Election: Closely Watched Kentucky Gov Race Is Called Early For Beshear

Governor Andy Beshear (D-KY) has secured a second term after beating Attorney General Daniel Cameron (R-KY) in Tuesday’s gubernatorial election in Kentucky, according to reports…



ncumbent Democrat Governor Andy Beshear faced off against Republican Attorney General Daniel Cameron on Tuesday night in the closely-watched Kentucky gubernatorial race.

NBC News called the race at 8:39 p.m. ET. Moments after the call, Beshear had 52.3 percent of the vote to Cameron’s 47.6 percent, with 74 percent of the vote reported, according to the outlet. It follows calls for Beshear from earlier in the night from the Decision Desk and the Cook Political Report’s Dave Wasserman.  

Prior polling showed that Cameron, who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump, was in a dead heat with Beshear.

However, one poll showing Cameron, who had former President Donald Trump’s backing, ahead was published by Emerson College last week, while another poll from Data for Progress showed him within the margin of error, likely raising hopes of Republicans in the home stretch of the race.

“The poll shows what we’ve known all along is that Andy Beshear is deeply unpopular because he has endorsed Joe Biden for president,” Cameron said when asked about recent polling showing him either gaining on or tied with Beshear. 

He shut down our schools. He shut down our churches. He shut down our small businesses. He refused to protect women’s sports from biological males. No one in Kentucky wants a governor here in this commonwealth that openly endorses Joe Biden and does all those things I just mentioned. They want leadership that reflects their values.”

Cameron continued:

“I mean, inflation is crushing the purchasing power of people. It’s harder and more expensive to buy groceries, more expensive to buy gas. Your utility bill has gone through the roof, yet Andy Beshear embraces and endorses the very president that has gotten us into this economic disaster. Donald Trump said it pretty well the other day when he endorsed this campaign. He said, ‘Andy Beshear has been an absolute disaster.’ I agree with that wholeheartedly.”

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In a video statement released last week, Trump strengthened his support for Cameron. “Beshear has been a disaster for Kentucky. He endorsed Crooked Joe Biden, which, in itself, is about as bad as it gets,” Trump said in the video, which was released Tuesday by Bluegrass Freedom Action, a political action committee supporting Cameron.

Additionally, he praised Cameron for being “strong and reliable” in his conservative beliefs, citing his support for law enforcement, his proposal to help students make up for learning lost due to COVID-19, and his opposition to transgender girls playing sports to the fullest extent as examples.

“He will eliminate Kentucky’s income tax and will support the working men and women of Kentucky, just like I did for four straight years.” Trump said.

Trump said:

“Beshear’s weak on crime and the Second Amendment. He’s not doing the protection it needs. They want to get rid of the Second Amendment. The Democrats are fighting hard to do that, and Beshear wants to help them.”

A group called School Freedom Fund, aligned with Club forGrowth, slammed Beshear with an ad for signing an order at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 authorizing the release of a “monster” from prison who sodomized a young child. 

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Cameron was one of two Trump-endorsed gubernatorial candidates running in elections on Tuesday night, with the other being Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves in his reelection bid against Brandon Presley. ✪


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