Essay: Our Entire Civilization Is Fake And Stupid

You’re not jaded; everything really is just as phony and vapid as it looks. I say this because if you are reading this it’s likely the result of a personal quest for truth which has led to a gradual peeling away of the lies our society is made of… 

Your eyes probably found this text because you’re the sort of person who’s been trying to make some kind of sense of the world in a sea of propaganda and deception, which often results in a growing disgust not just with the power structures which oppress and tyrannize humanity, but with our entire civilization.

This experience is very common for people like yourself, and it’s also very natural because it arises from a clear perception of reality. From the very beginning, human civilization has been built around serving the interests of the powerful, from religion to philosophy to the arts to law. As the world has gotten smaller and it’s become possible to artificially manufacture culture with mass-distributed media, this has only become more so the case.

That’s why the more you learn about the world, the more fake and stupid our civilization looks. That’s because it is fake and stupid. Our news, our entertainment, our jobs, our legal systems, our political systems, our education systems, our financial, monetary, economic and commercial systems; the way our entire civilization is structured and organized has nothing to do with what’s true and good and everything to do with keeping human organisms compliantly turning the gears of economy and empire.

Mainstream culture has become one gigantic psyop geared toward keeping people fueling the the machine of their own oppression. Not because of some grand conspiracy (though there’s plenty of that too), but because the manufacturers of culture have a vested interest in preserving our unwholesome status quo. The media are owned by plutocrats who have an interest in making sure everything they’re putting out sustains the imperial status quo upon which their kingdoms are built. The Pentagon has more influence over Hollywood than people like you or I ever will.

Things get elevated to mainstream levels of attention and influence by the people with the wealth and power to elevate them, and they’re always going to elevate things which serve their interests by manufacturing consensus for the status quo their wealth and power are premised upon, not things which could harm their interests like material that expands collective consciousness or highlights the current insanity of the US-centralized government.

So mainstream popular culture presents a fraudulent image of reality. It’s written into the code of everything that’s mass produced — not just in propagandistic news stories, but in sitcoms, advertisements, clothing brands, pop music, textbooks and cultural trends. Whenever it’s not constantly messaging the world is ordered in a more or less sane and truth-based way, it’s manipulating our values and measures of self-worth to make us into better gear-turners.

If you’re noticing this ubiquitous fraudulence, it’s not because you’re becoming distant from the rest of society, it’s because you’re becoming more intimate with it. You’re getting in real close, so close you can see the nuts and bolts of it, see how the sausage is made.

So if this is happening to you, don’t worry. You’re not losing your mind because you can’t agree with what everyone else is into, you’re just finally seeing thru the bullshit for what it is. Of course, the rejection of mainstream culture can be a completely ego-driven “look at me I’m special” exercise, but it’s also what happens when you sincerely move in for a closer look at the mass-scale psychological fabric of human civilization.

This is what Terence McKenna was talking about when he said “The cost of sanity in society requires a certain level of alienation.” And it’s what Jiddu Krishnamurti was referring to when he said “It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” A lucid perception of reality today will necessarily be accompanied by stress and the ever-present smell of bullshit.

And that’s not your fault. It’s not your fault that you were born into this world where so much of everything is now fake and stupid. So go easy on yourself in your sense of alienation. And take comfort in knowing that others see what you’re seeing too.

But mainly learn to take comfort in the fact that just beneath the logos and screens and suburbs and Hollywood actors pretending to be people, reality is still roaring along. There’s a whole world of wonder and authenticity shining ferociously from just beneath the surface: and, it’s just got nothing to do with the artificial culture that’s been mass-produced by the powerful and funneled into our minds.

Underneath all the social engineering and power-serving control mechanisms, there’s a whole life of raw authenticity that is much, much older and much, much stronger than the lies of the machine. You can see it crackling everywhere, even in the densest parts of the matrix. 

You can see it in the sky. You can see it in the bushes and the pigeons. But you can also see it in the bus billboards and skyscrapers, in the flashing signs and blaring screens. And you can see it in the other giant-brained bipedal primates you’re surrounded by each day, hiding just behind the dance of imperial fraudulence in their heads. You can even see it in those who are most asleep at the wheel, the most enslaved to the mind viruses of the machine, if you look close enough. Once you learn to see it, you can observe nature winking at you even from inside the most rage-faced pundits and most self-absorbed social natterers. It’s always there.

In reality, this sense of alienation is just an awkward transition phase between buying into the imperial dreamworld and a deep, deep intimacy with the nature of humanity as it really is beneath all the obnoxious programming. Beyond the revulsion at the phony face puppets, something ancient, authentic, and exuberant is dancing. And it is more real and more true than any disgust with this current civilization.

Look close and you can see the fraudulence. Look even closer and you’ll see what’s real. Your sense of alienation is entirely valid and based in truth, but we’re not meant to stay there. Truth beckons us forward. Truth is beckoning us all forward. And these mind cages they have built for us aren’t real enough to hold us in for very much longer. ✪


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