Sick & Tired

Sick & Tired

✪ Good Evening, Patriots! I hope you are enjoy this beautiful Fall weekend regardless of all the storms of insanity which continue to swirl around us. I find it really hard to believe any sort of majority in this country can really be signed up and onboard with most of this shit they keep pushing at us. No seriously, every fucking agenda or narrative which has been set in motion in the world has probably been crapped out of the Devil’s mind into the head of less than a only dozen of the top twelve snakes who sit on top of this modern day Tower of Babel. Once we completely disconnect ourselves from the drama of all of their noise & distraction, it’s not to difficult to identify the biggest merchants of chaos. The Top Dog Klub isn’t really that big. How many can you name, Kids? Jacob Rothschild, George Soros, the Obamination, The Hag, The Poop, Unkle Klaus, King Chuck, Larry Fink? How about Bezos, Musk and President Shitpants? Ok, we’re already into some of the B String players, now. There’s one big dog who definitely doesn’t run with this pack and that’s Trump. You could say he is the ultimate Alpha Dog of the opposition.

Directly under the board of directors of Global Insanity, Inc. we have the next level of globalist shit worms, the “administrators.” This too is actually very tiny demographic; probably no more than 1000 individuals directing the many ships of state world governments and who now do the bidding of the Top Dogs in their ongoing campaign to destroy Western Civilization under the pretense of “saving humanity” from any one of the imaginary monsters they insist are hiding under the bed. Within this group, I would most definitely include many of Sniffy Joe’s cabinet, our own Congress and all of the alumni of the WEF Academy Of Tyrants. Thanks to them and their “leadership,” the World is now ensnared in more “problems” than at any other time in it’s history; brought to you courtesy of the very same reckless and criminal jokers who are now claiming to be the only ones with a “solution.” What’s your favorite crisis dejour: cly-mutt change, total economic collapse, pandemic terrorism, nuclear war, broken supply chains, food shortages, widespread starvation or the infinite wonders and mysteries of pondering all things queer and trans? Notice how the ONLY solution they are offering up as the solution to their mess seems to be an unelected, unaccountable, centralized Communist World Government strictly enforced by a jackboot police surveillance state and global digital currency? I wonder why that might be? Perhaps communism really does hold all the answers! DOH!

The next step down in the Globalist septic system are the “distributors.” The fawning Fap Dog Media, Pedowood and the sick and twisted purveyors of popular media culture who all support and push whatever crap is now deemed the “latest current thing” to whatever contingent remains of their most die hard, extremist fan base of true believing shit eaters who would otherwise have completely empty lives if there wasn’t anyone telling them what they should fear or feel unhappy about next (at the most, maybe only 10-15% of the actual population who are permanently damaged in the head from too much of the purple Kool Aid). A minority of stupid, crazy and evil leftard cattle chattel who play their part in keeping this misery shit show rolling for the rest of us who would rather just mind our own fucking business without bothering anybody else so long as we are just left alone to enjoy our lives. WTF ever became of “live and let live?” I really believe at this point more people are waking up from what I call “the sleep of lies.” Once that happens, humanity should find itself again; along with the strength and courage to cut the head of this tiny, toxic monster before we’re all walked into the showers again, but who knows how long that could take.

However, what I DO know is that I am well past being sick & tired of all this bullshit and I highly suspect if you are reading this now, you are too. Let us count the ways together, shall we?

✪ I’m sick and tired of this fucking fraud of an illegally installed, corrupt government working intently at every turn against any real benefit for America or the American people in order to steal all the power, wealth and freedom from We The People for themselves. As far as I’m concerned, most of them are self-enriching traitors to the original design of this nation. You know exactly who I’m talking about: everyone one of the soulless whores in the Political Elite Special Club who now consider themselves bulletproof; above their own laws and immune from the results of their own corrupt actions. We get it; they hate our guts and are mostly guided by the failed conviction we are unnecessary to them outside of being bled dry of all our remaining wealth. They think they need to steal all of our gold & blood in order to finance their new utopia.

✪ I’m sick and tired of endless bullshit wars for all the wrong reasons and being told that somehow we are the real problem because we are “domestic terrorists” and the “greatest threat to stability and national security” because we refuse to play along. I’m sick and tired of being played by their phony patriotism.

✪ I’m sick and tired of their “more is obviously better” model of Big Government which includes the constant, ever tightening slipknot of increasing regulation and control.

✪I’m sick and tired of their constant interference into micromanaging every aspect of our lives and the human condition. I’m sick and tired of them only making everything worse.

✪ I’m sick and tired of the expansive, blatant thievery of the sweat of good people’s labors thru the endless taxation without representation which squanders and makes a mockery of our divine national birthright of prosperity.

✪ I’m sick and tired of watching them piss everything we’ve ever worked for away on empty causes such as bullshit proxy wars to cover their own crimes, controlling the weather and correcting imaginary divisions of race and “equality” which were really almost completely concerns of the past until they came along.

✪ I’m sick and tired of constantly being lied to and manipulated at every turn by whatever new crisis, problem or disaster they manufacture next.

✪ I’m sick and tired of always having the deck stacked and the game fixed in such a way against our side so we can never win.

✪ I’m sick and tired of playing by the rules when they choose to just conveniently ignore.

✪ I’m sick and tired of watching them bend reality over like a cheap whore whenever it suits them for their own amusement and then telling me their version of the truth is the only one which matters.

✪ Mostly, I’m sick and tired of being expected to completely abandon all trust in myself for having enough common sense to know men can’t have periods or babies, women don’t have dicks and that the world isn’t going to end in 10 years unless we all stop driving our cars, abandon air conditioning and stop eating.

