Durham Played You For A Fool

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Emerald Robinson: It’s the summer of 2022 — and where are all those Durham indictments you were promised? And where’s that much-discussed Durham report? Do you know that you’ve been played for a fool yet — or are you still watching Fox News? Maybe you need another year to figure out the entire game. Maybe you still believe Bill Barr! Didn’t that legendary windbag tell us that the wheels of justice grind very slow but justice is coming?

Let’s turn back the clock two years — in case you forgot what AG Bagpipes promised the American public:

▶️ 2 Minutes 45 Seconds

Indictments are coming!

People will know the names of these people!

Criminal prosecutions! Not just a report!

Notice that (then) AG Bill Barr promises justice for the Russia Hoax while at the very same time excluding Obama and Biden as subjects of the Durham investigation.

That’s the moment that you should have known: the fix is in. The entire “tick tock” narrative that followed was brought to you (mostly) by Fox News and Bill Barr.

People ask me all the time how I knew — all the way back in the early months of 2020 — that the Durham investigation was a sham. (What do I mean by a sham —you ask? I mean a counterfeit of real justice — a ploy — a ruse to mislead the public.) It wasn’t because I had sources at the FBI or the DOJ. I correctly predicted the Durham investigation was a joke because the Huber investigation was a joke, and because the Hillary Clinton email investigation was a joke, and because the Huma Abedin laptop investigation was a joke, and because the Jeffrey Epstein investigation was a joke….

You get the idea.

I correctly predicted that the federal government doesn’t really investigate itself in order to successfully prosecute Democrats. Call it Emerald’s Law.

▶️ 4 Minutes 35 Seconds

The people who disagreed with me (publicly at the time) all worked at Fox News, or appeared on Fox News, or were guests on Fox News — and these people were all in the business of misleading their audience because the GOP establishment wanted its voters to be fooled. Bill Barr didn’t really want to arrest or prosecute Democrats — and certainly not in 2020. After all, the GOP establishment was busy collaborating with Democrats in 2020 to steal the November election from President Trump — or don’t you remember?

In other words: the Durham investigation was simply the clean-up phase of Spygate disguised as an investigation of Spygate. This was perfectly obvious at the time — and it remains obvious today. It doesn’t take two years for the DOJ to prosecute its targets. You know that — right? Just ask Roger Stone. When the DOJ really wants to prosecute you, it’s easy to tell because two dozen special agents in SWAT gear appear at your door in a pre-dawn raid with a CNN camera crew already stationed across the street.

And that’s just for the crime of “lying to Congress.”

Did you really think that John Durham need two years to bring serious indictments against the Spygate plotters? Did you really fail to notice that his low-level indictments came just as the statue of limitations expired? Or that Durham brought minimal charges that were always going to bring minimal sentences?

That’s because John Durham was the cleaner.

Don’t tell me that you actually believed that one guy at the DOJ was going to investigate how the DOJ and the FBI and the CIA were trying to sabotage President Trump all by himself? All the majors players in Spygate walked away while Durham sent you on a wild goose chase hunting for commas in charging documents — and that wild goose chase was so successful in conservative media that you’re still talking about two low-level guys getting charged with process crimes four years after Durham supposedly started his investigation.

Durham kept you high on the hopium for four years. That was his real job. He actually made you think that Spygate plotters were going to be prosecuted during the Biden Administration — or the Third Obama Administration as it should properly be called. It’s almost as if you somehow forgot that Obama and Biden were the ones who met on January 5th, 2017 to conceal the Obama Administration’s illegal spying on the Trump campaign (since Trump was now President-Elect) and to formally launch the Russia Hoax.

So the joke is on you.

As I said on Twitter at the time: “At the current rate of speed that Durham’s investigation moves, we can expect the guilty to be prosecuted sometime during the second Hunter Biden administration.”

One of the giant red flags about the Durham investigation from the very beginning was that he allowed Democrat super-attorney (and 2016 Hillary Clinton general counsel) Marc Elias to run around for years interfering in our elections. Durham even allowed the Democrats’ “dirty-ops-org-disguised-as-a-law-firm” Perkins-Coie to separate itself legally from Elias just three weeks before he charged their employee Michael Sussmann! Elias was so certain that Durham was a nothing-burger that he even took over the Black Lives Matter corporate franchise while Durham was still investigating!

How’s that for justice?

You should also notice by now that Democrats never have to play stupid games like “tick tock trust the plan” because they’re too busy actually fabricating evidence, planting false media stories, and falsely prosecuting Trump officials like General Flynn, George Papadopoulos, and Paul Manafort.

They’re too busy getting simpletons like (then) AG Jeff Sessions to recuse himself in order to bring down the Trump Administration.

In fact, the Spygate plotters (Obama, Biden, Rice) are currently in control of the White House — in case you hadn’t noticed. How’s that for getting away with it? Sure, Durham made a valiant attempt to transfer the blame for the whole scandal onto Hillary Clinton and her campaign aides — but Hillary Clinton wasn’t meeting with James Comey about the Russia Hoax in the White House and texting Peter Strozk and Lisa Page was she?

Durham even tried to get the American public to believe that the FBI and the CIA had somehow been fooled by Hillary Clinton into investigating Trump. That’s right: the FBI and the CIA claimed to be innocent rubes who were deliberately led astray by Lady Macbeth. Spygate was reduced to something about the Alfa Bank, and whether Michael Sussmann told the FBI that he represented a client when he dropped off “information” on thumb drives at Langley seemingly three days a week in 2017.

The Sussmann media coverage was absurd from the start — but every conservative media outlet on Earth ran these stupidities with a straight face in 2022. There were moments during the trial of Michael Sussmann when it was easy to believe that Sussmann’s case had more to do with Perkins Coie billing the Clinton campaign for two thumb drives — rather than, you know, participating in a criminal conspiracy to overthrow the sitting President.

That’s what happens when you reduce a criminal conspiracy to overthrow the sitting President into a single charge of lying to the FBI. The elephant in the room transforms into a fly, and then the fly gets swatted.

Durham’s job was to run out the clock during the Trump Administration — he was there to protect Obama and Biden and the national security state from any accountability. Think about it. Why did you trust Durham at all? You trusted John Durham because you were told to trust him by Bill Barr — and the same people who told you to trust Barr were the ones who told you to trust Rod Rosenstein. Before that, you were told that Matt Whitaker was riding to the rescue. Do you even remember being told to trust John Huber? And who can forget trusting Jeff Sessions?

Do you see where this is going?

Let’s ask a different question: why do you need to trust anybody? The Left burns down entire cities in coordinated riots to achieve its political objectives. The Left tries to assassinate a conservative Supreme Court justice to stop anti-abortion legislation right after forcing a liberal Supreme Court justice into retirement in order to install an even more left-wing justice. The Left, in other words, trusts nobody because it only cares about results.

Meanwhile, you were told: sit back and watch the show.

You were told: trust the plan.

The question is: why were you dumb enough to believe Durham in the first place? ✪

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