Our Weekly Cavalcade Of Stupid

Our Weekly Cavalcade Of Stupid

✪ Well it looks like it’s a wrap for another Summer and Fall is slowly creeping in. A big change in the weather in my neck of the woods and I don’t know about the rest of you, but when this time of year finally rolls around, I’m finally ready for cooler weather. Right now, it’s just the leaves starting to turn and cooler mornings, but soon enough we’ll be into the holiday season in only a few short weeks and bitching about snow and really cold Winter weather. However, that’s all going to be the very least of our concerns or distractions. We still have a major midterm election to contend with and all of the political hijinks and mind fucking chicanery which comes along with it.

I swear if, I didn’t know better, I’d be tempted to think my country had turned into some sort of fluff-brained, guilty pleasure, reality sitcom show being watched by bored aliens in faraway distant galaxies to amuse themselves. You know, the kinda show where the characters are all bumbling idiots who constantly do stupid shit to humiliate themselves? Well, wouldn’t that be us now and wouldn’t it all be a scream if it wasn’t really so dangerous and pathetic? Isn’t this a wonderful great shining moment in History to which progressivism has finally brought us all by our hair kicking and screaming? How much more of this fucking “progress” can the Human Race endure?

Does America really even have a unique American culture any more? Sadly, I think not. I keep looking for it, but always seem to come up empty handed. If it does, I sure as hell can’t see it or really tell. Never take a healthy popular culture for granted because that’s one sure fire way to make certain it will be lost. During the Golden Age Of Television, there were only three channels of programming, yet a huge number of those shows were iconic. Even the commercials of that time were miles better than most of today’s scrambled crap. Now we have 1000 channels of completely unremarkable, totally forgettable shit crammed with 40 minutes of skullfuckery advertising in every hour of programming. What about music? You’re completely on your own there kids, because I don’t know nor care one jack about whatever people now consider “music.” All I hear and know is that whenever it’s not black, black or mo black with some (c)Rap video about a queer guy who goes to Hell to butt plow Satan, it’s some kind of over artificially sweetened, over produced Taylor Swift drek about “tolerance” and pining for homo “love.” Do you sense some common underlying themes running thru our present day modern “culture?” No wonder we now find ourselves in the proverbial barrel as a culture. Mainly, from the elevation and over emphasis on really ugly black crap and the ongoing contest of endurance to normalize queer tranny rainbow butt love. Let’s face it, the awful truth is music at this point in History is absolute SHIT. And no, it’s not because I’m an “old” fart who hasn’t kept up with the times; it’s because music today is SHIT!

How about movies? Another cultural BUST! About ten years ago, Spielberg said in an interview that Pedowood’s mission was no longer to entertain, but to “indoctrinate.” Ha, it just so happens that’s about the same time I stopped paying to go see movies in theaters. Now the only attention I pay to theaters is when I drive by out of some sense of morbid fascination just to look at what’s playing; and most of the time it’s always the same garbage. The latest, 117th new Marvel release with the latest queer social justice sooper hero. Wow, BIG excitement! Not! Who fucking cares? Or the latest 90 minute, climate change PSA disguised as an animated cartoon kiddie tale brimming with all sorts of mind washing woke messages & guilt tripping. No thanks! Or the latest gratuitously violent, psycho sexualized killer flick with sinister satanic undertones. Or some really bizarre off the wall shit about legitimizing & elevating practically every social and moral taboo known to man such as cannibalism, family incest, kiddie diddling and who knows whatever the fuck they can pull out of the luciferian toilets of their minds. Yeah, occasionally they still get one right; but that’s the exception rather than the norm and only a lucky shot in the dark. I’ll wait to pick that one up at Redbox later for two dollars, thank you. This is what happens when pathologically depraved individuals with too much money hijack your popular culture.