✪ I’m sick and tired of constantly being told what is evil is actually good and what is good is actually evil; that what I see with my own two eyes is not actually what I see with my own two eyes and that what I do see actually isn’t happening.

✪ I’m sick and tired of being told authoritarianism is actually democracy, slavery is security, ugliness is beauty, debt is prosperity, conformity is freedom, etc., etc.

✪ I’m sick and tired of a small minority of corrupt assholes working day and night to turn the World inside out, upside down, and backwards to front just for the opportunity to enrich themselves at our expense from all the resulting confusion.

✪ I’m sick and tired of their fucking “march through the institutions.” The relentless attack on our national history, values and traditions all under the lies they have somehow failed or are no longer serve their original purposes.

✪ I’m sick and tired of them shitting on our culture, holidays and heroes; of wringing and bleeding out every last drop of joy, happiness or beauty which reaffirms the meaning of life.

✪ I’m sick and tired of all the double standards, two-tiered justice and the complete disregard for the Rule Of Law, due process or equal representation under the law.

✪ I’m tired of social justice and some pigs being more equal than others.

✪ I’m sick and tired of out of control renegade Federal agencies drunk on their own power being allowed and encouraged to run wild beyond all the limits of influence because they believe they are now somehow autonomous, unaccountable legislative bodies.

✪ I’m sick and tired of being told I must feel guilty or my value as an individual should be judged by the color of my skin.

✪ I’m sick and tired of open borders, advancing legions of alien invaders along with all of the crime, vice, poverty, disease and misery they bring with them.

✪ I’m sick and tired of this Government ignoring the safety and security of normal Americans by continuously placing us at the bottom of their list of priorities.

✪ I’m sick and tired of being threatened at practically every turn in my own country if I don’t pay my taxes or completely obey every new bullshit regulation.

✪ I’m sick and tired of the abuse of our military; whether it be from purging the ranks of true patriots, not providing the proper support our veterans deserve or sponsoring drag shows on base.

✪ I’m sick and tired of being told that Republicans and Conservatives only win elections because we cheat; when in truth, it is the communist democrats who are the cheaters.

✪ I’m sick and tired of watching the purchasing power of my money go to shit as my wealth is stolen & redistributed against my will.

✪ I’m sick and tired of watching the value of my savings and retirement destroyed for no other reasons than idiotic policies and pure greed.

✪ I’m sick and tired of being told my country is a “democracy” when in fact it is a “republic.” I’m sick and tired of how the Obama years are now regarded as the new metric of America and that nothing else of any significance ever existed before this time frame.

✪ I’m sick and tired of the fucking tyranny of their stupid pet minorities and how only one anonymous complaining moonbat can shut down any festival, business or activity simply by being “outraged.”

✪ I’m sick and tired of the perverted obsession with “equity.” The dumbing down of the entire society to the lowest common denominator in order to somehow make everything more “fair” for everyone.

✪ I’m sick and tired of so much fucking energy being pissed way on making certain everything is so “fair” for everybody that nothing is “fair” any longer for anyone.

✪ I’m sick and tired of the Media and all of it’s lies; for carrying the water and doing all of the heavy lifting that keeps all the wheels of crazy turning.

✪ I’m tired of making stupid people famous or conferring intelligence or merit upon them which they do not possess simply because they have figured out some sort of way to game the system and become rich. This includes old money, trust fund babies born with gold spoons in their asses, self entitled members of political family dynasties who are in fact really shit human beings in real life, drop out tech nerds who become billionaires by stealing software, vulgar (c)rap stars, psychopathic doctors with cult followings, celebrity sports stars or vapid cultural influencers whose only contributions to this entire mess are being famous for being famous.

✪ I’m sick and tired of the fabric of social civility being drawn and stretched ever further as part of some sick and twisted social engineering experiment in order to find out just how far people can really be pushed.

✪ I’m sick and tired of seeing all of the unnecessary stress good people are otherwise stuck living with bubble up and seep and poison into just about every other area of their lives.

✪ I’m sick and tired of watching Christianity and capitalism being made into the whipping boys of the New World Order.

✪ I’m sick and tired of watching the blasphemous Sons of Man ordain themselves and the State as the Gods of this so-called coming new age.

✪ I’m sick and tired of everything which could bring happiness, create joy or soothe the afflicted suffering of spirit being weaponized against those to whom it would most benefit because the sadists have locked the building before setting it on fire and don’t want anyone escaping.

✪ I’m tired of shit music, mindfuck movies and the proliferation of ugly architecture.

✪ I’m sick and tired of the constant elevation, emulation and celebration of all things ugly, crass, tasteless and vulgar.

✪ I’m tired of the mass hypnosis of the Sheep under the empty lies of “gender & queerness” in oder to destroy the family and further confusion the process of human procreation.

✪ I’m sick and tired of the daily manufactured crises, problems, outrages and temper tantrums.

✪ I’m sick and tired of the constant fear mongering, gloom and doom, pessimism and collectively reinforced dystopian hopelessness for the future.

Well ok. If I were to put everything all together and summarize, I’d say basically I am sick and tired of assholes making it their business to fuck with my mind, health, family, security and way of life simply because they think they can. I’m sick and tired of being lied to, threatened, stolen from and shit on. How about you? Had enough yet? Thank you for allowing me to write and get all of this shit off my mind and onto the screen. Here’s hoping after this coming week, perhaps you & I will feel less sick & tired. May God will it! In the meantime, keep stacking, storing & saving. Hold that line. ✪

Carry on Patriots,

General Mossberg