Their Next Big Thing!

Their Next Big Thing!

✪ Good Afternoon/Evening Patriots, wherever you may be today on this beautiful Fall day! A big DOUBLE BARREL shout out to all our Americanist family & friends impacted by Hurricane Ian in Florida or the South Atlantic. I’m hoping by the time everybody reads this, all hands will be on deck & accounted for. Perhaps Ian turned out to be much bigger & powerful than many anticipated and than we were led to believe by our Alphabet News Media of the Ministry of Truth. According to them, Ian struck Florida because it personally hates Ron DeSantis & his complete iron grip of conservative fascism on the state along with his complete cli-mutt change denial and rabid homophobia. I mean, look at how he treated Disney! Free my Pepplez! All jokes aside, please continue to pray for the health, safety & security of our Florida Americanists as they dig out & bounce back in the coming weeks and months. Thank goodness they have excellent leadership acting on their behalf to help them move forward past this evert.

If you’ve been claiming cli-mutt change isn’t real up until now, then you better get your ass right with Reverend BearManPig because your time is running out, deniers! Come on man, what proof more do you need than a hurricane in the North Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico making landfall in Florida during the last few weeks of a Hurricane season with almost NO other hurricanes? I know I am preaching to the choir here, but for the rest of you lurking, progressive shiteaters if that does’t have you bent over in two on the bathroom floor with a pistol barrel shoved in your mouth, hammer back and weeping hysterically while muttering all over yourselves again and again, “Why didn’t we listed, why didn’t we listen?” then sit down and brace yourselves because I’m afraid I have really bad news: you’ll never be smart enough to never be a Democrat!

For fucks sake, our yapping Fapdog Media is still completely worthless, but you already knew that, right? It’s not information, it’s ALL propaganda so STOP letting them rattle your chains with all of this shit! They’re only dry humping on your ankle to turn your into another Donkee Pod Person: another true believer zombie and emotional kidnapping victim at the service of whatever happens to be their latest current thing, or the newest weaponized lie being wielded to stir up the maximum amount of fear and confusion. Haven’t you heard? Climutt change is real! And climutt change is the next stick pretending to be the carrot held out to nudge Humanity just a little further down that road into that land of flowers, sunshine and complete irresponsible self indulgence which ultimately leads to disaster. Butt, butt, butt this time it’s different! It’s the latest new & improved version of gaslighting; same as the old version that you’ve already come to love and expect. For a couple of years, they went all in on making the Chink Bat Flu their modality of “change” for saving the Human Race by first destroying it. Remember how we wuz all gonna die from da Rona if we just didn’t all blindly fall into line for Der Shotz which as we know know were really designed as a “final solution” instead of actual protection? However, evil, calculating fuckers everywhere got rich while the rest of us were forced to endure. Remember how it all came out later in the wash that there was absolutely no scientific basis for all of those stupid LIES we were never allowed to question like “social distancing 6 feet, masks prevent transmission & the vaccines are safe and effective?” Turns out later, all of that bullshit was pulled out of some progressive social engineer’s ass on a whim.

I’m not saying COVID wasn’t real or good people didn’t suffer & die unnecessarily form it; however, it sure as fuck didn’t turn out to live up to all of the hype and hysteria it generated while being used as a lever to destroy jobs, businesses, families and freedoms. At worst, it wound up being an unusually severe strain of Winter flu which has since mutated itself into obscurity. Good riddance! I think Fauci, Inc. must be extremely disappointed their Wuhan wet market viral bastard child didn’t end up being exactly the extinction event they, the WEF, UN, EU, NWO and the Potato Regime were looking or hoping for. Have you heard, the latest 5th booster is already out and only a whopping 2% of Americans who have already been jabbed still have a big enough psychotic death wish for themselves to receive it. Good ahead, knock yourselves out assholes, just don’t force the rest of us to kill ourselves along with you. Yes, I’ll be willing to admit you were smarter than us and knew better once you’re all finally dead. I read that development as one gigantic FUCK YOU to Big Pharma after they destroyed their own brand & all remaining credibility by trashing more than a century of good faith in public trust by partnering with Big Government in order to profit from the subjugation & suffering of others. Shit, there I go again with those long, run on sentences! Still, there are a minority of the most faithful who cling in desperation onto the old big lie because they invested so much in making it the new universal lifestyle. There was even a video online from some poor woman who had contracted Bells Palsy in her face about a week after getting the latest booster. Of course, she was unhappy and complaining about all the involuntary face twists and grimaces as elements of her adverse reaction to the vaccine but, wait for it, wait for it…at the end of the video she still still praises & supports the vaxx technology because “this is something we all need to do.” Or sum-ting, whatever! Evidently, there are still some people so stupid the only way God and Nature can stop them from tormenting the rest of us is by removing them from the gene pool and I don’t say this as if it is necessarily a problem.

