I Stand With Martha’s Vineyard

I Stand With Martha’s Vineyard

✪ Good afternoon & good evening Mr. & Mrs. America whichever it may be wherever you are now in what is still the greatest country on Earth. It’s time once again for our weekly group session where the rubber meets the road and we call out the inanities of having to live in a country which continues to bank hard left from the intent and design of our original Founders. And what are the latest developments “in the course of human events?” OMG, have you heard Muffy? It’s an invasion of a foreign army, a “humanitarian crisis” of epic, astounding proportions in one of the country’s most treasured & beloved vacation enclaves, Martha’s Vineyard. “Quick, turn on the news, Muffy! It’s a war zone! It’s so dangerous Mummy & Daddy have taken away the keys to my $280K Kardashian Special Limited Edition Range Rover so for the time being, I’m grounded in Boston! War is Hell! I guess this means no more working on my tan at the summerhouse pool and no more of those fabulous $75 arugula lunch salads at the tennis club until next summer. Life just isn’t fair! Damned you, Ron DeSantis!

“Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams, America!” If ever you needed any more proof that America has a self appointed aristocracy; a top 1% of the top 1%, our very own version of domestic royalty, then look no further than the sickening, blatant demonstration of leftist hypocrisy on display this past week in Martha’s Vineyard. America is the LAST place in the world you’d expect to find a caste system, but these are certainly most uncommon times we are living through so here we are! In fact, lots of people risked everything they had to come here and escape caste systems in their old countries. What we have now is a thoroughly divided country of “haves, have nots” and as Dubya used to always like to joke at his campaign fundraiser events, the “have mores.” Prove me wrong, but I’m willing to bet most of the money in Martha’s Vineyard now is old money in new hands. Of course, these people aren’t cut from the same molds as the infamous NE robber barons of old. They’re not titans of industry who built businesses of massive scale to serve a growing demand fueled by prosperity and innovation. Nope, not at all! A good number are likely trust fund bambinos living remotely off the shadows of such former great wealth, lawyers, hedge fund pirates and the corrupt & celebrated glitterati of America’s most cherished Political Class. You know, the chosen ones, maggots like Obama and his husband Mike who actually own a $13 million dollar Martha’s Vineyard estate in which they barely spend any time while they are at either their $10 million dollar Georgetown property or that $37 million compound in Hawaii which was mysteriously “gifted” to them by one of their most ardent and financially secure cult loyalist groupies. Hey IRS, now here’s a transaction you most certainly should take a closer look at! However, we all know that will never happen because when you are a card carrying member of that special Klub, ie. the aristocracy, you’re never held nor bound to the same set of laws as we lowly common rabble. No, you always fly higher above the unwashed, downtrodden masses stuck in steerage. Yes, you are special and your shit always smells like roses! You are the blessed anointed and appointed! Your special station of privilege in life means you are free with impunity to indulge in all sorts of nefarious activities which are big no-nos for commoners. Shit like insider trading, influence peddling, selling classified technology to enemy agents, being famous for being famous, gun or drug running in third world shit holes, human trafficking or virus and vaccine “research” (cough, cough). Isn’t it wonderful to know the American Dream is still alive and well, still available to anyone who’s willing to work hard and sacrifice? “Your papers please and are all of your taxes up to date, citizen? Behave yourselves, because we’re always watching!”

Ok, how about a little more perspective on Martha’s Vineyard? The “Martha” in Martha’s Vineyard is none other than “the” Martha herself, Martha Washington. It’s a small island which is only accessible by ferry or air travel located in the Commonwealth Of Taxachusetts. It’s actually made up of a tiny handful of small villages; places with names like Tisbury, Edgartown and Oak Bluffs. Martha’s Vineyard has a “resort” economy; that means it’s chock full of lots of overpriced foo foo eateries and twinky gift boutiques all designed to milk and cater to the summer contingent of overly monied leftarded yankee Sheep escaping the Hell holes of their commie utopias in NYC, Boston and nearby Providence, Rhode Island. Directly to the east is another, smaller adjoining island which is world famous for it’s own special reasons, Chappaquiddick. Chappaquiddick & Martha’s Vineyard are connected by only one bridge. YES, that bridge! The one where the honorable senator Ted Kennedy earned his notorious title as “The Swimmer” while simultaneously solving the nagging problem of the pregnant campaign worker he was boinking on the side. Apparently, Teddy had been partying hard on the Vineyard that night and that may have had something to do with his unfortunate “accident” on that historic night, 53 years ago. Since then, you’ll be comforted to know that although Teddy never became President, he remained entrenched in the Senate like the inoperable cancer he died from until almost his very last days on Earth and that dangerous Chappaquiddick bridge has since been rebuilt so that any esteemed members of the Political Class won’t be involved in any future accidents which could endanger the lives of their pregnant campaign workers.