What about sports which used to be the holy weekend refuge of every red blooded American working man? Which flavor of whining, crying millionaire monkeyball is your favorite now? Boo Hoo! I stopped watching or even caring when dey asses all went woke because it’s really difficult for me to reconcile supporting any business which insists on lecturing me about why I need to feel guilty about something I had NO part or interest in. Sorry kids, but at the moment I can’t seem to find any aspect of American culture in which I feel comfortable indulging because as far as I’m concerned there is NO distinguishing aspect of American popular culture worth an Uncle Joe hot shart. Get woke go broke motherfuckers! In fact, IMO there’s really NO American popular culture at all now. That’s because under communism, popular culture is considered only an unnecessary and diversionary bourgeoisie indulgence which must be abolished so all of our collective energies may stay focused on the task of returning the means of production to the workers. Yeah, right! All that remains now is some really fake & crappy substitute being pushed by a minority cabal of rich marxist media moguls to keep most of the Sheep hypnotized while they go about their daily business of plundering and dismantling Western Civilization. One day soon, they may wake up and discover they are being forced at the end of a gun barrel to have nothing and be happy, eat the bugs and marry a wife with a dick. Modern culture was kidnapped and brutally murdered by the very same bunch of players who are the ones making all of the trouble now & who are convinced it’s their life mission to constantly beat the rest of rest of us down into finally submitting to all of their fucking sick twisted fantasies like 200 gender flavors, men having babies, the sexual mutilation of children, cli-mutt change, constant hand wringing and paranoia mongering over the next imaginary disease and phony proxy wars they claim are really about “democracy.” But I digress. The rot has already spread deep and wide.

Unfortunately, I must report there was no serious change in course during this last week of our ship of state. Our insane, mentally hobbled and thoroughly corrupt and illegitimate captain Joe Biden, aka Sleepy Joe, Doctor Shitpants, President Potato, Joey Mumbles, Executive Sniffer In Chief, Grampy Stinkfinger, Adolph Shitler, etc. is still locked in the national wheel house with a week old, sagging, dirty pantload of his brains which just won’t stop leaking out of his ass; drunk as shit on the fine rum which was once America’s esteemed divine blessing of strength & prosperity before the DONKEE party decided to piss on God. Batten those hatches and tie down all the decking, mateys! We’re being steered directly into a perfect shitstorm of historic proportions! Yes, as Star Trek used to say, boldly going where we’ve never been before! After Der Fuhrer’s rousing speech last week from the Bundestag in Philadelphia in which he desecrated and stained the hallowed ground at Independence Hall with his ugly smell to smear more than half the country (our half) as “terrorists” and a “threat to democracy.” Yeah, but you still get your kicks appropriating my tax dollars and redistributing my wealth to all sorts of your foreign fourth world shit hole pet causes as a cover for all the kickbacks which will ensure that “Biden Family Legacy.” Fuck you, Joe!

After that rousing speech what do we get next this last week? Steve Bannon in jail on bullshit charges while Golden Boy Hunter keeps making the scene and a nationwide FBI/DOJ/NWO series of raids on 50 of Trump’s biggest supporters! There’s even talk that the Feds might pull another raid on Trump because the last one was such a complete bust; all they came away with was holding their dicks in their own hands. If you haven’t already come to the conclusion that we are now completely living in a post constitutional, socialist, one party, authoritarian, techno-surveillance, Donkee police state then you’re really late arriving to the party. To make matters worse, a huge contingent of rabid, foaming at the mouth commie dick suckers like Shithead Reiner and cock holster Colbert are cheerleading on at least 25% of the sheep in this country in support of this tyrannical bullshit. Thankfully, none of this is getting in the way of our weekly blackmail payments, I mean national donations, I mean “humanitarian aid” to that fearless rock star golden boy “lion of democracy” our man Zoolansky. Yeah, Putin may a turd, but Zoolansky is a full ton of steaming greasy shit who must really have all the goods on Unkle Joe, Baby Hunter and an entire host of sons of some of the most powerful, wealthy and influential political families in America. Good times. What was it, another THREE BILLION on Monday with the talk of another $1.7 BILLION by Friday? And where the FUCK is the GOP on all of this? Oh that’s right, Mitch the Bitch is too busy talking down any hopes of the Republicans taking back either branch of the Congress in November because he wants at all costs to preserve his gravy train of the status quo. With the exception of only a small handful, the rest are too busy playing “switch’ em” because it’s an election year and they all need to lay low until they can sneak into another term unnoticed. You know how to play “switch ’em” don’t you? You stick one thumb in your mouth and suck on it like a one year old, the other thumb you plant firmly in your ass. Then, every time you hear somebody yell “switch ’em” that’s exactly what you do. Switch ’em! Just when you think it can’t get any worse than it already is, you see Mark Kelly will probably be re-elected in Arizona thanks to all of the transplanted California maggots and hey, how about that Fetterman puke? Isn’t he a real piece of work? Or you can have Dr. Oz instead. Would you like mayo or mustard on your shit sandwich, Pennsylvania?