So with so very little of the original pomp, fanfare and breathless frenzy of urgency the Chink Bat Flu stirred up while it was in vogue as the defining historical pivot event, there is now a new kid on the block. Go ahead and call it by whatever the fuck name you want, “climate change, global warming, greenhouse effect, environmental racism, etc,” Blah, blah, blah! Any number of such labels have been specifically design to suspend your analytical abilities to properly reason with actual information on this subject instead of spinning in circles chasing your tail with you head on fire in emotional hysteria. How DARE you question the “settled science” or the credibility of you new, self righteous, all knowing progressive Donkee masters! Excuse me, but please explain how any “science” can ever really be “settled?” I mean, isn’t science by its very definition really a “PROCESS of inquiry” designed to reveal new insights and information to help advance all Humankind? Fuck me in the morning, but isn’t some bogus, horseshit claim about how the “science is settled” actually the greatest antithesis of what real “science” is all about? I guess once enough “unscientific” claims are assembled together to officially obtain the critical mass of a Media disinformation clusterfuck in service to a particular agenda, then they somehow becomes regarded as indisputable “truth.” Hey, stop insulting our intelligence; I can look up at the sky anytime I want to know the truth about the weather, the same way I can find it in my pants when they start up with all of the gender bullshit.

The cult of cli-mutt change actually isn’t anything new: rather, it’s the same huge stinking pile of fear mongering bullshit the Leftists have been propping up for almost half a century now under the hope that the longer they keep this LIE going, the more of a chance it has for garnering enough widespread support to finally take us all into that paradise of der “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” Come on, be a happy camper! Feel good about yourself by being terrorized by imaginary monsters hiding under the bed while simultaneously celebrating the global “sustainability” of reducing the number of useless human insects dirtying up the planet down to five hundred million. Come on, Man, time to get on board that Happy Train to the future! WHO needs Capitalism when you can finally focus all of your spare time on your art? WHY be bothered or held back by the out-dated, old fashioned inconveniences of having to keep a job or take responsibility for yourself? Doesn’t living in a 10 by 10 foot cinderblock cubicle illuminated for two hours a night by a single 10 watt light bulb, eating bugs and fucking a robot while you eagerly huddle & wait for the release of the 83rd booster during the nonstop mandated climutt change lockdown sound like a wonderful way to spend the rest of our lives saving the planet, komrades?! Come on, Man! Don’t get left behind! You’re special and we care! Your personal space in the boxcar is reserved and being held especially for you. Let not your hearts be troubled! No need to worry about your wealth, freedoms or possessions! Unkle Klaus and his most gracious hosts have made the necessary arrangements & thought of everything! They’ve already anticipated for your every need in you new life in their bright & shining Brave New World. Honest! You will have nothing and be happy! FREE money, housing, food, healthcare a bright and shiny new Dark Ages await you in most glorious utopia but you gotta get on board that train! The science is now settled and time’s a wasting! Don’t be a square; haven’t you heard? All the Kool Kids are into climate change now; just like they were into pet rocks and CB radios fifty years ago!