So what the fuck is the big deal? Why all of the screaming, squawking, whining, bitching, moaning and panty pissing in Martha’s Vineyard during this last week? Mostly, because there’s a governor in Florida who is tired of all the “open borders” bullshit and who still has a brass set and isn’t afraid to use them. How DARE DeSantis be so “cruel” and “inhumane!” The horror, the horror! How DARE he have the fucking NERVE to ship 50 illegal border crashers from his state deep into one of the Left’s most cherished hives of wealth & privilege. You know, “wealth & privilege,” those two attributes members of the Cult Of The Donkee are always moralizing as being so evil, horrible and “unfair’ for everyone else except the fair citizenry of Martha’s Vineyard who just happen to also vote Rat 85% of the time. Dirty little secret; the fucking Rats really LOVE “wealth & privilege” so long as it’s THEIR “wealth and privilege.” The same way they are all in for “democracy” so long as it’s THEIR version of “democracy.” And that’s probably what blisters my ass most about all of this. The nerve, the gall, the outright “we no longer give a shit now if it’s in your fucking faces” two Americas, double standarding, hypocritical bullshit. It’s almost as if they are telling us to “sit down and shut the fuck up!’ As many as five million criminal invaders have already been allowed to Pass Go and collect a huge payoff in terms of FREE housing, healthcare, education and every other flavor of welfare/entitlement largesse designed to buy their voting loyalties forever, while President Potato has been busy sniffing little white girls and calling for nothing short of an all out war against MAGA “domestic terrorists.” However, I digress…

Hey, if the rest of us are all expected to endure this ongoing assault on our way of life and national sovereignty, then WHY do the well monied leftards of Martha’s Vineyard get a pass? Aren’t we all in this together? Why is everybody there suddenly shitting themselves over only fifty transplanted illegal aliens when the Joe Junta ships MILLIONS of them all over the rest of the country on chartered flights in the dead of night in an obvious illegal campaign to destroy Conservative voting demographics in traditionally red areas of the country? If it’s supposedly good enough for us, then WHY the fuck isn’t it good enough for them? Rhetorical question. The resulting gaslighting and propaganda PR which was immediately launched for “damage control” is hilarious. Virtue signaling posters about how MV loves motor boating illegal buttcrack, embraces the queer and stands with Ukraine. That’s right, there’s NO room for hate or racism in Martha’s Vineyard, but you’re not welcome here & just get the fuck out of our town right now, ok? Along with all the preachy signage also comes a lot of weepy, hand wringing, Media performances ; mostly made by full time residents who have loaded diapers which need an immediate changing. “Butt, butt butt we don’t have any place to put them!” they lament. Well, that really is a stinky pantload! The total permanent year round population of Martha’s Vineyard is less than 20,000 but swells to more than 200,000 between the Memorial and Labor Day weekends from visiting tourists and America’s royalty returning to visit their secondary vacation property investments. Summer ended and the Labor Day weekend was already TWO weeks ago. According to listings on Expedia and AirBNB, there are now more than 1000 premium rooms available for immediate occupancy and accommodations in Martha’s Vineyard. And that number really doesn’t take into account all of the potentially available bedrooms on palatial compounds now sitting EMPTY until after the NEXT Memorial Day. Democrats, thy name is hypocrisy; among many other things. I tellz ya Muffy, it’s a “humanitarian crisis” of epic proportions! We need to start a GoFundMe page for all of the poor Martha’s Vineyard property owners! How dare you bitter clinging, toting, inbred Conservative hicks in flyover country even suggest that our Ivy league educated, self righteous and morally superior, trust fund leftist betters be held to the same laws & standards as you when it should be abundantly clear by this time that their lives are so much more important than yours and mine. After all, if they weren’t how is it you don’t have what they have, so there!

However as Vannity would say, “let not your hearts be troubled” because the “crisis” has already been resolved by none other than all mighty hand of big government from whom all blessings flow. “I say Jeeves, masterful play by government as usual.” First create the fucking problem to start; and I’m NOT talking about DeSantis here. I’m talking about our sleepwalking, Deep State TOOL of a president who is on a personal mission to destroy America by flooding it with a free shit army of millions of fourth world locust invaders, who then provides another lame, half assed “solution” which really doesn’t do jack shit to fix anything wrong but once again only provides Government with the Media mouthpiece to crow about how fucking wonderful they really are. Like energy independence, we also had a secured southern border when Trump was in office, but Orange Man Bad!

So what do they do? They call out and send in 125 National Guardsmen to save Martha’s Vineyard from the imposing migrant “trash” (their word, not mine) and ship them off to accommodations at a nearby military base at Cape Cod. Never underestimate the influence of well monied Lefties. “Not in our backyards, motherfuckers, Kumbayah!” It just goes to show the rest of us taxpaying chattel how quick & responsive the Goobermeant can really be to the plight of rich yankee leftist millionaires when so much is at stake. Unfortunately for the rest of us who are being forced with a gun to our heads to pay for this insane clown posse shit show, not so much. Praise progressivism! Martha’s Vineyard was saved without being permanently soiled by the migrant riff raff! It just goes to show you how cruel and heartless we conservative “domestic terrorists” really are!

For the time being, until sanity makes another appearance on the scene to restore itself (and who knows IF or WHEN that may be) we’ll just have to endure all of the clandestine, nightly air shuttle junkets of this corrupt & criminal government as they continue to invite everybody and his fucking brother in the entire world to come here and feed off the dying carcass of America. Fuck, this makes me angry because it really only rubs our faces deeper into division between two distinctly different demographic classes. After this debacle, I don’t ever want to hear another leftist asshole anywhere lecture us about about “privilege, inclusion” or “tolerance: because that’s now my dog whistle that tells me they’re completely full of shit. Of course, they always have been completely full of shit, but now more so than ever because they had a rare opportunity last week in Martha’s Vineyard to step up and show the rest of America that perhaps they actually believe all the crap they constantly spew, which they don’t. And that my Friends and fellow Patriots is the very definition of being full of shit. Prove me wrong! ✪

Continue to hold that line,

General Mossberg