✪ Good Evening Patriots wherever you may be tonight in this still greatest country on Earth in these last waning days of Summer. Shit, is it really Labor Day weekend already? Seems like only yesterday it was Memorial Day and I was out on my back porch grilling. How time flies when your ass is superglued to a rollercoaster seat with a bunch of power drunk, psycho monkeys at the controls trying madly to crash everything. I’m hanging in there and I hope you are too: as unpleasant as these worthless shit maggots are trying to make life for all of us who aren’t card carrying members in their special little club. At this point, we’ve already been thru so much I’m starting to fucking feel bulletproof & invincible. Like I wrote last week, almost nothing they throw at us surprises nor affects me anymore. I’ve got both them and their sick twisted game pegged. I no longer react, because I know that’s exactly what they want and I’ll be freakin’ damned if I’m going to give them even an inch. Sorry Donks, that ole Stalin play about beating the dog so much you finally force it to love you isn’t going to fly here, but you’re welcome to keep raising that ante every hand. There are easily 150 million of us who will never be conditioned to submit to your “new & improved” version of marxist authoritarian serfdom.

No, I’m also not going to eat your fucking bugs, drink filtered sewage or continue to automatically appropriate a sizable chunk of my labors into your corrupt, thieving hands to buy votes, launder dirty money thru bogus proxy wars or teach people in far away, fourth world shit hole countries how to be faggots. I don’t remember ever agreeing to any deals where you filthy crooks become some sort of silent partner in the micromanagement of my life. Aren’t you toads familiar with the commandment about not coveting your neighbors property? Pro tip: perhaps you should be. You’re obviously clueless about the “no taxation without representation” part of our Constitution. I’m thinking maybe some hard lessons might be in order to bring you up to speed with that entire “When in the course of human events” thing. Don’t push us!

Did any of you actually catch Dear Leader’s rousing history making speech in front of Independence Hall on Thursday night? Did it make your heart swell? Did it fill you full of bursting patriotic pride? It certainly tried to fill me with something else completely different, but I wouldn’t let it. You know, the propaganda production with Sloppy Joe standing at the podium with the building behind him lit in BLOOD RED lighting and looking like the The Gates of Hell? You know, in the same place Abraham Lincoln and several other REAL presidents stood and gave REAL speeches? I’m still trying to make some sense of their strategy on this one. Was it some kind of another misguided psyop ploy to put Grampy into the same category as Lincoln in everybody’s mind? Or did they just want to prove to the country Joe can still get it up, at least for long enough to read a scripted speech? Another suppository to be rammed up the backside of the most dumb of their loyal sheepthink groupies? The logic behind the speech and all of it’s staging goes something like this:

1. Great presidents have given historic speeches in front of Independence Hall.

2. President Depends gives an “historic” speech in front of Independence Hall.

3. Therefore, President Depends must also be a great president.

Nahhhhh, It can’t be that because nobody can actually be that stupid to swallow a Joe turd that big; or can they? Hmmmmmm. More likely it was just another low handed, passive aggressive attempt to take another shit all over our traditional history and values. I saw it as being in the same category as Bowel Movements Matter pulling down statues; only done much more slick and packaged for mass consumption on TeeVee. The end result was still the same: another place of hallowed American ground has been tarnished and corrupted by a criminally corrupt, illegally installed, fake ass globalist puppet president and that pisses me off.

You didn’t even need to torture yourself by watching the Clown In Chief’s next new really big defining moment because the ever loyal legion of Alphabet Media, footsie dry humping apparatchik chihuahuas and their empty suit, talking head, political anal-ist panels didn’t waste a second to start telling Americans what we should think about Joey’s big moment to shine in the Sun. Of course it was the defining moment of an historic presidency! The president clearly articulated important thoughts and sentiments we all have been feeling in our hearts for a very long time. Yeah, fuck me! A turning point! Joe Biden is positioning himself in history as the great unifier! (another bogus, bullshit equivocation with Lincoln). America is preparing to spread her wings and fly again! Yeah, fuck them!

I’m finding it really hard to believe any of this shit played well with anyone anywhere outside of the Beltway Kingdom. The only fools lapping up Joe’s dripping old man piss fall into three categories: 1) The most loyal & brain dead of the Rat loyalist zombie sheep legion. Idiots who never examine the real issues or policies, but just mindlessly nod in agreement and pull the D lever every time because that’s always been what they’ve done. In their heads, FDR is still president and the Democrats will always be the party who care about fairness, families, the Middle Class, blacks and the downtrodden. 2) The most rabid, frothing at the mouth, far left extremist demographic of the Rat base. These are the most miserable & fanatic consumers of all the fantasies. The perpetual climate change and systemic racism hysteria players, PETA vegan militants and green energy freakoids. Tranny rights butt munchers & Christianity haters. Cultists who worship Karl Marx and George Floyd. Pod people who regularly donate to antifa because they believe those faggot communist cowards are somehow going to save America and the entire world. This faction of the Sheep contingency also dislike president Mumbles for all the wrong reasons; mostly because they resent the fact they think he hasn’t taken his progressive agenda far enough. 3) All of the smarmy, pretentious, all knowing, arrogant, self righteous clods who make the DC hive home or live in northern Virginia. You know who I’m talking about; all of the professional, Ivy league, Federal Government Media, legal and administrative government tit suckers who live in the DC & Northern Virginia bubble and make the Hive their home to work and play. Those who have sold their souls to The Machine for the life promise of milking the golden cow. The Carl Roves, Jennifer Rubins, Billy Kristols, Laurence Tribes, Klintoon groupies, Joy Reids, bored Kennedy trust fund babies, Reverend Als & Cuomo wannabes. The so called opinion leaders, talking heads, trusted sources, lobbyists, liasions, anal-ists, eggspurts and prognosticators who all make up this sordid, dirty national, political cottage industry. People who spend more in an afternoon of shopping at the mall than you or I make working full time at our jobs for the entire year. The klanish people who only trade their special opportunities, perks and largesse mainly among themselves to preserve their golden “society.” The full list of all these DC suck up loser jerks goes on and on, but you get the idea.Of course, they loved Joe’s speech because it’s more grist for their mills. After all, somebody needs to be in the business of dissecting & anal-izing the “truth” down to the final series of outlandish assumptions in order to translate and tell the rest of us dumb clinging, flyover, hick slobs what to think of all of this insufferable Elite, Establishment bullshit, right? I guess we should humble ourselves before them and be eternally grateful for the crumbs of intellectual greatness they provide because they are clearly more advanced than the rest of we taxpaying rubes who would never be welcomed or comfortable at one of their dazzling soirees. Somebody needs to make all of those fat six and seven figures a year paychecks for doing nothing but being famous for spinning lies & keeping those Establishment wheels turning. Buy my latest book because what I think is important because I say it is and because everything I say is important, you know this must be true! Don’t you wish everyone’s life could be as easy and comfortable as theirs? Well, it never will be because who they think themselves to be along with what they think and say is infinitely more important than you or I. So there! Do I sound bitter or cynical? NO, not at all!

