does, it will only be a fluke because someone in the Establishment didn’t do their homework. Well, there’s Festerman in Pennsylvania, so I guess anything is possible and we still haven’t reached rock bottom idiocracy yet.

Meanwhile, we get another SIX fucking years of Schmuck Schoomer. Nancy Piglosi may have lost her gavel but don’t think she will just disappear. She’s too addicted to decades of power an easy dirty money to not keep her fingers in the political pie. She’s like the Clintons and the Obamas; she’s never going to go away. The Rats keep the Senate after several close races which miraculously flipped to Democrats at the very last minute after outrageously long purposefully drawn out ballot counts. Isn’t that they way these things always seem to go? Looks like our side managed to take the House, but only by a very narrow margin which means we really won’t control it. When the balance of power is that close, you can always find Uniparty, RINO double agent traitors who are willing to flip their votes on key votes so long as the price is right. How many times have we seen that happen? The same goes for the Senate. Remember when that traitorous skid mark McStain fucked everybody over by casting the go ahead vote against abolishing Ocare?

One thing I did notice more about this election is the Democrat effort to intentionally confuse votes for ballots. A vote represents a personal choice and the ballot is a physical record of that choice. They are NOT the same! However, you’d probably never know that by listening to Democrats as they have become completely obsessed and fixated on counting ballots instead of votes. This makes cheating easier because ballots are much easier for them to produce than votes; and technically, there’s no limit to the number of times someone can vote so long as they have enough ballots. I’m almost tempted to conclude at this point, that an individual vote probably no longer count as much as most people think. The Left has bastardized our election process to the point that it isn’t even really an election at all! It’s a fucking auction! Particularly in the blue states where it’s no longer election day but instead election season. In some places, the rubes can start voting often in different precincts as much as 90 days in advance with one or more mail in ballots requiring no proof of signature, residency or identity. Isn’t ‘democracy’ great? For democrat operatives, it’s not so much about votes as it is about the ballots. That’s why it’s becoming increasingly difficult for our side to win and place quality candidates in government. Democrats win because they have mastered the art of the stealing by dishonestly managing ballots. Our side routinely loses because we are still focused on collecting votes instead of ballots and playing by the rules. 

In every race where a Republican candidate was initially ahead, new “ballot drops” would suddenly show up from somewhere to finally put the Democrat over the line. In Arizona, they are STILL doing fucking ballot drops! Republican candidates may run out of votes but Democrats will never rum out of ballots. We know it, they know it and everyone knows it! They could care less because they also know they will never be held accountable. Why should they? None of the cheaters are worried about getting caught because the very same people who are supposed to uphold the integrity of the voting system are actually the ones advocating for the fraud. You can thank George Soros for making it that much easier for communist crooks of every stripe to find a place in government where they can inflict the maximum amount of damage. The result is we’re stuck with a government which values the wealth of special interests over crafting policies which improve the quality of life and standard of living for all Americans. Our government is sold on America Last because it is more profitable for them. Fuck the county and regular Americans, the cycle is complete! A broken and corrupt system has given us a completely out of touch Political Class which routinely lies to the public while stealing incredible amounts of money, starts wars in places where we have no real national interests, implements ever more crushing regulations and operates on a blatant double standard where they consider themselves exempt from the laws they impose on the rest of us. I think it’s safe to say, this is exactly where we are today. I know, it sucks!

I can’t tell you how any of this shit gets fixed. What I can tell you is that we will never get any kind of worthwhile reform in government if we need to rely on the same people who are responsible for the corruption. The same reason why there will never be term limits, because the the bastards who hold the power to change that are never going to vote to limit themselves.  Right now, I think I can count all of the members of Congress who actually give a shit more about America than their own political career ambitions on two hands with fingers still left over. Too many people need and want the fraud and corruption to keep going so they can stay fat and happy. They’re a big part of why the Left succeeds and the miserable status quo in Washington rarely ever changes. If this midterm election didn’t convince you of this, it’s growing a little late to wake the fuck up. It’s not called the Uniparty for nothing. America is officially now a post constitutional, marxist oligarchy. I predict as things become worse, which they undoubtedly will, Government will become even more paranoid, draconian and controlling. In the end, that’s what all of this is about, control.

I hate the fact they have been able to get things to this point. I hate how they think individual American freedom and prosperity are somehow bad things which must be crushed and destroyed. I hate how they have perverted and destroyed an entire generation of children. I hate how they have poisoned our great military with the filth of their failed ideology. I hate how they attack everything which normal Americans hold to be honest, good and true. Ok, I hate their guts and continuing to vote for those who seek only to rule over and exploit us further instead of honest, moral and authentic representation doesn’t cut it anymore. Those days are long gone. I think every one of us here knows what is coming; knows what needs to be done to end this clown show. Now that they’ve pretty much shown us that elections are no longer an effective means for fixing what’s wrong in the country, let’s see what happens next, shall we? It should be interesting.✪

Stay vigilant and refuse to consent to be governed

General Mossberg