No, the BIG LIE about the weather has already been around for more than fifty years now, they just keep renaming it and dressing it up in new clothes every time they decide to dust it off and bring it out to walk around again. That’s because so many of the donkee sheep hate themselves and are so miserable about the state of their current, pathetic, wretched lives that they are willing to surrender the last 250 years of progress the the Human race has made crawling out of the quicksands of History in order to have a Nanny Government who wipes their asses for them. To be honest, I really wouldn’t have much of a problem with that if they all weren’t so irrationally insistent on taking the rest of us down with them. I gotta tell you how perplexing it can be to this bitter clinging, Good Book thumping, redneck MAGA hick in flyover country when all of those, self righteous, Ivy League indoctrinated, intellectually and morally superior know better “eggsputz” keep telling us we’re all going to die in a decade if we don’t accept their world communism as the “solution.” And have you noticed, but world communism now seems to be the only avenue being considered for future human salvation and survival? That’s because the LIE about cli-mutt change partners with another BIG LIE that capitalism has completely failed as an economic ideology and is responsible for all of the World’s current problems. Another LIE being passed as TRUTH by those who have already sabotaged capitalism to make their billions. Hmmmm. Come on Man, drop whatever it is you’re doing now and get on that train! After all, they wouldn’t have any reasons to LIE to us again this time, would they? Don’t worry, you can clean up once you arrive. I hear they have plenty of free showers!

So the bloom is off of the rose on the chink bat flu as far as being the primary means of forcing complete human submission to an unelected, unaccountable, dominating, global, communist authority. The weather is the next big false flag and if you refuse to confess your climate sins (owning a gas powered car, refusing to keep the thermostat above 80F in the dead of summer or BBQing in you back yard) you are already a heretic of their “next big thing” orthodoxy and your ugly denier ass needs to be burned at the stake! Such is the fate of all heretics! Butt, butt, butt how can you live with yourselves knowing you are destroying the chillums only hope for their future by continuing to eat meat!

Don’t be fooled. The globalist pricks may have failed their desired outcome for complete global domination by using covid, but that didn’t deter them from using the chink bat flu scamdemic to roll out and field test of some new & exciting measures we may see implemented on our fun journey into the big, glorious Zero Net Carbon future. When they’re not busy pushing toxic vaccines which have really killed more people than helped, they are busy constantly screaming the sky is falling, setting fire to food manufacturing facilities, destroying jobs, businesses and lives; outlawing and prohibiting natural gas, combustion powered cars or pouring hundreds of billions of wasted dollars into alternative energy “boon doogles” to pay off their fellow crooks in this Ponzi scheme of very poor optics and unprecedented proportions to prove we are somehow on the right track with all of this nonsense and that they actually don’t stink like the huge steaming piles of marxist shit they really are. However, I digress! Climate lockdowns next, anyone? Don’t worry. Should this latest gambit also fail, it will at least have served their purpose of damaging more institutions and advancements in order to make it easier to roll out the next nightmare du’jour.

And what could possibly be more frightening than dying from the Wuhan Wet Flu or slowly being cooked by your angry mother, the Earth? The prospect of an outright thermonuclear war. Why of course! Now yer talkin’ Globalists! You have our undivided attention now! Probably nothing cuts closer to the psychological bone in the normal, individual’s mind than the consideration of his life (specifically, their life) and everything it stands for is so tenuous and fragile that it may be completely eliminated in only a split second. What incredible POWA! If there’s anything that’ll stampede those Sheep long enough to make them suspend whatever remains of their silly, misguided notions about individual freedom, it’s being blackmailed with nuclear war by a bunch of psychotic Luciferian dung maggots who believe that just because they have tons of money, that somehow gives them the right to play God with other people’s lives. Of course, nuclear war is event no RATIONAL human being would ever entertain as any sort of solution to any kind of problem, but here we are!

Buyer beware; the bastards doing all of the saber rattling to sell this latest crap now are the same feckless, shadow government, mastermind cabal who brought you COH-VUD, the fucked up economy, supply chain problems, food shortages, record high crime, drug use, suicide, unemployment along with historic chaos and division, so why wouldn’t they also weaponize this as well (pun intended). What they’re really telling us by not outright admitting it is that they have a nuke card up their sleeve and if we don’t all fall in line they might play it. Fuck you Political Elite Class, I’m not willing to give it all up so that your frat boy in Ukraine can stay in an endless supply of Ho’s and Blow! Don’t piss on the top of my head and tell me it’s “democracy.” Never forget that in the death spirals of their overreaching desperation, they intend to use very trick in the book available to achieve their means. Of course, they are doomed to failure, the reasons for which we have already discussed here on numerous occasions. In the meantime as we ponder all the potentials for a much better and brighter future than the one they are forcing upon us, let us go about our daily lives in ways which give us most happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction. Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke. We will outlast them! ✪

Hold that line Patriots,

General Mossberg