If you missed Resident Shitpant’s pivotal and “historic” speech then I’m certain by now you’ve heard all the buzz about it from everyone else who refuses to swallow this heaping spoonful of progressive crap. The blowback has been YUGE! Joe’s handlers juiced him up with the highest quality and quantity collection of government grade amphetamines, adrenochrome and chemical cognitive enhancers and rammed a roll of toilet paper up his wrinkly old backside to stop whatever’s left of his brains from leaking out of his ass and down the back of his legs long enough for him to go out in front of the camera and play happy Hitler. What a relief it is to finally know who America’s real enemies are. I’ll give you a hint; it isn’t the Chinese Communist Party, Al Queda, the mad Mullahs of Teheran or even the Russkies. As Pogo famously said, “We have met the enemy and it is us.”

You heard right. Joe spent most of his airtime trashing, bashing & labelling Trump supporters, patriots and people who still believe in the promise of America as “enemies.” Perhaps enemies of their progressive agenda these bastards represent and are trying to pass off as the “New America” but not to the America of the Founding Fathers and our ancestors. It’s going on three days since this happened and STILL there has been NO formal reply or rebuttal from the GOP or the Republican wing of our Congress. Mitch the Bitch who is up for Senate Majority Leader again in November is laying low and keeping his big mouth shut just like the wishy washy two faced sack of shit he has always been. He doesn’t want to risk accidentally speaking out of turn and then dash his precious political career. Speaks volumes doesn’t it? If you haven’t figured it out yet, we are definitely on our own. Apparently our government is perfectly comfortable with one party rule forever and half of the country being marginalized as the “enemy.” And why shouldn’t they? They’re still going to make their money either way.

The entire affair was too bizarre for words. From the blood red lit background which served as a visual metaphor for the entire country poised at the Gates Of Hell, to Joe channelling an assortment of Hitleresque gestures and body language. Then there were all of the passive aggressive threats as well as the not so passive aggressive threats about “MAGA” people being a serious threat to the very heart of “our democracy” and the soul of the country. The usual empty & worn out, pseudo patriotic platitudes paraded out to deliberately confuse and whitewash all of the hatred against the people who really love and care about this country. Lots of intentional abuses of power words like “integrity, decency” and “respect.” Yeah, that’s an awfully big bite of the shit sandwich to chew on and swallow, Joe. Never before in the history of this country has the leader of a particular political party come out to publicly condemn the political opposition as the “enemy.” I guess it really is different this time. What a strange and fucked up concept of “democracy” coming from a strange & fucked up demented old man who is the installed figurehead leader of a strange and fucked up political ideology. I wonder what they possibly think they have to gain from stirring up this hornets’ nest? Are they attempting to goad our side into some sort of action they can use to justify an elevated level of violence and brutality by painting us as the bad guys and provocateurs? Or is all of this insecure blustering out of desperation to cover for their weakening evil & illegal grip on the country? Shit if I really know, but my gut tells me the latter. However, it seems like they are really trying to provoke another crisis with all of this before the November elections. I know there has been lots of talk about why our side so far has been relatively quiet in holding the Rats accountable for all of their crimes and destruction they’ve inflicted on America, especially over the last two years. While I certainly understand the basis for that sentiment, the words of Sun Tzu in “The Art Of War’ remain stuck in my head. “never interrupt your enemy when he is on the process of destroying himself.” Timing is everything in life Patriots; and as I have said here more than once before, if you are asking yourself if “now” is finally the time to act, then that’s probably a really big sihn & indication “now” is most certainly not the time. I believe when the time for action finally does arrive, it will be irrefutable and undeniable. We’ll know then beyond the shadows of any doubt.

In the meantime, sit back and watch the Donkees on parade & enjoy. Go about your daily lives the best you can. Don’t plug into or be motivated by any of the commies or their political theatrics because that’s exactly what they’re counting on. Chances are things now may be more dangerous in our country and the World than they initially appear on the surface. Now isn’t the time to go off half-cocked, be a hero or make some dumbass, mistake move to re-energize our opposition with some newly found purpose for living we place in their hands. Let’s go about our business as usual and keep our eyes open and ears to the ground waiting for that trumpet’s call to rally us to take back and restore our nation.


General Mossberg