Finally rounding out this week’s Cavalcade of Stupid is the series of events which recently took place across the Pond. Of course, the big story is the passing of Queen Elizabeth and the ascent of Chuckles the big eared globalist clown to the throne. How the fuck did that happen? I mean, I though that Duke of Windsor, Wallace Simpson thing had finally settled that entire royalty/commoner question ages ago. Apparently not. How is it a guy who’s been shacking up with a horse for forty years still gets to become the king? I’ll tell you how…because he’s the preferred choice in the natural progression of the globalist power oozing out of the Davos toilet. He’s already a card carrying, charter member of the special klub. Chuck gets the job and the knob because the big dogs know he will do their bidding; he’ll be their good boy and fetch, beg and roll over whenever they command. He’ll rubberstamp every crazy, destructive little globalist wetdream about finishing off whatever is left of what was once the greatest society at the heart of the Anglosphere. And isn’t that what it’s really all about? Making traditional Britain, Europe and the World pay for all the sins of building and maintaining an economic system which has brought more abundance, prosperity & freedom to more people in the World than any other which ever preceded it? Are you starting to feel sorry or guilty yet? However, let not your hearts be troubled because Chuck is a hardcore climutt change aficianado and he’s never met a sweaty, garlic flavored muzzy buttcrack he couldn’t wait to motorboat in the name of cultural “inclusiveness.” It’s good to be the king! There’s already talk about how his first order of business will be to install more Africans, wimmenz and freaks with dicks who think they are wimmenz on the Buckingham Palace Royal Guard detail. Rule Britannia! When he’s not busy jetting off on weekly junkets in one of his several private jets for a private conference and mutual weenie roast with Unkle Klaus to solve the problem of how best to handle the rest of us useless eater insect rabble populating their planet, he’ll probably stay at home at someplace in one of his several 20,000 square foot bathrooms in Buckingham Palace standing butt naked and shit faced drunk, drink in hand & wearing a crown; staring at himself in the mirror and toasting “god save the king” over and over again. It doesn’t matter to me what your thoughts are about the entire Brit Royalty thing, but Elizabeth for any of her shortcomings was the last dowager of the Greatest Generation and represented that moral tradition and steadfastness to duty and service so horribly lacking in the fools and tools of this generation and so desperately needed in the World today. No matter how you slice it, that goes into the loss column for all of us. What’s going to fill that vacuum won’t even hold a candle to her and it sure as hell won’t be pretty. I guess all bets are still off at this point because we still haven’t reached any kind of bottom yet.

Anyway, that’s a wrap for this week’s Double Barrel because if I continue I’ll just spoil a perfectly good weekend by pissing myself off even more with things over which I really have no control and aren’t really that important in the bigger scheme of things. Remember Kids, the objective is not to need them or let the crap they are slinging ever stick to you. I know it’s not easy, but it’s an acquired skill which grows easier each day with practice. Never fear, I shall return next week God willing with another exciting review of Donkee World Globalist Mystery Theater because I already know none of this bullshit is going away between now and then. Until we meet again, stay safe and love the important people in your life. That’s all I got for today. Now go away. 🙂 ✪

Keep saving, stacking and storing Patriots,

General Mossberg